The Consequences of Dying

The Baby


At first, everything seemed to be going normal. I was chatting to Jessica for a while, Edward had left for a second, I didn't really worry about that and I was having the time of my life.

And then suddenly Jake comes out of nowhere and tells me that we can't see each other after I've transformed. Then, whilst I'm trying to justify why we should be able to see each other, my mother comes out of no where and hands me my baby half-sister.

"You had a child without telling me?" I said harshly, but my anger faded away as I stared into the light blue eyes of my sister. She was so cute; I couldn't believe that she was related to me.

"I know I know. I'm very bad, but I wanted it to be a surprise! Can you imagine? A baby sister as a wedding present!" Renee said excitedly, waiting for a reaction.

I burst into tears. I don't know whether it was just all the emotions I had piling up and this was the thing to overwhelm me and make me crack or whether it was because I finally had a sibling. I smiled through my tears at Renee, who had a look of horror on her face when she saw me cry.

"Don't worry mum! I'm happy, I'm just so happy for you two! She's beautiful. What's her name?" I asked, staring down at her as she slowly fell asleep in my arms.

"Here's the thing…we want you to name her!" Renee squealed, clapping her hands together softly with a huge grin on her face.

I stared from her to Phil. Phil nodded at me, not as eager as Renee but he still approved. Maybe he felt bad for not telling me sooner and thought this was a way of making up for it. They waited for an answer.

"Are you sure? I mean…what if it' stupid and you don't like it or something?" I asked, still cradling the girl who I was meant to name.

"Please do this, for us!" Renee said softly, staring into my eyes with a hopeful look.

"Okay…" I sighed, wishing Edward was with me. Where did he go?

Out of no where, like he had read my mind, Edward was by my side and looking down at the child in my arms.

"She's beautiful" he said gently to Renee and Phil. He must have obviously read Renee's mind to find out whose child it was.

"They want me to name her…" I told him, giving him a please-help-me-I'm-dying-here look.

"Go on then!" he said cheerfully, not giving me the slightest bit of help. I scowled at him, recognising the signs that something else was on his mind before turning back to my mum and Phil.

"Right…well…um…how about…Verity?" I asked, hoping they'd like the name. Personally, I had always liked the name and since I was never going to have children it was obvious that my mum and Phil should have it. A pang of sadness struck me as I looked at the small child. I would never have a child of my own. There would never be a baby Edward and Bella. It was a sad thought.

"Verity," my mum repeated, staring down at her child. At first I thought she didn't like it but suddenly she clapped her hands together excitedly and said: "It's perfect, completely matches her in every way. Thank you so much sweetie!"

I blushed ferociously. "No problem. Just let me know beforehand the next time you have a baby…perhaps when you get pregnant okay?" I asked jokingly but with a serious note behind it.

"Oh course!" She said as she took the sleeping child away from my arms and walked away to let her sleep in a quieter place.

Through all my excitement, I had totally forgotten that Jake had disappeared. For one second he was there and then the next he was gone. I remembered that Edward seemed a little preoccupied, as if his mind was in deep thought.

"Where's Jake?" I asked scanning the crowd with no results.

"Yeah…about that…" Edward started.

I could tell that this wouldn't end well.

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