Actions and Consequences

chapter 17

Fallon stared at the dirt mound on the ground, her eyes locked on the spot so intently the muffled sounds of the people around not breaking her concentration. Her eyes were dry and red rimmed from the crying she had been doing, the skin under her eyes and nose raw from rubbing. The slightest touch of Jesse's hand on her shoulder made her jump, and pull her eyes away from the dirt mound that covered Shay.

"Fallon?" Jesse soft voice asked in her ear.

She shifted her gaze to look up at him, her eyes wide and head movements jerky like a bird.

"Did you wanna say anything," he asked his voice a low rasp.

Fallon nodded her head slightly and stepped away from Jesse's warmth, letting the cool fall air swarm around her. She didn't know what to say, Fallon never thought she would have to do this, nobody ever wanted to think something like this would ever happen. She made it up to where Rick was standing in front of the group and gave him a slight nod of her head, telling him it was okay. Rick gave her a slight smile and rested his hand on her good shoulder before taking his spot next to Jalissa. She took a long deep breath before turning to face the eyes of her group.

"Shay… She…" Fallon looked down away from the group and shook her head… this wasn't right "Shay knows everything I wanted to say to her," Every inch of Fallon's body told her something wasn't right about this, and she had to find out what happened. She looked back up at the group but this time she had a fierce look in her eye, a look of determination "She didn't deserve this," Fallon said her voice louder than it has been in a while. "Not only was my cousin scratched by a damn walker, she was shot, by someone…" she paused and looked around at the shocked faces of her group "Now, I don't know who did it, or why the hell they did it but I will find out, whoever you are you better pray I never get my hands on you," she finished in a sharp tone her eyes staring right into the group

Jalissa's eyes widened as she listen to the words that came out of her friends mouth, and watched as she walked away from everyone without a care in the world. Even Jesse, who was standing next to her, had his mouth agape; not blaming her for what she said but surprised. Rick and Daryl were standing on the sides of Jalissa, both men starting to go after Fallon. Jalissa put up both arms and lighting pushed both men back to where they were standing, each giving her a what are you doing look. Daryl's was more of a cross between do not fucking touch me and get out of my way, Rick was more confused than anything else.

"I've got this one, she needs girl talk… and you two don't qualify as girls so…" Jalissa said as she turned towards them.

"Go for it," Rick answered gesturing for Jalissa to take the lead.

She smiled at Rick and turned away quickly, before jogging in the direction Fallon went off into. Jalissa actually had a plan, she didn't know if it was going to work or if it was even a good one but she had to try; right? As she neared Fallon's tent her nerves were starting to take over, making her second guess her decision to go after the hurting woman. She took a deep breath through her nose and continued to short distance to where Fallon was standing; alone. Jalissa almost didn't want to disturb her; she looked calm on the outside. From a distance someone who didn't know her would think everything is okay, but on the inside there was nothing but a cold emptiness that revealed itself through her dark green eyes.

"Uh, Fallon?" Jalissa squeaked.

She picked her head up "Jalissa?" She answered looking back down at the ground.

"Um I was wondering if you knew how to, like, cut hair?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"What?" she made a confused face at her "Um.. yeah I mean I know how, it wasn't my specialty ," she finished.

"Did you bring all your makeup stuff," Jalissa took a step towards Fallon.

"Yeah actually, how'd you know," Fallon stood up.

"It's something you loved doing right? So why leave it behind," Jalissa reasoned.

"Gotta point," Fallon said letting a smile cross her face for a second. "Why do ya ask?"

Jalissa smiled, her plan was working she sparked Fallon's interest "I was thinking you could like I don't know do the girls makeup maybe fix up their hair," Jalissa blurted out.

"I don't know Jalissa," Fallon looked back down.

"Come on it'll be fun," Jalissa added.

Fallon raised an eyebrow at her "I'm not feelin' up to it,"

She wasn't going to let her say no to this, it was time to pull on all the stops "Fallon, get your ass up, go to your tent, get your shit, and meet me in the farm house in ten minutes, you hear me," Jalissa used her best stern voice and prayed to the heavens that Fallon wasn't going to punch her in the face.

Fallon bit the inside of her cheek and cocked her head to the side "Fine, I'll meet you in Beth's room,"

"Awesome, I'll see you then," Jalissa answered hiding the surprise in her voice.

Fallon went inside of her tent and rummaged through her bags looking for the makeup case she hid from everyone. Jalissa had some balls to talk to her like that, Rick was bringing that out in her, and she liked that. She pulled the case out from the bottom of her bag and ran her hand over it. She hasn't seen this case in forever; she never thought that she'd be using it again, but she was glad she was. She shook her head slightly and wipe a lone tear off her face as she thought about how Shay always wanted her makeup done by her; guess she shouldn't have waited so long.

