Crazy, Stupid, Pillow Fight... Wait that's supposed to be Love


When Korra woke up, Asami wasn’t next to her. Her side of the bed was freezing cold as if she had been gone for hours. And of course the heiress wasn’t there. Asami never stayed. She was always up early and always out late. Her life revolved around school and work. Korra understood why she was so busy now. Before… not really. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it would be to manage twenty-one credits and the world’s largest and most successful company. But the fact that Asami wasn’t there. That she hadn’t stayed. Even after what happened last night. It stung… like hell. But Korra had no reason to be upset. It’s not like they were dating. It’s not like they were a couple. They weren’t anything besides…. friends. And that hurt even more.

When she rolled onto her back a shot of pain raced through her shoulder and into her neck and chest. “Fuck!” she swore loudly. In her desperation to get to bed as quickly as possible, she had forgotten to take her pain medication. She grabbed her shoulder and swung her feet off her bed. Her eyes glanced at her clock, but a small piece of red paper covered the numbers. Swirly, loopy, yet still perfect hand writing covered the sheet.


I’m sorry I had to leave so early. I really hated doing that… again. But I had to get into the office. I’ve been gone for too long. You have no idea how many emails I received when I turned on my computer last night. 2357. In case you were wondering :p

I’m not sure if you took your Vicodin last night, but I cut the pill in half for you this morning. Be sure to drink lots of water with it. As I recall they taste horrible. Also don’t forget to take another one after your physical therapy appointment at two. Your therapist is Tenzin. The same guy that treated me! He did an excellent job, so I figured he would be the best to get your arm back in shape. We need you to be up and running by next semester. The University of Republic Track and Field needs their best runner!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there at your appointment. I just… I really can’t leave the company alone any longer. I hope it goes well.

But enough talk. Up and at ‘em. You’ve got a busy day. Oh and before I forget, Opal called and wants you to go visit her and the brothers.

Text me. Please.

All my love,


Korra read the letter a few more times before she grabbed a pair of sweats and a large sweatshirt. It hurt like a bitch getting her shirt on over her shoulder. But after several excruciating minutes, she finally succeed in her task and left her room. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a tall glass of water and her pill. She took it in one gulp and she was sure as hell glad that she did because it tasted awful. As soon as she finished the glass, she could feel the aching throb surrounding her arm dissipate.

She had a while before her physical therapy, so she called up Opal and asked if she would be willing to pick her up. She couldn’t drive with one arm after all. Plus, it was never a good idea to drive after taking such heavy medication.

About twenty minutes passed before Korra heard Opal honking outside. As quickly as she could without falling over she rushed out to the car. The first few seconds were fairly awkward. Opal was clearly frustrated with how Korra behaved last night.

“Ope, I’m really sorry for how I acted yesterday. It was out of line and childish and I’m really sorry. And thank you for staying to make sure I was okay.” She smiled weakly at her.

Dusty brown hair waved around her face as she shook her head and let out a heavy sigh, “Hey, don’t worry about it. You’ve been through… a lot. I mean I can’t imagine what these past few months have been like for you. I’m just glad you are okay now. Just promise me you won’t bottle up your feelings anymore, okay?” She looked intently at the runner, “Okay?”

Korra smiled and nodded her head. She quickly held out her pinky finger, “Promise.”

Opal giggled before she locked her pinky around Korra’s and pulled her into a tight embrace.

The two made their way back to the brothers’ place. And when they got there Bolin was standing at the ready to give her a massive hug. Bolin’s face was still a little black and blue and there was a painful looking scab on the bridge of his nose. But the bright smile and hearty hug eased Korra’s guilt… slightly. He lifted her off the ground and spun her around before carrying her over to the leather chair in their living room.

“Three cheers to the conquering hero!” He cheered as she adjusted in her seat.

She rolled her eyes, “Really, Bo. I’m not the hero here. I mean you guys did like ninety percent of the work. I just provided the gear.”

