Crazy, Stupid, Pillow Fight... Wait that's supposed to be Love

What happened last night?

Korra was vaguely aware that she was awake, but it was the fact that she couldn’t open her eyes that was convincing her otherwise. It wasn’t until she heard a loud thud from somewhere outside of her room when she was able to pry her eyes open. Instantly, she gripped her head. If it was physically possible, Korra was pretty sure there was jack hammer in her brain, happily chipping away at her skull. Oh spirits, it hurt so badly.

“I’m never drinking again.” She whimpered.

The runner tried to think back to what happened last night, but she drew a blank.

“Okay, Korra. Think. You went to the party. Asami looked amazing. You saw Opal and Bolin. Played a game. What happened after that?” she moaned aloud. Just thinking about all the stupid possibilities of what she could have done made her sick to her stomach.

Wait. No. Nope. She was actually sick. Ripping the covers off of her she sat up. Blurrily, a trashcan swam into her vision. She picked it up and promptly emptied the contents of her stomach.

“Oh spirits. That was awful.”

Blinking a few times she noticed the state that her room was in. Blankets were strewn all around the room, her clothes from the last night sitting on the ground. She glanced at her clock. A little slip of paper sitting next to the bright red numbers drew her eyes away from the pestering clock. Scooching closer she recognized the loopy handwriting immediately.


I think you might want these in the morning. Drink lots of water. I’m going to the office for a little while. Just take it slow today. If you need anything just call.

Lots of love,


Her eyes settled on the last line. Love. If only.

Sighing she picked up the ibuprofen and chugged the water bottle sitting next to the letter. Unsteadily, she wandered into the living room. Raven trusses and bright red shorts greeted her. Damn it. She felt her cheeks flush immediately. She all but dove onto the couch, hoping that the smothering pillow would suffocate her enough to force the blood from her face and back to her stuttering heart. A soft chuckle sounded nearby, “Ah. So there is such a thing as the living dead. You do know it’s three in the afternoon, right?” Korra simply grunted in response, but the comment was enough for her to lift her head just enough to see Asami’s stunning gaze inches from her face. The heiress’s chin was on top of her crossed arms which sat on the arm rest of the couch. Crimson lips curled into a smile. The runner was fairly certain her brain short circuited. She could feel her face turning as red as Asami’s lips. The engineer was stunning. Like rivaling Mona Lisa stunning. Korra didn’t know how she did it. Everything about her was perfect. It was so unfair… why had the world cursed her to like someone so much, knowing that she would never return her affections.

Asami’s perfectly manicured fingers waving in front of her brought her attention back to the land of the living.

“Earth to Korra. Are you in there, Korra?” she giggled once more.

Spirits that sound was so magical. Honestly, she wished she could record it and just listen to it on repeat.

“Yea. I think I’m alive. Not really sure though…” Asami chuckled at Korra’s commentary. She really needed to stop doing that or else she would wind up with a dead roommate on her hands.

“Well you had quite the night last night.” Asami cocked her head to the side, her lips pulling back into a smirk.

“Do I even want to know what I did last night?” Korra questioned. She rolled onto her back and placed her arms over her face. The pillow trick obviously didn’t work because she was still blushing. Asami got up and walked around to the front of the couch. Gently, she lifted up Korra’s legs, sat down, and then placed the runner’s legs on her thighs. Korra was awestruck at how perfect their skin melted together. It was like a caramel macchiato. Korra was the macchiato and Asami was the beautifully designed foam on the top. The best part of the whole drink.

Asami’s voice drew her back, “Well after we played rage cage, which I think is what did you in, I sat you down and went to go get a drink for myself and water for you.” She winked. And any composure the younger woman had just ran out the door. She might as well give up on trying to act natural. There was no denying it now. She was about a hundred shades of red. “That was when Tahno showed up and tried hitting on me. Which by the way… ew. He’s so disgusting. I can’t stand him. He’s in my materials engineering class and I want to vomit every time I see him.”

Korra grimaced, “He sounds nasty. So… was that all that happened? How’d we get back here?”

“Oh and you got into a fist fight.” The engineer said it so casually, it was as if this was a common occurrence, “Bolin had to carry you home for me. Opal sent some great pictures by the way. I’m definitely going to be using these against you.” She smiled devilishly.

