Remnant Chronicles

Chapter 3: Shadows Over Vale

It didn't take long for Elwyn to get his father up to speed. His father had an easy time believing it actually. It was a little more than Elwyn had hoped for. He was thankful for it, but he couldn't shake the feeling that his father had known something of this matter had already been afoot before he mentioned it to him today. Whatever the case, he agreed to fly him to Vale. Despite it being out of Atlasian territory, the Beowolf was under the Atlasian Scientist team's jurisdiction. It was their responsibility to clean up this mess now.

He walked up to Lucrea, who was strapped into a seat. She looked shaken, with a few bruises here and there, but she'd calmed down from earlier. "Doctor," he started. "Do you have any advice that can help when we engage the Beowolf later?"

She looked up with tired eyes. "Don't die?" she said dryly. Under normal circumstances Elwyn would have laughed at the inappropriate remark, perhaps. But civilians were in danger now. They had to intercept the Beowolf before it was too late. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me," she admitted. Maybe this was her default personality, devoid of the panic and worry. "All we've gathered from the reports are its abilities to manipulate fire. Other than that, I'm as much in the dark as you."


Elwyn walked over to Blake, who was strapped down to a chair next to a window. Her eyes were tired and heavy-lidded. But she was alert. She was looking outside the window at the landscape that rolled by. He stood next to her, looking out the window with her.

"Doc said she didn't know anything else. Also she seems to have an attitude," He said.

"I'd have an attitude too if I was just went through what she did."

He thought for a moment. Right, near-death experience. Watching your colleagues die. "… I guess you're right."

"Elwyn," his father said on the ship's speaker phones. "Meet me in the cockpit. I'll have a word with you."

He was wondering when it would come. He hadn't exactly confessed why he had two extra personnel in tow when he boarded the Quezacoatl. His father also didn't know why there was an urgent need to get to Vale immediately. He looked to Blake.

"I'll be right back."

He walked the short walk to the cockpit and as soon as he walked through the threshold his father locked the mechanical door behind him. Elwyn sat on the co-pilot seat and wore the pilot headset.

"So, you mind telling me something about our situation?" Elwyn heard his father say over the headset.

"The one in the doctor's coat is a-"

"Researcher for Atlas. I saw the tag. I'm talking about the other girl."

"Her name is Blake."

"And I'm guessing she's here for a playdate or something."

"You could say that."


His father's tone shifted. He was losing his patience.

"She's here to help," Elwyn said truthfully.

"Help with what exactly?"

There was a knock on the cockpit door. Elwyn looked at a monitor on screen. It was Lucrea. He looked to his father, and he simply replied by opening the door to the cockpit. Lucrea stepped inside. Her strawberry blonde hair was still a little messy. She adjusted her glasses as she stepped inside. She didn't skip a beat.

"Good evening, Sir…?" she waited for Elwyn's father to reply.

"Deakon. Albion."

"Sir Deakon, yes," she cleared her throat. "I'm sure you're wondering why your son had requested to bring us to Vale."

His father turned on cruise control and turned in his seat. "I'm listening."

"Yes, well, as a scientist of the Atlasian Military, I'm sure you've heard rumors about the Grimm recently," she said. She stared right at Deakon. "Codename Fairy Tale."

Elwyn shifted in his seat. Fairy Tale? That's what they called it?

"I'd heard rumors, yes," Deakon said, leaning back into his chair. "Just how true are they?"

A loud bang interrupted them. Turbulence rocked the plane, and they could hear the warning lights screaming at the controls. Deakon put on his headset. "What the hell was that?"

He was answered by a primal roar that even the Lucrea heard. The ship rocked again. It was being attacked from below. They hadn't been keeping a look out since they were focused on getting to Vale as quickly as possible. They must have overtaken their target. And since the Quezacoatl is still a Dustplane…

Deakon heard metal crunch from connecting his headset to the outside audio monitors. Something latched onto the Quezacoatl. The onboard sensors went crazy as one of the indicators showed one of the turbines were compromised.

"What in the hell…?!" Deakon pushed a few buttons and levers so that the Quezacoatl stabilized. Another shockwave ripped through the ship. At this point Elwyn got up from his seat and slammed the release button on the door. He barreled through and found Blake holding on to a seat for balance. She looked at him with a panic.

