Crazy, Stupid, Pillow Fight... Wait that's supposed to be Love

Beautiful Now

Their lips parted with an audible pop. Korra could feel her heart hammering loudly and painfully in her chest. She was deathly afraid that Asami could hear it beating out of her ribcage. But she was even more afraid that if she opened her eyes Asami would be gone. That everything that just happened would have been a dream. Her hand dropped from Asami’s cheek and retracted into her own lap. The other slowly unwove itself from her silky hair. But she couldn’t bring herself to stop touching the magnificent strands. So she resorted to gently playing with the tips of the curly threads of raven hair.

Steeling herself she took three deep breaths. You can do this Korra. You can do this. Slowly, very, very slowly she opened her eyes. First it was just a crack, but millimeter by millimeter she let the sight of Asami filter in. The heiress’s eyes were still closed. Her chest visibly rose and fell with each deep, nervous breath she took. Her pale hands slid off of her crisscrossed legs and tightly gripped the front of Korra’s Mumford and Sons t-shirt. Gulping, Korra willed her hand to rest on the bare ankle of the woman sitting in front of her. Her thumb stroking gentle arcs on the soft skin. The engineer’s breath audibly hitched at the touch.

Deliberately, she leaned her head in and Korra met her half way. The sides of their noses barely brushed against one another as they just sat and took in the presence of the other. Korra relished in being able to truly study the stunning features of the woman before her. The cute freckles speckling her nose. The luscious ruby red lips. The tiny scar at the corner of her brow. Asami was perfect. In every sense of the word.

The engineer turned her head slightly and nuzzled her nose closer to the runner’s. She took a deep breath, “Please tell me that this isn’t a dream.” She whispered desperately.

“It’s not.” Korra responded breathlessly as she chastely kissed the corner of her roommate’s lips.

The heiress took another shuttering breath and opened her eyes. Immediately, Korra felt like a piece of metal entranced in the irresistible pull of Asami’s peridot magnets. She couldn’t look away and she never wanted to. Her eyes. Spirits. Her eyes were Korra’s undoing. They were simply… indescribable. No word could even come close to describing how beautiful and how amazing her eyes were. It was as if twelve different shades of green had converged together to make the stunning color of her irises.

Asami leaned back slightly, her eyes ripped away from Korra’s, and she stared deliberately at her fists- still balled tightly around the fabric of Korra’s shirt.

“You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment.” A deep blush crossed her pale features. But it was suddenly replaced by furrowed brows as she swatted Korra’s knee, “You are such an idiot, too by the way. Did you know that?”

“W-what? Why? Oh my spirits.” Korra panicked.

“Korra, for months I have wanted nothing more than for you to kiss me. You’re an idiot because you walked away after I kissed you. I-I was so scared that I had messed… us up. You are so incredibly important to me. I was afraid that what I had done would make you want to leave. That it was something that would cut you out of my life. I couldn’t have handled that.” She blinked back a few tears, her voice wavering with emotion.

“Oh, Sams. No, please don’t think that. I’m so sorry. I was just scared that it wasn’t real. That none of this was real. That I would blink and it would all be gon-”

Asami quickly grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss, cutting off her blabbering.

“I hope,” she peppered a few kissed around Korra’s face, causing the younger woman to blush furiously, “that this convinces you.”

Korra smiled slyly, “Not really. I think I need a couple more kisses… just too… really confirm.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have to convince you,” she kissed her a few more times, “if you weren’t so oblivious when it came to flirting.” Asami smiled cheekily and winked at her.

Korra grumbled, her face burning a rosy red, “Hey! I’m not that bad.”

Asami looked her dead in the eye, “Korra, on three separate occasions we were this close,” she held her thumb and pointer finger close together, “to kissing and every single time you moved away.”

Guilt settled deep in her stomach, “I’m sorry, ‘Sami. I was just… so afraid that you wouldn’t feel the same way.”

A cold hand, made its way up her arm and gently caressed her cheek, “Korra, I have felt this way since the end of my sophomore year.”

“But that was the year we met.” Korra gaped.

“Yea.” She reddened again, “So I think it’s safe to assume I like you, Korra.”

The tanned woman was silent for a moment. Absolute joy rushed through her. Nothing could compare to how she felt. It truly was the day of her dreams.