Fallon put down her kit on the end table and looked up at the rest of the girls in the room; everyone came… The mix of emotions in her brain was making her head spin, but it was something welcoming… it was better than the numbness, anything was… She took a deep breath.

"Alright who's first?" She asked her voice much cheerer then she felt.

Each of them looked around at each other, cautious glances being exchanged between them. "I'll go," Carol finally said.

"Great! Sit your skinny butt down here," Fallon answered with a smile. "So, um there's not much I could do with your hair, but I have some eyeliner I really think would bring out those light blue eyes of yours,"

Carol let out a low chuckle "Whatever you think is best," She shrugged.

"Trust me," Fallon answered as she grabbed the eye liner her hand not shaking a bit.

"Hey Carol, Merle's guna love that look on you," Maggie's voice teased.

"Maggie!" Carol almost shrieked.

"Yeah, what's the deal with you two I never saw that coming," Andrea added.

"Neither did I, but it's nothing… we enjoy each other's company," Carol answered shyly.

"Yeah and I just enjoy Jesse's company," Andrea retorted quickly but slapped her hand over her mouth when Fallon glanced up at her.

"Don't worry about it, he is good company though, at least for a while," Fallon smirked.

"Ahh, y-yeah," Andrea answered surprised.

"Anyway, we can get back to that later," Fallon paused "Alright Carol you're done,"

Fallon stepped out of the way and let Carol look at herself in the mirror, the look on her face said everything, making Fallon feel a speck of happiness spark in her body.

"Oh my, I haven't looked this nice since my wedding," Carol said with a small smile as she ran the back of her slender fingers over her cheek.

"I'm sure you have… it's not much but I'm glad to do it," Fallon mumbled, extremely unlike herself.

"Thank you," Carol turned to her.

"You're welcome," Fallon paused and let a smirk cross her face "Now don't go messing it up crying and shit, make sure Merle see's you… knowing him he's guna take one look at ya and whisk you away and ravage you ina tent or some shit,"

"God I hope so," Carol said with a laugh.

Her one sentence made everyone in the room bust out into a fit of laughter, so uncontrolled Jesse walked by and stuck his head in with a confused look on his face.

"Everything okay?" he questioned.

"Just fine," Andrea answered waving him away.

He shook his head and mumbled something under his breath as he took his head out. "Close the door," Fallon yelled.

The door shut with a low bang.

"Now, who's next," Fallon asked putting her hands on her hips.

"I'll go," Jalissa raised her hand.

"Actually, I wanna do you last," Fallon held up her hand to stop Jalissa.

"Oh okay, cool." Jalissa sat back down and let Maggie go next.

"Ya know I've always wanted to get my makeup professionally done… how got damn ironic is it that it's happening in a zombie apocalypse," Maggie mumbled as Fallon started on her eyes.

"Hey, Fallon," Lori called from the side of the room.

"Hey, Lori," Fallon answered lowly as she concentrated on her task.

"How many damn tattoos do you have," She asked.

"Ummm, a few… I think its somewhere around ten or so," She answered putting down the eyeliner.

"Wow, I only managed to get one small one," Lori answered with a nod of her head.

"Yeah, some of them… well one in particular I regret now," Fallon paused "I have a matching one with Jesse… well it's more like they go together my ring finger says 'forever' and his says 'and ever'

"I never noticed that one," Andrea said her voice low.

"There's probably a lot you don't know about him," Fallon said evenly not meaning any disrespect to the girl.

"How long were you guys together," Beth asked quickly before Andrea could answer.

"Officially together for three, but I've known him for four years," Fallon answered without missing a beat.

"Wow, you remember all that," Andrea butted in with a sharp attitude.

"Yeah," Fallon snapped. "Andrea listen,. I'm not tryin' to get back with that guy, do I love him, yes I do, and I always will but I don't want to be with him so enough with the got damn attitude okay… that guy knows everything about me and I know about him just get over it,"

"Okay," was all that was said from Andrea.

"Andrea you don't gotta worry about her with Jesse, she got a hunk of hot redneck all to herself," Jalissa teased from the corner.

Fallon felt a wave of heat rush to her face as Daryl was brought up "Enough about me why don't we talk about someone else huh?" Fallon stuttered as she tried to avoid the subject.

"Oh no, no, no you gotta talk," Maggie teased.

"Nah, why don't we get to know someone else," Fallon deferred again.

"We all know each other already," Jalissa choked out through her laughing.

"No. that's not possible," Fallon answered furrowing her brow at the comment.