"What's going on?!"

She was answered by another explosion from the outside. The upper hull of the Quezacoatl suddenly bulged and distorted. It melted through, and the Burning Beowolf appeared in front of them, its eyes not reared on them, but downwards, right where the Quezacoatl's generator would be. In the cramped space of the Dustplane the Beowolf's ten foot frame loomed ominously, glowing with small embers of fire around it. It had gotten some of the Dust that powered the engines. Its powers were back online.

Elwyn primed his pilelance from his right arm. It screeched and clicked, still not having been repaired. It managed to finish its transformation in any case, and he cocked the priming handle before he pointed it at the Beowolf. It still cautiously smelling at the area around it. "It must have smelled the Quezacoatl," he cussed under his breath. "We have to knock it out of the plane or it'll take us all down with it."

Blake was already on the move. She took her katana, still in its sheathe and swung the cleaver at the Beowolf multiple times. It roared in annoyance. Its skin was tougher than a normal Grimm's, that was for sure. It could withstand a few hits to the same spot before you could see the skin break. Once it did, vile black liquid spewed from the wound, kind of like black ichor, blood of the gods. This was the blood of beasts. Blake jumped back to regroup. The Beowolf roared at her. It reared back its head. It gurgled carnally, a faint light appearing at its throat, through all the pitch-black fur.

"What's it doing?" Elwyn asked out loud, taking a stance with his pilelance. Lucrea suddenly bounded out of the cockpit and grabbed him and Blake by their collars before shouting.

"Get down!"

The Beowolf cocked its head forward and a blazing orb of flame spewed from it. Elwyn wrenched himself free from Lucrea's grasp before he let loose a bullet of Blue Dust aimed downwards. As it exited the chamber, in that split second the pile-bunker moaned and wailed. The Blue Dust exploded not a second too late, creating a wall of ice in front of them that blocked the explosion. Despite the wall, the force of the blast punched through the ice, and sent the three of them reeling backwards. Shards of ice blasted around, puncturing the walls. The explosion itself blew out the roof of the Quezacoatl. The turbulence hit them as the Beowolf was flung out of the Dustplane.

"That probably wasn't my brightest idea," Elwyn cried out as he hung on to a chair. Blake glared at him as she hung on to his waist.

"You think?!"

Lucrea hung on to Blake's arm. "This isn't the best time to have a quarrel now is it?"

Deakon's voice sounded over the inter-comm. "Brace for impact, we're crashing into Vale," he said almost too calmly.

The Quezacoatl flew past the high walls of Vale. The Dustplane skidded along the asphalt of a road, eventually screeching to a halt. The outer plating of the Dustplane was singed in some places near the two holes the Beowolf had created. One wing had snapped from the skidding, having collided with a small building and ripped off. On the inside of the vehicle Elwyn, Blake, and Lucrea got up warily. Their legs were like flimsy ribbons as they tried to regain their balance. Elwyn had been cut on the side of a seat near his right brow. Blake and Lucrea managed to avoid much injury, save for a bruise here and there. Deakon walked out to them from the cockpit, having been hurt by some debris that crashed through the windshield as they landed.

"We landed in an abandoned slum," he said plainly. Elwyn checked his body for any other injuries before he replied.

"Where'd the Beowolf go?"

A roar could be heard from the distance.

"Looks like it's still hungry." Lucrea said, gripping her arms.

Elwyn looked to his father. Deakon nodded. "We'll be fine if we leave the Quezacoatl alone," He helped Lucrea up.

"Thank you."

Deakon ignored the comment. He was too busy looking at Elwyn's pilelance. "That's in no shape to fight anymore."

Elwyn's eyes darted to the weapon on his right arm. The Dust chamber had burnt out, and the lance-tip's edge had melted a bit. When he tried to prime a Dust bullet, the lever wouldn't budge. He cussed under his breath. "Sorry, it was already pretty thrashed during the train fight."

Deakon silently went back to the cockpit.

Blake looked to Elwyn and tapped him on the shoulder. "I'll scout out ahead. You stay here with your dad and Ms. Lucrea," She said.

