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Crazy, Stupid, Pillow Fight... Wait that's supposed to be Love

Party Time

It had been a week since the incident. Korra had tried her hardest to forget the whole thing, but the harder she tried the more adamant her brain became about reminding her. It got to the point where every time she saw Asami her body involuntarily did something stupid. See Asami doing her morning yoga cue knee buckle. Asami laughs at your joke start CPR because you just went into cardiac arrest. But the worst was when Asami would come back from work donning only a very fitted white shirt covered in grease and black pants. Grease would be smudged all over her arms. One time she rubbed her face and got it on her cheek and it was probably the cutest thing Korra had ever seen. Especially, when she started blushing after Korra had informed her of the spot.

Asami had effectively become Korra’s kryptonite. Not only was she stunningly beautiful but she was also an amazing human being. Everything she did was for the good of others. Not a minute went by where Asami was thinking about herself. Which was pretty astounding since Asami was probably the busiest person Korra had ever met. The senior was taking twenty one credits this semester, which was way past the max amount of credits someone could take, and she was getting straight A’s in all of her classes. But to top it all off Asami was also the daughter of one of the most famous and powerful men in the world, Hiroshi Sato. He started Future Industries which is now the leader in all things science. We’re talking engineering, all things technological, and every type of pharmaceutical imaginable. Just recently he and his team of scientists discovered a revolutionary drug that cures leukemia. It’s not like chemo and radiation, which just slow or stop the growth of cancer, it acts like an antibiotic and kills the cancer cells. He dedicated his life to finding the cure ever since his wife’s death. For Asami being Hiroshi’s daughter meant that she is the heiress to the company and has thus been primped and prepped to take over, since day one. After her classes she goes to Future Industries Tower and works in the engineering department and on occasion sits in on meetings with her father. Korra can’t remember a day, if there even is one, where Asami came home before nine at night.

Honestly, Asami made Korra feel like such a failure. She has her whole life planned out and was already on her way to doing amazing things. And here Korra was doing nothing with her life. Hell, she didn’t even know what major she wanted to pursue until her junior year. And even then she hadn’t even decided it on her own. Asami found her sulking in the library and pestered her until she would talk. Asami spent the rest of the night telling Korra that she can do anything she wanted to. That she just needed to follow her passions. For Korra that was running and helping people. Being the genius that she is, Asami suggested the runner major in sociology and minor in phycology. And from there she could help people in a number of ways.

So while Korra was busy with running track for the university, homework, and working at the White Lotus Society (a program that helps kids struggling with adversity) she was still nowhere near as busy as her roommate. Especially, tonight. Which just so happened to be a Friday night. Korra had finished her homework early and was given the weekend off from track to rest her muscles and catch up on her non-existent homework. So here she sat on a Friday night with nothing to do. She had gotten her Netflix fill for the day and was now just sitting staring at the ceiling and thinking about Asami. She was just about to go binge eat a tub of ice cream when her phone pinged.

Group Message:

Opal: Hey y’all! I know everyone has been super busy lately and we haven’t been able to hang out recently so I decided to throw a little shindig at my place. There is going to be a ton of alcohol and drinking games. So come prepped. Eat lots of food and drink lots of water. I don’t want to hear any excuses you will all be here. I’m talking to you Asami :P

Maybe this is exactly what Korra needed. A fun distraction to keep her mind off of a certain someone. She glanced at her phone as it began to freak out as a series of messages came through.

Bolin: I’ll be there!

Opal: Thanks, Bo <3

Bolin: Anything for my lady J

Mako: Could you two be any more nauseating?

Mako: But I’ll be there. I just took a test in my criminology class today and I really could use some fun.

Opal: Sweet! Can’t wait to see you guys.

Korra typed out her response,

Korra: I’ll be there, Ope. And I’ll make sure Asami comes out of the hole she lives in and joins us.

A few seconds later, her phone binged again.

Asami: Hey! I do not live in a hole! I really don’t think I can come, though, guys. I have a ton of work to do.

Opal: Asamiiiiii! You need to take a break. Please. Please. Please come to my party! I need you here.

Asami: Ugh. Fine! But if I fall behind on my work, I am only going to complain to you.

Opal: I’ll take it. And yay! Asami’s finally going to stop being a recluse!

Bolin: Double yay!

Mako: Triple yay?

Korra: Quadruple yay!!!!

Asami: You guy’s suck :P

Opal: You know we all love you Asami.

Opal: I’m so excited!! I’ll see you guys in a couple of hours!

Korra glanced at the clock on her phone. Seven o’clock. That gave her plenty of time to get ready and eat some before she headed out around nine. Begrudgingly, she got off the couch and headed to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and then went to her room to change. She could hear the faint jingle of keys at the door.

“Korra? I’m home!” Asami called out.

“Hey! I’m in my room. Can you help me pick out an outfit to wear to this thing?”

Asami’s work heals clacked against the wooden floors as she approached Korra’s door. The minute the heiress stepped into the room the runner’s heart began to beat as if she had just ran a race. The scent of green apples, pink poppies, and… was that pear? Filled her nose. Korra couldn’t help it as her eyes ran up the long, slender, and perfectly flawless legs that seemed to flow from under Asami’s black pencil skirt. The engineer gripped the door frame and began to take off her bright red pumps. Korra’s gaze slowly wandered up her body as the heiress busied herself with taking of her shoes. As she leaned down to take off the other shoe Korra noticed that Asami had the top of her black blouse slightly unbuttoned. It had evidently been a meeting day for the heiress. Korra gulped and quickly looked away.

