Actions and Consequences

chapter 12

That day started just like any other, Fallon got up early, got breakfast, made sure to stare down Carol, and waited for Shay to wake up. Fallon was sitting on the ground when Shay came sauntering up not following far behind Carl. She and that boy have been inseparable since Carl got out of that bed, Fallon barely saw the girl.

"Hey Shay, why don't you take a second and talk with me," Fallon said to her cousin.

She sighed "Oookay," She sounded so disappointed.

Fallon furrowed her brow, did she really not have any time to talk to her "Well you don't have too, damn, I just thought since I haven't seen you you'd want to,"

"Fallon, I do… it's just I'm having a lot of fun with Carl…" She answered as she ran her foot back and forth across the dirt.

"Fine, Shay… go have fun I'll see you later," Fallon couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice.

"Thanks!" she ran back over to Carl.

"Sucks when they grow up and leave you behind," Rick's voice chimed from behind her.

"I didn't think it be this soon," Fallon pouted as she looked up at the man.

He offered his hand and helped her up from the floor "Me either, but I'm glad they have each other," He added.

"Me too," She agreed.

Fallon let out a breath and looked around the farm; her eyes found Jalissa glaring at the two of them standing there.

"Um so I gotta get goin' Daryl and I should be leavin' soon," She paused "Um… maybe you should take some time out to talk to Jalissa… I don't know what's goin' on with you two, but you should fix it,"

"I know, it's just with everything I haven't found the time, but I really should have," He rubbed the back of his neck and shifted his eyes over to Jalissa.

Fallon gave him a sympathetic look before making her way over to where Daryl stayed; she was right about Jalissa. He ran his hand through his hair, pushing it back away from his face. She was talking with that Jesse guy again.

"Fallon!" Rick called after her.

She turned but had a confused look on her face "Yes,"

"That Jesse guy… he a good guy,"

"Depends on if he likes you or not… Jalissa he likes so to her yes he's a good guy," she paused and looked Rick up and down "You… not so much,"

He nodded "Thanks,"

"Anytime," she still sounded confused.

He sucked in a breath and started walking to where Jesse and Jalissa disappeared to. He knew that he fucked with Jalissa's head by the way he was acting, but he did have a lot on his plate right now. He was dealing with Hershel threatening to kick them off the farm every second of the day, there was his son, and Lori and Shane who have now made it obvious that they were together. It has been awhile since he and Lori decided to split, but it still tugged at his heart when he saw those two together. Really, the only time he felt better about this situation was when he was around Jalissa; he missed that. As he approached the place where he saw them walk to he heard Jesse's voice.

"Don't worry, Jalissa it's fine,"

"Jesse, I don't… know," Jalissa's voice was soft.

"Come on… you came over here with me you've been hinting at it for weeks," Jesse's voice had a hint of anger.

"I know… but,"

"But nothing! You know what forget it you fucking tease," he snapped.

Rick could stand and listen anymore, the anger was bubbling in his stomach and he needed to stop this. "Hey, don't talk to her like that," Rick stepped into view.

Jalissa's dark eyes found him instantly.

"What the fuck are you doing here," Jesse's voice was surprised.

"Making sure this woman isn't in any trouble," he focused on Jalissa "Are you okay," he asked.

"Now, I am," she hid a smile.

"Good," he looked back at Jesse "Why don't you give me and Jesse here a second,"

"Ah… yeah okay,"

When Jalissa was out of sight, Rick turned back to Jesse with a scowl on his face "You stay away from her," Rick used his cop voice.

"Why should I do that," Jesse answered back.

"Cause I'm warning you, you won't like what happens if you don't listen,"

"What are you guna do arrest me," he said sarcastically.

Rick shook his head "No, but I wouldn't want to find out if I were you," Rick looked his straight in the eye.

"Whatever man," Jesse answered as he pushed passed Rick walking back to camp.

Jesse was an asshole and Jalissa deserved better than that, anyone deserved better than that. He knew he hasn't been the best person to Jalissa, but now he thought he was ready. He wanted to show her that he could possibly be the person that could treat her right.

A loud clap of thunder rang from the sky startling Fallon, sending a wave of fear down her spine. Great, a storm just what she needed right now. She looked up at the sky and even through the leaves Fallon could see the darkening sky.

"Shit," she murmured.

She took a look around the woods her eyes scanning for any possible place she could wait this storm out; there was nothing unless she stood under a tree. Another clap of thunder sounded, making Fallon's heart beat a little faster; storms are not, by any means, her favorite thing. She looked up again, but this time she knew she wouldn't be able to continue; the sky was a dark ash gray and it smelled like rain.