"I can help fight-"

"Not without a weapon you can't."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that," Deakon suddenly called out from the cockpit. He returned with a large, jet-black case. He set it on the ground in front of them and clicked it open. Inside were two tonfa-like weapons tipped by a smaller version of the pilelance's spearhead. The two tonfas also had a Dust chamber similar to the pilelance, also smaller in size. Elwyn reacted quickly.

"Hey, that's," he knelt down and took the two weapons, dismounting the pilelance from his right arm. It fell with a loud clunk. He took the two tonfas in each of his arms, and flicked his forearm back and forth abruptly, priming it like he had the pilelance. The Dust chambers gave off an ethereal glow. Even Blake and Lucrea were slightly mesmerized. "You brought Frigor Spica?"

"Always be prepared, remember?"

It felt light in his arms. It felt good having it back in his grip after so long. "Thanks dad."

"Be careful out there, kid. The doctor and I will try and alert the Hunters of Beacon Academy."

Elwyn nodded and looked to Blake. "Let's go then."

The two of them bounded out of the Quezacoatl and up a shanty building. Deakon had given Elwyn a new receiver headset, and gave them some directions to the middle of the city. The small structures led higher and higher until they managed to get on top of a high rise building. Vale was a large, beautiful thing. It was their first time actually experiencing being in it. The early morning nightlife was dying down already, with barely anyone on the streets. That was a good thing. If the Beowolf would come barging in, they would be able to handle it without civilians getting in the way. Blake looked at Elwyn for a moment. He noticed her staring.


"You had a second weapon?"

"Well," he stood up straight for the moment, looking at the tonfas on his arms. "They were my first ones, actually."

"Really now?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yep," he smiled. "They were given to me by a friend at the Atlas Academy. I wasn't too into the mechanical side of forging weapons so she gave these to me," He immediately followed up. "Mainly because I was the only one willing to spar with her. And help her with homework," His expression scrunched up. "Yeah."

She laughed a bit. They were just acquaintances, but he was so open to telling her things. She didn't know if he wasn't that bright or he was just too trusting. "And you gave it a name, too?"

A light tinge of pink graced his cheeks. "Yeah, why?"

"No need to be embarrassed, hotshot," she laughed. "I named mine too. It's called Gambol Shroud," she pointed to the katana with a giant, hollow cleaver for a sheathe on her back. "It's a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe."

Ewlyn blinked. "It doesn't look that much like a scythe…"

She shrugged. "I'm not the one who gave it a label."

"Then who di-"

Before they could continue their little heart-warming conversation on the ethics of naming technologically advanced weapons, they heard a roar from a few blocks over. It was followed by an explosion. They nodded to each other and began to rush towards the noise. They dropped down to the sidewalk and bounded fast for the origin of explosion. Not surprisingly, as they rounded a city block corner they were met with a pair of sinister, glowing red eyes. The Beowolf almost immediately charged at them. They jumped up and over it, avoiding the bull-rush. They landed next to the Dust Shop that it had raided, 'Dust in Case'. The shop owner was knocked out on the floor. Dust crystals and sand were scattered around the establishment. When the Beowolf did a hard U-turn, they noticed its fur was covered in Dust, and some crystal fragments poked out of its maw. Some flames radiated from there, and pulsating red lines glowed in the streetlamp-lit night. Its forearms, supposedly stumps from Blake cutting them off on the train, were tipped with claws made of flame. It didn't have that back on the plane.

"I'm guessing it got its fix." Elwyn said, readying a boxer's stance.


Blake charged forward first, dual-wielding Gambol Shroud's sheathe and katana. The Beowolf reared its head back and spat out a bright ball of flame at her, which she dodged with ease. Elwyn somersaulted forwards and over the ball, the main body of it barely missing him. He could feel the heat pass him by, and the fire collided with the ground behind him. It exploded in a miniature infernal fire pillar.

Probably shouldn't get hit by that, he thought. He dashed forward, following Blake's lead. As the two of them were about to collide with the beast, it roared and emanated a sphere of hot, pressurized air around it. The contact made them yelp, and the force swatted them backwards like flies. They both crashed onto those trees that were planted on sidewalks. Elwyn groaned as he got up. He saw Blake on the opposite side of the street, trying to get her bearings.

