Actions and Consequences

chapter 19

"Jalissa can you do me a favor?" Fallon asked as she jogged back to where she was standing.

"Yeah, sure," Jalissa answered as she wiped the palms of her hands on the front of her jeans.

Fallon glanced over to see if Daryl was talking to rick; he was "I want you to push me," She said seriously.

"Huh, why?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Cause, I wanna see if you could," Fallon retorted.

Jalissa gave a slight shake of her head as she lifted her hand to push Fallon just enough to make her stumble. "I don't know why you want me to do this," she mumbled.

"Trust me," Fallon answered. "Now do it like you mean it, knock me to the floor," Fallon challenged.

"What? No, What the fuck Fallon… I don't wanna do that," Jalissa's voice squeaked.

"Do it anyway, get used to doin' things you don't wanna do… besides if you don't I'll just make you do it," Fallon said again this time more seriously.

"This is stupid, I don't get it," Jalissa went to turn around.

Fallon shook her head at the girl's obvious lack of concern about how she handles situations; she was going have to turn things up a bit. With her good arm, Fallon reached out and wrapped her fingers around Jalissa's forearm and pulled back as hard as she could, sending Jalissa stumbling backwards. Jalissa looked up with a confused look, slight fear hiding behind her eyes.

"Fallon what the FUCK!" Jalissa spat.

"What are you guna do about it!" Fallon snapped back shrugging as she said it.

Jalissa just looked down at her, still confused about why her friend was doing this "Just stop,"

"No, I'm not gunna stop," Fallon said again stepping towards the girl who slightly back up "Get mad Jalissa! Make me stop! When you're out there alone you thinka walkers just guna stop tryin' to eat you!"

Jalissa's eyes widened as Fallon stepped closer, this time with her fist clenched "Fallon…." Jalissa squeaked.

Fallon took a deep breath and readied herself for what was about to happen, shit was about to hit the fan. Fallon cocked back her arm and went to swing for Jalissa, but stopped her fist from hitting the scared girls face. Instead, she unclenched her fist and used the palm of her hand to smack the side of Jalissa cheek making a sound loud enough to get Rick attention. She only a short amount of time left. By this time Fallon brought her eyes back to Jalissa, the girl had a stunned look on her face her hand pressed to the side of her face.

"Got damn it Jalissa! Do something! Do anything!" Fallon yelled, she was starting to actually get mad now, the fact that Jalissa hasn't even attempted to hit her was a frightening thought.

"Fuck you Fallon!" Jalissa yelled.

That was a little better she was starting to get Jalissa mad, Fallon looked over to the left where she was Rick running for the two of them, Daryl right on his tail. Fallon's hand drifted to the small knife she had tucked into her belt loop; time to get serious. Fallon pulled the knife and sprinted for where Jalissa was standing, Jalissa was much bigger then Fallon was, so she knew she was going to have to get some momentum to get the girl to the floor. By the time Jalissa realized what was about the happen it was too late; Fallon ran into her hard enough to send them both to the floor. They tumbled to the floor in a tangled mess, Jalissa trying to catch her breath as Fallon climbed on top of her. Fallon grabbed the knife from the floor, and hovered the blade over Jalissa face, making sure it wouldn't hit anywhere when she got tackled off of Jalissa.

"Do you wanna die! Is that it! Show me you wanna live Jalissa!" Fallon yelled feeling the sting of tears in the back of her eyes.

Rick was standing near where the dirt road met the pavement of the main road, looking down it trying to figure out his next move. Things seemed so much simpler on the farm, he didn't have to worry about finding a place for everyone to sleep, or who was going to take watch for the night. Most of all they had a house to stay in when it got cold, winter was not a great time to be on the road. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair, slicking back the strands that were escaping. The clearing of a throat behind him broke Rick from his thoughts and made him turn to face Daryl.

"What's up Daryl," Rick asked happy to see the man that was slowly becoming his second in command.

"Was trackin' in the woods, I saw a house not too far from here, didn't look ta have anyone in it," Daryl mumbled in his usual tone.

"You see any walkers," Rick asked Daryl's findings sparking his interest.

"Nothin' we couldn't handle," Daryl shrugged.

A yell from over at the camp made both men turn to see what was going on. Rick's eyes widened when he figured out what was going on down there. It was Fallon and Jalissa, they were fighting… oh shit, they were fighting.

"Is that what I think it is," Rick asked Daryl.

"Yupp," Daryl answered letting out a breath.

