Actions and Consequences

chapter 14

After Shay and Carl managed to get Sophia away from Carol, the three of them wandered around the farm looking for something to do. Shay was so excited to see her friend back and it made it better that Fallon and Daryl were the ones to find her. Following closely behind Carl, Shay took a quick look back at the farm house. She turned back and pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind; her thoughts needed to be clear. Guilt rung in her stomach when she thought about Fallon; she went to see Fallon this morning.

Shay knocked on the door as lightly as possible; she knew it just Fallon and Daryl, but she couldn't help but be a little nervous. Shay she took a deep breath and lightly pushed the door open and took a step in the surprisingly well let room.

"Fallon?" She asked softly.

"Shay," Fallon answered surprised as she stood up from her sitting position on Daryl's bed.

"Um, are you okay?" She asked, looking at the floor.

"I've been better," Fallon answered with a smile.

Shay finally managed to look up at her cousin, her hazel eyes immediately seeing Fallon's arm in a sling. She held in a gasp and peeled her eyes away to look at her cousins face.

"Yeah... guess you have," Shay smiled. Fallon had a way of making her do that.

"Everything okay with you," Fallon slowly made her way to where Shay was standing.

"Yeah, I'm having soooo much fun I'm so glad you guys found Sophia," Shay chirped.

"Yeah me too," Fallon answered. "Hey how would you like to spend the day with me, ya know like before we met these guys," she said with a hopeful smile.

Shay didn't really want to hang out with Fallon, but she had been putting it off for a while now... Shay's gaze faltered as she though about what to say; she had to get out of this she Carl and Sophia had plans. She brought her gaze back to Fallon's who's face was set in a disappointed look already knowing the answer.

"I... yeah," Shay answered in fake voice.

"You don't gotta lie Shay if you don't wanna just say it," Fallon answered the disappointment clear in her voice.

"I don't wanna," Shay looked down and shifted from side to side as she spoke.

"Then just say that," Fallon let out a breath as she ran her fingers through her wet hair. "But I do think that ya gotta make some time to hang out with not just me but the other people that kept you alive..."

Shay pulled her eyebrows together as she listened to Fallon's increasingly annoying motherly tone. She hated that Fallon kept trying to tell her what to do, nobody told Carl what to do, and she could take care of herself! Shay bit the inside of her lip to keep from yelling at Fallon.

"Shay, are you even listening to me!"

"Yeah!" Shay snapped up at her.

"Better watch that attitude," Fallon answered in a stern voice.

"Why," Shay answered shortly anger hinting in her tone.

"Because it's rude Shay," Fallon looked taken aback by Shay's answer and complete lack of respect.

Shay rolled her eyes and turned on her heel leaving Fallon staring after her; Fallon's mouth agape. Shay couldn't handle Fallon's control over her anymore and her tight grip over Shay's life.

"Where the hell do you think you're goin',"

"Back out... I just came to see if you were okay and you are so..."

"Shay! Sit the hell down NOW and tell me what the fuck happened to my little cousin!" Fallon commanded.

Shay let out a breath, and turned her fists clenched "You can't tell me what to do Fallon you're not my mom!" Shay finally yelled not caring about the surprised look on Daryl's face.

"You really wanna go there, you wanna do this, okay. Shay I am not your mother but I am the only person that is here for you, you keep that on mind before you talk to me like that again, now get outta here," Fallon's voice was stern but soft as she dismissed Shay.

Daryl discreetly closed his open mouth, he couldn't believe what he just heard from sweet little Shay. His eyes moved quickly from the closing door to Fallon who sat back down on her he'd this time. Her head was pressed into her tiny hands and her elbows resting on the bare skin that was uncovered by her shorts. He felt like he should say something, anything to her to make her feel better about this. He never thought Shay would ever do or say that to Fallon, if he ever spoke like that to his dad... he wouldn't be here today would be putting it simply... He shifted in his bed, using his arms to push himself up through the ache in his side.

"She's just a kid she didn't mean it..." he stared to say but shut his mouth when Fallon's icy glare caught his eye.

