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Crazy, Stupid, Pillow Fight... Wait that's supposed to be Love


Love is weird. It can be all fun and games until one person comes along and changes the game. And for Korra that person happened to be her best friend.

Drama / Romance
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Pillow Fight

Korra listened intently to the guy on the other end of the line, pitching in the occasional “uh-huh” and “mhmm” to let him know she was still there. After furiously scribbling down the directions that he was giving her she was able to throw in some actual words, “Thank you so much! I can’t believe this is happening!” she beamed. The guy gave her his congratulations and asked if she had any more questions, which luckily she didn’t because he was annoyingly talkative, before he hung up. Korra pulled her phone away from her ear and looked at it with a stunned expression.

Microseconds passed before she leapt up, knocking her chair over in the process, throwing both hands into the air, and squealing in delight. She whooped and jumped around the room in excitement for a few more minutes before she heard the recognizable clang of her roommate’s keys at the door. The young woman froze instantly, looking eerily similar to a deer in headlights (she would not be caught doing her happy dance by her roommate) before she ran to the couch and hurtled herself over the back. She had settled right as her raven haired roommate entered the room.

“Yo. Whad up, Asami?” she questioned, feigning innocence.

“Okay I’ve known you forever and you only use your ‘gangster’” she flashed air quotes as she said gangster, “voice when you’ve either, one: broken something or two: have really good news. So what did you break this time?” She asked while cocking her hip and resting her hand on it, a sly smirk tugging at her lips.

While she had known Korra for a long time, forever was an exaggeration. The two met when they were assigned to be roommates Korra’s freshman year and Asami’s sophomore year at The University of the Republic. Korra was initially exceedingly concerned about the whole situation because when she went into stalker mode, hoping to dig up something on Asami she found she was on no social media sites what-so-ever and honestly, who doesn’t have at least one profile. Super weird, right? Plus, she was a sophomore living in an all-freshman dorm… who does that? (As it turns out was just a mistake on housings part, but oh well).

Korra’s mother begged her to at least give Asami a chance and Korra had begrudgingly agreed. It was awkward… like painfully awkward, but what rooming situation isn’t at first. The two hardly hung out… scratch that, they hardly talked. Korra was constantly busy with school and running track and Asami was spending three or four all-nighters a week in the engineering lab. They never saw each other except for at night. By the end of the first month, Korra was convinced that her roommate was a robot who didn’t need to eat or sleep and that she was some sort of evil genius because whenever she did see the other girl, she was holding a test with a perfect score.

But one night after Korra came back from a late practice she found Asami sitting on her bed and quietly crying into her pillow. Korra momentarily thought she should just ignore it and let the girl be, but she couldn’t just leave her. That would have been heartless. She gently probed and found out that it was the anniversary of her mother’s passing. Yasuko Sato died, when Asami was very young, from cancer. She had leukemia, but by the time the doctors found it, it was too late. She passed away a few months after the diagnosis. It was a devastating story in which Korra ended up crying.

The younger girl insisted that they spend the night in and watch funny movies and eat cookie dough and Asami, of course, told Korra that she had already spent too much time listening to her whine, especially, since it was a Friday night. Korra left with a plan in mind. Twenty minutes later, she came back to the room with a tub of cookie dough, milk, tissues, and her ever faithful Netflix account. The two spent the rest of the night watching spoof movies and eating their hearts content of cookie dough. After that they began to hand out on a daily basis and eventually Korra finally found out why Asami didn’t have any social media. Turns out she was bullied in high school and was literally giving herself a fresh start in college. She had told herself that she would unfreeze her accounts once she started school and fill them with pictures of happy times but she never got around to it. Of course, Korra insisted right then and there that they reopen at least her Instagram account. The first picture she posted in two years was of her, Korra, and that crucial tub of cookie dough (now completely empty).

Since that night the two had been inseparable. They had been roommates every year since that fateful first meeting and currently were sharing an apartment just off campus. It was Asami’s senior year and Korra made it her mission to make it as memorable as possible. So that’s where they found themselves at this exact moment. Korra was doing something to make Asami’s night and year ten times better.

The tanned girl scoffed, “I’m hurt ‘Sami. Just because I am sitting here innocently doesn’t mean I broke anything. Plus, what are you using those air quotes for? I have such a good gangster impersonation, dawg.” She finished by crossing her arms, flashing the peace sign with both hands, and pursing her lips to the side.

Asami chuckled, “You are seriously the biggest dork I have ever met!”

“Yea, but you love me for it.” Korra retorted.

Asami laughed again before she flipped her hair over her shoulder and joined Korra on the couch, “Alright, Swaggy K. What’s really going on?” she raised one perfectly manicured brow.

Korra instantly sat up straighter. She was practically vibrating from excitement. “Okay, so you know how DJ Wu from 100.3 The Avatar radio station was giving away free Imagine Dragon tickets and back stage passes for their upcoming show?”

Asami perked up, “You have my attention.”

“Well… lucky caller number four got the tickets. And that caller just happens to be yours truly.” She pointed both of her thumbs into her chest.