Without a second thought, the runner surged forward and captured Asami’s lips. Which the heiress eagerly returned. Spirits. Korra didn’t think she would ever get used to kissing Asami. It was chaste, but still amazing none the less. It wasn’t until Asami’s tongue ghosted over her bottom lip that the kiss deepened. Her arm snaked its way around the heiress’s waist as she gingerly pushed herself so her back was against the armrest of the couch, pulling Asami with her. Carefully, the engineer positioned herself so that she was straddling the runner. Her hand ran up Korra’s arm and stopped at the junction of her neck and shoulder. The other fervently gripped the hem of her shirt. Every inch of Korra’s skin began to tingle where the heiress touched. Their lips never disconnected. Korra’s head was positively spinning. Her heart was racing at an almost painful speed. The fact that Asami was teasing with the hem of her shirt wasn’t helping anything either.

Korra reluctantly pulled away. The heiress had that unidentifiable look in her eye. But now Korra was starting to think she knew what it was. She nodded her head, “S’okay, Sams.” The older woman took a shuttering breath before she oh-so-carefully began to pull the offending shirt over Korra’s head, leaving her only in her sports bra. The tanned woman tenderly placed a hand on her slim hip. Her warm touch slunk under Asami’s shirt and rested on her lower back. Instantly, Korra was pulled back into another passionate kiss. But it ended all too quickly. Asami sat up straighter and quickly tugged off her own shirt, leaving her in a black lace bra. An audible gasp left Korra at the sight before her, but it was muffled as another kiss crashed onto her lips. The engineer’s hands were careful as they ran up Korra’s sides, causing her whole body to shiver. But once they reached Korra’s shoulder, the wandering hands stopped. Asami pulled back slightly and instantly Korra missed Asami’s lips against her own. Her stunning green eyes locked with Korra’s. The tanned woman reached out and tenderly stroked her pale cheek.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?”

A sad smile appeared on the heiress’s face, but she didn’t say anything. She sat back on her heels. That was when Korra noticed the glistening in her peridot gems. Gently, she tugged on Asami’s hip pulling her a little closer. She then reached out and grasped Asami’s chin, forcing the engineer to look at her.

“Yuan for your thoughts.” She said quietly, her thumb ghosting along her jaw line.

A shiny tear made its way down her face. She refused to look at Korra.

“‘Sami, please tell me what’s wrong?”

A shudder rippled through her and suddenly all the strength the engineer had crumpled. The tears flowed freely. Her shoulders shaking as each sob wracked her body. Pale hands instantly covered her face and muffled her sobs. Pain shot through Korra seeing her like this. As tenderly as she could, she wrapped her hands around Asami’s wrists, and pulled her hands away from her face. Quickly, she pulled Asami in for a hug, all the while whispering sweet nothings into her ear until the heiress was calm enough to regain control over her breathing.

Korra tried again, “Sams. Please. Talk to me.”

Her roommate’s hand found its way to Korra’s shoulder once again. Her finger tips just barely brushed over the stiches crisscrossing her wound.

Her voice barely above a whisper, “I-I was so afraid I l-lost you. I couldn’t have handled losing you too. I’ve already lost my mother and my father. I-I couldn’t lose you. I couldn’t lose you, Korra. I-I…” she couldn’t finish her sentence as more tears flooded over. Korra hugged her tighter.

“Shh. Sams, I’m here. I’m right here. And there is no way in hell that I am going anywhere.”

Asami’s head shook as she slowly nodded. Korra quickly grabbed the blanket sitting on the back of the couch and draped it over them. Asami shifted so she was lying near Korra’s side and without missing a beat, she cuddled into her good shoulder. The runner wrapped her arms protectively around the engineer’s waist.

The two sat like that for what felt like hours. Neither said anything, but simply embracing the unspoken words of love. She was very content to just lay like this for the rest of the day.

But it ended all too quickly as their door burst open and Opal walked through.

“Korra! Asami!” she yelled. Her bright opal eyes landed on the shocked faces of the roommates and then flicked to the blanket covering them and the shirts messily tossed on the floor.

“Oh spirits!” she yelled, her entire face turning bright red. Bolin stepped through the door, but before he could fully see what Opal was yelling about, his girlfriend roughly shoved him back through the door. He took a couple of bumbling steps before he slammed onto the floor.

“Oh spirits. Shit. Spirits.”

The younger woman grabbed the door and closed it partially behind her. She stopped with her back facing them, “I’m so sorry. Did not mean to walk in on… whatever… this is. Uh…um… right. I really need to talk to you guys so… I guess we will just wait out here… until you are -um- done…” Her hand slapped against her face as she mumbled another apology and ran out the door.

Korra glanced at Asami. Her eyes were wide and her face was as red as her lipstick. The runner burst out laughing.

Well, I guess we don’t need to tell them now about us, now.” She tried to suppress her giggles, “They found out on their own.” If it was possible Asami seemed to turn even redder.

