Actions and Consequences

chapter 15

"Where are going?" Fallon asked she followed close behind Daryl.

"Just keep walking. You'll see," he mumbled over his shoulder.

"Why do ya gotta be so damn cryptic all the time," She answered with a giggle.

He shook his head at her completely correct observation. It had been a few days since everyone found put about the walkers in the barn, and things haven't improved. Daryl usually agreed with what Rick decided, but this time the guy was dead fucking wrong. Those walkers needed to be killed no matter that the old bastered thought; everyone knew that. He had to get the hell outta there, these people were crazy. Fortunately, Fallon wasn't doing anything either and he knew she felt the same way about the situation.

Daryl decided late last night that he was going to take Fallon to this place he found. Considering there is walkers everywhere these days fining a place to relax was uncommon. He glanced behind him to see if she was keeping up; she was. He let the smile form on his face, just because nobody was around, as he gave her props for keeping up with a makeshift sling on her arm. As they neared the clearing an unfamiliar twist in his stomach made him stop for a second.

"Whatcha stop for, getting tired," Fallon teased as she brushed by him, her shoulder lightly touching his arm.

"Not a chance," he mumbled and started walking, catching up to her quickly.

"Where'd you want this again?" Trev asked for the third time.

Glenn turned around with an annoyed face and sighed "Over there, at least that's what Hershel said,"

"Oh yeah," Trev answered with a sly smile, he knew Glenn was straight and with Maggie but that didn't mean he couldn't think the guy was cute.

Trev picked up the hay bale from the strings and carried it over to the two horses. Thankfully Nelly came back from the adventure she went on with Daryl and Fallon; poor horse. He picked up the hay over his head and tossed the surprisingly heavy item to the grateful horses. He made a disgusted face as he looked at his callused and cut up hands. With a quick shake of his head he wiped his palms on the outside of his jeans and walked back to the pile of bales.

Trev never cared about getting his hands dirty, he wasn't that guy, matter of fact he'd rather it. Believe it or not it was Jesse who always did the, for the lack of a better term, bitch work. When they were younger everyone thought Jesse was going to be the gay one, not Trev; boy were they wrong.

"You have any family around," Trev asked Glenn after a long period of silence.

"Ah, yeah I had an older brother mom, dad. The normal thing, but they didn't make it," Glenn answered with slight confusion and a sadness in his tone "Why?"

"Figure its something else to talk about then the zombies in the barn," Trev answers as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Ah," he paused "What about you? I mean we really don't know too much about each other,"

"Well Jesse's my brother," he paused for Glenn's reaction.

"That assholes your brother!"

"Yup," Trev shook his head "Our parents died about a year ago so its just been me and him... and of course Fallon," Trev admitted making sure to stay away from the Joey topic.

"Sorry about your parents,"

"Sorry about yours,"

"Thanks, and Shay is Fallon's daughter or something," Glenn asked as he took a seat in the shade of a tree.

"Close, she's Fallon's cousin,"

"Makes sense," Glenn shrugged. "So did you like have a um... significant other," he asked awkwardly making Trev smile.

"Ah... yeah... his name was Joey," he clamped his mouth shut as a distant call for Glenn was made.

"I'm sorry about whatever happened to him," he said as he stood up patting him quickly on the back.

"Me too," Trev whispered getting up from the ground himself.

Shane was perched near the barn with Andrea and Jesse flanking his sides; fucking assholes. They didn't need to make everyone more nervous about the situation, but by doing this the three of them sacred everyone. Trev shook his head as he passed, catching Jesse's eye at the last second, making him saunter over.

"What," Jesse asked his younger brother.

"Nothing... don't you think this is scaring people," Trev motioned to the area.

"No... I mean maybe a little but this fucking old guy,"

"Hershel," Trev interrupted.

"Whatever, has those things in the barn I'd rather them be stuck in there and watched by is then have them break out and eat us all... preferably Fallon and her redneck first," Jesse scowled.

"You don't mean that... what happened with you too anyway,"

"Nothing we just broke up... the fucking dickhead Daryl better watch it too,"

"Let it go man,"

"Fuck that, no he disrespected me and stole my girlfriend,"

Trev raised an eyebrow "Stole your girlfriend... ya okay you know as well as me Fallon has her own mind and does what she wants and so what if he did! You were a damn ass to her all the time! For god sakes man you were flirting with Jalissa the second she got in the room!" Not able to hold his frustration in with his brother anymore Trev let the words fall from his mouth "As for Daryl, leave the guy alone, he could probably kick your ass,"

Jesse's face was like stone set in a furious look "You have no fucking idea what you're talking about so stay the hell out of it! Get lost," Jesse yelled as he turned and headed back to his post.

Rick sat in the old farm house waiting for Hershel to come out from the bathroom. Since finding out that Lori was pregnant, with SOMEONE'S baby, Hershel has changed mind about having the group stay a little bit longer. As he waited for Hershel to come, Rick let his mind wander to his night with Jalissa. It wasn't anything crazy, hell it wasn't anything even too sexual, it was just... nice.

"Can you put this over on the corner," Jalissa asked with a smile as she handed him her bright pink suitcase.