"How many freaking abilities do you have now?!" He shouted angrily. He heard static come from his ear. He felt around for the headset his father had given him. It sounded like his father was trying to contact him. He could barely make out a voice.

"El… eaco…. Hu…ers… on th… ay…"

The headset sparked near his face and he scrambled to get it off. The blast wave from the Beowolf must have fried it. That's two headsets that he's lost in less than 24 hours. His father was going to kill him. He snapped out of his worried state and remembered the Beowolf. It roared at him, snapping its sharp fangs. He dashed forward again. The Beowolf proceeded to swipe at him with its claws. He ducked under it and unleashed a powerful but quick jab-straight into its abdomen, neutral firing his pilebunkers without Dust Bullets as the jabs landed. The Beowolf growled as it skidded back, firing off a smaller fireball, which Elwyn dodged under.

There was a mark on its stomach, where the pilebunkers met its mark. At its current setting, the pilebunkers were supposed to be enough to dent a few inches of steel plating. Whatever this Grimm was made of, they it was definitely a lot sturdier. The Beowolf dashed for him again. He swung his arm backwards preparing for a devastating straight. He miscalculated its speed, and it swung its massive arm at him, curiously, without the fire claw. He raised his left arm to block, softening the blow as he was flung away. He just realized, at its ten foot height, it was a lot larger than normal Beowolf. It also hit much harder. The mutation probably made it some sort of super-alpha.

Blake followed up from Elwyn's assault. The Beowolf growled, kicking a car in her direction. She nimbly sidestepped, and broke into a run. She jumped up and over the Beowolf, landing on its back. She attempted to impale its spine with her katana. It slightly embedded itself into its skin, before abruptly stopping, like it had hit a metal wall. The Beowolf bucked abruptly, managing to fling Blake off of itself. She landed gracefully, before looking to attack again. Elwyn bounded to her side.

"Did you notice it wasn't using its fire abilities just now?" he asked, panting. The Beowolf's pulsating red lines were dulled. After a few more moments, the red lines pulsated brightly again. Flames appeared in its maw once more as it stared at them with a predator's eyes, and the flame claws on its forearms were back.

Blake readier herself again. "So it can't keep using those abilities with impunity…"

The Beowolf opened its maw and spewed a flame in a steady stream at them, like a flamethrower. They jumped to either side. The Beowolf followed Blake's escape, while Elwyn was given free rein to attack it from the other side. He dashed forward and landed the pilebunker's lance-tip with devastating force on the Beowolf's jaw. He let a Blue Dust bullet loose. Its maw closed and froze as the Beowolf was launched slightly upwards. For a moment, it seemed like the head had been frozen for good. The body landed standing, but still. Blake was a ways away, looking dumbfounded.

"… was that really all it too-"

She was interrupted by steam coming out from the Beowolf's body. The ice started to melt. Within a few more moments the ice melted away completely, and the Beowolf let out a charged roar, sending a fiery sphere of energy around it. If it wasn't already angry before, it sure as hell was now.

Elwyn was knocked back again. Jesus this thing may as well have a wall made of fire surround it. Its defense was solid. Up until it had to recharge, anyway. It bounded after Elwyn. It swiped at him. It singed his military coat, but he managed to deflect it with his tonfas. He saw Blake's Gambol Shroud charge at the Beowolf from behind in its kusarigama-pistol form, the wraps flinging around the Beowolf's neck as Gambol Shroud jettisoned itself back to Blake. She attempted to rein the Beowolf in. She was strong for her size, and she managed to slow it down, but she struggled. The red pulsing had dimmed, but he wasn't sure if its abilities were gone. Judging by the flame claws, they weren't, but he had to take the chance.

He primed a Blue Dust shell into his pilebunkers, before pulling both triggers. The Ice that appeared from the explosion surrounded the Beowolf's right side, from its upper body below the neck to its legs. It roared, trying to swipe at Elwyn with its free arm, but he managed to duck under that attack. Blake followed up, flipping over the Beowolf and pulling hard on her ribbons, causing it to lose balance as it tumbled forward. Elwyn retreated and primed another two Blue Dust bullets. Blake unhooked her ribbons from the Beowolf's neck and shot at it multiple times as she used it as a stepping stone to jump upwads, getting its attention long enough for Elwyn to go back in and fire off what he hoped was the Coup de Grace. More Ice encased the Beowolf's left side. It stopped in its tracks. Its entire body except the right side of its head was encased in ice.