"She meant it... I just... I dint know where it came from... I... when did she start to resent me..." she managed to stutter out as she looked through the window.

He looked down "Carl's been actin' like that too," he added.


"Damn kids," he held in a laugh, Daryl of all people never thought he would say that.

"Yeah damn kids," she paused and stood up Daryl's eyes drifted from the koi fish tattoo on her upper thigh up past her waist and to her concerned face. He caught himself staring at her more and more these past couple of days; something he wasn't used to. "Daryl, I just..."

She was interrupted by a light knock on the door before a thin hand pushed it open. Carol stepped inside looking like a completely different person; guess getting you're kid back will do that. The frail woman walked up to Fallon and stood in front of her.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me and my little girl, not that any amount of thanking will ever be enough, but I didn't get a chance before cause you got shot..." her voice trailed off.

"You're welcome," Fallon answered in her Kentucky twang placing her good arm around Carol, giving her a hug.

Daryl looked away giving the two women some privacy; he blocked out the conversation. After about five minutes Carol left, as soon as the door shut Fallon shot him a what the hell was that look. Caught off guard, he let out a laugh that surprised both of them. Ignoring the ache from the arrow wound in his side, he continued to laugh at Fallon's confused face.

"They are cookin' a nice meal for everyone tonight," Fallon said with a smirk after he stopped laughing at her.

"So," he answered in a cool tone acting like he didn't want that nice home cooked meal.

"So, it's nice and don't act like your mouth isn't watering just thinkin' about it," Fallon teased.

She had been doing that a lot lately, teasing him and taking quick glances in his direction; not that he noticed... much... she looked down at the floor, the bright smile fading from her face; Shay was on her mind again. He knew she needed him to say something that would make her feel better, but he wasn't that guy and he never would be; even if he tried.

"I'm guna go... outside... I don't wanna be stuck in here," she mumbled after Daryl managed to say nothing.

"Ya think I wanna stay in here?" he asked, staling her from leaving the room.

"No, she answered with a sly smile before disappearing out the door.

His mouth dropped open ask he watched her small figure leave him in the room alone. Daryl knew the girl had some balls but he didn't think she would ever leave him alone... not after the shit they've been though... The unfamiliar feeling in his stomach resurfaced as he thought about her. As much as he tried to deny it, as much as he didn't want to think about it, as much as he hated it, he had to admit he felt something for this crazy girl; and that scared him much more then any damn walker out there.

Rick lifted his head from the spot on the floor he was staring at, and shifted his eyes in the direction of the noise. It was a rare moment, now, that he had a second to space out and let his mind wander; he missed being able to do that. His eyes fell on an argument that Lori and Shane were having, Rick couldn't help but hold back the smile on his face. He wasn't happy they were fighting but he wasn't sad about it either. With a quick shake of his head he looked away from them, as much as he wanted to listen, and looked over the rest of the camp. Everyone seemed happy, they felt safe, and Rick was grateful for that it was just one less thing for his mind to focus on. He stepped back and lifted his eyes to scan the putter perimeter of the farm, and as usual there was nothing out of the ordinary. Rick let out a sigh of relief and turned his attention to the beautiful woman making her way towards him. He couldn't help the smile from spreading across his face as she reached him and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

"Hey sheriff," she smiled.

"Hey there," he returned the smile.

"You making sure we're all safe," she backed up a bit realizing he was still a little iffy about PDA.

"Yeah, always," he scratched his scruffy beard.

"You're doing a great job," Jalissa lightly punched his shoulder.

"Oh you think so," he answered playfully.

"No, I know so," she narrowed her eyes ready for the challenge.

Rick shook his head knowing this battle was already lost "Thanks,"

"Welcome," Jalissa smiled "Well I guess I should get back to patching up clothes," Jalissa sighed.

"Yeah, I guess you should," Rick teased.