Mako held out a finger, “Yea, but you also got shot.”

“That’s true. And you sacrificed yourself for me.” Opal added, her eyes somber.

Korra looked down at her hands, “You guys… I-I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for what all of you did. I-I don’t know what I would have done if something happened to one of you. I put you all in danger and I am so sorry for my stupidity and my desire for… revenge.” She let out a massive sigh. “I guess all I’m trying to say is that I love you all and I’m sorry.”

Suddenly there was a warm hand on her shoulder, “Korra. Remember we all agreed to the plan. We knew the risks and we were willing to take them. We did it not only for you but for Asami.” Mako smiled. Korra smiled weakly, but not ungratefully at him. He released his grip and sat back down. It was silent for some time. Bolin was fidgeting in his seat, nervously looking back and forth between Korra and Opal. Finally he blurted out, “Speaking of Asami. Have you told her yet?”

“Bolin!” The girls yelled at him.

“What?” he shrugged and lifted his hands in a placating manner, “I just wanted to know.”

“Tell her what?” Mako asked. Bolin suddenly gulped, realizing his mistake.


“If this is about you liking Asami I knew like months ago.”

Korra let out breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding, a squeak escaped her. Bolin and Opal just gaped at each other.

Mako’s face frowned slightly, “Come on you guys. I am a detective. I do notice some things. But you were pretty obvious. I mean even Lu and Gang could have noticed you had feelings for Asami.”

Korra’s mouth fell open. She tried to speak, but only sounds of a dying seal escaped.

“Close your mouth, Kor.” Mako said with a chuckle. His face lightened, “I’m happy for you though. Just by the way. You two are perfect for each other. In ways that Asami and I never would or could be.”

Opal let out a small sniffle, “Aww. Mako. Are you giving Korra your blessing to go after your ex-girlfriend?”

Mako chuckled, “Yea. Yea, I guess I am.” He turned and looked at Korra, “Seriously. Close your mouth.”

Korra laughed before she got up and hugged Mako tightly, “Thank you, Mako. For everything.”

“I have your back Korra. Always have and always will.”

A loud sob broke the two apart. Opal had tears streaming down her face, “Y-you guys are so cute. I-I can’t handle this.” The young woman darted forward and gripped the duo into a tight hug. Suddenly, they were all being lifted off their feet as Bolin pulled them into his tight grip.

Once the burly man put them down, Opal sniffled again and looked at her watch, “Okay, sorry to cut this short, but we got to get Korra to therapy on time.”

The Krew crowded into Opal’s car and drove off to the therapist. They all wished her luck before heading home.

Therapy was exhausting. Tenzin asked way too many questions about Asami and her shoulder hurt more than it did when she went in there. When the appointment was over she all but ran out of the building. Being that her apartment wasn’t too far away from the office she decided to walk back, instead of inconveniencing Opal with driving her back.

Once safely back at the apartment she pulled out her phone. She had a missed call and two texts from Asami. But she really just didn’t have the energy to check them. She was too sad. Everything just… hurt. She was determined to suffer in silence, have a long Netflix binge of OITNB, and eat the full tub of their emergency cookie dough, when she heard the familiar jangle of keys outside of the door.

The door pried open and black hair flurried through the door. Asami looked… flustered. Which was definitely a first. She had on a pair of black stilettos with at least a six inch heel. Honestly, the younger woman was amazed that she could walk in those. A pair of dark wash designer jeans hugged her perfect long legs. Her normally perfectly pressed black blouse was wrinkled and her white suit jacket was looking rather disheveled.

“Oh, hey, Korra.”

“You alright, Sams? You look a little out of sorts.” Korra asked.

The engineer leaned her back against the wooden door and let the back of her head rest against it. She let out a deep sigh, “Um. I’ve certainly been better.”

The runner patted the spot on the couch next to her, “Wanna talk about it?”

The raven haired woman glanced at her warily before nodding and sitting down.

