Actions and Consequences


"I'm not riding in that damn car, I don't care what you say to me," Fallon grunted at a pouting Trev.

"But, Fallon..." he squinted his eyes "What happened to your face," Trev's face went white.

"It wasn't Jesse, um Carol did it," Fallon bit the inside of her lip.

"What happened," he reached out and grabbed her face twisting it to the side.

"Stop," she backed away from him "She threw a remote at my face," her voice was low.

"Why," he asked his eyes bugging out.

"Why do you think... she blames me for Sophia... and she's right too... because if she wasn't shit would be on right now and you know that," Fallon answered shifted her weight from side to side.

"Fallon I don't know how many more times I have to tell you it's not your fault,"

"Say what you want it doesn't change it,"

"Fine, think what you want," he waved her off "Your redneck is calling," Trev pointed to Daryl.

"He's not mine," Fallon turned as she said that her eyes following Daryl all the way until he was standing next to them; looking extremely uncomfortable.

"We're leavin'," he murmured.

"Kay, Shay and I are riding with you... is your brother guna be in there," she turned towards Daryl her eyes pleading with him.

"Uh, yeah where else would he be," Daryl grumbled.

"I don't know on this bike he's trying to pull down from the bed of the blue monstrosity you drive," Trev answered sarcasm in his voice.

Fallon let out a laugh, "What?" Daryl said as he turned "Shit!" He sprinted off to his brother who was trying to pick up his bike still.

"I'm riding in the RV," Jesse walked up to the two of them and grabbed his stuff.

"Well that solves your problem," Trev shrugged as he turned to Fallon.

Jesse didn't even look at her as he passed by, he actually made it a point to walk around her; good, fucking asshole. Gotdamn it what did she ever see in that asshole of a man, yeah he was pretty much gorgeous but that was really it; he wasn't nice anymore. But, when she met Jesse she wasn't the person she was now… She pushed Shay forward and ushered her into the car taking a seat next to her, in the back seat of course. Trev started the car and put it into gear, following closely behind the old RV.

"Hey Trev,"

"Hey Fallon,"

"It's time to talk about what happened and ya know it," her voice cracked.

"I know," His grip tightened on the wheel "I just don't want to,"

"Me either but it's been hangin' over us… nothing's guna be right until we do,"

"Gotta point," his voice cracked too; he really didn't want to do this right now. "We can do it at the farm, I promise,"

"Fine," Fallon's vice was soft as the memory she could never get out of her head resurfaced.

It had to be midnight by the time Fallon and Joey left the bar; they went there after a long day of work in the studio. A warm buzz flowed through Fallon's body, but this was no different than the other times she left the bar; she was a frequent flyer there. While they were in the bar it had become an increasingly nasty night out; a thunderstorm rolled in and was wreaking havoc on the town.

"Joey, ya got my keys," Fallon asked Trev's boyfriend as she looked up from her bag.

"Nooooo," He drug out the word, but still searched his pockets.

"Ha! I gotem!" Fallon screeched as she pulled the keys from the bottom of her bag.

"Yeah!" Joey yelled as he high fived her.

The two of them were working back in Fallon's home town doing some make up for a movie Fallon's old friend was trying to make.

"Yyou ready ta go see Trev," Fallon squeaked at her partner.

"Girlll, I've been ready to see him for like five ddays now," his voice was a little slurred.

Fallon laughed "I know whatcha mean," her thoughts went to Jesse.

Both of them wandered to Fallon's small car and got on with little difficulty. She turned the key and the engine roared to life; and rested her head on the seat her eyelids starting to feel heavy. Shaking her head and giving her face a few light slaps she tried waking herself up.

"Come on Fallon! I wanna see my man," Joey wined.

"Oooookay," Fallon answered

Fallon shook her head trying to focus her thoughts on driving; she put on the blinker and pulled out onto the road. The slight buzz in the back of her brain was distracting her from what was going on while she was driving, and her eyelids were getting increasingly heavy. She shifted her eyes to the side and took a glance at Joey, who was sticking his head out of the window and yelling into the night.

"Get you're head in h-here crazy," Fallon giggled and reached out to grab his shirt.

"F-fineeee," he pouted.

She brought her eyes back to the road, and adjusted her seatbelt pulling the band away from her neck. Joey whooped and turned the radio up when he heard his favorite new song on there. Fallon laughed and turned to look at him; he was dancing in the car with his eyes closed. Fallon turned her head back to the road, and her eyes went wide; there was something in the road.

"SHIT!" she yelled.

She jerked the wheel to the side and the car spun and the wheels screeched on the pavement. Joey reached over and grabbed Fallon's hand; they twined their fingers around each other, fear in both their eyes. Pain shot through Fallon's head and the last thing she could remember before everything went black was the yellow lines on the road and the screams coming from both her and Joey's lungs.

Fallon opened her tired eyes when she felt small hands shake her awake.

"Fallon! Come on wake up," Shay yelled waking Fallon from her dream sate.

She jumped startled by the fact she fell asleep and was being woken up "I'm up," Fallon's sleepy voice cracked.

