Actions and Consequences

chapter 10

"Fallon," Jesse sleepily called. When she didn't answer he called her name louder "Fallon," he opened his eyes and twisted himself so he was looking in the back seat; she wasn't there.

His body went stiff as his heart beat quickened; he pulled his seat into the upright position and glanced outside. Nothing. Where the hell is she? He opened the car door quietly not wanting to wake the two sleeping people still in the car and got out. He wanted to yell her name out but he knew that would wake everyone else up and he didn't want that. Especially not Carol, if she's even sleeping, and Andrea who he's grown very fond of... he jogged around the surrounding area craning his neck as he looked over cars and into the woods for Fallon. Jesse realized as he looked into the woods that Fallon, being the woman she was, was probably on the woods looking for Shay's friend; Sophie he thought her name was. He knew why Fallon was like this but now she was risking her life for someone she didn't even know, times have changed and she can't be doing things like that anymore. He ran his tattooed hand through his messy hair and leaned against the rail that separated the highway from the forest. He loved Fallon, he had since the day he met her, and he didn't want to see her hurt herself over something that wasn't her fault... his mind drifted to Jalissa for a second, he was wondering how she was doing at that farm with that damn cop, Rick. Jesse scowled at the thought of Jalissa and Rick hanging out; he didn't like the way Rick inserted himself into his business.

Jesse froze in place when he heard something rustling through the woods close to where he was standing. His heart was racing as he flipped himself to face the woods his back pressed against the side of the RV; he wanted to face the attacker not get caught by surprise. His muscles tensed as the sound grew closer, but he though he heard talking or whispering. He squinted his eyes, trying to see into the moonlit darkness, the thing that was making the noises he heard.

He cocked his head to the side able to hear one of the two voices "Fallon?"

He pushed himself off the side of the RV and stomped forward to where she and someone else were making their way up the small hill. As he got closer he could see Fallon was with that damn hick she was with earlier today. Jesse could feel the anger anger and jealousy bubbling, making its way up from the pit of his stomach.

"Fallon," Jesse snapped at her as he stepped up next to her before she hopped over the rail.

Even in the dark he could see her dark green eyes go wide when she looked at him.

"Jesse," she answered him a slight crack in her voice.

"What the hell are you doing," he whispered yelled at her.

"Looking for Sophia," she answered giving him a look like he should know that already.

"It's night time," he retorted.

"So. Just because it's night time doesn't mean the walkers go to bed, and I didn't go alone," he motioned to the redneck awkwardly standing behind her.

"Yeah, I see," Jesse grunted as his eyes shifted to Daryl. "Why'd you let her come out," he lightly pushed Fallon to the side making her stumble a bit.

"She wanted ta, I'm not gonna stop 'er if she wants ta come," Daryl snapped back at Jesse in the same nasty tone he was spoken to in.

Surprised the quiet man spoke to him Jesse's eyebrows rose slightly. "You should know that," Fallon mumbled under her breath.

Jesse hated when she did that "Fallon, if you have something to say to me then fucking say it," he turned to her all of his anger focused on Fallon.

"You heard me," was all she said after that.

It took everything inside of Jesse not to scream at her, he absolutely hated when she did that. He scowled at her and turned his attention back to Daryl who had climbed over the railing. "Stay away from her," Jesse threatened.

"'Scuse me," Daryl snapped at Jesse.

"Jesse stop! Your a fucking dick I ain't even your girlfriend anymore remember," Fallon almost yelled at him.

"Your NOT he corrected, but I don't like that your hanging around this hick," he scowled at Daryl.

When Jesse said that Fallon saw Daryl clench his fist, oh this isn't gonna be good... She threw herself over the railing and sprinted toward to where the men were standing both of their faces like stone.

"Stop," she got in between the two and used her arms to push Daryl back. He resisted for a second but ultimately gave in. "Thank you," she mouthed to him.

She turned to Jesse then and used all her strength to push him backwards; he lost his balance and stumbled back.

"Fuck you! Jesse, you can't control me or the decisions I make ya lost the privilege when ya cheated on me the first time! But stupid me took your sorry ass back! Gotdamn it what the hell was I thinkin'!" She paused and went to walk by him but she wasn't done yet. "You stay the hell away from me and go do whatever, I'm sorry, whoever you want cause I'm so fuckin' done with your controlling, jealous, and just plain crazy attitude! You wanna see Shay, that's fine but if you come near me or try and comment on anything I do, I'll rip you mother fucking balls from your body and feed them to a hungry walker,"

Jesse's eyes were wide by the time Fallon finished whisper yelling at him. He was speechless, for once. He pushed by him and jogged to the car first making sure Shay was okay, then grabbing her bag out of the car. She pushed passed Jesse again who was walking back to the car rubbing the thin stubble on his jaw; she had no doubt he was thinking about what she said.