Rick couldn't help but smile at her and her ways, he thought it was cute she still kept her things nice and clean, folded well, and in the suitcase. Yeah, it was a little old fashioned for the time they were living in, but it reminded him of how life should be. He grabbed the bag, but with the surprise of its weight he couldn't help the face he made.

"It's so not that heavy!" Jalissa wined as she pushed him lightly.

"Have you picked this thing up," he asked as it made a thud on the ground.

She was quiet "I usually roll it," she admitted with a bow of her head.

"See," he raised his eyebrows "Hey, come here,"

Rick pulled her in as she protested, very weakly, and wrapped his arms around her warm body. Her hands quickly slid around his back, her fingers finding the tips of his hair easily.

"Its not fair when you do this," she pouted.

"I'm not doing anything," he whispered in her ear.

"Rick stop!" She giggled.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop," he smiled at her and loosened his grip on her just a bit.

"Thank you," she looked up at him and leaned forward.

Knowing what she wanted, he lifted his hand from its spot on her waist and wrapped it around her back encircling her in his arms.

"God you are so hot," she whispered.

"You think," his voice was a low rasp as he whispered.

"Oh yeah definitely," she whispered.

Jalissa lifted her head a bit and lightly brushed her lips against his, teasing him before letting the kiss actually happen.

"Rick I'm glad you came," Hershel's voice interrupted the memory.

He coughed and quickly sat up startled at the sudden intrusion "Glad you asked me too,"

"Lets get down to it then, of you and your people are going to stay here you ALL have to live under my rules. Everyone. That includes your friends Shane and Jesse," He told Rick sternly no-nonsense in his tone.

"I can handle those two, whatever it takes," Rick answered knowing this was the only option they had at this point whether they liked it or not.

Daryl held back the smile that was trying so had to show itself as he watched Fallon's face change from aggravated to in awe. With much hesitation he looked away from her and back at the shallowish pond underneath a trickling slightly high waterfall. He found it while looking for Sophia one day; never thought he would bring someone here.

"This is beautiful!" Her voice went high, as it happened to do when she was excited.

"I owed you one... figured you'd like this place," he answered as nonchalantly as he could manage.

She turned and looked at him, her wide green eye full of admiration, and something else. Her eyes faultered from his for a second to look him over quickly. Daryl cleared his throat, and took a step forward away from her intense gaze; she sighed and followed him down the hill.

"Watch it," Daryl called over his shoulder not wanting her to get anymore hurt than she already was.

"I got it, I got-,"

As if it was in slow motion, he saw her foot slip on the wet leaves; her body sliding forward towards him. Quickly planting his feet, Daryl felt her body hit his knocking the breath from her. She had her arms wrapped around his waist, making his heart beat quicken for the first time in a while. Before he realized what he was doing, his hands were around her lower waist. Fallon looked up at him sending a wave of nerves down his spine, but he didn't step away for some reason. She lifted herself on her tip toes and angled her face up towards him. Daryl wasn't a fucking idiot, he knew this meant she wanted to kiss him and he only had a few seconds to decide what to do. The nerves in his stomach told him yeah he wanted to do, his heart said yes too, but his brain said no don't. This girl is too good for you, she isn't into you and you know it she's just lonely. Daryl furrowed his brow and broke his gaze with her beautiful green eyes, letting his hands drop from her waist and took a step back.

Daryl knew he made the wrong decision when he looked back up at her. Fallon had her eyebrows pulled together, her lips set in a line, and her hands placed firmly on her hips.

"What the fuck was that," her voice was dripping with anger and a furious look in her eye.

"Nothin'," Daryl looked away trying to avoid her eyes.

"Obviously! Why the hell would ya do that if you were just guna stop!" She snapped and took a step towards him.

"I... didn't... why the fuck are ya mad at me," Daryl snapped back at her, not wanting to deal with this.

"Gee I wonder fucking why? Got damn it Daryl if you're guna kiss me just do it!" She yelled.

This is not how he wanted this day to go at all... when she said kiss he felt the nerves in his stomach jump, something he was getting very used to around her. "You want me ta kiss ya! Is that why your so mad!" He snapped at her letting his anger start to get the best of him.

"Now? Hell fucking no! You had your chance you fucking blew it," Fallon barked and pushed him enough to lose his balance.

He grabbed Fallon's good arm before she could pull it away, and held on to it his fingers not griping hard but not soft enough for her to pull away. Startled she looked up at him sending another wave of nerves through his body. More gently then he thought he was able, Daryl pulled her forward and used his other arm pull the rest of her body towards him. Much to his surprise, she put up no fight and let him pull her into him. Daryl dropped her good arm and she immediately wrapped it around his back. His breath came in a rush as she lifted herself on he tip toes again, but this time he wasn't going to make the same mistake.

He pushed his nerves aside and bent to kiss her, and when his lips finally met hers every nerve he had was gone. Daryl's grip tightened around her torso make her let out a startled gasp followed by a smile. Fallon parted her lips and gripped the fabric of the back of his shirt making a low growl escape his lips. They pulled apart from another, both of the breathing heavy and looking right into each others eyes.