“So… what’s up?”

Asami snorted, “What isn’t up? My father somehow managed to get himself thrown back into jail. And he has the audacity after all that he has done, to call me and ask me to pay his bail. The company is about ready to explode because investors are dropping out now that they know what my father did. Despite the fact that they know I am running the company now and have been for the past two years. But they refuse to even consider that. The media is following my every move. I mean I barely got out of the office alive.” She gestured to her ruffled outfit. “Ugh!” she rubbed her hands over her face before she let out low growl. Her head slumped forward, “And to top it all off, I can’t help but feel that I have fucked up everything that was actually going right in my life.” Her green eyes flickered towards the runner momentarily.

The tanned woman was silent for some time. She may have been in pain, suffering in her swirling pit of darkness. But seeing Asami so upset, hurt her even more. The younger woman had always been terrible with words but if it would make Asami feel better, she had to try. “You know Asami there are some things that I think you're forgetting.” The heiress looked at her, a confused expression crossing her face. “You’re forgetting that you are only twenty-two years old. You’re forgetting that you are the most successful CEO that Future Industries has ever seen. You’re forgetting that you are in charge of the world’s largest and most successful company.

“You’re forgetting that you have created so many inventions, no scratch that and make it miracles. You have created so many miracles, that you made solely to help people. You’re forgetting that while you were running said multi-billion dollar company you are also a straight A engineering student at the world’s best school of engineering. You are forgetting that I think you are the smartest and most selfless human being I have ever had the privilege to meet. And I know that you need to have more fun than you allow yourself to have. And I know exactly how to do that.”

“Korra…” Asami started, emotion running thick in her voice.

Before the heiress could speak further Korra dug her fingers into the heiress’s side. She shrieked in laughter and tried to push the runner away. But Korra was persistent. She kept tickling the engineer until she could see tears of laughter running down her face. That was when the older woman flung the pillow at her attacker.

Korra looked at her in shock as Asami tried to compose herself, “You did not just hit me.” she scoffed.

Asami giggled. She smacked Korra straight in the face. “Yea. I did. And I just did it again.” She stated with a tone of matter-of-fact.

Korra grabbed the weapon of her choice and stood up, “Well then, I believe you have just started a dual. I hope you are ready to lose.” She smirked.

“Oh I am so ready.” She flung her pillow at her roommate. The two exchanged a couple of more hits before Asami landed one on Korra’s left shoulder. Despite the fluffy material and the softness of the hit, it still hurt like no effing other. She let out a shriek of pain.

Immediately, Asami dropped her pillow. Tears welled into her eyes as her face paled. “Korra! Oh spirits. I’m so sorry. Oh my gosh. What have I done?”

Korra grabbed her shoulder and tried to bite back the pain, “Its fine, Sams. I’m okay. Don’t worry about it.” she said through clenched teeth. The pain was shooting through the whole left half of her body and it was starting to make her dizzy. She stumbled back to the couch and sat down.

Asami raced to the kitchen. When she came back she was carrying a glass of water and Korra’s Vicodin.

“Here’s your medicine. I’m so sorry, Korra. That was so stupid of me.”

The runner greedily chugged the water to get the foul taste out of her mouth. She shook her head quickly and grabbed Asami’s hand with her good one, “Please don’t be sorry, Asami. It was an accident. I started it anyways.” When she looked up at the heiress, green eyes were boring into her skin. Asami nodded, “Okay. I’m going to go get some ice though.”

“Yea, okay, thank you.” Korra mumbled as she felt the Vicodin start to take the bite out of her shoulder.

When Asami came back she was carrying a huge back of ice. She laid it down carefully on Korra’s shoulder before sitting down next to her. The first few seconds were fine but then the cold began to become a little too intense and the tanned woman ripped it off.

“Phew! That’s cold.” She giggled. Asami looked at her sternly, “That’s the point. Now put it back on.”