"It's true, you were always off with Daryl… not that you didn't have a good excuse but we all got to know each other then," Carol chimed in softly.

"Oh… well then… uhm whatda wanna know," Fallon asked as she spun Maggie around showing the girls the finished product.

A small simle crossed her face as each of the ladies admired her handy work; it made her feel needed again. The warm feeling in her body was a complete change from the cold numbness that has taken over her body since Shay. Fallon wanted it soak it all up while she could because she knew in the back of her mind once everyone was gone the cold was going to creep back in and settle in her bones.

"Where are you from," Jalissa offered with a smile.

"Small farming town in Kentucky," Fallon answered briefly not wanting to go any further than that. "If I wanted to get anywhere in my career I had to leave that place," She added at the last second.

"What made you wanna do this," Beth asked.

"I was watching the first nightmare on elm street and I wanted to be able to create something like that, so I taught myself how to do a lot of this and I went to a school for a little while for the rest," she paused to think "That's the short version of course,"

"What is going on with you and Daryl," Jalissa asked.

Fallon bit down on the inside of her lip "Um, nothin' we're friends,"

"With benefits?" Maggie added.

"No, just friends," She said again, this time more sure about it.

"Yeah okay," Jalissa snorted "I don't know about you girls but I don't look at my friends the way these two look at each other,"

"I don't," was chimed from around the room.

Fallon let out a breath of frustration "It's… we kissed once," she admitted.

A gasp rang around the room.

"Wow guys," Fallon said flatly.

"Whhheeeennnn," Jalissa asked dragging out the word in a high pitched squeal.

"Last week," Fallon answered quickly hiding the shame she felt for having a good time with Daryl when Shay needed her help.

"Nice! Did you like it," Lori asked.

"Is that a real question?" Fallon paused to snicker "That's like me asking you do you like being with Shane,"

"Point taken," Lori nodded with a smile. Her face looked as if she was okay and everything was fine but something in her eyes was off; only noticeable when you looked for it.

"So why are you just friends then he's obviously into you Daryl won't just cozy up to anyone," Carol asked taking another look in the mirror.

"It's… complicated… I do… like him… it's just I can't fully get into it with him because I'm just not there all the way yet… I can't be happy right now," She finally said out loud, fresh tears threating to fall from her eyes.

"Honey, everyone deserves to be happy," Lori chimed in.

"It must be nice to think that," her voice cracked "Um anyway Maggie your done,"

Every time Fallon finished a makeup a small part of herself started to come back, doing something that she loved helped the empty feeling inside start to subside. Fallon sat back on her chair as Lori got up, thanked her and left; leaving Jalissa and Fallon in the room alone.

"Jalissa, I need to thank you," Fallon finally said after a tense few minutes.

"For what" Jalissa asked.

"Don't be an ass, you know what," Fallon paused "This, girl time… its really done wonders… I haven't felt this good in a while," Fallon looked down and swallowed hard "You really don't know how good this feels," Fallon's voice was soft as the words cracked out of her mouth.

"You're welcome," Jalissa answered softly. "Fallon, it's guna be okay… you're not going through this alone… you have people here that you could help you, we've all lost people," Jalissa assured her in the nicest way possible.

"I know," Fallon answered with a slight crack in her voice "I just wish I knew the whole story. Shut your eyes for me," Fallon asked as she took the eye liner to Jalissa's top lids.

"You could ask Shane," Jalissa mumbled not sure if that was the right thing to say now.

"Shane? Why him?" Fallon raised an eyebrow her tone turning hard.

"He… um… well… he brought her back," Jalissa stuttered out.

"Oh, I'll ask him when I get outta here," She paused for a second letting the information she heard process in her mind "Thanks," was all she managed to say trying to rush the finishing touches of Jalissa's makeup.

"Yeah," Jalissa answered felling a bit awkward about the situation now.

"So," Fallon broke the extremely awkward silence "When Rick see's you tonight when he gets back from town he's not guna be able to keep his hands offa you," Fallon gave her a sly smile.

Jalissa felt the blood rush up to her face as she thought about that "Ah…" she sputtered "Oh I hope so,"

The sun was high up in the sky already by the time Rick and Glenn made it halfway to the nearest town, where Maggie said Hershel would be; in the bar specifically. In the back of his mind Rick knew it wasn't his fault the recovered alcoholic picked back up his old habit, but he couldn't help but think it. People from his group were the ones who opened the barn door and let the walkers come flooding out, it was his group that shot and killed people that he was trying to, in his mind, save, and it was his group that made him watch as they killed his undead wife; not that he blamed Fallon. In his mind Rick knew it was his job to fix this; even if Hershel didn't want him to.

