Actions and Consequences

chapter 18

She snapped her head up and without thinking she ran in the direction in the scream. Her eyes widened as she neared the scene, Jalissa was running for her life as three walkers were on her tail, each of them snarling and reaching out for her. Fallon pushed through the pain in her arm and cocked the gun, raising it, and taking aim the undead monsters. With a deep breath, as if everything was in slow motion, she pulled the trigger sending a bullet through the head of the closest walker. As the zombie hit the floor Fallon felt better, as if she were getting revenge on the things that took Shay's life, and she was going to keep on killing these things until it was impossible for her to. She felt as if the heavy weight on her shoulders was just a bit lighter than before. Jalissa ran into Fallon, her eyes as wild as the day she met Jalissa in Atlanta. Fallon shook her head to clear her thoughts of Shay and shoved the gun into Jalissa's hands and looked her in the eye.

"Watch my back," She told her.

Fallon grabbed her axe and sprinted forward towards the advancing walkers, she spun the axe around before taking a swing at the first one, hitting the walker in the forehead sending blood dripping out of the wound. Using her foot to kick the walker off the edge og her blade, she pulled out the axe and the walker hit the floor, she turned quickly and me the rotting face of the second walker not too from her own. Gasping she stepped back, trying to get away from it as it swiped for her. She pushed the top edge of the blade to the walkers chest pushing it back just enough for Fallon to have enough space to avoid the uncut nails of the walker.

"JALISSA! Shoot it!" Fallon yelled as her back it hit the door of a truck.

A shot rang off and blood sprayed from the walkers head, hitting Fallon's face in small cool droplets. As the walker fell Fallon brought her eyes up to see Rick standing next to Jalissa, his own gun raised; Carl right by his side. She quickly nodded at Rick and spun away from the car, another scream rang from the around the barn giving Fallon a place to run to. Her lungs were stating to burn and her unused muscles starting to ache, not to mention her throbbing arm, but none of that mattered she had to save who she could; it's what Shay would want. As she rounded the corner, Beth was backed up against the wall a walker right on her, taking a bite from her neck. Fallon sucked in a breath and swung her axe at the back of the balding walkers head, sending it to the ground. As it fell to the floor, it revealed Beth on the floor bleeding out gasping for air.

"I'm so sorry Beth," Fallon whispered as she raised her axe once again to put the girl out of her misery.

As the axe split through the bone of the girls head, the sound was different then when it cracked the soft bone of a walkers head. She shut her eyes tight for a second, as she thought about what Rick said to her the day Shay died. "We're all infected; you have to kill the brain… I'm so sorry," screams from around the farm snapped Fallon from her memory and made her run in another direction. There was walkers everywhere, cars were being driven away quickly leaving the farm to fall to the mercy of the walkers. She spun in a circle, trying to find a place she could go; there was none. Her fingers tightened around the short blood spattered handle of the axe as a group of walkers advanced at her. As the first one swiped at her she used the axe to push it back and swing at the next one right behind it, hitting it in the forehead. She looked up again and more were coming her way, Fallon's breathing started quickening as she realized what was about to happen.

"FALLON, get on!" Daryl yelled as he pulled up next to her on his bike.

Without hesitation she jumped on the back and wrapped her arms tightly around the waist of the only person she wanted to see at the moment. He reved the bike and took off sending dirt flying behind them and leaving the farm to the walkers. Fallon pressed her face against the leather of Daryl's jacket and shut her eyes trying to forget she was technically in the front seat. Her mind drifted back to the farm, her heart still racing from the events that just unfolded; who was still alive? After a long while of driving She felt the bike start to slow down and come to a stop.

"You okay?" Daryl asked not turning to look at her.

"Could be better I guess," She answered in a shaky voice.

"We're tied again," he said.

"Huh?" She answered as she furrowed her brow.

"I don't owe you anymore," She answered in a gruff.

"Guess you don't," Fallon answered letting a smile cross her face "Thank you,"

"Yeah," He paused "We should get movin' again," he said.

"You're the one driving," Fallon answered sarcastically.

"Asshole," he mumbled underneath his breath.

