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Actions and Consequences

By tbergo18

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

Run! Get the hell outta here," the older man she only knew for a few days screamed in horror shoving her forward into the open door.

He turned his head his dark eyes staring down the dim hallway, the smell of rot and death filling the small blood splattered hallway and forcing its way up his nose. He knew from the start this is how he wanted his time in the apocalypse to end, he wanted to be a hero... he just didn't think it be this soon.

"Gary! Please! I'll help you! I'll hold you up I can do it i can carry you! Please I can't do this alone!" Her voice panicked and the look in her eyes wild as her arms reached for him through the tiny doorway.

"No! My time is done here I can't get you killed because I can't run!" His voice unintentionally cracked. "Not everyone's guna make it to the end, I can't but you can, you can do this! Just get the fuck outta here Jalissa!" Gary yelled, his voice steadier than he felt, at the panicked girl trying to push back open the door.

Looking down he pulled the tiny pistol he had from his pants along with the last clip and slid it to the wild eyed woman. Gary turned his head again shutting his eyes tight before taking a long look down the hallway. It was a long shot both of them would get through this, he knew that going in but if Jalissa could get her ass outta here he could live with the decision. She was screaming for him to turn back around, but he wasn't he decided. Besides with the fatal wound he had he wasn't going to make it much farther, let alone the CDC. The groan of the dead coming closer with each second made his heart start to race. When the walkers got close, they would go crazy smelling the blood leaking from the stab wound in his stomach, it would give her more time; that's all that he could ask for at this moment. He slammed his back against the door shutting out the girl screaming for him.

"God help me," he whispered as he slid down the door taking as deep of a breath as he could.

The demented shadows of the walkers started spreading across the dimly lit hallway, coming faster than he expected. The sunlight coming through the dirt and dust stained windows made his situation almost comical.

"Course I'm gettin' eatin' on a nice day like this," a low chuckle escaped his paling lips.

He reached up a shaky white hand and made sure he locked the door, so Jalissa didn't get any ideas. She was still banging on the door, but the sound was muffled by the growing noise the dead made.

Maybe because Gary was on his way out already or because whatever adrenaline he had left in his body was coursing through his veins, but when the grotesque, rotting face chopped down on his leg he didn't feel it at first. But after the second walker came down on him a guttural scream escaped his body exciting the rest of the dead coming towards him.

Jalissa backed away from the door when she heard the scream that came from the man that saved her ass. She knew there was nothing she could do for him at this point, but it didn't stop her from wanting too. Her heart was racing and she knew if she couldn't get a hold of herself soon Gary's sacrifice would have been for nothing... Her dark brown eyes slid to the pistol she was holding, she barely knew how to shoot. Jalissa lifted her other hand and looked at the extra clip, after counting she knew she had 15 shots in there and whatever was left in the gun. Even with her limited knowledge of guns she knew that wasn't a lot.

Jalissa's eyes darted around the small apartment, looking for anything she could use. She slipped the gun into the back of her pants and sprinted into the kitchen and started rummaging through the drawers. No food... no water... but she did find a knife, a huge knife, actually it was more of a meat cleaver... The scratching at the front door was getting louder causing Jalissa to snap her head up taking her attention away from the clever she was holding.

"You'll have to do," she whispered with a sigh gripping the handle of the of her new weapon tight.

Jalissa moved across the room, her long legs and quiet feet taking her across quickly. Snapping her head to the side she took one last look at the door where her friend's now mutilated body was being devoured. She looked out of the window and down the street, where the walkers were starting to clear off. If she was going to get out of here she knew it had to be now. Taking a deep breath, trying to ignore the rotting smell on her nose, she opened the window with a shaky hand.

The humidity outside did nothing but amplify the rotting stench that filled the air, it was something you got used to now; unfortunately. Jalissa was on the second floor, it was high but it was manageable if she did this right. With one last look at the door she stuck her legs out of window and sat on the ledge taking another rot filled breath. She dropped the gun and the meat clever down first, making sure to toss them to the side so she wouldn't fall on them. She twisted her back and wrapped her sweaty fingers around the ledge, and sliding her body off. The strain on her arms was not that bad, but her sweaty palms betrayed her slipping off the edge. A gasp escaped her full lips as she fell to the ground. Jalissa hit with a thud her knees buckling beneath her weight, she rolled to the side and into the bushes out of the sight of anything on the road. Silently wishing nothing heard the yell that made its way out of her mouth.