"You really think he's guna be in there?" Glenn asked after a while of driving in silence.

"Don't see why not, Maggie wouldn't tell us that for no reason," Rick answered his voice straining from exhaustion.

"You're right, she wouldn't lie," Glenn agreed, taking a second to look out of the window. "We're guna be there soonish,"

"Soonish?" Rick asked raising a brow.

""Yea you know, not too much longer but we're not that close yet… Soonish," Glenn explained.

"Thanks for clearing that up," Rick answered sarcastically with a slight shake of his head. "So you remember where you were going from just those couple of trips with Maggie," He asked wanting to talk about something more on the less serious side for once.

"Uh. Yeah well it was memorable if you get what I mean," Glenn admitted shyly.

"Oh," Rick smiled and gave a nod of approval to the kid. "How did you manage that?"

"Funny," Glenn retorted making a face as he said it "When you got it you got it man," Glenn shrugged with confidence.

"Yeah," Rick smiled at the boy's obvious lie. "So are you two together,"

"Um, well I.. I'm not too sure," He answered confused.

Rick smirked knowing exactly what he meant "I don't see why you shouldn't be,"

"Yeah I know I just don't get how she's feeling. One second she's like oh lets go have sex and the next she's all pissed at me for some reason,"

"Welcome to the world of women kid," Rick raised his hand to pat Glenn's shoulder. "You'll figure it out,"

"Like you did with Jalissa, right?" Glenn said.

Letting out a low chuckle Rick said "Something like that," he paused as a smile crossed his unshaven face "She's something else,"

"In a good way?"

"In a great way," He paused. "Glenn if you find someone who makes you happy in the shitty place you grab them and hold on to them as tight as possible,"

"I will," Glenn answered softly obviously letting his thoughts drift.

Fallon shielded her eyes from the setting sun as she stepped out of the dimly lit farm house. As she made her way back to her tent she passed the Merle, who couldn't keep his eyes off Carol, and Carol standing behind a tree trying to get some privacy.

"Knew it," she mumbled to herself.

Fallon neared her tent and threw the makeup case inside, with her good arm, and took a seat on the hard ground pulling out her broken axe from the tent. She ran her fingers down the broken handle and touched the splintered end, pouting her lips as she placed the axe down next to her.

"You okay there," Jesse asked casting a shadow over her from where he was standing.

"Yeah, just sad my axe is out of commission," She looked up at him.

"You'll find a new one," Jesse assured her with a smirk.

"Maybe I'll find two and I could have battle axes like Gimli," Fallon answered absently.

"You're such a nerd," Jesse chuckled.

"It's why you love me," She answered automatically. Realizing what she said she quickly clamped her hand over her mouth "Uh, sorry old habit,"

"It's okay, it's true though," Jesse answered softly.

"God we're a fuckin' mess," Fallon laughed.

"Mess isn't even the right word," Jesse answered with a return chuckle.

"Um, you know where Shane is?" Fallon asked quickly.

"Somewhere with Lori… don't think they're guna be back for a little bit,"

"Damn it," Fallon sounded more angry then she wanted.

"Why?" Jesse asked.

Before Fallon could answer, a high pitched scream pierced the air causing Fallon to jump up and Jesse to snap his head up towards the sound. Every muscle in her body tensed as the scream ended, she knew it was nothing good.


"Who was that?" Fallon whispered.

"Andrea," Jesse answered panic set in his voice.

"Jesse ya… can't just go run into walkers like it don't mean anythin'!" Fallon grabbed his arm.

"I'm ready, I suggest you get ready too," he said sternly.

"Jesse I can't lose you too, you and Trev are the only family I have," she pleaded.

"You won't!" He said grabbing her face "Fallon what did you always tell Shay?"

"You gotta fight, fight until the end," she answered softly.

"Where's your fight Fallon?" he asked.

She stared up at him, her eyes wide with fear for a second before something inside her switched back on, something that made her adrenalin start to rush. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, knowing this could be the last time she ever saw him.

"I love you," She said.

"I love you too," He answered softly before bending down to plant a light goodbye kiss on her lips.

"Give 'em hell," She whispered as she dropped her arms.

"You too," He answered before running in the direction of the scream along with a few other people.

Fallon took a shaky breath as she glanced around the farm; everyone was packing up and running around franticly. Her eyes darted around as she took in the surroundings quickly trying to examine what she should do first. Grabbing the backpack she had her stuff in, she quickly took down the tent and rolled it up and threw it in the back of the nearest car. Her hand drifted to the gun tucked into that back of her jeans, her slim fingers wrapped around the unfamiliar handle of the weapon and she pulled it out.

"FALLON!" was yelled from around the farm somewhere.

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