"Fuck!" She almost yelled.

Fallon had her back against a tree, she could the thick rough bark through the fabric on her thin shirt. The practical part of her brain was telling her to go back and find someplace to wait this out, but the irrational part, the emotional part, the one she usually goes by, said to keep looking for that damn little girl! Fallon held the axe between her legs and pressed her fingers to her temples massaging small circles on them. Letting out a long breath she pushed herself from the tree and silently cursed herself for making the decision to go back.

"Rick," Jalissa's soft voice echoed in the barn.

"Jalissa, hey," he stopped shoveling the hay and turned towards her.

"I… just want to thank you for before," she looked down at the floor.

"Don't worry about it," Rick smiled.

There was a knock on the side of the barn making both Jalissa and Rick look up; it was Shane.

"Hey man, it's starting to get bad and Daryl and Fallon aren't back; thought you should know," Shane said awkwardly.

"Thanks," Rick answered his former partner.

"Yeah," Shane hit the wall of the barn lightly.

"Shane, is Carl with you guys," Rick asked.

"No, Carl and Shay took shelter in Jalissa and Fallon's tent," He answered with a small smile before leaving the two of them there alone again.

"They probably found a place to wait the storm out," Jalissa told Rick. "Shay told me Fallon hates storms,"

"Hopefully they did," Jalissa could see the worry on his face.

Rick put down the shovel and joined Jalissa at the edge of the barn, both of them staring out into the pouring rain. Jalissa tried not to notice how close he was standing to her, but it was extremely hard not to; he hasn't been closer than four feet from her in weeks.

"Sounds like you don't have anywhere to stay tonight, you know since my son and Shay took over your tent," he looked at the tent the two kids were in before looking right at her.

"I… um could stay on the RV floor or something," she stuttered, was he offering her an invitation to stay in HIS tent!

"You could," he answered "Or you could stay with me," his voice cracked a bit.

How the hell could she say no to a face like that, and that beautiful southern accent drove her crazy "I could," she flirted.

"Yeah," he looked at her.

"You'll keep me safe from the storm," she smiled.

"I think I could do that," he took a step closer to her.

"You think so," her voice was soft and calm, but her heart was racing faster than ever before.

He nodded. He moved closer to her, and take a step back Jalissa felt her back hit the barn wall. He raised his hand and gently ran his down the length of her jaw bone, Jalissa's skin on fire in the places her touched it. He used his thumb to tilt her head up his bright blue eyes full of desire as he looked down at her. As much as she wanted this, she wasn't going to give in that easy, not after he waited weeks to come near her again. She cleared her throat and ducked under his arm that encircled her.

"Why don't we stay here it's probably better, and drier than the tent," Jalissa offered after talking a deep breath to calm herself.

Rick lifted his head and smiled at her "You do have a point, but what if we are stuck here all night,"

"Well. Then we'll just have to keep each other warm," she answered in her most sultry voice.

Rick's eyes went wide for a second before he made his way over to where she was standing. "That, sounds like the best idea you've had,"

By the time Fallon made it back to the point on the woods her and Daryl decided to meet at today there was a steady drizzle starting to come down. Fallon wrapped her exposed arms around each other so she could stay somewhat warm until Daryl came meandering back. She started looking around the area, in hindsight a heavily wooded area probably wasn't the best place to pick, bit Daryl was still not anywhere she could see. She may not know much about the man but she did know the recheck was NEVER late. She uncrossed her arms and used her hands to wipe the now dripping wet hair from her face, and put it up in a ponytail. Another couple of minutes passed and there still want even a sign that Daryl was close, not even a sound. Fallon bit the inside of her bottom lip and again whom around nervously looking for the man, there was definitely something wrong now. He wouldn't leave her alone on the woods would he? He did bring the horse today but he wouldn't do that... Not that she couldn't defend herself anyway but that was not the deal...

"Daryl!" She yelled, not caring she took the chance of attracting walkers. "Fuck,"

She bent down and picked up her broken axe making sure to grab it away from the splintered handle and set off in the direction she saw him go. Another loud clap of thunder roared from the sky, causing Fallon to jump and start moving faster. The rain was starting to come down in big droplets now and at a faster pace.

"Daryl! Where are ya!" She yelled through the pouring rain, she wasn't even sure if he could hear her through the pounding of the rain.

She was getting nervous now, and it wasn't because of the thunder storm this time. Something could really be wrong; he could be hurt... or worse.