He watched as Fallon tacked Jalissa to the floor sending a shiver down his spine his body reacting before he knew what was going on. His boots hit the ground with loud thuds as he made his way over to the two girls, he could hear Daryl yelling for him as he ran. When he got there, he wrapped his arms around Fallon's shoulders and pulled her as hard as he could off of Jalissa and tossed her over to the side. He didn't care that when she hit ground a yelp, or something escaped her lips. What he found odd about this was as soon as Fallon felt him touch her she tossed the knife she was holding to the side and let him throw her. He bent down and offered his hand to Jalissa to help her up, his eyes scanning her body for any blood; there was none.

"You okay," He asked as she got up off the floor.

"Yeah fine," She snapped angrier than he's ever heard her. "Let go of me,"

Rick dropped her arm and let Jalissa walk over to where Fallon was sitting on the floor wiping dirt off of her cloths. Jalissa had her hand balled into a tight fist, as she made her way over; he knew he should probably stop her but he kind of wanted to see where this was going.

"Hey Fallon," Jalissa growled.

Fallon looked up at her and went to say something but Jalissa's fist hit the side of Fallon's face with a loud smack, not once but twice.

"That's enough!" Daryl yelled stepping in between the two girls "She wasn't ever guna hurt ya! 'Cause if she wanted she coulda! Back off!"

Rick ran forward and pulled Jalissa back, with absolutely no resistance from her. As the words Daryl yelled processed in her brain. His eyes darted around to the rest of the camp who was now awake and staring at the commotion.

"Everything's fine, pack up we're heading out," Rick yelled as he let go of Jalissa's arms.

Jalissa turned to face Rick and the look on her face almost broke his heart, the disappointment behind her dark brown eyes was almost too much. She sucked in a breath and quickly walked to where her, Carl and Rick stuff was laying. He took a breath and slowly walked to where Daryl and Fallon were standing, Daryl's red bandana pressed to the side of her face.

"What the hell was that," Rick asked trying hard to make his voice remain neutral.

"I just wanted her to defend herself, Rick she doesn't get it and that's a scary thing… I was just tryin' to help," Fallon admitted as Daryl pulled the bandana off her face revealing a darkening bruise underneath a cut on her eyebrow. "She hit me with her ring, maybe I underestimated her," Fallon chuckled "It wasn't meant to be malicious Rick, I just wanted her to help herself,"

"Don't you think you could have done it in a different way," Rick asked.

Fallon pursed her lips and thought for a second "No, it wouldn't have had the same impact,"

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Daryl start to smile but hid it quickly. Rick shook his head and let out a sigh "Fallon, you can't do shit like that… but I get why you did… in your twisted brain it worked,"

"Listen, I don't wanna watch someone else die and not be sure I did everythin' I could to help them," Fallon's voice cracked as she said someone else die. "You should let her help herself,"

"I know she can help herself," Without another word Rick nodded and started to walk away, in the back of his mind he knew she was right, but didn't want to believe it. The more he thought about Jalissa the more he realized that she hasn't killed many walkers, which isn't a bad thing, but it wasn't the best in a world like this. He watched as Jalissa threw the last of the bags into the back of the truck and shut the door, leaning her forehead on the glass of the back windshield.

"Jalis," Rick said softly not wanting to startle his wound up girlfriend.

She slightly jumped and turned when she heard his voice "Hey Rick," she answered in a breathy voice.

"You alr…"

He managed to get out before Jalissa threw her arms around him and buried her face in his chest, holding him as tightly as possible. He rubbed his hands on her back, moving them to her shoulders to push her back so he could look at her.

"It's okay, don't worry about it," Rick said he's voice soft and comforting.

"No, it's not," she said her voice short as she stepped back from him and walked to the passenger side "CARL, COME ON WE'RE LEAVING NOW!" she yelled to his son who came jogging over hand pressed down on the sheriff's hat Rick gave him.

They pulled over to the side of the road where Daryl said he saw the house, which like he said wasn't far, they probably could have walked. He turned off the bike, feeling Fallon's death grip release his waist causing his to crack a slight smile.

"Ready?" he asked as he got off the bike.

"More than ready," she answered wrapping her hands around the handle of her axe.

They were the first two to get to the house followed by Glenn and Maggie and Rick, Carl, and Jalissa… Daryl gave a slight shake of his head when he saw Jalissa step out of the car like she was going to be a help of some kind.

"What was that for," Fallon asked looking up at him.

"Nothin'," he answered looking down at the bruise under her eye.

"She's more useful than you think Daryl, give the girl some credit," Fallon said to him obviously not ready to give up in her yet.

"I will when I see it," He grumbled as he loaded the bolt into his crossbow.