Daryl started up the bike again and as the engine roared Fallon's grip tightened around his waist, which he tried not the think about. She hasn't been this close to him since Shay died, not that he was mad at her, but he didn't realize how much he missed her. Not that it mattered anymore not that her and Jesse were back together. When he heard someone scream "Walkers" is legs, without hesitation, started sprinting in her tents direction. He saw her pull him back, she saw her wrap her arms around him, he saw her look into his eyes, and he saw her let him kiss her. Daryl didn't stay after that, knowing what kissing her felt like, he wanted that to be him; not that asshole Jesse. He sucked in a breath and pushed that to the back of his mind, along with any feelings he had for Fallon.

"You see that!" She yelled from behind him.

"What!" He yelled back.

"A car!"

He looked up the road a bit and sure enough there was a car; a car that belong to someone from the farm. He drove up behind the car and followed it to the high way where more people form the group were waiting. He pulled the bike to a stop and let Fallon get off first and he followed right after her, he expected her to run to the group but she stood there. He looked down at her but not in her dark green eyes that he's come to know.

"I'm sorry," her voice cracked.

"Fer what?" he asked his voice remaining neutral.

"Pushing you away," she answered. "I never meant to,"

"Whatever," he answered not letting her know all he wanted was to hold her again.

"Kay," she looked down at the ground. "Well lets go," she said.

Daryl followed close behind her his eyes scanning her body, looking for any bites or scratches; there was none. As they got closer he could see who was standing there; Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Jalissa, T-dog, and Carl not many. His heart started to race when he didn't see his brother anywhere in sight, Merle had to be here… he could lose his bit brother again! Daryl's eyes rushed around the group, but still nothing.

"Where's everyone else?" Fallon asked her voice cracking.

"Don't know… hopefully off the farm," Rick answered as he searched the horizon for any more cars.

"Rick, we can't stay here… we… we're all out in the open… the walkers," Jalissa said frantically.

Daryl rolled his eyes at the black girl's fear "We aint jus' leavin'," Daryl said with a snarl earning a shut the fuck up look from Rick.

"She's right we… we can't just stay in the open," Maggie added.

"Maybe we could take shelter somewhere close and listen for any cars," Glenn offered.

Rick ran his hands through his hair and looked down, taking a second the think things over. "Glenn's right,"

Not too far from the high way there was what used to be a small pizza place the seemed pretty quiet; Rick decided they could stay there for one night only. As the night went on the small group they had left started to fall asleep in the pizza place, everyone's faces fresh with tears of Hershel's and Beth's deaths' Maggie was locked tightly in the arms of Glenn, who was propped up against the wall. Daryl was sitting by the window of the place taking the first watch, letting Rick get some much needed sleep.

"Mind if I sit," Fallon asked as she sat next to him.

"If I said no, would ya move," he huffed.

"Nope," She answered in a breathy voice he didn't need the light to know she was smiling.

He sat with her there for a while before he said anything else but what came out wasn't what he wanted to say "You sad your boyfriend's gone,"

"Boyfriend?" She asked confused.

"Jesse," he grunted.

"He's not my boyfriend but yeah I'm sad him and Trev are gone," she said in a harsher tone.

"If he ain't your boyfriend why were you kissin' him," He said much to his own disbelief, he didn't know where this was coming from or why he was saying it.

"Are you jealous?" She teased him.

"No!" he snapped.

"Whatever, but no… we both had a feeling it would be the last time we saw each other so… it was more like a goodbye kiss," she muttered. "There were no romantic feelings there,"

"Really?" he asked.

"Really," she answered as she scooted a little closer to him. "He just knew what was, and am goin' through with Shay… he… knows how I react when I lose someone close to me," she said softly sounding much like the devastated scared Fallon that has taken over the normal one.

"We all lost people," he said.

"You aren't the first person to tell me that," She said with a slight giggle.

He furrowed his brow as what she mentioned before circled his thoughts, he knows how she reacts to losing someone. The scars, the car accident… "That car accident you got into, it wasn't good was it," he asked not wanting to step on her toes.