"Damn it," she whispered as she pulled in her legs to her chest hugging them tight.

There was no time for this, she took another second to let her knees recover before army crawling to get her weapons. Again, she shoved the gun into her pants and grabbed the clever from the grass.

"You can do this," she paused "Don't be a bitch about it," she tried to convince herself.

With a quick movement she got up from the ground and ran as fast as her long legs would take her. Slight pain radiated from her knees as she ran forward. A hiss from behind her registered in her head giving her the encouragement needed to get her ass in gear and stop thinking about the dull pain in her knees. She didn't look back or to the side, just forward. As much as she wanted to keep going, she needed to stop soon; the burning in her lungs was a pretty clear sign of that. She needed someplace to hold up for the night, but where...

A groan rang in Jalissa's ear and a hand swiped for her body. A shrill yell escaped her mouth as she spin to the side using her strong leg to kick at the dead man swiping for her. Her boot connected with the dead man's knee with a bone crunching crack, the thing fell to the floor still grabbing for her. Jalissa's dark eyes were wide as she slowly stepped back from the thing still trying to eat her. She wasn't ready for this... to be alone... the man was moving closer to her his growling filling the empty alleyway.

"Shhhh! Got Damn it!" Jalissa whispered, her words falling on deaf ears.

All of her brain and common sense told her that her talking to the dead was fucking stupid, but she had to try something to get him to shut up. The clever! She was holding onto it with a vice grip... she knew eventually there would come a time she had to kill one of these things; I guess it was now. Jalissa cocked back her arm raising the weapon high above her head as she stared at the thing moving closer to her. Her heart was racing and the sweat on her palms was starting to make it hard to hold the clever; it had to be now. With a deep breath she brought down the clever with a force she didn't know she had, and with a wet smack and the crunch of bone breaking, her weapon entered the dead man's head; silencing him and stopping the mechanical movements. With a slight jerk she pulled her new favorite weapon from its head sending a spray of black blood towards her staining her jeans from the knee down.

"Congratulations," a thick southern woman's accent yelled from behind her.

Jalissa spun quickly raising the clever towards the woman who spoke to her and now who was running toward her with an axe drawn. Oh shit oh shit oh shit!

The woman cocked her arm back and swung her axe slicing into the neck of a walker blocking her way to Jalissa.

"Behind you!" The small woman yelled again.

On that note Jalissa turned her eyes going wide in horror. Walkers... hundreds of them... coming this way... quickly she spun around and headed for the strange woman with the axe. Jalissa would rather take her chances with the tiny blonde with an axe than face off against dead walking people, besides Jalissa had a good 25 to 30 pounds on the woman. Jalissa got to the other woman and both turned and ran in the other direction. With a slam of the door the axe lady locked both of them inside. She turned toward Jalissa with a smile and a quick look up and down.

"I'm Fallon," she finally said looking at the other girl.

"Jalissa," she answered her voice a little skeptical.

"You're welcome," the small dirty blonde haired woman said to Jalissa with a raise on one eyebrow

"S-sorry" Jalissa stuttered" thank you," Jalissa said quickly not trying to offend Fallon.

Fallon started walking down the unlit hallway leaving Jalissa behind standing by the door.

"You coming," Fallon yelled behind her.

"YES," Jalissa yelled her voice revealing how excited she was.

Fallon shook her head slightly as the new girl clomped down the hallway behind her; she was going to need some work. Honestly, Fallon was glad this new girl came around, at least so far, she's been living with two guys and a child, and she could use another girl to talk to.

"Jalissa, right?" Fallon asked when the new girl came up next to her.

"Y-yeah," She answered trying to hide her excitement again.

"Nice to meet you, and welcome home," Fallon said quickly "I'll handle everything, just follow me," she said with a bright smile.

"Thanks," Jalissa said with a returning smile.

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