The Consequences of Dying

The Letter


I ran all the way back to La Push. Once I was at the edge of the forest outside my house, I strolled around, thinking of everything and anything to calm me down. It took a couple of hours, but finally I was back to my human form. I shoved my way into the house, since my key had disappeared along with my clothes. I stomped up the stairs and to my bedroom, where I slammed the door.

The first thing I saw was a letter sitting neatly on my bed. I recognised the handwriting from the letter in my wedding invitation. Would that stupid bloodsucker ever leave me alone? I tore the envelope off with my teeth and ripped out the letter.

Dear Jacob,

Bella's made her decision. We're transforming her tonight. Please come and talk to her and sort things out before it's too late. If you decide not to come then I hope you and Verity will have a happy life together. Please come before twilight.


I stared at the words for a long time before they began to make sense. Tonight? They were going to change her tonight? Before twilight? When the hell was the supposed to be? At definite time would have been much more useful. I glanced at my watch, it was eight o'clock. I rushed downstairs to my dad. He'd understand vampire talk.

"When's twilight?" I asked quickly, watching impatiently as he cut up some onions for dinner on the chopping board on his lap.

"Why'd you ask?" he replied, not looking up from his onions. I was about to scream with anger.

"Don't test me dad. You know how I deal with my emotions…" I warned him sternly.

"Twilight is the term used for the ending of the day and the beginning of the night," he said, now looking up from the chopping board to see my confused face. "Basically, it's the evening darkness just after sunset," he simplified.

"Okay then, what time is sunset?" I asked hastily. I was beginning to lose all patience; I would probably get a quicker answer if I went to my room and surfed the internet.

"Nowadays? Around nine-ish…" he said slowly, carefully thinking his answer. But I had no time, I ran out on him before he could finish talking and I got my motorcycle out from the garage. I didn't even have enough time to wait till I transformed.

I was on my way, riding on a motorcycle without my helmet or any sort of protective padding. Thank God I could heal quickly. The motorcycle raced along the road as I dogged any traffic there was by slipping in between the cars.

How stupid was I to waste so much time in the forest, whining over Bella? I only had an hour before she transformed and fifteen of my precious sixty minutes would be wasted getting to Forks. Why did I spend a couple of hours trying to become human when what I needed most right now was to be a werewolf so I could get there quicker?

As soon as I got to Forks, I sniffed out Bella's smell which led me straight to the Cullen's house. I parked my motorcycle on their driveway filled with lavish cars and stumbled as I went to the front door. I banged several times on the door, ignoring how rude I was being. Bella's life was at stake that was all that mattered.

"Hello?" The head, neck and body of a small pixie-like girl emerged from the doorway. She didn't even ask for questions, she just opened the door wider and gestured that I should come in.

"Where's Bella?" I asked impatiently, looking around the large hallway. I noted the piano, I bet Edward played it. Stupid piano-playing, Bella-biting bloodsucker.

"Upstairs, first door on your left…" she said quietly yet quickly. She pointed to the stairs. I had no idea why she allowed me to just barge into her house like this at such a crucial time but I wasn't exactly going to stop and ask. I sprinted up the stairs and burst into the first door on my left.

Lying on the bed, under the covers, was Bella. Lying on top of the covers, next to her, was Edward. A couple of other bloodsuckers were standing by the stereo in the corner of the room, I ignored them completely.

"Bella, we need to talk," I said weakly, breathing deeply.

"Go on then…" she said curtly, was she blaming me for me getting imprinted?

"We'll leave Bella…" Edward said softly, signalling to the other two as they brushed past me to leave the room.

"Say it and say it quickly. You've got less than an hour before I go bloodsucker" she said harshly, her arm folded across her chest.

This was going to be difficult.

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