He watched as she ran her fingernail down the scar on her arm, as she always did when she was nervous or uncomfortable. "No, someone died cause I decided to drive drunk and flipped the car," she paused to take a shaky breath "He was my partner at work and Trev's boyfriend and when I found out I just broke down, it was so much worse than what you saw with Shay… that day I promised that I wouldn't touch alcohol again and I would do everything I could to help whoever I could," her voice was strong but the look in her eyes said something completely different.

He didn't know what to say to her but as always he knew he should say something "I'm sorry,"

"It's okay. Now that you made me uncomfortable it's my turn. How'd you get those scars on your back," she asked her eyes looking right into his.

He grimaced at the thought of what happened to him as the anger started to bubble up from his stomach; he didn't talk about this, ever. "My dad," he said shortly with so much hate in his tone.

"I'm sorry," he said copying his earlier answer. "Looks like we're two flawed messed up people huh,"

"Looks like it," he shook his head glad she didn't press him for any more details than that.

She leaned closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder sending a rush of heat to his face as his muscles tightened at the sudden touch. He knew she felt him recoil, but she didn't move her head in fact she shuffled her body closer to him.

"If you're tired you can sleep," she said quietly.

"I'm not tired," he answered feeling more awake than he has in a very long time "You can sleep of ya want,"

"Not a chance," Fallon answered.

She did fall asleep and honestly he was glad, she'd been looking tired. He didn't think she slept more than three hours since Shay died; she would take peoples watch shifts a lot trying to keep her mind occupied. The sun was starting to come up now, and the light was starting to shine through the window casting light into the grim building. He stole a look at Fallon, noticing how she looked so peaceful, for once, and how the sun brought out the freckles that spotted the bridge of her nose. Her eyes started to flutter as if she knew he was looking at her.

"Did I fall asleep?" he voice cracked as she lifted her head from his shoulder.

"Looks like it," he answered with a smile.

"Why didn't ya wake me up so you could sleep!" she squeaked quietly.

"Aint tired," he lied.

"Liar," she shook her head "You should sleep now before everyone gets up,"

"Ya mean everyone else," he tilted his head outside to show he Rick and Jalissa sitting outside.

"Ohhhh, isn't that cute,"

He let out a sigh.

"We could join them," she said still staring out the window.

His eyes widened at her request or whatever it was and his nerves jumped at that thought.

"I'm kiddin' don't get so worked up," she said with a laugh as she used his shoulder to push herself up.

"Where ya goin'," he asked quickly.

"Ta see if there is anythin' in here," she shrugged.

Jalissa took a deep breath, ignoring the obvious smell of rot in the air, and looked up at the rising sun, then back over at Rick. She could see he was concerned about something, he was paying attention but his mind was somewhere else.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

"Fine," he answered.

"Doesn't look like its fine," she muttered.

He took a deep breath "Jalis, I don't think anyone's coming," he shifted his eyes to her.

"They might," she answered not wanting to think everyone else was just gone.

He shut his eyes and bowed his head "They're not… Jalissa the plan was to stay the night we have to keep moving," he tried to reason.

"Rick, please we… we can't just go," she pleaded with him.

"No, Jalissa my job is to keep this group safe, especially my son and here is not safe,"

"Whatever," she shook her head.

Deep down she knew he was right, but that didn't mean she wanted to leave half the group behind; it wasn't fair. She stood up and went to walk back inside.

"Wait, don't be mad," he said.

"I'm not," she answered a little more annoyed than she wanted to.

He stood up and grabbed her arm and lightly pulled her back to him "You understand don't you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just wish we didn't have to," she looked down.

"I know, me too," he lifted his hand and placed it underneath her chin making her look up at him "I never got to tell you, you looked beautiful yesterday, I think I like it even more now,"

"Rick, I'm a mess now, but thank you," she smiled brightly and stood up on her tippy toes to plant a light kiss on his lips.

"Rick!" Fallon's distinct southern drawl yelled from the door. "Food, we found food!" she finished.

"Where," he asked turning from Jalissa and taking her hand to follow him back inside.

"I guess everyone that passed this place just decided that it was overrun, I mean not everything is salvageable but there is some stuff," Fallon said as she lead them to the walk-in freezer.