"Daryl!" Fallon called out to the man walking towards the RV.

He turned and looked back at her his eyes scanning her body. "Yeah,"

"Can I stay in here," she asked quietly as she used her boot to kick around some gravel.

"Its not mine, but sure. Don't think Dale'll mind," he answered.

"That Jesse guy is a fuckin' douche bag, he better watch the next time he talks ta anyone like that. I'll kick his ass," Daryl mumbled as he opened the door letting Fallon walk in first.

"He is, and please do it he could use some damn sense knocked into him,"

If he cheated on her and treated Fallon the way he did, Jesse needed more than a good whooping; he needed to be shot, Daryl thought.

"No," a woman's voice yelled from inside the RV. "Carol?" Daryl whispered as he stepped up the steps.

"Get her out of here," Carol was pointing at Fallon ready to throw whatever she had on her hand at her.

Fallon had her hands up in defense as she backed up, bumping into Daryl who wasn't moving fast enough. Carol cocked back her hand and threw, what Daryl realized later was a remote, at Fallon's face. Shit... he thought as he heard the remote smack Fallon in the face a yelp escaping her lips. He suck out his arm and wrapped it around Fallon's waist pulling her down the stairs and onto the pavement. Damn this girl is trouble... or maybe they are trouble together... Fallon's hand was pressed to her face as she slid down the side of the RV, taking a seat on the floor. Should he say something?

"Fuck me," she sighed as she moved her hand from her face.

It took a second for Daryl to realize she didn't actually mean fuck her, he cleared his throat "You bleedin'," He finally asked pushing his previous thoughts to the side.

"Nah, it just hurts… it'll be bruised by the morning," She looked down "I deserve that, I don't blame her for throwing that at my face,"

She was talking about Sophia, it wasn't her fault the girl ran off "No, ya didn't…" Daryl quietly answered

She slowly looked up from the ground, the moonlight making shadows on her face; Fallon's eye's finding Daryl's. He sucked in a startled breath and averted his eye's and turned his head away from Fallon focusing on the floor.

"If you're tired," She cut him off.

"I'm not tired anymore,"

"Oh," Damn woman cutting him off when he was trying to be nice to her.

Daryl snapped his eyes up when he heard a car door open, his muscles immediately tensed as he reached for his hunting knife. He crouched down a bit and took a step forward, looking in the distance for something that made the noise. In the daytime this would be no problem, but the nighttime made things different, it casted eerie shadows everywhere that played tricks on even the best hunters mind.

"Fallon?" A small voice rang out from behind a car.

"Shay?" Fallon jumped up from the ground and sprinted forward.

Daryl relaxed his body when her saw Fallon put her arms around the scared looking little girl. Fallon knew everything that girl did; that's the way things should be nowdays… they would have this problem if everyone just kept their eyes on their kids…

"I woke up and you weren't there," Shay's tired voice said.

"I know, I'm sorry… but ya see Daryl over there," Fallon pointed in his direction and Daryl gave a confused glare in her direction "He's scared of the dark and wanted some company,"

Daryl grunted. Shay moved her body to look at him "She's my body guard… but I guess if you're really that scared you can have her tonight," Shay folded her arms.

"I aint scared of the dark," He crossed his arms.

"So if you're not scared of the dark then what? Everyone's scared of something," Shay countered.

Daryl looked down and away from the girl; yeah everyone is scared of something… "Shay, ah come here," Fallon pulled Shay forward cutting the conversation between her and Daryl short.

He didn't know how Fallon picked up that he didn't want to talk about that, but he was sure glad she did. There was no way in hell he'd ever tell any of these damn people what he was really scared of; hell he didn't even want to admit it to himself. Fallon took Shay to the side of the RV she was sitting at before and she shrugged off the sweater she was wearing, giving it to the girl to put on. Even in the dark he could see the scar on her arm, he wondered if that scar had anything to do with the ones on her waist… the skin he was trying to keep out of his mind; for his sake.

"Daryl" Fallon called over to him.

"Hm," he answered not knowing if he should go towards her.

"Can you sit over here with us," Fallon asked.

"Yeah, can you?" Shay's voice chimed in almost making him smile "Fal- I mean we feel safe with you around us to keep watch,"

"Kay," Daryl answered. Him? Keep them safe? Really?

"Thanks," Fallon answered as Daryl took a seat on the other side of Shay who was already fast asleep.

"Yeah," He grumbled his eyes reluctantly shifting away from her this time.