They both waited a moment. Its red eyes seemingly stopped following them through its frozen state. Other than that, it kept quiet.

"You think that's enough?" He asked, approaching it. Blaked eyed the creature closely. This was how the military team handled it, right? It should hold.

There was a slight weight shift. Then a crack. Blake's sharp eyes and ears noticed it from where she was. Man did they jinx this a lot.

"Get back!" Blake used Gambol Shroud to latch onto Elwyn's coat and pull him to safety. The Beowolf roared, and another wave pulsated from it. It blew up a car and singed the ground in a sphere around it. The Beowolf looked at them with seething rage. It was tired of playing their game. The red lines around it however, have stopped pulsating. It was weak, some faint embers flicked around it. Its movements were a little sluggish. It probably felt the Ice from the Blue Dust taking a toll on it. It was still undeniably ferocious. A few moments after it was freed, it ran full speed at Elwyn, knocking him into a building. It roared at Blake as she tried to aid him. Elwyn scrambled away as the Beowolf rammed itself into the building wall, cracking it slightly. It was disoriented, but it was beginning to glow again. They had to stop it before it fully revved up.

The two of them regrouped.

"What now?" Elwyn looked at his ammo reserves. "One Blue Dust bullet left."

Blake paused and surveyed the area. The moment she laid her eyes on a large object in the distance, she smiled. "Found it."


She pointed behind the Beowolf, on top of a building. It was a water tank. Elwyn smirked. "You're crazy," He primed some Red Dust. "Let's do it."

Blake dashed forward to the Beowolf and started attacking. The Beowolf was kept back for a moment, before swinging its powerful arms at her. She jumped over and taunted it. "Here, you mangy mutt, come on, who's an abomination of humanity?" She transformed Gambol Shroud and swung it while it fired, smacking the Beowolf multiple times. "You are!"

The Beowolf growled in annoyance as it trudged forward against Blake's onslaught. It was still a bit disoriented, but it was gaining ground, swiping and blocking against Blake's slashes and hits. She kept up with it, using hit and run tactics to lure it nearer to the building for their trap. The Beowolf redirected its powers to its claws. The glowing dimmed, but its ethereal claws were back. It was definitely getting desperate. As they got neared to the edge of the building, Elwyn was getting ready to jump.

He combined the two tonfas together by their rear-shafts, and it extended until it made a double-ended lance, barely taller than he was. He made a running start, before jumping and pulling a trigger on the newly-formed handle. The end of his Frigor Spica that was nearer to the ground shot a Red Dust bullet. It exploded and rocketed him upwards to the top of the building with the water-tower. He saw Blake down below as he sailed over the two of them. As he flew he primed another bullet.

Blake was flush against the wall of the building. She looked up and saw Elwyn land. She slid under the Beowolf and gave it a fierce kick on its back. It was more to propel herself than anything, as the Beowolf barely budged. It spun at her as she landed, but missed her by inches as the claw grazed her boot. She landed a ways away from the Beowolf.

"Now!" she shouted. His reply came in the form of an explosion that punched a hole through the water tank. Gallons if not tons of water rushed out the side of the tank, soaking the Beowolf and the immediate area around it. It struggled against the pressure of the water, roaring and snapping at Elwyn, its flame claws dissipating. Elwyn jumped again off the building, aiming one tip of his lance straight down at the Beowolf. The moment before he made contact, he fired his last bullet of Blue Dust. The Ice spread almost instantly along the body of the Beowolf until the ground where the tank-water had soaked. It spread up until the tank itself, freezing the remaining water. The resulting ice sculpture looked like a waterfall frozen in time.

As Elwyn flipped away to recover after he fired, and Blake came in for the Coup de Grace. With Gambol shroud at her side, she unsheathed its katana in one blindingly fast slashing motion. Elwyn could feel the force she generated from where he'd landed. In a moment, the frozen Beowolf was sliced in two, the frozen water coming from above falling down in icicles. Blake jumped back quickly, and stood by Elwyn's side.