Korra stuck her tongue out at her, hoping that her playfulness would convince the guilty CEO that she was in fact fine, “No.”


“No.” she stated again, a smile tugging at her lips.

Suddenly, Asami reached for the bag. Korra tugged it away, giggling. The heiress reached for it again, “Korra give it to me.” Korra yanked back right at the last second and fell backwards slightly. Asami didn’t stop her forward motion quickly enough and she ended up almost falling atop Korra.

Their faces were so close. The younger woman was instantly reminded of the situation that caused her feelings to rise for Asami in the first place. She gulped as she felt Asami’s warm breath blow against her face. Her eyes flicked down to the heiress’s lips. She felt herself leaning in. She couldn’t be sure, but it looked like Asami was leaning in too. At the very last second she looked up at the heiress’s eyes. And once again Korra saw that unidentifiable look on her face. When their noses were so close that they were touching, Korra seemed to come to her senses. She couldn’t do this! Asami was her best friend. Nothing more!

She leaned back and cleared her throat, “I, uh, I’m going to go dump some of this ice out.”

Asami scoffed incredulously, “Korra, seriously?”

And before she knew what was happening, Asami had grabbed her chin and pulled her face back close to her own. Asami leaned forward, their lips connected, and spirits, it was just magical. Asami’s lips were soft. So, so soft. As in softer than a baby’s bottom soft. And Korra didn’t even know how soft that was, but she knew everyone compared softness to a baby’s butt so it had to be soft. But damn Asami’s were softer. And they tasted like apples and pears. And… seriously? Did Asami drink her perfume or something because her lips tasted just as amazing as she smelled. And oh sweet baby spirits, the little whimper that escaped the heiress the moment their lips connected, was the most amazing sound the runner had everheard. And she wanted more. So much more of this.

But it was suddenly ending. And Korra was pulling back. Why was she pulling back? She was standing up. Why was she doing that? And why in the HELL was she leaving? She didn’t want to leave and she sure as hell didn’t want to stop kissing Asami. Before she knew it, she was at the door. Asami was calling her name behind her. So much sadness, pain, upset… heartbreak filled her voice. Why the FUCK was Korra leaving the apartment? Why was she in the hallway? The door clicked behind her and Asami’s desperate cries for her to come back were silenced.

The runner stopped dead in her tracks. Why did she leave? Why in the FUCK did she just leave? What the fuck was wrong with her?

For months she had been wanting that and when it finally happened she walked away. For months she had been torturing herself thinking that Asami didn’t like her that way. But it was Asami who had initiated the kiss! If that wasn’t her confirming she liked Korra, then the tanned woman had no idea what did.

So why was Korra out here and not in there with Asami?

And then it hit her. It was because she was scared. So damn scared. Scared that it was all just a dream. Scared that Asami didn’t feel the same way. Scared that maybe she did. Scared. No scared didn’t even cover it. She was absolutely terrified that Asami didn’t love her.

Fuck it.

She turned around and raced through the door. Asami was sitting on the couch. Tears running down her face. She looked up at Korra with sad eyes and didn’t say a word. The runner, with all of her speed at her disposal, couldn’t get to Asami’s side fast enough. And when she did, she almost fell on her face. But suddenly they were close. Korra had her hand in Asami’s amazing hair and it was so soft and wonderful and smooth and there was nothing in the world that could compare. The other rested on her slightly flushed pale cheek. And then she brought their faces closer. Their noses touching, brushing against one another. Asami’s peridot eyes flickered from view as her lids slowly closed. Korra’s soon followed.

Their lips touched.

All at once the world exploded into color. Stars detonated inside of her vision, as cheesy as it sounded, but it was so true. Fireworks were going off in her mind. Butterflies were soaring through her stomach. And then that little whimper escaped Asami once again and holy shit her heart just imploded.

And to was beautiful. And it was everything Korra had hoped for. Everything she dreamed of. And only one thought formed in her mind. She loved Asami Sato. So very, very much.

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