Korra groaned, “Ugh! Why did I drink so much? You and I both know I am probably the lightest of the light weights.”

“Yea… but you are just the cutest when you are drunk.” If Korra’s heart hadn’t stopped before, it was definitely done for now. TOD three o’clock. Cause: beautiful roommate. “Besides it wasn’t that bad of a fight. You were just protecting me from Tahno.” Asami continued.

“Well that explains why my face hurts almost as much as my skull.” She chuckled lightly, “But glad to help.”

Asami picked up her tanned hand and began to idly play with her fingers, “You know you are probably the best thing to come into my life, right?”

That hurt. That hurt so much. Asami meant it in a friendly manner. Nothing more. In fact she meant everything she had said in a friendly manner. It was Korra and her stupid thoughts that were anything but platonic. Her feelings for her roommate came quicker than she had ever felt before, but part of her believed that she had been harboring these feelings for a long time. She quickly untangled their fingers, she couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m not feeling so well. I think I’m going to, uh, go back to bed.”

Asami’s eye’s dropped, “Yea… Okay.”

Her feet felt like cement blocks as she headed back to her room. The nausea came back, but this time it was completely different. Her heart was sick. Slowly, she closed her door behind her. The rough wood scratched and pulled at her shirt as she slid down the door. Burying her face in her hands she could feel the tears welling into her eyes. She couldn’t do this to herself. She had to get over Asami. It was never going to happen. She was her best friend. And only a friend.


Finally, it was the day of the concert. The weeks leading up to this day passed by excruciatingly slow. Korra had tried her best to erase her feelings for Asami. It didn’t work. No matter what she did, how hard she tried there was still a piece of her heart that just couldn’t let go. She may never be able to get over Asami, but she would be damned if she let their friendship fall to shit because she couldn’t handle her feelings.

Korra impatiently looked at her phone. They had to get going or else they would miss the beginning of the concert. She was about to call out to Asami, when the heiress walked into the room. Her eyes were trained on her phone screen. A deep scowl infected her features. It had been a long time since Korra had seen her look this upset. As in two years long. It was halfway through the school year when Asami mysteriously disappeared for about a week. She wouldn’t pick up her phone and she wasn’t at her family’s house. When she finally came back, to a very, very relieved Korra she refused to tell her what happened. The younger woman let the topic drop, but to this day it still bothers her immensely not knowing what happened.

“Is everything okay, ‘Sami?”

“Hmm? Yea! Everything’s fine.” She smiled looking up from her screen, it didn’t reach her eyes.

Korra had known Asami long enough to know that if she wanted to talk she would. So once again, she let it drop.

The duo made their way to the concert using Asami’s massive navy blue SUV Satomobile. Korra was pretty sure it was the nicest car she had ever had the privilege to drive in. Of course this was pretty common for Asami. She did own the company that made the cars after all.

“I’m so excited!” Asami practically screamed once they got to the PB Arena.

“I know! I’ve never had floor tickets before! This is going to be amazing!” Korra replied as they made their way through the crowds. As they pushed their way through the masses of people they found themselves only a few rows away from the stage.

They arrived late, missing the two opening acts, but had made it just in time for when Imagine Dragons came on. The lights dimmed as the projection of the band began to flicker on the massive white screens that were covering the stage. The music blared all around them, the crowd went wild, the lights blinding as they flashed around the arena. Yet everything was muted to Korra. They only thing she was able to focus on was how close Asami was standing next to her. Their shoulders and hips touching. She chanced a sidelong glance. The heiress was standing on her tiptoes trying to get a better view of the band, her hands clasped together being held just below her chin. A lot of awe and excitement painted on her face. Her perfect lips pulled into a massive smile. Peridot eyes searching for any sign of movement behind the screen. The sudden death grip on Korra’s wrist pulled her from her thoughts and she realized Asami was looking at her.

“There they are! There they are!” Her arm was extended pointing excitedly at the stage.

Korra managed to rip her gaze away from the older woman and saw that the band emerging from behind the screens.

“Hello Republic City!” The main singer yelled. The crowd erupted into cheers. Immediately, the band started into their first song. Korra shook her head and tried focusing on the song, but her mind just kept wandering to the beauty next to her.

