The Consequences of Dying

The Vision


I had written in the note purely in Bella's best interest, but after seeing how she acted with Jacob, I wondered whether it was a good idea. Jacob was only going to make her more miserable. Then again, he was the only one who could persuade Bella and make her want to live a normal life. I knew I was the one who was essentially going to bite her, but the decision of ending her human life was in her hands only.

We all went to Alice's room to wait, me, Alice, Jasper and Emmett. Esme was preparing Jasper's bedroom so that I could lodge with him for a couple of days since Bella was taking over my bedroom. Carsisle was at work, finishing off his paperwork since he wasn't coming into work for the next three days. Rosalie refused to take any part in this and locked herself away in her bedroom.

It was only because of Alice that I wasn't listening in on their conversation. She gave me a certain look which said it all; it also helped that I could read her thoughts too. We all remained silent, wrapped up in our own thoughts. That was until Alice disrupted the silence.

"Oh no!" she called out, but in a whisper. She obviously didn't want to disturb Bella and Jake.

"What happened?" I asked immediately, the first one by her side. But Jasper came in between us and took her hands into his. He lifted her chin so that she was looking directly at him.

"What happened?" he said in a softer tone, as tears started to fall down Alice's cheeks. Whatever she saw was clearly distressing her.

"Bella…Verity…Jake…" was all she said. Jasper wiped the tears from her eyes and took her into a hug. I felt the sudden wave of calmness as I realised Jasper was using his gift.

"What happened with them?" Jasper asked, stroking her short-cropped hair, he wasn't planning to let go so I walked around them until I could see Alice's face. She was still crying.

Our eyes met for a second and yet I had seen everything I needed to see. It was a vile thought; I immediately understood why Alice was crying. Jasper continued to hold her tightly, kissing the top of her head lightly. Emmett sat back down, patiently waiting for answers once Alice was ready to give them.

But I already knew. Since Bella was going to transform tonight, because it was her decision, her future had now changed because of it, which was what Alice saw. Bella was going to be thirsty, but unlike the rest of us, she only wanted one person's blood. She thirsted for only one scent.

Verity's scent.

She was going to try and kill her own sister. But she didn't realise that it was her sister, all her human memories would fade through the pain of the next three days. But that wasn't even the worst of it.

If she did kill Verity, Jake would kill her. I had seen it as clearly as Alice had. In Jake's anger and desire for revenge, he would tear Bella to pieces and set her remaining limbs on fire. I could clearly see the hatred in his eyes. Now I could see why Jake didn't want to have to choose Verity over Bella. Because that would mean killing the person he once loved more than anyone else in the world.

"Should we tell her?" I asked, breaking the silence. Jasper released Alice from his grasp but kept an arm around her waist, as a sign of protection. She looked at me through recently dried up eyes.

"That's your decision…" she informed me quietly. She looked away from me, singing a song in her head so that I couldn't hear her opinion of the matter.

"I don't want her to know…it's too disturbing for us…imagine what it will do to her…" I said slowly, thinking hard. Would it be best if Bella didn't know? Or would this be the thing that would stop Bella from wanting to become a vampire? Did I finally have the thing that would make her want to stay human? But was it worth letting her know what she might become? It was a horrible thought for me and Alice; I didn't want to know how Bella would take it.

"I thought you might say that…" she said, musing over the decision I had just made. Had she seen something else? I wasn't really sure.

"What do we do now?" I asked her with panic, should one of us be sent over to guard Verity in the first couple of weeks of Bella's transformation? Did Jake have a right to know all of this?

She shook her head, unsure of the answer. This was most unusual, Alice always had the answers. Now I was left to decide whether or not I should change Bella's life forever.

The fate of her life lay in my hands.

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