Actions and Consequences

chapter 13

Shit Daryl, you don't look so good," Fallon's voice chirped as she pulled him through the woods.

"I'm fine," he huffed.

"Whatever liar," she answered with a smile playing on her lips.

"Liar, I ain't a liar," he snapped trying to pull away from her grip on him, but couldn't muster up the strength.

Fallon chuckled. "I think we're almost there,"

"Yeah, almost," Daryl huffed.

He was leaning most of his weight on her now and Fallon's muscles were aching, threatening to give out at any time. She slowed her pace and tried to shift his weight off of her for a second.

"I need ta take a second," she mumbled and used the back of her hand to wipe her sweating forehead.

Daryl grunted a response and peeled himself off of her, propping himself on a thin tree for the time being. Fallon stretched her sore muscles being sure to keep an eye on a very sickly looking Daryl. It wasn't much farther to the farm, but she didn't know how she was going to drag the hunk of redneck the rest of the way. She was exhausted, hungry, and drained of all her extra energy; she was literally running on fumes. A shuffle from behind them made Fallon's tired eyes become alert and darted around the area. Her hand automatically tightened around the splintered end of the axe. She willed her muscles to move forward and check out what the noise was, if it was a walker she had to take care of it before they continued.

"Stay here for a second," she told Daryl quietly.

"I got your back," He huffed as he raised the crossbow.

"Thanks," she turned and smiled at him.

The noise was getting closer and louder as Fallon moved. She stopped and stood up, that wasn't a walker... that was a person, a running person... she sucked in a breath and sprinted forward, ignoring her protesting muscles. A few yards into her running a small figure slammed into her body knocking with wind out of her and both of them falling on the floor. Fallon pushed herself up from the floor and away from the thing or person that ran into her. She had her knife, well Daryl's knife, pulled and aimed for the dirty blonde child that pushed herself up from the ground and reached for Fallon. Her mouth dropped where her green eyes met the blue ones of the child that went missing all those weeks ago. The child was dirty and scared, reaching out for Fallon to help her. She pulled the girl forward and wrapped her arms tightly around the bony frame of Sophia.

At breakfast Jalissa couldn't keep her eyes off of Rick, not after last night. Her body was still tingling from everything that happened and she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"What are you so happy about," Trev asked sitting down next to her.

"Nothing," Jalissa squeaked.

"Girl, you are a terrible liar... how was he," Trev flicked his eyes over to the sheriff.

"WHAT," she yelped.

Trev doubled over and started laughing hysterically at her reaction. After what's been going on he needed that laugh. "That good huh," he managed to say. "Or has it just been a really long time," he raised his eyebrows at her a sly smile on his face.

Jalissa managed to nod her head.

"At least someone's getting some action," Trev gave her a tiny nudge and got up from the log.

She watched Trev make his way over to Shay who was staring out into the tree line, not far from where Merle was discreetly keeping an eye on her. That poor kid, she probably worried sick about Fallon not coming back yet... everyone was starting to get worried about the two of them not being back yet, especially after that storm. Trev rested a hand on Shay's shoulder before leaving the little girl so she could run off with Carl. Jalissa peeled her eyes away from them for a second to see Rick talking to Shane about something, she didn't like when they talked... nothing good every really came from it. It's not that she didn't like Shane but she did see something dark in that man... but she appreciated what Shane would do to keep anyone and everyone alive, as much as she wanted to deny it... they needed Shane.

"Hey! There... walker going towards the kids!" Dale yelled from on top of the RV.

Jalissa's eyes shifted from Dale to Andrea who had her hunting rifle aimed for the incoming walker, Rick, Jesse, Glenn, and Shane took off immediately towards the kids. Rick yelled over his shoulder for Andrea not to do anything. Jalissa stood up and sauntered closer to the action, taking a spot next to Carol and Lori. Her heart beat was quickening a little at the thought of walkers getting close to anyone; it started racing when the gun went off.

"NOOOOO! FALLON!" Shay screamed from the middle of the field, her voice as clear as a bell.

Fallon's arm, from her shoulder down her wrist, was on fire pain rolling up and down and blood leaking from the wound. She had her eyes shut tight as she let out a scream when she felt arms pull her from the floor.

"Fallon! Hey! Open your eyes!" Jesse's voice yelled in her ear.

Her eyes opened a bit "Got fucking damn it!" she yelled. "I'm a fucking person you assholes!"

"FALLON," Shay yelled trying to run away from Glenn.

"Shay! Hey! Shay it's okay I'm fine, I'm okay," Fallon told her through her clenched teeth

"Get her out of here," Shane snapped at Glenn.

"I'm… trying!" he said back.

"Wait, wait! Guys… we found her… we found Sophia…. She's with Daryl about a halfa mile back in the woods… he's sick or something… just go get them," Fallon said to Rick through her ragged breathing.

The edges of her vision were starting to blacken as she spoke to the men, "Where! Fallon Where!" Shane asked bending down to Fallon's height.

"Straight back," She said quietly letting her head drop and the blackness take over.

Jesse picked Fallon up and carried her into the farm-house, Jalissa's eyes following them all the way there.

"Anyone guna open the fuckin' door!" he yelled at the people watching.

Carol ran forward and opened the door for him, him and a bleeding Fallon, disappearing into the farm-house. What the hell happened? Did Andrea shoot Fallon, Jalissa thought. Where the hell were Rick and Shane running to? About 45 minutes later everyone found out what happened… They found Sophia… alive and well. Jalissa's jaw dropped as the mother and daughter were reunited, both crying and holding on to each other for dear life. Carol ran up to Daryl and hugged him, his whole body going ridged before he pushed her away and mumbled a you're welcome. Merle grabbed his brother from Rick and almost dragged into the farm-house.

"Rick, they… they found her… oh my god is Fallon okay," Jalissa almost screeched.

"She'll be okay, her and Daryl must have been thought the ringer," Rick ran his hand through his hair.

Jalissa stepped closer and wrapped her hands around his waist "Everything guna be okay Rick don't worry,"

His blue eyes looked down at her a smile playing on his lips "It's my job to worry about everything," he almost laughed.

"Well can you stop worrying for I don't know like an hour tonight," Jalissa flirted.

"I might be able to handle that," he said softly sending a shiver down Jalissa's spine. "Just a little bit later," he leaned down and gave her a light kiss before walking towards the farm-house.

Jalissa let out a breath, disappointed that he had work to do; still… but she had him and at this point it's all she cared about. Her eyes found Carol and Sophia again, the mother not letting her daughter out of her arms let alone out of her sight. Other than Daryl and Fallon being out of commission, she thought, maybe good things do happen. Or maybe something really bad was about to happen…

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