Actions and Consequences

chapter 2

Fallon glanced to the side at the girl she saved, she was a good five or six inches taller than her and had a husky build, not fat or chunky, but healthy enough. She had her dark curly hair tied and slicked back into a tight bun on the top of her head, the stray strands clipped back with bobby pins. Her clothes, though dirty and newly sprayed with black goo, were more on the expensive side. Jalissa was a city girl for sure, through and through.

Fallon on the other hand was a converted country bumpkin, as her boyfriend Jesse explained it, to city girl. Fallon loved the farm she lived on all her life, but if she wanted to get somewhere in her career she knew she would have to leave her beloved small town; and she did. Fallon didn't think about her home town much anymore, and when she did nothing good came of it; at least of recently. She ran her fingers through her choppy dirty blond hair, trying to make herself look a little more presentable, feeling a little self-conscious about the condition she and her clothes were in. Fallon pushed the irrelevant thoughts about her looks aside and put on a smile for the scared looking new girl.

"Alright, when we get inside I'll introduce you and let me do all the talking," Fallon's dark green eyes scanned Jalissa.

"You got it," Jalissa answered gratefully in her normally sweet tone.

With a shove and a huff of breath Fallon pushed open the large wooded door revealing three people, two men and a little girl.

"Hey, so you know that sound I heard, it wasn't a fucking walker it was this girl right here," Fallon teased at a man with brown disheveled hair and a tattoo snaking down his arm covering most of his skin.

"Oh, I see," the man eyed down Jalissa, making her immediately feel uncomfortable.

"Jesse stop being a Damn creep," a higher pitched man's voice broke the uncomfortable silence.

"I'm not being a creep!" He quickly turned and pushed the bleached blonde who called him a creep. "I'm not being a creep, am I?" Jesse turned and asked Jalissa his gray blue eyes finding her brown ones.

"Uhm, ah I..." Jalissa stammered. She didn't want to step on toes, let alone the group member of the girl who saved her.

"Babe, you were being a creep," Fallon answered for her with a smile on her face. "Right?" she leaned over and whispered to Jalissa who choked back a laugh.

"Whatever! Sorry I didn't mean to," he said in a snarky tone. Obviously, he had an attitude problem.

Jesse looked back down at the project he was working on and turned his back on everyone else. He wasn't being a creep, he was just taking in the new girl... making sure she wasn't bitten... or that's what he told himself... The woman was quite striking, her dark skin and exotic features were not one you see often; at least down in Georgia. He felt Fallon, his girlfriend, hands wrap around his waist, resting in the familiar spot on his stomach, her chin resting on his shoulder.

"Jesse, don't be like that," her soft voice whispered in his ear "We were only joking," she assured him.

"It didn't fucking sound that way," he snapped at her. He didn't mean to sound as mean as he but that's how it always came out when Fallon did something he didn't like "Don't ever humiliate me in front of someone we don't know," he commanded his tone dark.

Fallon's hands slid from his waist as she stood up, a scowl on her face. Jesse has always been a little dramatic and demanding, but lately he's been getting worse.

"Fucking dick," she mumbled just low enough so he didn't hear. "By the way her name is Jalissa," she grumbled to Jesse.

Fallon walked back to Jalissa who was standing in the corner trying not to notice the awkward tension between the couple. Fallon took a deep breath trying to calm herself before speaking again. Jesse made her crazy half the time, but the other half he was amazing to her... she'd been with him for three years now, and she didn't know much else.

"Jalissa, as you know that bruting lump over there Jesse," she pointed to the bleach blonde man next "That absolutely fabulous man over there is Trevor, he goes by Trev though," she added in a whisper "And this little lady walking towards us is our little Shay," she paused "Everyone, this is Jalissa," she may have been small but Fallon knew how to project her voice, she had a strong presence about her

"Hi," Shay said her voice small and sweet.

"Hey there," Jalissa answered.

Shay's eyes shifted to the bloody weapon Jalissa had in her hand, her hazel eyes going wide for a second. Fallon put her hand on Jalissa's arm lightly, trying to signal she was taking the clever from her; Jalissa got the hint.

