The Consequences of Dying

The 18th Birthday


18 Years Later

It had been a long day guarding the territory. Sam had worked us thoroughly today, even though we knew there were no imminent threats upon us.

I easily transformed back to my human self, shifting between my two forms had become as easy as changing clothes, all it took was practice. I strolled to the hole that I had carved out in a tree and picked up my cut offs and put them on.

I could see my dad's house from this tree, it wasn't that far away. My heart tensed up when I thought of his death. He was old and it was expected but it still hurt because I missed him so much.

But I had a new life to concentrate on, a new life that would start today.

It was Verity's 18th Birthday today. The day I had probably been waiting for my entire life. I hadn't aged a single day whilst I waited for her. Even though eighteen years had passed, I still had the body of my younger self.

I walked through the front door to see the small front living room covered in rose petals and candles. What was all this? I definitely didn't remember asking for all this romantic stuff.

"Hello?" I called out into my house. I wasn't really afraid of intruders. Being a part of a pack meant we were used to each other barging into each other's houses uninvited.

"Finally Jacob, I was scared that Verity would turn up before you did!" Emily said as she emerged into the kitchen. "Has Sam been making you work a lot again? I keep telling him to ease up on you!"

"Well there's only Sam and I left in the pack, so many of us have stopped transforming and settled down with their imprinted ones, you can see why we would need to work hard," I defended as I dropped onto the couch.

"No no! Verity will be here any second, go clean yourself up now!" Emily ordered as she briskly shooed me off the couch and up the stairs. I didn't understand what I did to deserve all this preparation, especially from her.

I ducked my head through the door frame as I entered my room. This was actually it, the day I would stop transforming. It hadn't occurred to me that I wouldn't turn into a werewolf any more. I should have realised it at the time. I felt like I should have savoured the moment.

I stared down at my bed and noticed that Emily already set out clothes for me. It suddenly clocked why Emily was being so nice. This was her day too. Once I had transformed out the pack, Sam would be free from all his obligations, including being a werewolf. Sam too could stop being a werewolf and could finally grow old with Emily. The days of the wolves were finally being put to rest.

I decided I could be quick enough to have a shower and get changed and did so within a few minutes. I had just finished brushing down my shirt when the doorbell rang. She was here.

My body crashed into the wall as I ran to the staircase. I was gonna break this house from the inside out. But I didn't care, because she was here. This was it.

I took two huge steps to the door and glanced around for any sign of Emily, but she was gone.

I was nervous. For the first time, I was nervous to see Verity. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

And there she was. Verity. She looked more and more beautiful every day. Her dirty blonde hair was messy and tied up. We always joked about how if she were a werewolf she would have long shaggy blonde fur. Her bright blue eyes looked up at me in anticipation. I think she felt something special was going to happen too.

"Happy Birthday!" I pulled her into a tight bear hug. My mind flickered back to a past where I used to hug someone like this. But I couldn't remember.

"Thanks Jacob," she smiled and entered the small house. She gasped as she noticed the candles and rose petals.

"I got you something," I said as I handed her the small pouch.

"Jacob!" She pretended to be annoyed, but she couldn't hide the smile off her face for long enough. That was one of the main things I loved about her, how she was always smiling.

She pulled opened the small bag and turned it upside down into her hand. A small wooden charm in the shape of a werewolf fell into her hand.

The idea had come to me in a distant memory. I almost believed I had given the same gift to another girl a long time ago.

"Oh Jacob, it's beautiful!" she cried out as she put it closer to her eye to examine the details.

"I carved it myself," I said proudly. I carefully took it from her hand and attached it onto a charm bracelet she was given by Charlie for her 12th birthday.

"You didn't have to go through all the trouble!" She insisted as she stroked the charm on her wrist.

"I'd go through anything for you," I spurted out. I never had tack when it came to these things.

She smiled at her feet and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She never knew how to react to my sudden and rather stupid bursts of sentimental and emotional behaviour.

"I know Jacob, you've been saying that for years," she whispered.

"And I've meant it for all these years," I said as I gently lifted her chin so she was looking right at me.

Verity stood frozen. We had never been this intimate, our faces were millimetres apart. She had never seen me like this. Well actually, she may have had a crush on me. But that's just because I'm so handsome.

"I need to tell you something…something important…" I started.

This was it.

"Verity…I love you."

And then I pressed my lips to hers.

Everything stopped. Time itself froze and my world went blank. All that was there was Verity and me. My heart swelled and my head was buzzing. I could feel my blood pumping around me at a million miles an hour. I almost felt dizzy.

Our lips finally parted.

"I love you too Jacob," Verity whispered, stroking the side of my face.

Those words cemented everything. I could feel my body change. I could feel the constant tension in my muscles melt and disappear. I could feel the sudden awareness of everything slowly vanish. I could even feel my stomach and its gigantic appetite fade away.

I was finally human, properly human human again.

I was finally me.

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