Korra sat up a little more and Asami pushed herself off the younger woman. She wrapped the blanket a little tighter around her shoulders. Gently, the runner brushed her thumb over the remaining tears on her face, “You okay?”

Asami sniffled, but nodded all the same.

Korra studied her intently for a moment before swinging her feet off the couch and picking up their shirts.

“I guess we should get out there before Opal gets the wrong idea.” She snickered, as she handed Asami her shirt.

“We wouldn’t want that.” Asami managed to giggle.

After they were all situated, Korra reached her hand out to Asami. The heiress studied it for a moment, before a massive grin appeared on her face and she ecstatically grabbed Korra’s warm hand and intertwined their fingers.

Opal, Bolin, and Mako were waiting out in the hall like they said they would be. Bolin was rubbing his undoubtedly sore butt and Opal’s face was still covered with the remnants of her furious blush. The moment she noticed the roommates come out of the apartment, Opal ran over to them and pulled them into a hug. She placed a chaste kiss on both of their cheeks before pulling back, her hands on their shoulders.

“I’m so happy for you two!” she squealed.

Bolin hugged them both and repeated Opal’s congratulations. Mako lurked behind them, but a very happy and knowing smirk crossed his face, as his eyes landed on their entwined fingers. He took a few steps forward and pulled them into his own hug, “I couldn’t be happier. No one deserves this as much as you two.”

“Thank you, Mako.” Asami whispered and Korra nodded her head in agreement.

Opal let out a sigh of relief and happiness, “This is like the best day ever! First my mom is letting us all stay at our house for our anniversary party, you two finally got together, and now Mako actually showed emotion. It’s such a momentous day!”

“Hey!” Mako grumbled as he lightheartedly punched Opal’s shoulder.

She smiled at him before continuing, “So what do you two say? Will you come to Zaofu to celebrate Bo and I’s three year anniversary?”

Korra looked to Asami. Her green eyes positively sparkled. Her grip tightened on the runner’s hand as she smiled warmly at her. The tanned woman turned to look back at Opal, “No way in hell we’re missing that.” She smiled.

Opal clapped her hands excitedly, “Yay! Okay we leave in two days. And it’s going to be a formal party so bring something nice to wear!” And with that she grabbed Bolin’s hand and raced down the hall. Mako smiled at them both and gave a quick salute before turning and following his brother and girlfriend down the hall.

If Korra thought Opal’s parties at school were a spectacle to see, they crashed and burned next to what she had planned at Zaofu. The young sociology student had only been to Zaofu once, but it was such a long time ago that she really didn’t remember it. It certainly was an amazing place. The entire city was nestled nicely into the mountain side. They had to take a railcar to get from one portion of the city to the next because a river quite literally ran around the structures. Everything was made of gleaming shining metal. It was beautiful in its own modern way. The best part, though, was seeing Asami geek out over the engineering marvels that the city had to offer.

Korra had known that Opal’s mother and father were basically the founders of the city and that they were quite wealthy, but seeing their house really solidified the notion. It was built the furthest into the mountains. Large courtyards surrounded all the buildings. Trees towered above every man made object and flowers bloomed in every direction. It was beautiful.

The party was being held in the largest courtyard. A large gazebo was in the middle, where tables and chairs were set up. Her mother’s meteorite collection had been moved away so that they had more room for the dance floor. Bright twinkly lights were strung through the trees and around the gazebo. But the best part was the view. The courtyard overlooked the entire city. The setting sun glinted perfectly off the metal structures, making the entire city glow in golden rays.

When they first arrived they were greeted by Opal’s mother, Kuvira, and Chief Beifong. It was like a big family reunion. Somehow in the three years that they had known Opal, she failed to mention her mom was Korra and Asami’s doctor, her aunt was the chief of police, and she had a sort-of-but-not-really sister, who happened to save all of their lives. Korra had come to realize that Opal was full of secrets.

Su gave them both tight hugs, while Lin and Kuvira scowled behind her, “Well now. You two are a sight for sore eyes. It’s wonderful to see you guys up and walking. How’s the shoulder, Korra?”


“And you Asami?”

“Never better.”

She smiled warmly, “Well, I guess I did my job then.” She chuckled slightly, “Opal’s party is going to start soon so I suggest you guys go get ready.” She led the full group over to where they were going to be staying. Bolin and Mako were in one room, Opal went to her room, and Korra and Asami went to theirs.

Upon entering, she noticed their bags had already been placed on the beds.

“This place is like a hotel.” Korra commented as she unzipped her suitcase to pull out her dress.

Asami giggled behind her and unzipped her own, “It really is.”

