The Consequences of Dying

The Conversation


I had waited by the forest for his return, keeping a close eye on him. To avoid Bella getting annoyed at me, I didn't listen in on the conversation. But that didn't mean I didn't stay out of his mind. I listened in as he argued with Bella, a wave of angry thoughts when she admitted that she'd become one of us. For a moment or so I was beginning to feel really sorry for Jake, not that I hadn't before hand but because I'd never realised how difficult it was for him. I wouldn't know what I would do if I couldn't be with Bella. My life would just fall apart: just how Jacob's life was falling apart now.

What I had not been expecting throughout the conversation, was Jacob's reaction to Bella's baby sister. All I could hear was his flustered, rushed un-decipherable thoughts as he realised he had just been imprinted. Even I was shocked, I had been curious to why Jake was not imprinted yet, but with Bella's baby sister? That came out of no where. I listened as he his mind went into chaos and he ran away so fast that he vanished in a blink. I followed his thoughts straight through into the woods, until his mind became one with his friends and I knew that he was not human anymore. It felt wrong to intrude on the wolf-pack's mind at a troubled time like this.

The second I knew Jacob was definitely gone; I was back my Bella's side. I stared down at the child that was now Jacob's life. Now I felt extremely sorry for him. Jacob had no choice, no matter how much he loved Bella and no matter how much he wanted to be with her, his future lay with her little sister and everyday, she would remind him of Bella. It was going to be hard for him; he was young and didn't cope well with turbulent emotions.

"Where's Jake?" Bella asked brightly, unaware of anything that had just happened. She had been too absorbed in her little sister, which she had officially named Verity.

"Yeah…about that…" I started off, unsure of how to put the words together. But before I would go into details, I needed to find a private place. I could already tell what her reaction would be.

So, unexpectedly, I grabbed her hand and pulled her away to the limousine, pulling her in and closing the door. The driver was gone so we were finally alone.

"Bella…I need you to promise me that you will not let any of the other guests find out that you've been affected by this news…" I told her, keeping her hand in mine. Her eyes went wide and she nodded meekly, setting herself up for the worst.

"Jacob…he's been imprinted…" I knew that this wasn't my news to tell but it was unlikely that Jacob would even see her after his encounter today and I believed that Bella had the right to know.

"By whom?" she asked immediately, she had looked up so fast I could hear her neck click. I truly wished that I could read her mind, so that I could understand what she was going through and try and comfort her. I honestly had no idea about how she was feeling.

"Verity" I whispered, instantly taking her into a hug. She didn't pull away at first; she rested her head against my chest and remained silent. No tears or anything: obviously the news hadn't hit her yet.

And then it did. She pushed me away and pulled her knees in and cradled them. She rocked back and forth on the limousine seat and tears started to pour down her face, but she still remained silent.

"Bella?" I asked, wanting more than anything in the world to take away her pain and misery. I could have blamed Jacob, but it wasn't it fault. Essentially, it wasn't anyone's fault. That was the problem.

"You can leave now. I need to be alone" Bella said sharply, her suffering clear in her voice. I couldn't do anything, so I obeyed. I wanted to kiss her and tell her that everything would be alright, but I couldn't. So I just left.

And I took off into the woods, determined that Jacob should come talk to Bella herself. Whether I had to bring Jacob to her by force or not was unclear.

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