Fallon snapped her head up at the sound, a sound she hasn't heard since they got to the farm, a snarl and the snap of teeth. She spun around and came face to face with a rotting walker its mangled face dripping with water. She gasped and stumbled backwards, but didn't lose her footing; thankfully. She tightened her grip on the shortened handle of the axe and swung at the walker the blade grazing the walker's forehead; she wasn't used to the shortness of her weapon. With a step back and a quick turn of the weapon in her hand she pointed the sharp point of the firefighters axe up. She swung her arm diagonally up to the walker smashing the point up into the cheekbone of the rotten face of the zombie. With one last snarl it fell to the ground into a rotting pile of mass, Fallon pulled her axe out of its head and let the rain water wash the black shit of the point.

She pushed the escaping strands of hair back into the rest of her wet hair and started sprinting in the direction she was headed in before. She needed to calm her nerves, everything in the forest was starting to look the same, and it didn't help she was sliding around on the wet leaves everything she made a quick movement. She stopped moving and let out an aggravated grunt, as if a zombie apocalypse wasn't enough to deal with, there was lost people, and thunderstorms, and worst of all time to think.

"Fallon!" She popped her eyes open and searched for the person who called her name.

"Daryl?!" She called back.

She sprinted forward towards the sound of Daryl's voice, her eyes searching the floor for him. After a few yards of sprinting she found him; he was propped up against a tree, hunched over holding a bleeding wound on his side. The rain had washed most of the blood on his mouth off but the trails of red down his mouth gave it away. He was wearing ears… Fallon tried not to notice, but it was hard the man was wearing fucking ears; what the hell does he do in the woods?!

"Took ya long enough," He snapped obviously hiding his pain.

"Found ya didn't I, now shut up and don't freak out when I touch ya," She stepped forward cautiously.

He slinked back when she moved his arm around her shoulder "Daryl ya gotta work with me, you know this storm ain't guna get any better anytime soon. We have to find a place to wait it out and we can't do that if you won't let me help your ass," her voice was stern like she was talking to a child.

He let out a sigh and accepted the help she was trying to give him. "There was a cabin not too far," he paused and shut his eyes tight "It was that way," His voice was breathy.

"Okay," She answered.

He was a lot heavier than he looked, Fallon was already straining her tired and hurt body as she helped him walk, but she wouldn't let him know that. The rain was coming down hard by the time the log cabin came into view, Fallon almost did a dance when she saw it. She looked around one last time before continuing to the cabin, her eyes found a lone walker headed right for them.

"Damn it…" she looked at Daryl "Stay here," she leaned him up against a nearby tree. "This is fucking bull shit,"

Another clap of thunder sounded the loudest one so far, sending a new wave of fear through Fallon's body almost making her freeze in place. She snapped back into reality as the monster neared her, for the second time today she got into attack mode the muscles in her arm aching to finish the job. She cocked her arm back and swung at the female walker, for force of the blow to the beast head killing and knocking it to the floor. Quickly, she pulled the axe out of the wound her hand slipping on the handle at first. She jogged back to Daryl placed his arm around her shoulder again.

"We're even now," She almost had to yell through the rain.

She didn't know he was going to snap his head in her direction when she said that, apparently he didn't think she would still be looking at him when he turned his head. Their faces were inches from each other, as she looked up at him for the first time she saw Daryl's eyes in something other than a squint and they were so blue. He quickly turned his head back forward and kept his eyes locked on the cabin and his thoughts on the pain from his arrow wound. By the time they fell into the cabin Fallon couldn't be happier, she was out of the rain, and she Daryl was literally off her back and she could relax for a second.

"You okay," She huffed and turned her head towards the man who was on the floor next to her.

"Been better," he answered.

"Me too, thanks for asking," she chuckled.

Fallon flinched at another bang of thunder outside.

"You not like thunderstorms or somethin'," Daryl asked as he sat up.

"Nope, not really," She ran her thumb nail over the scar on her arm. "Brings back bad memories… ya know other than the fact I'm utterly terrified of them,"

"There are scarier things out there," He reasoned.

"I know," She looked at him. "But it's kind of nice to be scared about something that isn't going to eat me,"

"Gotta point," He went to shrug but he winced.

"You should let me look at that," Fallon pointed to the bleeding wound on his side.

"What you a doctor or somethin'," he grumbled there was no way he was letting her look at him.

"No," she looked down.

"Don't needa look at it than,"

"You're an idiot," she shook her head. "Take your damn shirt off," She was standing in front of him now.