“So what dress did you bring?” Korra asked a few seconds later.

Asami smiled cheekily and winked at her, “It’s a surprise.” And with that she whisked off to the bathroom to change.

Korra could feel her face heat, but tried to ignore it as she got ready. She was done in a few minutes. Hair, (minimal) makeup, and dress on in a matter seconds. She was wearing a full length navy blue dress. It had open shoulders and a jewel neckline. She felt out of sorts because she never wore dresses. But oh well. It’s what Opal wanted.

Asami was taking forever so she flopped down onto the bed and started counting all the swirl patterns she found on the ceiling. But her attention was drawn away when she heard the bathroom door open. Asami stepped out in a full length wine red dress. The fabric was low cut and just seemed to flow down her back, exposing the perfect skin beneath, save for the scar right next to her spine. She suddenly felt light headed because Asami looked drop dead gorgeous.

“Wow. ‘Sami. You look,” she gestured helplessly at her, “amazing.”

A light blush dusted her features, “You don’t look half bad yourself.” Korra smiled before standing and offering her arm to the heiress.

Everyone looked wonderful. Opal wore a floor length black dress with green accents and Bolin matched his tie to the greens in her dress. Mako wore a smashing suit with a red scarf. She had to admit the Krew looked brilliant. And after a few dozen pictures were taken together, Opal, with Bolin in tow, sped off to greet her guests, leaving Korra, Asami, and Mako in their dust. They chatted for a bit before Mako suddenly fell quiet. His eyes kept darting towards the table of food. Glancing over to where he was looking, Korra smiled knowingly, “Go get her, sharkbrows.” She jerked her head towards the food.

Mako looked at her surprised, before he smiled, “Ladies, it has been a pleasure, but I must meet that beautiful young lady over there.” He smiled once more before he made his way towards the brunette standing by the filet mignon. Korra watched him for a moment longer before she felt Asami tugging at her arm. The heiress led them out to the dance floor. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was being played by the band. Opal and Bolin, along with Mako and the brunette, were already slowly dancing around by the time they reached the floor. Asami draped her arms around Korra and snuggled her head into the nape of her neck. Korra warmly wrapped her arms around her waist. They danced for some time before Korra pulled away slightly.

Asami gave her a confused and slightly pained look. But Korra flashed a crooked smile hoping to quell any nervous feelings and led her towards the railing looking out onto the city. It was a beautiful night, still warm from that afternoon. Not a cloud was in the sky, causing the millions of stars to sparkle brightly in the sky. The lights strung up in the trees caused a gentle glow behind them. The lights of the city made it gleam a soft yellow.

Asami gently intertwined their fingers. She was staring out over the city when she spoke, “You know there is a legend about a magical being called the Avatar. It’s said that the Avatar is part spirit, part human and because of this bond the Avatar has amazing abilities to control all of the elements.” She smiled before continuing, her gaze still looking out, “It’s the Avatar’s job to protect the people of the world. But above all to protect the one she loves.” She paused briefly, “I think that’s why Bolin gave you that nickname. First of all because your last name literally means guardian of the people, but also because you do everything in your power to take care of the people you love.” She glanced at Korra for a spilt second before turning her head again. “I think I’m going to call you Avatar from now one.” She giggled.

Korra kissed the back of Asami’s hand, “You are such a dork.” She laughed.

“Yea, but you love me for it.” The heiress chuckled.

The younger woman didn’t respond. Instead she turned her head and kept her gaze on the twinkling lights of the city below. She was silent for some time before she spoke, hardly above a whisper, “I do.”

Asami turned and looked at her. Korra met her gaze. “Hmm? You do what?”

Korra didn’t know a lot of things, but there was one thing that she was certain of:

“I love you, Asami.”

Immediately, tears sprung into her peridot eyes.

“Oh spirits! Asami don’t cry. Shit! I take it back. I didn’t say that. It’s too soon. You weren’t ready for me to say that. I’m sorry!” Korra all but wailed.

The heiress suddenly gripped her face tightly and pulled her in for a searing kiss. She looked deep into her eyes when they broke apart, “You better not take that back, Korra Qaletaqa. Because I love you more than anything in this world.”

Tears began to pour down Korra’s tanned cheeks as she kissed Asami once again.

“Spirits, Asami. I love you so much.” She wiped the tears from Asami’s cheeks and carefully kissed the tear trails streaking down her face. Pulling back she stared deeply into the green eyes that always seemed to capture her soul, “Meeting you was fate, Sams. Becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you… that was beyond my control.” She kissed her again, “I love you so much, Asami Sato.” She whispered, “I always have and I always will.”

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