"Weapons go over there," Trev finally said when Fallon didn't. He pointed to the small pile of melee weapons along with a few pistols and two hunting rifles in the corner of the room.

"Do you have anythin' else?" Fallon called over to Jalissa.

"No, just the meat clever," Jalissa lied.

Fallon's eyes drifted to the obvious gun Jalissa had stuffed in the back of her pants; shaking her head she gave a look to Trev who did the same. She didn't blame Jalissa though, I mean who would? She didn't know this group of people; it was actually smart of her to lie… She just has to learn how to do it a little better. Trevor sauntered over to where Fallon was taking off the dirty muck covered sweater she had on. Trev's eyes drifted to the deep jagged scar that Fallon had running down the from her mid forearm to the top of her wrist; he quickly looked away when she saw him looking at it. Trev really liked Fallon she was a great girl, she had that southern hospitality that you don't see very often in the city, and she always helped him with his hair antics. She deserved better than what his brother was treating her like…

"Looks like she found us just in time huh?" Trev finally said.

"Yeah, I guess so," Fallon muttered her usually bright tone fading, as it always did when Jesse was being an asshole.

Trev sucked in his upper lip not sure if he should say anything about Jesse and her's relationship, "He's just stressed about going to the CDC he doesn't mean to take it out on you," Trev quickly muttered.

"Yeah, aren't we all," was her answer as her eye glided back over to Jesse. "Hey Trev," Fallon's voice was soft.

"Hmm," he answered.

"I'm sorry about Joey, I-I never got to tell you," She wasn't looking at him but to the side of him, not ready to look his in his piercing blue eyes.

Trev took a deep breath and shut his eyes trying to block the memory she just brought back up. "Don't, just don't," Was all he managed to choke out from his closing throat.

"I… Okay," she stuttered.

"We gotta start packing up our shit," Jesse's booming voice interrupted.

Fallon and Trev both jumped at the sudden noise breaking the dead silence between them; exchanging a glance they went to grab their stuff. A worried look passed over Jalissa's features as she heard what Jesse said; the nerves in her body shooting off in every direction.

"Wh-where are we going," Jalissa called over to Jesse in an unsure voice.

"CDC, the city's getting to be scarce in resources," Jesse said his voice a tad surprised the new girl was talking to him.

"So you think the CDC will have something?" Jalissa's voice hopeful.

"I hope," Jesse broke eye contact with Jalissa and turned to get his shit form the room he and Fallon shared.

He hesitated before opening the door to where he knew his girlfriend was, he didn't want to deal with her shit right now. Jesse sucked in a breath and opened the door to the sun lit room finding Fallon zipping up her backpack, almost done with packing. She glanced over her shoulder quickly and seeing it was Jesse she hid a scowl and continued what she was doing. Jesse rolled his eyes and stepped closer to her ready for the fight they were going to have.

"Here," Fallon said shortly shoving Jesse's bag at him.

"Thanks," He mumbled back taking it from her.

They both stood there in silence packing what was left of their shit; it was never like this before… Something changed recently… They always had something to say to each other, there was rarely a quiet moment between the two. But now, that's all there ever was silence…

"I didn't think when you said you were getting some air you would come back with a person," Jesse tried to start a conversation.

"Me either, but I saw her… I couldn't just leave the poor girl out there to die," Fallon answered in a defensive tone.

"Hey, I'm not saying it was a bad thing…" he paused not wanting the conversation to go south "It was just unexpected," he shrugged.



Jesse looked down at his bag, giving up on a conversation she obviously didn't want to have, but he couldn't blame her; he was starting to become a dick to her.

"You ready to go," Fallon said throwing the bag over her shoulder.

Jesse cleared his throat "Ah, yeah," he answered.

Jesse hated when she was mad at him, but it really was all his fault he snapped at her and she was just trying to be nice. Jesse spun around and reached out to grab Fallon's soft small hand taking it in his calloused fingers. She stopped and turnd towards him her eyes looking right up at him.

"I'm sorry," Jesse's voice cracked.

"I know you are," She answered.

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