"Come on you've been asleep forever! You gotta meet everyone!" Shay pulled on Fallon's arm trying to drag her out of the car.

"Forever?" Fallon's confused voice asked.

How long did she sleep for, and why did they leave her in the baking car to sleep. Fallon wiped the sweat from her forehead and slid out of the steaming car. Fallon was sweating from the heat, but deep in the pit of her stomach she knew it was because of her dream; she just couldn't think about that right now.

"How long have I been asleep," She asked as she stretched out her body.

"Umm, I don't know it's almost night time though," Shay's voice chirped.

Fallon's eyes bugged out "Why didn't you wake me up,"

"You needed to sleep," She answered.

Sarcasm, real nice good job teaching her that Fallon; she though "Thanks," she shook her head.

"Oh! And your friend, um Daryl, was looking for you before," Shay added.

The reaction in Fallon's stomach when Daryl's name was said shocked her a little bit "He was," He voice was higher than normal.

"Yeah," She turned and smiled at Fallon "I like him, he's weird and kinda mean sometimes, but he's funny,"

Fallon let out a chuckle. What was he looking for her for? Probably wanted to go look for Sophia… and she missed it… she missed a day… A pit in her stomach was starting to form as those thoughts dawned on her.

"Come in, come in," Shay pulled Fallon up the stair and into the old farm house.

"Shay, we can't…" Fallon was cut off.

"So you must be the last one," an older man said at her, rather than to her.

Fallon furrowed her brow "Ah, yeah… sorry about the late introduction," she shifted her weight.

Jalissa was making her way from the room Carl was in when she saw Fallon talking to the old man; Hershel. Jalissa let a smile cross her face when she saw Fallon was around; she needed someone to talk to and Fallon seemed like the perfect person. Ever since last night, after the kiss, Rick had been kind of avoiding her. She understood he was busy and occupied with Carl and Lori, for the time being, but even when he left the room her would kind of look at her then pass by her. Jalissa knew she shouldn't have pushed him that fast especially now, under these circumstances, but she just had to do it… She let out a long sigh and went to save Fallon from Hershel, but Jesse's voice stopped her.

"Hey Jalissa," he said as he took a bite of some bread.

"Jesse, hey," she answered she had forgotten about him since thus whole thing with Rick.

"Everyone's heading outside you wanna join," he asked his voice oh so charming making Jalissa remember why she had a crush on him in the first place.

"Um, yeah but what about Fallon," She asked.

"She has stuff to do," Jesse snapped "She'll come out when the old guy is done,"

Everyone in the group was sitting outside around a lit fire, not just smoldering embers, when Jesse and Jalissa took their seats. The mood was actually kind of hopeful, people were smiling as they spoke to each other and that was a good thing. Jalissa shifted her eyes over to Jesse who had a smile on as he watched Shay talk with Merle.

"No kid, like this," he laughed moved her hand to the right position on the hilt of the knife.

"Oh…" She answered with a pout.

"If mi little brother could do it your ass could too," Merle said quickly.

Daryl shook his head.

"Who would have though Shay would be hanging out with the Dixons," Jalissa giggled.

"Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on her though," Jesse answered; there was something dark in his tone.

When the sun finally set and the cool breeze of the night started chilling everyone the group started going to bed. Jalissa grabbed Shay and met Fallon at the tent they shared previously.

"Are you even tired," Jalissa asked Fallon.

"Kind of… think I slept too long before," she sounded disappointed… she had been a little off today but Jalissa didn't know why.

Fallon had her broken axe placed next to the sleeping bag she used; this made Jalissa feel safer and scared all at the same time. She knew Fallon could kick some zombie ass but did she really need to keep the reminder right there in from them? She shook the thought from her mind and slipped into the warm sleeping bag, not realizing until then how tired she really was.

Fallon was not tired at all; even if she was she knew she wouldn't be able to get a good night's sleep. So she slowly climbed out of the tent trying not to disturb the two sleeping people that occupied the tent. It was an unusually cool night for the summer, but it was clear and the starts and moon lit up the night. She missed just sitting out at night and looking at the sky… It's the simple things…

"Might as well keep watch," She mumbled to herself.

She flipped the axe turned hatchet around in her hand and headed for the RV, ready to relieve whoever was sitting up there. When she climbed up the latter her eyes landed on someone she didn't think would be a team player.

"Merle?" Her voice cracked.

"Whada want," He asked not even turning in his chair.

"To relieve you…" Fallon was still a little shocked.

He laughed "Are ya now,"

"Well I can if you want,"

"No man could say no ta bein' relieved,"

"Get your mind outta the gutter man," Fallon chuckled.

He chuckled in return "I aint done here for another couple a hours,"

"So leave early or stay I don't care," She answered "I can't sleep anyway,"

She took a seat next to the older Dixon brother keeping her eyes out into the distance looking for anything strange.

"See anything," She asked.

"Shane came back, got that thing for the kid… he was missin' the fat ass though," He answered.

"That's not nice! If he wasn't with Shane then the guy died, don't insult his memory!"

"Woah, git your panties outta a knot," he out his arms up.

"They are not in a knot they are perfectly fine," Fallon answered.