They didn't stay the night, in fact Rick made them leave right after they finished eating. Jalissa could still tell that there was something he wasn't telling her, what that was she would never know until he told her. The day went by quick because of all the traveling they did, eventually Rick managed to find a place he felt suitable for the night. Daryl and T-dog went to get fire wood while everyone else set up a quick makeshift camp. It was starting to get cold at night and there wasn't a way to stay warm without at least a low fire. Night fell quick as everyone started to settle down around the fire; the same question in everyone's mind.

"What's next?" T-dog was the one to ask.

"We survive, we do what we can," Rick answered shortly.

"What's the matter with you Rick," Jalissa finally asked not able to hold it back anymore.

"I haven't been completely honest with all of you," He finally said as he stood in front of the group his eyes gliding over the curious faces.

"What are you talking about?" was asked from each mouth except for Fallon's.

He ran a hand through his dark hair before continuing what he was saying "We're all infected, every one of us… whatever this disease is, it's in our blood and when we die we become one of them," He finally said.

"No, that can't be true how can you know that!" Maggie almost yelled.

"It's true, keep your voice down," Fallon but in earning a look from Daryl.

"At the CDC Dr. Jenner told me… I told Fallon the day Shay was bitten, it was only right for her to take care of it,"

"Why the hell would you keep this a secret from everyone!" Jalissa added "Everyone but Fallon,"

Fallon shook her head "He just said why he told me, just calm down,"

Everyone was trying to talk over each other, trying to get their point heard but it was useless.

"Everyone shut up!" Rick raised his voice and used what must have been his cop tone. "Now that I have your attention, listen up, if you don't like the way I'm running things feel free to leave, from now on what I say goes, this isn't a democracy anymore,"

"It's a Ricktatorship, Fallon mumbled to Daryl who tried not to crack a smile.

"Shut up," he mumbled.

In the morning, everyone was quiet and looked to Rick waiting for him to decide what was going on for the day. Fallon got up from the ground and stretched her cramped muscles, her eyes glided around the area for anything suspicious; there was nothing.

"Fallon," Jalissa said as she walked up.

"What's up?" she asked not turning towards the girl.

"I… I'm sorry about the farm," Jalissa said softly putting her head down.

"It's fine this time… thankfully Rick was there to bail mine and your asses out," Fallon turned and stretched her hurt arm, grimacing was the pain radiated from her shoulder.

"Yeah thankfully," Jalissa agreed.

"What's guna happen when he's not there," Fallon asked her voice going serious.

Jalissa's face went serious as the thought crossed her mind "I… I don't know," she answered her eyes shifting away from Fallon's gaze.

Fallon tilted her head and looked both ways making sure most people were sleeping "Hang on one second, I'll be right back,"

She turned on her heal and started heading towards the place she saw Daryl disappear into; she needed his help. It was ridiculous that Jalissa isn't fending for herself, Fallon was taking this matter into her own hands now, and there was no way she was losing another friend.

"Daryl," Fallon called into the woods or as she thought of it, Daryl's natural habitat.

She stepped into the wooded area and looked around, still nothing "Daryl come on! I need you for something," Fallon's tone started to sound annoyed.

She let out a sigh and turned to walk out of the woods when she heard a crack from behind her. She turned with her blade drawn and ready to strike, but relaxed when Daryl's confused face blocked her vision. He pushed her hand down as he walked passed her without a word a sly smile on his face.

"That was not funny, why didn't ya answer," Fallon called as she caught up to him.

"I woulda if I wasn't trackin'," he answered his tone sounding snippy.

"Well, I didn't know that, I'm sorry," Fallon answered.

"It's fine, wouldnta been enough anyway… what did you want," He asked turning his head to look at her.

"Ive got an idea and I need ya to keep Rick occupied or like hold him back if he sees," Fallon answered him.

He stopped walking and turned to face her, his face in what she thought was shock "What the hell are ya guna be doin'," he asked.

"I'm tryin' to teach Jalissa somethin' and I'll need some space… I won't be able to do it if he's there… she needs to learn how to defend herself," Fallon admitted.

He let out a breath to think it over "Fine, when,"

"Now," She answered with a grateful smile on her face.

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