“I-I never k-know what to w-wear to these things.” She stuttered.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m here then. Plus, I love picking out your outfits.” Asami laughed breathlessly.

She strolled over to Korra’s closet and began her search. After a while she pulled out a black and navy blue flannel and a light grey crop top shirt. She then paired that with a pair of jean shorts with a few tears in them and black high top converse.

“Try these on and then come show me.” she smiled

As soon as she left Korra muttered under her breath, “Damn it, Korra. You need to get your shit together. She is your best friend. She will never be anything else.” She slapped her forehead a few times, hoping that physical force would get that through her thick skull. After a few minutes she was fully dressed and she left her room. Asami was waiting for her in the living room and damn was she stunning. She was wearing a floral romper that was open in the back and cut rather low in the front. She smiled when Korra entered.

“Damn girl you lookin’ fine!” she giggled, “But it’s missing something…” she stated, Korra immediately blushed at her comment. She scurried out of the room and Korra glanced down at her outfit. The crop top did an amazing job of showing off her sculpted abs and the shorts did a great job of accentuating her legs. She had to admit she did look pretty good. Asami came back a few seconds later with a wide brimmed black fedora. She stepped closer to Korra and plopped the hat on her head. Taking a step back she admired her work. “Perfect.”

She looked at her phone, “Come on. Let’s go!” she grabbed Korra by the wrist and led her out the door.

Opal’s outdoor party was packed by the time they got there. Korra had always know Opal to be a social butterfly, but this was verging on a rager status. There were four tables set up for various drinking games. Lights were strung up in the trees and there was a bar where Opal and Bolin were handing out drinks. Korra did a double take. Yup. That was a full scale professional bar. Man, Opal really knew how to throw a party. Asami took Korra’s hand again and led them over to the couple.

“Korra! Asami!” Opal yelled.

Bolin raced over and pulled them both into a tight bear hug. Opal joined in a few seconds later.

“I’m so glad you guys came!” she turned around for a second and returned with four shots, “Cheers to a good night!” she shouted. Korra slung back the drink and grimaced. Vodka. She had always hated the drink. Opal poured them one more before she ushered them toward the crowds. Immediately, Asami dragged her towards the games.

“Oh! They’re playing rage cage!” the heiress yelled and quickly joined in the new game. Korra followed dutifully behind her. It was going well at first for Korra. She managed to get the ball into the cup every time. But then her luck began to change and she was having to drink more and more. Asami on the other hand had perfect aim every time. She only had to drink one cup.

When there were only five cups left in the middle, Korra aimed and missed. Her ping pong ball bounced a few times before it landed in the center cup. The crowd around them shouted in joy and started chanting, “Chug, chug, chug.” Korra looked at Asami who just gave her an apologetic shrug. Sighing she turned and looked at the mixture in the cup. Three types of beers and a little tequila had gone in, to make the concoction. She picked up the overflowing red solo cup and began to chug away. It was foul. The runner didn’t think she had ever had something so nasty in her life. Grimacing as she finished it off and slamming it down once it was gone, she turned to look at Asami who was laughing. Shit. There were two Asami’s. Korra was drunk. Like way drunk.

Asami grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her away, “Come on. I need another drink. And you look like you could use some water.” She sat Korra down on some chairs near the bar and left to go get some drinks from Opal. Korra was pretty sure she looked like an idiot just sitting there smiling to herself, but at the moment she didn’t care. She felt good… despite the swimmy image before her. That was when Mako found her.

“Hey, Korra.” He called. He was just as sloshed as she was because he was swaying before her. “How’s… how’s it going?” he slurred.

Korra laughed, “It’s going great.” She glanced past Mako and frowned immediately. Behind him Asami was being hit on by some jerk. He had one arm wrapped around her waist and the other trying to take the drinks from her hands. While she was smiling, but was clearly uncomfortable. She placed a hand on his chest and tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge. A fire ignited in Korra’s stomach. She was up in a flash and storming towards the guy, ignoring Mako’s confused words as she stormed by. She had no idea what possessed her to do it, but suddenly her hand was in a fist and colliding with the guy’s head. He fell with a thud.

“‘Sami, are you okay?” Korra turned and asked her friend. But before she could get a response the guy’s fist crashed against her face. Asami’s shocked expression and yell was the last thing Korra remembered before the black engulfed her vision.

Groggily, Korra opened her eyes. She was in her bed back at their apartment. How the hell did she get there? She didn’t even remember leaving the party. She didn’t remember anything after playing rage cage, for that matter. Suddenly, there was a voice calling out to her. But Korra could hardly make out what it was saying due to the ringing in her ears. Asami’s blurry face appeared in her vision. Her eyes were bright red as if she had been crying. She tried to speak but her mouth was glued shut. Damn what the hell happened at that party? Asami opened her mouth, but Korra heard nothing. She shook her head. That only made the dizziness worse and exhaustion washed over her. She closed her eyes, but she could finally hear what her roommate was saying.

“Korra. That was so stupid. Damn it. Look at you. Why are you so good to me? I don’t deserve to be taken care of like the way you take care of me.” she felt a cold cloth press against her face. “What am I going to do with you?” Asami muttered.

Korra managed an almost incoherent, “I’m fine” before the wash cloth was pulled away from her face. Something feathery light pressed itself against her forehead. A little zap of lightning coursed through Korra before her head lulled to the side and she was passed out once more.

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