Asami leapt into the air, Korra excitedly followed her, “No! You did not win that! Imagine Dragons is seriously my favorite band ever!” Asami shrieked while clapping her hands together.

“I did.” The runner wiped her nails on her shirt before she disinterestedly looked at them, smirking. Glancing up at Asami she lowered her hand, “And since they were giving away two tickets and two backstage passes that means I get to take someone with me.” Asami looked like she was going to burst with excitement. Her peridot eyes were practically aflame with energy. Korra paused for effect. Asami glared at her and let out an ‘ugh, Korra!’ Chuckling, Korra lowered her hand and continued, “Well I was thinking of taking…” she forced her face to be serious, “Opal.”

Opal was one of both of the girl’s best friend. Korra knew Opal from her philosophy class and introduced her to Asami. It was when the duo tried to set Opal up with her long time crush Bolin that they became really good friends. It turned out to be an excruciatingly long process to finally get them together. Asami had to introduce herself to Bolin’s brother Mako, who was in her chem class, and then ask him if he wanted to hang out. She told him to bring someone with him (aka Bolin) because she was bringing her friend Opal and yadda yadda yadda. After a few weeks of planning and then a couple more of double dating, they finally succeeded and Opal and Bolin ended up being the nauseatingly cute couple they all knew they would be. Asami and Mako also ended up getting together but it didn’t last long. They fought too much, plus there was this awkward week where it came out that Mako liked Korra. Talk about uncomfortable. In the end, it all worked out for the better. All five of them became great friends and dubbed themselves The Krew. So needless to say while Opal was one of Korra’s best friends, Asami was her best best friend, and of course she was taking Asami to the concert.

“Korra!!” Asami groaned loudly, “I’m going to kill you.”

Suddenly, a pillow was making contact with Korra’s face and the duo was locked in a dual.

“Not fair ‘Sami! You’ve got the memory foam pillow! That actually hurts!” Korra giggled. Asami whapped her a few more times before she left the perfect opening for Korra to strike. The runner quickly swung her pillow at Asami, connecting with her face. Asami let out a yelp and started to fall backwards. Her hand flashed out like lightning and gripped Korra’s wrist pulling her down with her. The younger woman closed her eyes and squealed when she felt herself start to fall. The two landed in a heap on the couch. Asami was squashed perfectly beneath Korra. The younger girl’s forearms were by Asami’s ribcage and her leg was awkwardly resting between the older woman’s legs.

Korra let out a chuckle before she opened her eyes. Immediately, she was greeted by Asami’s peridot eyes. They were close. Super close. As in their noses were touching close. And strangely, at the moment, Korra didn’t even care. Not even in the slightest. She was way too lost in the beautiful gems that had captured her attention. Korra’s eyes flicked down to Asami’s perfectly crimson tinted lips. She absentmindedly licked her own. Damn. Those lips looked so soft, so nice, and so incredibly and undeniably kissable. She found herself leaning closer. The urge to kiss Asami driving her every move. Their lips were a hair’s length apart. Korra could feel Asami’s warm breath tickling her lips. Her cerulean eyes flicked back up to meet Asami’s. The older woman was giving her his look, a look that Korra could not identify, a look that she had never seen before. And damn was it hot. Korra blinked, snapping her trance.

Wait. What the fuck? She shot up, leaning away from Asami. Her eyes widened in shock, in horror at what she was about to do.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? What the hell… what the H E double hockey sticks was that! She didn’t dare look at the older woman. She stared directly ahead of her, eyes burning holes into the blank TV screen. Asami sat up slowly a few moments later. Korra could hear her trying to slow down her breathing. What the fuck was that? Asami cleared her throat, “Um… I’m…I’m gonna go get some water.”

“Yea…” Korra mumbled distractedly. After Asami was safely out of range she stood and practically sprinted to the bathroom. Slamming, the door behind her she reached for the sink. She ripped on the water and splashed her face with freezing cold water.

“Okay, Korra. Nothing to worry about. You just almost kissed your best friend. No big deal.” She whispered to the mirror. Looking up, a panicked set of cerulean eyes reflected back at her. “No big fucking deal, huh?” She lifted her fingers to her mouth and began to absentmindedly chew her nails, “Oh, spirits, it’s going to be so awkward now! What have I done?” The runner took a few deep breaths. “No. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Asami is amazing. She’s way too nice to even bring this up… right?” She lowered her gaze from the mirror, her cheeks dusting a light pink. “Fuck. I’m so fucked.” She face palmed.

A few minutes later a very nervous Korra exited the bathroom. Spirits, her palms were so sweaty. When she entered the family room, Asami was sitting on the couch watching “Criminal Minds” as if that whole situation had never happened. The engineer turned to look at Korra. Her silk raven hair fluttered around her face, catching the light in all the right places. She flashed a startling, award winning, white smile accentuated by her full and very kissable crimson lips. Peridot eyes were practically gleaming. They seriously looked like jewels. Asami was beautiful. Asami was amazing. Asami was other worldly. And Korra realized she had just fallen for her. And man had she fallen hard.


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