"Stay close everyone, weapons pointed out, um Carl, Jalissa stay here, be ready when you hear Daryl whistle,"

Daryl took a deep breath and readied himself for the walker kills, he knew him and Fallon were going first because they had the quietest weapons followed by Rick, Maggie and Glenn. He shifted his eyes to Fallon quickly, who was ready to go. Daryl lifted his crossbow and took aim at the first walker, with its head in the crosshairs he pulled the trigger sending the bolt through its head. The rest of the killing went quick, there were more walkers than he originally thought, but they managed to clear the house and yard.

"Fallon, I got something for ya," Maggie said as she walked over.

"It's not a fist to the face is it," She asked sarcastically with a smile shielding her eyes from the sun.

"No, better," Maggie answered lightly.

She pulled her arm from behind her back revealing a new axe for Fallon. Daryl let out a chuckle when Fallon let out a yelp that only he heard as she ran up to Maggie ready to throw her arms around her, but stopped at the last second taking a step backwards. Daryl turned around and squinted at the house, Jalissa, Carl, Rick, and Glenn were inside scavenging for anything they could use. His eyes surveyed the horizon. Looking for any sign of his brother and the rest of the group that were separated; there was nothing not even a sound. He knew Merle would be able to handle himself and surly Shane could take care of the rest of them, not that Daryl wanted to give Shane any credit at all… Just to be sure there was nobody around Daryl let out a whistle that only Merle would recognize, one of the ones they used whilst hunting together. His ears strained as he listened for anything, any kind of answer for his call; nothing.

"Daryl! I got a new axe!" Fallon chirped as she wandered back over to him.

"See that, you getting' rid of the other one?" he asked.

The smile from her face faded for a second as sadness washed over it "No, Shay found it for me… I just can't part with it right now," she answered.

Daryl nodded.

It had been weeks since the group had a decent place to sleep, as of right now Rick had them all shacked up in an old storage unit.

"Fallon?" Jalissa's soft voice startled her awake.

"Huh? What? Uh yeah," she muttered disoriented from her sleep.

"It's time to go," Jalissa answered "Remember, you and I are scavenging today," her tone revealing she still wasn't happy about going.

"Oh, yeah," Fallon's voice cracked as she pushed herself up, trying not to disturb a sleeping Daryl next to her.

Fallon pushed open the door slowly, letting the draft enter the room and sending a shiver down both girls backs. She slid out, Jalissa close behind her shutting the door making sure it was closed tightly. Fallon spun the axe around in her hand taking a quick look around her surroundings, thankfully no walkers.

"We're supposed to go into the town today," Jalissa said cooly still not completely forgiven Fallon for attacking her at camp all those weeks ago.

"Lead the way," Fallon answered with a smirk.

The town wasn't far, easily in walking distance, so there was no reason to waste the gas they had left to get there. As Fallon followed Jalissa, she wanted to say something to the girl but she knew Jalissa was going to take her sweet old time forgiving her. She was only trying to help… matter of fact she knew she helped Jalissa, the girl would have never been up for this before Fallon and her stand up for herself; Fallon hid the smile on her face. Eventually, the leaves they were walking in changed to pavement as the stepped inside the small town, keeping their steps quiet they advanced into the place.

"We should go…."

"Stop!" Fallon whispered shoving her hand out in front of Jalissa stopping the girl from talking and walking.

"What?" Jalissa froze.

"Shh… there's someone here…" Fallon whispered as she wrapped her hands around the fabric of Jalissa's jacket.

"Over here," Jalissa whispered back dragging Fallon behind an old car.

The two girls sat there for a second waiting for the people to come out each of them not wanting to admit the feelings of dread that were starting to take over. Two men finally emerged from the store, the one Fallon and Jalissa were headed to, carrying a basket of cans and other things.

"Shit, that's supposed to be our stuff," Jalissa whispered as she peeked over the edge of the car.

Before Fallon could say anything or even react, the door Jalissa was clasping came loose and fell to the floor with a loud ring echoing through the streets… Jalissa's eyes bugged out as well as Fallon's

"Jalissa, run… I'll hold them off for a bit, get Rick and Daryl!"

Just as Jalissa took off the men found their hiding spot, shit… Fallon's hands clenched around the handle of her axe as she stood up to face the two much larger men.

"Where's your friend go missy," The one guy with a mustache asked.

"Don't know what you're talking about," Fallon answered her body tensing at the sound of his voice.

"The black girl that just ran the other way, where she goin," The other fatter man asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Fallon continued to lie.

"You think I'm stupid girl!" The fat one yelled.

Fallon grimmiced while looking him up and down "You really want me to answer that,"

"This fuckin' bitch!" the fat one raised his hand to smack Fallon

"Calm down Benny," The mustache said.

"Yeah calm down! just cause it's an apocalypse doesn't mean you should lose your manners," Fallon seared knowing this wasn't helping her at all.

"Manners? Haha manners, I'll show you manners girl,"

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