The night was passing by far too quickly and by the time Korra was really able to focus on the music, the band had already played five songs. Once again she found her gaze had settled on Asami. But the familiar first couple of cords of her favorite song drew her gaze to the stage. The guitarist had traded out his electric guitar for an acoustic classic. The lights had dimmed lower and soft pink, blue, and turquoise beams danced across the stage. Periodically, a light would flash over the crowd illuminating them in the warmth. She could feel the goosebumps rise on her arms as the lyrics to “Dream” echoed and reverberated through her.

Turning her head toward the heiress she was about to tell her this was her favorite song, when the words became stuck in her suddenly dry mouth. The turquoise light was making its pass over Asami, basking her in an ethereal glow. While the engineer’s eyes were normally an unnatural shade of green the light seemed to intensify their color. They were simply outstanding and Korra couldn’t think of anything that could rival the color.

It was only when Asami turned and smiled at her did Korra realize she had been staring too long. Asami leaned closer until her lips were mere inches from Korra’s ear. Her warm breath blowing the loose hairs around Korra’s ears, “Are you okay?” She leaned back, studying Korra intently. Their faces no further than a hands width apart.

“Never better.” The younger woman replied breathlessly.

Korra’s eyes never left Asami’s. She became entirely lost in her gaze. Drifting around in the green pools. Everything around her disappeared. She couldn’t even hear the band anymore. Her only focus was on Asami. And Asami was currently leaning in closer. Crimson lips parted slightly. Peridot eyes began to slip closed as she made her way closer to Korra. It was happening. Finally, after all this time she was going to be able to kiss Asami. Her heart began a panicked flutter. Her own eyes began to lower as she closed the gap between them. Pausing halfway she waited and waited and waited for Asami’s lips to connect with her own. It never came.

When she finally managed to pry open her eyes, Asami was standing up straight about as far away from Korra as she could manage. Her eyes glued to her phone. Looking up she gave Korra an apologetic look, “I’m so sorry, Korra.” She frowned slightly and headed for the exit.

Korra couldn’t find it in herself to follow Asami. She had let her heart get the better of her. Of course Asami wasn’t going to kiss her. Stupid! She was so fucking stupid. Spirits, Asami probably saw her coming in for the kiss and was just using the phone call as a way to escape. So fucking stupid!

The rest of the concert went by in a blur. Korra couldn’t find it in herself to even cheer. She waited for Asami to come back, but she never did. As the band finished up their encore, Korra found herself blindly making her way back to the car. Pulling out her phone she saw it blank as ever. No call from Asami. Not even a measly text. She made her way towards the parking structure where they parked. Taking a leveling breath she dialed Asami’s number. It rang for a few seconds before it went to voicemail. She opted for a text.

Korra: Hey, Asami. I don’t know where you are, but if you get this message I’m heading for the car. I’ll see you there?

She stopped at the cross walk and waited for a response, but nothing came. This was starting to freak her out. Even when Asami was pissed at her, which granted wasn’t very often, the heiress always, always responded to Korra. Finally, she found herself at the car. Leaning against the trunk she waited a while longer, glancing at her phone periodically. Nothing. About a half an hour later she tried calling again, only to be disappointed when it went straight to voicemail.

“Gah! Asami where are you? The parking lot is almost empty now.”

She wandered over to the front of the car, hoping that maybe Asami left an extra key under the hood. As she passed the driver’s door something caught her eye. A long gash ripped down the side of the car. Paint chips littered the ground. Frowning slightly she stepped closer to the front. A light crackle forced her to look down. Glass shards covered the ground and were now puncturing the soles of her shoes. Panic began to surface. Looking at the car, the driver’s side light had been completely smashed. A round circular dent tarnished the otherwise perfect hood. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

Korra jumped when she felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. Pulling it out she looked at the caller ID.

Republic City Police Department

“Oh spirits.” She whispered. Slowly, she tapped the accept button and put the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” She asked hesitantly.

“Good evening. Is this Korra Qaletaqa?” a gruff voice questioned.

“Yes.” Her voice barely above a whisper.

“My name is Chief Lin Beifong. You were listed as Asami Sato’s emergency contact. I suggest you come down to Republic General. Miss Sato has been in an accident.”

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