He looked up at her, as much as he didn't want to admit it, he wanted her to help him… she did get him this far.

"No," he snapped.

"You're so stubborn," she backed up a bit and wrapped her arms around herself covering the parts of herself the white shirt couldn't hide when it was wet; not that he noticed.

"I can take care of myself," he answered trying to get her to stop fussing over him.

She looked him up and down "Obviously," Fallon raised an eyebrow and answered sarcastically.

"Shut up," he looked away from her.

"Daryl, if you don't take your shirt off I will be forced to rip it off you,"

Daryl's stomach dropped "You wouldn't,"

"Don't tempt me," she smiled. "Besides it's not like I never saw a shirtless man before,"

You don't even know… "Fine," he answered.

"If it really makes you that uncomfortable just lift up that one side,"

He nodded; she didn't need to see what he was hiding underneath his shirt. She started rummaging around the cabin probably looking for something she could use to clean his wound. His eyes followed her around the cabin as she searched until Fallon disappeared into another room. Daryl grimaced as he tried to stand up, pain shot up and down his side when he moved. His eyes shifted back in the direction Fallon walked in, why did she care what the hell happened to him… Any other person would have just left him there.

"Oh my god!" Fallon's voice squeaked.

Daryl immediately because alert at the sound of her voice, he ignored the pain in his side, stood up and limped into the room Fallon was in. What could she be yelling about? When he finally got there, he felt a mix of anger and amusement at the woman. She was sitting on a bed with a huge smile in her face, running her hands over the sheets. He cleared his throat.

"Daryl!" she immediately crossed her arms over her chest again covering herself up in front of him "They have a bed! I haven't slept in a real bed in months!"

He just stared at her; what do you say to that. "Ya thinkin' 'bout sleepin' here," Was all he managed to say as he put his weight in the door frame.

"I'm not goin' back out there if it's storming like that," she said back "By the way I found some rubbing alcohol and we could probably rip the sheets on the bed to cover up that thing," She pointed at his bleeding wound.

"Fine," he said as much as he didn't want to. Stay here, alone, with her was not something he wanted to be that comfortable with…

She got up off the bed "Alright, let's take a look at that thing, come here and lay down," She patted the bed. "Can you get here on your own,"

"Yeah!" He snapped "Whatda think I'm a fuckin' invalid,"

"Sorry," she paused as he sat on the bed "Your ass should be more appreciative, I dragged your butt all the way here AND I killed a walker on the way," She added.

He let out an aggravated breath "Looks like I owe you one now," he took the chance and looked right at her.

She smiled. "Um you want me to unbutton your shirt or are you guna do it," Fallon asked her voice was soft.

"I'll do it," He quickly huffed, he didn't trust his body enough to let her go near him like that.

He unbuttoned the bottom half of his shirt and flipped up the side that hand the stab wound through it. he looked back up at Fallon, and her face was ghost white and filled with fear it looked like she was guna puke.

"You kidin' me!" he snapped "Ya bug me ta do this and now ya look like you're guna puke!"

"Calm yourself!" her voice quivered a bit "I got this!"

"Fuckin' kiddin' me," he shook his head.

"This is guna sting," her green eyes looked directly into his, they were filled with sympathy.

"Jus' do it; it's nothin' I can't handle,"

She made a face and tipped the bottle pouring out the liquid onto his open wound; He gripped the sheets and held in the yelp of pain that was threatening to escape his lips.

"You think they are okay," Jalissa asked Rick as another clap of thunder sounded.

"They gotta be, it's Daryl if I were to get lost in the woods with someone I'd want it to be him… Daryl knows what he's doing," Rick answered her as he tightened his arms around her.

She leaned back onto his chest "True, I wouldn't under estimate Fallon though… she's a tough bitch,"

"Yeah, if any woman could handle Daryl, I think it be her," he added.

"Rick, why are you doing this now," she asked not able to hold the question in anymore.

"What," He asked his voice low and rough.

"This, it's been so long and now out of nowhere boom," she didn't want to ruin this but she just had to know.

"I realized that, I made a mistake… ignoring you and acting like that kiss didn't rock my whole world was terrible of me and so hard to do," he whispered in her ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down her spine.

Jalissa's eyes shot open "Rocked your world?" she repeated not believing what she heard.

"Yeah, I haven't felt that in a long time and it scared me, I'll be honest with you,"

She turned her head to look at him "Oh. My. God," she didn't know what else to say. Could this man be any more perfect at this very second?