Jalissa's dark eyes went wide before she pushed Rich with enough force to cause him to stumble. He grabbed onto her hand and pulled Jalissa close to him not wanting her to leave him just yet. She let out a low gasp as Rick pulled her close to him making him smile even wider than before. His eyes locked on Jalissa's full lips before he bent slightly to press his own to hers. Her body slightly leaned into his just before this kiss was over. She pulled away from him and stumbled backwards over her own feet.

"I'll see ya later," Jalissa stuttered as she turned back to go to the camp.

Rick let out a low chuckle as he watched her trip over herself and stutter her words. He thought it was absolutely adorable how she still got nervous around him; he hoped that she wouldn't ever stop doing that.

"Rick!" Fallon's distinct southern drawl called from behind him, making Rick look away from a retreating Jalissa.

"Fallon, you're looking better," Rick observed.

"Thanks, still fuckin' hurts though," she frowned.

"Tell me about it," Rick mumbled his hand absently moving to his own wound.

"Anyway... you seen Andrea around I gotta talk to her," Fallon asked as she ran her good hand through her hair.

Rick pinched his eyebrows together not sure of he should tell "She's..."

"I'm not guna do anything I just wanna show her I'm okay. I promise," Fallon smiled at him.

Rick ran his fingers down his scruffy face deciding if he believe her or not "She's on top of the RV with Jesse,"

The smile on her face faltered for a second when she heard what Rick said "Thanks," she mumbled as she walked passed him.

Fallon managed to get Daryl out of bed and into the dining room much easier then she originally expected. He only put up half a fight, but she chalked it up to him still healing from his arrow wound. The food was amazing, the first bite melted in her mouth as well as the rest of the food she shovled in her mouth. Dinner went by smoothly, with everyone calming down and enjoying themselves; for once. Rick had his hand resting on the top of Jalissa's chair, and she was as close to him as she could manage, without it being weird. Much to her surprise Merle and Carol were more than a little chatty tonight.. Fallon kept her eyes away from Jesse and Andrea and Shane and Lori... that was just something she didn't want to see.

"Want me to help you back ta your room," Fallon asked Daryl.

"Naw, I got it," he shrugged her off.

"Stop tryin' to be a big man," she chuckled.

"Stop worryin' 'bout me ya got other stuff to deal with," his eyes flicked to the kids table where Shay was sitting.

Fallon sucked on her lip and bit down, he was right... Shay still hasn't said anything to her and Fallon didn't think she would tonight. "Okay,"

"It'll be fine," Daryl mumbled as he stood up.

Daryl placed his hand lightly on her back as he stood up, sending a shiver down her spine. She almost jumped at the sudden show of... affection?

"Thanks," she smiled up at him.

In the morning when Fallon woke up she instinctively looked for Shay next to her; she was sitting up looking at Fallon. Thankfully, Shay apologized for her behavior earlier in the day and decided to come back to the tent.

"Morning," Shay's voice cracked.

"Morning," Fallon answered "Go, I know I know big plans today,"

"Thanks! Love you," Shay chirped as she pushed open the tent already dressed and ready to go.

"Love you," Fallon yelled back.

She pushed herself out of the sleeping bag and stretched her stiff muscles. "Ugh, I miss beds," Fallon mumbled to herself.

"Ay! Ya up," Daryl yelled into the tent.

"Huh? Yeah I am hang on," Fallon yelled out to him. She wasn't dressed yet but the thought did cross her mind just to telling him to come in anyway. She shook her head and finished dressing and stepped outside. "What's the plan for the day,"

"Don't got one..." he trailed off, his eyes drifting to the RV where Glenn was calling everyone too. "Come on," Daryl grabbed her wrist and pulled her to them.

"There are walkers in the barn... I saw them... there's gotta be at least a dozen," Glenn informed everyone.

Everyone started talking all at once, yelling and trying to get their opinions heard. Fallon turned to Daryl quickly before searching for Shay; who thankfully was away from the barn.

"What the fuck dude," Fallon whispered.

"This shit's fucked up," Daryl said.

"Yeah... what do we do,"

"Kill them sonsabitches," he mumbled.

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