Jalissa was sitting on the porch of the fairly large farm house, letting the warm summer breeze blow on her face. She shut her eyes and thought about the last time she was able to just sit outside and enjoy the nighttime; way before the zombies took over… people don't appreciate the simplicity of things until they are gone; her included. Boot's echoing through the house startled Jalissa from her thoughts, making her stand up. Shane came out of the house, a worried, but determined look on his face followed by a pale looking Rick.

"I'll go, you need ta stay here for Carl… look at ya man," Shane said to Rick.

"I'm sorry but he's right you wouldn't make it ten feet in your condition," Hershel added.

"He isn't going by himself…" Rick said while leaning against the pole on the porch, his eyes shut tight.

"I'll go with him, I did this I should help," The man that shot Carl called from the bottom of the steps.

"Otis, know where the school is, they can handle this Rick," Hershel added again.

"Fine, be careful, don't get yourselves kill," He paused and took a seat on the steps "But hurry back," He glanced upwards to the room Carl was laying in.

"I'll be in in a minute, I just need to sit for a second," Rick said to Hershel.

"That's fine, take your time son," Hershel answered making his way back in the house.

Jalissa swallowed and took a deep breath. Rick looked terrible he was pale and sickly looking, but mostly tired and just plain sad. The paleness was probably because he was giving his son blood, everything else was the circumstances that he was in; considering he was holding up well.

"How is he," Jalissa finally asked taking a seat next to him.

"Living, Hershel took out one part of the shell… it wasn't even deep… Jalissa the screams that came out of him… I couldn't do anything to help him, to take that damn pain way from him, I felt so helpless," Rick managed to stutter out.

"I'm sorry," Jalissa answered "He's guna be fine, he's your kid he's a fighter,"

She raised her arm but hesitated putting it around his shoulders, she didn't want to cross a line right now; she put her arm back down. He opened his eyes and turned his head towards her, his blue eyes looking even lighter from the dark circles under his eyes. She knew then, from the look in his eyes it was okay to touch him, so she threw her arms around the broken man and pulled him close. The stubble on his face scratched her cheek when he rested his head on her shoulder, but she didn't care.

"Thank you," He whispered in her ear, his voice a deep low murmur sending a shiver down her spine.

She loosened her grip on Rick and pulled herself back to look the man in the eyes "Don't thank me for something that's true," the tone in her voice more suggestive then she ever wanted it to be a moment like this.

This wasn't the time to be doing this! His son is laying upstairs in a bed, shot! Stop thinking about yourself and reel it in girl! She ripped her eyes away from the Ricks gaze and looked down at the wood on the steps they were sitting on. She had every intention of getting up, but she didn't, instead she looked back up at the beautiful blue eyes of the man sitting in front of her. She sucked in a breath, his face was just inches from hers, and he was not moving; his eyes locked on hers. Jalissa sucked in her bottom lip slightly her eyes shifting to his lips for just a second before looking back up at him. What was going on? Rick titled his head to the side just a tad, moving it forward even less then he titled. The places on her sides where Ricks hands were still placed burned, her body wanted her to jump him right there and quicken this process up, but good things come to those who wait; or so they say… Jalissa tilted her head up towards Rick, giving the signal she wanted to do this too, moving forward and closer to him. Her lips touched his slightly for a second before she felt his hands slide to her back. A small smile crossed her lips as the kiss deepened a bit more. She moved her hands up from his back and wrapped them around his neck her fingers playing with the ends of his hair at the nape of his neck. Jalissa felt his lips leave hers and she opened her eyes just slightly at first to see what was going on. The look on Rick's face was of shock and what could have been fear; Jalissa pushed herself back from him giving him some room to breathe. Oh no, did she do this too soon? Why would she do this now? Oh no! This was the wrong time you stupid asshole! His eyes were wide as he stumbled getting up from the steps, but he was still looking straight at her.

"Rick," Jalissa started.

"I-I'm sorry, I have… I have to go…," He stuttered.

Jalissa watched him go into the house, her eyes following him all the way up the stairs. She let out a long breath and willed herself to forget what just happened between them because from that reaction he wanted the same thing.

Before Rick finished going up the stairs he took another look at the first girl, woman, he's kissed since Lori; he missed that feeling' he hasn't felt it in a long time. His brain was still swimming in endorphins from the short kiss he shared with Jalissa, the pretty girl he really didn't know too much about. Now, he might not even get the chance to get to know the girl… from his reaction why would she even want to talk to him. He shut his eyes and pushed the thoughts of the short kiss aside and opened the door to his son's room and got ready for the next blood transfusion.

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