"Well," he said, panting. "That was a nice workout."

"You looked like you were having fun jumping down from that building."

"What?" He paused. "Well, maybe a little."

They hadn't noticed a crowd had gathered around their little spectacle. They were too focused on the Beowolf that they hadn't noticed the civilians.

Elwyn eyed the people around them. "These people could've gotten hurt."

"Oh I'm sure we could have handled it, but it seems you two decided to handle it yourselves," A voice came up from behind them. They looked behind and saw a man with white hair and circular shades walking towards them with a cane in hand. He was one of the people in the small group. There was an air about him, something powerful but kept under wraps. Blake was surprised she couldn't sense him before he had appeared behind them. They looked at him cautiously, keeping their weapons up. You never know, right?

"Now now," he said, laughing a bit. "No need to be so defensive. I'm here as a friend," He adjusted his spectacles.

They spied other people behind the white-haired man: A beautiful blonde woman with a riding crop in her hand, looking at them with critical eyes, a tall, bear of a man with an odd weapon, literally a rifle tipped with the blades of a battle axe, taking interest in the remains of the Beowolf. There were a few more people, but the white-haired man coughed, and they looked at him attentively on instinct. He seemed to exude authority, yet contained a kind aura to it. This man was truly an enigma.

"My name is Professor Ozpin, I am the headmaster of Beacon Academy."

Both of their eyes grow wide. They look at each other quickly. Elwyn spoke first. "Elwyn Albion, I'm a citizen of Atlas, honorary member of the Atlasian military," He salutes. "This is my," he paused of the word. "partner, Blake Belladonna," she waved her hand awkwardly.

"Hello, Mr. Professor," she tried to fake a laugh.

Ozpin raised an eyebrow. "I see."

There was an awkward silence in the air. They didn't know if their little cover-up story would work on the man. A few moments passed before Ozpin spoke up again. "Your father contacted Beacon Academy not too long ago. We're surprised that the situation was dealt with even before we arrived."

They let out a breath they felt like they'd been holding in for minutes. Another figure rushed at them from behind the blonde woman and the others. It was Elwyn's father, Deakon. He ran to Elwyn's side and clapped him on the shoulder. "You alright, lad?"

"I'm fine dad," he said. He looked back to Ozpin, who adjusted his glasses before he spoke.

"Your son and his partner have exceptional talent, Mr. Albion."

Deakon looked at Blake, then back to Elwyn with a confused expression. He did a small signal with his head, inclining it slightly to the side. He was asking his father to play along. Please.

Deakon looked back to Professor Ozpin. "They really do," he laughed heartily. This was so unlike him, Elwyn thought. Guess his dad could act when he needed to. "Little rascals, they are," he looked at Blake. "If they weren't in the military, I would've had them graduate from the Atlasian Academy and sent them to Beacon."

"About that, Mr. Albion," Ozpin started, a smile on his face. "From what I've seen, there's something I'd like to propose."

The morning after the incident, Elwyn, Blake, and Deakon arrived at the crash site of the Quezacoatl. The inside wasn't too banged up, it was mostly the hull. Well, that and the engines and the Dust Generator. Deakon grabbed a few important things, a photo of him and Elwyn, some tools from the main lab, the remains of the new pilelance. He turned to Elwyn and Blake. He'd kept up the act for the remained of the night when Ozpin asked the million dollar question.

He'd always known that Elwyn wanted to become a Hunter. Ever since he adopted the kid, all he could think about was the Grimm. It was an odd concept for the child to have, being able to understand the horrors of monsters that were supposed to be kept away as nothing but bedtime stories by their parents. But he was always a smart lad. Not the smartest, but his grades during the time at the Atlasian Academy truly shined in combat. It was a shame that he had to pull him out. The military pulled the plug on his scholarship. But now, that man Ozpin just offered to run him through the entire shebang, no charge.

We need more people like your son, Mr. Albion. You tell me he's the one who told you to bring your transport here, despite the risks. You should be proud to have raised him to take the initiative like that.

Despite being adopted, the little rascal had grown on him. And he owed the boy's real father that much.