"Care ta show a guy," he smirked.

"Maybe another time Dixon," She answered with a shake of her head; deep down she wanted someone else to ask that question…

Merle and Fallon sat there for the rest of the night because whoever was supposed to come and take the next shift must have slept right through it. The sun was almost up by the time the camp was becoming active.

"Mornin' already," Fallon sat up from the chair.

"Guess so," Merle answered his raspy voice cracking.

"Ya know you dint have to stay all night," Fallon looked over at him.

"I know, ya owe me one," he smirked as he got up from the chair and made his was down the latter.

God only knew what he was going to ask her to do for him…

"Sorry, I missed my shift I slept right through it," Andrea's voice chimed form behind her.

"It's fine, don't worry 'bout it," Fallon answered not turning to look at the woman she knew Jesse was after next.

"Fallon? I though Merle," She cut Andrea off.

"Just missed him," She finally got off the chair and stared down the latter "Thanks for takin' over," Fallon added at the last second.

Fallon's eyes scanned the area for anything, just out of habit, before making her way back to the tent she should have slept in. She was about to go in when she saw Rick walking up looking better than he has been for the past few days.

"Rick, hey how's everything," Fallon asked "Everything okay with Carl,"

He nodded a huge smile on his face "He's done with the surgery. He's recovering now,"

"Rick! oh my god that's great!" She couldn't help but throw her arms around the man "I'm so happy for you guys!"

Fallon pulled herself back, but her hands were still resting in his shoulders when Jalissa popped her head out of the tent.

"Whats going on?" she asked obviously trying to hide the anger in her voice.

Fallon stepped back and let her hands drop "Um nothing Rick just as some really amazing news," She paused.

"The surgery went well Hershel got everything out," the smile still not fading from his face his blue eyes filled with joy.

"OH MY GOD!" Jalissa jumped out of the tent almost falling over herself before standing upright.

She wrapped her arms around Rick and he returned the embrace before quickly letting go of her. Fallon could see the look of disappointment on Jalissa's face, she obviously wasn't expecting the hug to end the quickly. Maybe she should give them some time to themselves… She waved goodbye after checking an a still sleeping Shay; that girl could sleep through a damn tornado… What next? She spent the rest of the morning helping Carol, of all people; fix up some food for breakfast.

"I didn't mean to throw that remote at you," Carol said softly after the food was given out.

"You wouldn't have done it if ya didn't mean it," Fallon asked after a bite of some food.

Carol let out a breath. "Your right… but I am sorry,"

"Glad your sorry, but remember it maybe my fault Sophia is missin' but I sure as hell am not guna stop lookin' for her until I find her… Can you say the same?" Fallon's looked right at the woman when she said that.

She gasped "That was uncalled for!" Carol's blue eyes started to water.

"So change it," Fallon couldn't deal with someone who was going to play the victim then not do anything about it; she grabbed he plate and walked away.

Fallon put her plate in the RV sink and wiped her hands on her jeans, it was time to get to get down to business. First, she found Shay, who was talking with Merle and told her about Carl. Fallon hasn't seen Shay's eyes light up like that in a long time; it brought a smile to her face.

"Go, he's in the house," She told Shay.

The little girl got up and ran to the house faster than Fallon ever seen in her life.

"Sorry to take your buddy away," Fallon said to Merle with a smile.

He glanced down at her "Don't worry 'bout it…" he paused "She's a cute kid,"

"She is isn't she," Fallon smiled.

"She's got a good mom," He nodded.

"Oh… I'm not her mom…"

"Yeah ya are," he paused "Jus' cause ya didn't birth 'er don't mean you aint a her mom,"

"Thanks," Fallon smiled, who know Merle could be a nice guy. "Um you know where Daryl is… were goin' to look for Sophia today,"

"You too huh, thought my brother was the only crazy one," he shook his head "He's over there,"

"Thanks," Fallon ignored the first part of what he said.

She started walking to where Merle pointed, to a tent away from everyone else next to what looked like the ruins of a burnt down shed. Fallon furrowed her brow and carefully stalked around the area looking for any sign of Daryl. Why would he want to stay next to this morbid looking thing?

"Daryl," Her voice was soft.


"Daryl!" She called louder.

"What!" She heard his voice snapped.

"Oh," She walked around the tree and over to the bike she assumed Daryl was fixing. "So are we goin',"

"Yeah," He got off the bike and grabbed his crossbow.

Fallon tried not to notice how good he looked on the bike. She followed behind him making sure she had her pistol with her. As they reached the tree line Daryl turned to her.

"I figure we'll cover more ground if you go one way and I go the other… we could meet back here ina few hours," He eyes darted around taking in the surroundings.

"Okay," She answered.

For the next couple of week's things went like that, every day they would meet at the tree line and go off in different directions. When they would get back they would tell each other wheat they found; usually a whole lot of nothing… Things were starting to look down, but there was no way Fallon was going to give up, and she knew Daryl wouldn't either. Back at camp Jalissa was spending a lot of time with Jesse… and not with a preoccupied Rick… Fallon didn't know what it was, but something big was about to happen… what it was she didn't know yet.

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