His whole body was burning this desire as he looked at the woman standing in front of him. Daryl wanted nothing more than to wrap her back up in his arms and continue where they left off. Normally, there would be no stopping, but with Fallon it was different; he didn't mind. Fallon's hand ghosted from his back and rested it on his chest. His heart was racing and he hoped with everything that she didn't notice... just like that Fallon grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward and crushed her lips to his. For once in his life, Daryl wasn't scared about letting someone take advantage of him; as long as it was Fallon.

Shay ran as fast as she could to the tree line because Carl and Sophia were already waiting for her. Trev caught her trying get over there earlier and made her stay in sight, and she did until it was Lori's turn to watch her. Shay quickly slipped away and ran for freedom.

"Shay, finally I thought we were guna have to go with out you," Carl said as she made it to them.

"Sorry Trev caught me, don't worry I didn't say anything," Shay told her friends.

"Good, come on there was one over here," Carl answered.

Shay and Sophia joined Carl and the three of them set off into the woods to find a real reanimated corpse. They didn't walk for long before the three of them came across a walker stuck in the mud.

"Told ya!" Carl turned back and smiled at the two girls.

The thing snapped and snarled and scratched for them, knowing what it could do Shay didn't want to get much closer to the thing. The tingle in her fingers from her nerves were making her hands shake enough for it to be noticeable to the other two.

"Ma...maybe we should go now, Sophia's voice cracked.

"Yeah... it looks really mad," Shay agreed.

"But... come on... I brought this," Carl smiled and pulled out a gun.

"Carl! What! Where did you get that! That wasn't part of the plan!" Both girls shrieked.

"From Daryl's bag... I took it ya know just incase," he stepped away from the walker. Carl turned around quickly and turned back to Shay "Maybe you guys are right,"

"Yeah! Lets go," Sophia answered.

The slop of the mud made Shay turn around and look at the walker. Before she knew what else to do a gut wrenching scream escaped her mouth. Shay turned on her heel and started running back the way they came, hoping she was fast enough to make it there in time. Fallon always told her if you get in trouble run for her so that's what Shay did. Her lungs were burning in a matter of minutes because of how scared she was. The footsteps from behind her were coming closer as Carl and Sophia pulled away from her. The snap of the walkers jaws rang in her ear, Shay didn't turn to see how close it was but she knew she had no time to play around.

"HELP," Shay yelled wishing that she never came out here and stayed with Fallon today.

Says heart was racing from the adrenaline pumping through her veins as she pushed herself to continue the run. Carl and Sophia were just ahead, giving Shay the hope she needed to continue. Before Shay could stop herself she ran smack into a figure knocking both of them to three ground in a tangled mess. Shay looked up from the floor and into the dead eyes of another walker. Instantly she pushed away and scurried backwards towards a tree. The rotting body crawled for her,swiping its boney hand at her legs.

"No! Help," Shay choked out hoping Sophia and Carl were still close.

Her eyes darted around for anything or anyone to help her; there was no one just other walker nearing her. Shay kicked at the head of the rotting person on the floor trying to get enough room to get up, but the walker was too much for her tired muscles to handle. Tears fell out of Shay's eyes as her situation dawned on her, it was over the walkers were guna get her... just as Shay shut her eyes shots were fired silencing the snarling beings that were around her. Shay opened her eyes and got up from the floor, but immense pain radiated from her lower body sending her right back to the floor.

Fallon walked a little bit closer to Daryl as they neared the camp; a stupid first date smile on her face. Finally, he kissed her; it was so worth the wait. A straight guy hadn't made Fallon feel this happy in a long time, and she did not want to let this feeling go anytime soon. For once, she didn't have to sneak a discreet look at Daryl, Fallon just turned her head and looked at him. He was hiding the smile on his face, but that was just how he was; bruting and mysterious.

"What," Daryl asked his voice pleasant.

"Nothin'," Fallon shook her head and turned to the camp "Something's wrong" her voice panicked.

Fallon's heart started racing as she ran for the group, Daryl two steps behind her. By the time she got there Fallon was out of breath and looking widely around for anyone to tell her what happened. Her eyes fell on Jesse, whose eyes were red and full of fresh tears; no was all she could think. Every step toward Jesse was on slow motion, her feet feeling like cement block were tied to them.

"Jesse, what's going on," Fallon asked her voice soft already knowing what he was going to say.

"Shay..." he choked out as he stood up.

"No..." Fallon shook her head not wanting to believe what he was about to tell her.

"Fallon just listen..." he paused "There's not a lot of time... Hershel, that fucker, won't let her in the house," he paused to wipe the tears from his face "She's bit... and shot... and she needs you Fallon,"

As Jesse talked the edges of Fallon's vision blurred and the muscles in her legs wobbled, her knees ready to give out. There was no way this could be her Shay, it was just a joke, it could be anyone but her. The shaft of Fallon's axe slipped from her hand as she continued to listen, her stomach dropping when he said not much time.

"Where," Fallon asked as she wiped the flow of tears away from her face.

Jesse pointed to his tent, Fallon managed to get up enough strength the take one step, then another, and another, until she made it to the tent and opened the flap.

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