"Ozpin said the next Dustplane that leaves for Atlas soon. It'll take a while to get the papers done and ready for spare parts to be sent to the lab. I've already asked Mac to retrieve the remains of the Quezacoatl by tomorrow morning. I'm leaving you some money, and the school will provide you with a stipend…"

He went on for a while about getting enough sleep and eating properly. Elwyn tapped him on the shoulder. "I'll be fine, dad."

"I know you will be, kid, but," He glances over to Blake's direction. She's leaning against the entrance to the Quezacoatl, looking out. Elwyn managed to fake up a story on how Blake was just a probationary recruit, and how she was orphaned by the Grimm, and how Deakon was her legal guardian, which made them something like step-siblings, and it was up to him as well to decide whether or not Blake would be allowed to join Beacon as well, also on scholarship. Obviously he allowed it. He was pretty amazed at how his son managed to think of all that on the fly. Honestly,Deakon thought. The kid might actually just be faking how bright he is.

"Look, she saved my life, alright?" Elwyn said. "Getting her into the Academy is the least I could do."

He let out a small laugh. He believed in mutual trade, so all was fair, in the end with Blake. "I'll keep in touch with you through the scroll they'll issue you. You do remember my contact info, right?"

"Yes dad," he chuckles. "Man, you were always like this even back in Atlas. You sound like a mother. It's different from how you treat me while we're working on military things."

"Well that's that and this is this," he claps him on the shoulder. "Can't blame a parent for worrying, alright?"

"I know, dad. I know. But I'm not a kid anymore."

He looks at Elwyn incredulously. "You'll always be a kid to me, kid."

"Fair enough." he sighs.

He watched as Elwyn walks out of the Quezacoatl with Blake behind him. The Dustplane going to Beacon would be leaving by the end of the week, and they had some things to fix before then. Their lodging was spoken for, courtesy once again of Mr. Ozpin, at a quaint little Inn somewhere in the city. As for him, he had to get ready for the next Dustplane going back to Atlas. He already told his superiors about Elwyn attending Beacon. They thought it was a good idea, so that Deakon could focus more on his work. He agreed slightly, but he would be lying if he didn't say it would get lonely in the lab. As he exited the Quezacoatl, Lucrea was waiting for him right outside.

"It was beyond my expectations, if I do say so myself, Dr. Albion," she said, with an air of familiarity.

"The experiment worked to what we predicted," Deakon said calmly, running a hand through his hair. "But it took two kids to put it down that easily."

"He's a nice kid, the girl too, but they're pretty gullible." She adjusts her hair. "They really believed that story with 'General Kalashnikov'."

"You can't blame them. It came from an adult's mouth." He motioned for her to follow him. "Bottom line is," Deakon started. "The Beowolf lost power too quickly. It also stopped obeying the signals that the collar was giving out at one point. Maybe if we tried to create something not so aggressive…"

She waved a hand in front of her dismissing the thought. "We just have to find a way to keep the thing going. We have the data, don't we?" she stopped for a moment. "I'm still surprised you allowed him into combat with Adam. Your kid could have died you know," she said, looking genuinely concerned.

"I told him not to go too hard on the boy," he started. "But from the looks of what he did to the D.I.P.S. perhaps he was too engrossed in it. I guess I should be thankful the girl defected, though it wasn't part of the plan. It worked out for the best." He sees the photo of himself with Elwyn. "This will all be worth it when we find a system that stabilizes the creature and we gain their absolute obedience," He looks at Lucrea. "I'm sorry for what happened to the other two."

She grimaced. "They knew the risks, though I would have preferred it if they didn't die so… brutally. But they knew the risks. All we can do now is to continue on. Have there been other cells successful with the experiment?"

"The south branch reported a Nevermore has been infused, but it will take some time to activate."

They arrived at the station platform. An inbound Dustplane could be seen. As it touched down, they boarded. It would take a while to recover from all of this, but they had time on their hands, and Elwyn would be safe in Beacon. They bought their tickets and sat down onto their respective rows. He made sure to hide the file that was in his hands behind all his other belongings. The title sounded a little childish, you never know. He glanced at it one last time.

'Project: Fairy Tale'

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