He smiled. She couldn't take it anymore, that smile broke the levy she lifted her hand and pressed it to his cheek sliding it back to his neck. She gently pulled his head forward; her heart was beating fast as his lips his hers for the second time since they met. Every nerve in her body was tingling as the kiss continued, his stubble rough on her skin, but she didn't care at this point. She turned her body so she was facing him and climbed on top of him straddling him, his arms holding her close to him. He moved his lips from hers and slid them down to her neck; lightly he ran the tip of his tongue up the length of her neck, sending shivers down her whole body. She let out a low groan of pleasure as he continued to kiss her, his mouth down at her chest now. He pulled back from her, giving her the time to pull her shirt off and threw it to the side, she looked down and smiled at Rick who did the same as she did. She slid off his lap and gently ran her hands down the man's toned body; she unbuttoned his pants and quickly pulled them down. She quickly slid her pants off and threw them into the growing pile of cloths on the floor.

"Well, that's the best I could do," Fallon looked down at her handy work.

"It works," Daryl answered laying his head back on the pillow.

She looked at the tired man lying in front of her, and she wished she could do something to help him. When she was bandaging the back side of his wound, with much persistence on her part, Fallon saw the thick scars that were slashed across his back, and she couldn't get them out of her mind. She wanted to ask but it would be useless, he would want to talk about his scars about just as much as she wanted to talk about hers.

"What?" he grumbled.

"Nothing," she answered softly, looking away from him.

It was dark out by the time she finished cleaning the dirty redneck up, and they both had decided that staying there would be the best thing for them at this point.

"Well, I guess I'm guna go to bed," she shrugged.

Another boom of thunder shook the small cabin causing Fallon to wrap her arms around herself, and make her heart race.

"Ya don't have ta stay alone if you're scared…" Daryl said almost inaudibly.

She turned not sure she heard him correctly "I can stay?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Oh thank god!" she looked up at the sky.

She sat on the floor and pulled the blanket off the bed that Daryl wasn't using. "We could switch,"

"Daryl, you're the one who got hurt… you take the bed," Fallon tried not to pout,

"Ya shouldn't sleep on the floor,"

"What are you suggesting," she sat up and looked at him.

"Nothin'," he looked away from her.

"Oh okay, cause it sounded like you wanted me to come up there with ya," she giggled.

"Nah, I just asked if ya wanted the bed," he grunted.

"Fine Daryl whatever you say," she chuckled.

Fallon wrapped the blanket around her shivering body, the cabin was great at keeping heat in and the storm outside cooled off the hot Atlanta day; her wet cloths didn't help either.

"You cold," Daryl asked.

"Oh, can you tell," She answered sarcastically through her chattering teeth.

"Nah, not at all," he answered back.

She said up "Daryl Dixon are you joking with me?"

"Maybe," he hid his smile.

"Wow, I feel so special," she laughed.

It was quiet for a little longer before a thought crossed Fallon's mind… Shay… Was she okay? Was she warm in the storm? Was anyone watching her? She needed to get back to the farm, but her logical brain told her to stay put it was way too dangerous out there. Shay has everyone there to watch her, she is a smart girl.

"Fallon, can ya stop the chattering?" Daryl huffed.

"No," she answered as she dug her nail into the scar on her hand.

"Damn it," he grumbled.

"Fuck this!" she snapped.

Fallon whipped the blanket off of her and stood up, turning herself away from the staring eyes of Daryl.

"Whatre ya…" he stopped.

She pulled off her shirt and pants and placed them on the floor so they could dry; Fallon could feel Daryl's eyes looking right at her. She didn't feel as awkward as she thought she was going to; she guess that was a good thing…

"What's that tattoo say," he asked as she got back under the covers.

"I'll never forget," she answered mechanically.

"Forget what," he asked.

"Where I got the scars from," her tone angry.

"Kay," he answered she heard him roll back over.

"Is that the only tattoo you noticed," she asked.

"No…." his voice was quiet.

She laughed. Fallon had more than a few tattoos on her body one of them was on her ass and she knew that was the one he saw.

"Why do ya have a heart with dad in it on your ass," he almost laughed.

"It was a joke," she laughed "My dad doesn't like tattoos and he said I couldn't get any more so I got that one next,"

She actually heard him laugh then, and for the first time he didn't try and hid the fact he was laughing with her.

"What he say 'bout that one,"

"He laugh and said I can do whatever I want now that I had that ridiculous thing on me,"

They both laughed until a much needed sleep took over both of them, the storm not waking either of them until the morning.

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