Actions and Consequences

chapter 20

Daryl stalked the edge of the tree line, his eyes scanning the area for any sign of the girls, but there was still nothing, he knew this wasn't a good idea to send Fallon and Jalissa alone, but Fallon insisted it was okay and her and Jalissa would be fine. He didn't have a doubt Fallon would be okay but Jalissa was the one to give him some worry, yes she'd been stepping up lately but she was still far from being able to go out alone. Daryl's ears went alert when he heard a slight crunching of leave in the woods, his muscles tensed as he raised his crossbow; aiming in the direction of the noise. He took a step forward to get a better look at the incoming intruder. The first thing that came into view was a mess of bouncing black curls; shit.

"Rick!" Daryl yelled as he started for Jalissa.

"Daryl! We gotta go back now! They! They have Fallon!" Jalissa told through her ragged breathing her eyes wild with fear.

"Who! Where!?" Daryl snapped his mind going blank for a second as Jalissa told him the news.

"I don't know who! But in the town, just inside of the town! Go! I'll get Rick!"

Fallon backed up away from the two men, her back pressing against the splintered wood of the store wall, her hands turning the axe around so the head of the axe was to the floor. The fat man had a sinister smile on his face as he took a step closer to her.

"Stop, I'm askin' nicely," Fallon warned but was only laughed off by both men.

He went to take another step, so Fallon raised the axe and used the butt of the handle to smash against the bridge of his nose. It connected with a loud smack and instant blood dripping from the man's face, a yelp escaping from his lips as he back up coving his face. She took this chance to run, Fallon bolted towards the woods and away from the two men her boots hit the asphalt hard as she continued to run. She was almost at the tree line when a sharp tug from the back of her head brought her to the ground, her back hitting hard enough to knock the wind from her lungs.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" the skinny man said as he stood over her.

By the time Rick and Jalissa got to the town Daryl was already there standing over a blood stained road, Fallon's axe gripped tight in his hand. Rick ran his hand through his hair and let out a breath, turning away from the scene. Rick put his hand around Jalissa, already figuring she was going to blame herself if anything happened to her friend.

"This isn't your fault, we're guna find her," Rick whispered before kissing her temple lightly.

"Where'd ya say you two were hidin'," Daryl turned to Jalissa a scowl on his face, but hurt deep in those blue eyes.

"Um, over here," Jalissa pointed to the car.

Rick and Daryl walked over to where Jalissa pointed , examining the surrounding area for anything they could use. Rick bent down and ran his hand over the asphalt, his fingers coming up slightly red. Rick looked over at Daryl who was staring at the ground intently, his gaze looking toward the tree line. Rick looked back over to the initial spot they were standing in and back to the blood spot they were at now.

"This isn't Fallon's blood," Rick finally said.

"Don't think so, there's no trail ta that spot, there is one goin' that way," Daryl pointed to the trees.

"You think they took her," Rick asked already knowing the answer.

Daryl turned his head to look at Rick his face completely serious "That a real question,"

"Right," Rick said as he looked toward the tree line.

"I'm goin' ta get 'er," Daryl stood up and turned to Rick.

"You're not going alone," Rick said knowing that there was nothing he could say to stop Daryl from going.

"I'll be fine," Daryl huffed.

"And what if ya get into trouble, then what?" Rick reasoned knowing they couldn't lose another strong person in the group.

"Well I ain't goin' back to the camp," Daryl mumbled crossing his arms.

Rick took a deep breath and shut his eyes, there was always something; there couldn't be a normal day from this group.

"I'll go with him," Jalissa's voice chirped interrupting Rick's thoughts.

"No," Daryl answered before Rick could get a word out "I ain't guna babysit ya,"

"Jalis, I don't think it's a good idea," Rick tried to put nicely taking a step towards her.

"No!" Jalissa stepped back from Rick "I want to go, I want to find Fallon and Daryl I don't give a shit what you say I'm going, I know you don't think I can do anything… I'm not as helpless as you guys think I am give me the chance to prove it," She pleaded.

Daryl looked over at Rick "Fine, don't get yourself killed," Daryl snapped walking towards the tree line.

Rick turned towards his girlfriend, his heart beat quickening a bit with the thought of her going on a rescue mission, even if it was with Daryl. She slowly dragged her feet over to him throwing her arms around his shoulders when she finally reached him.

He felt her press her face into the side of his neck "Thank you for letting me, I can do this," She whispered.

"Don't thank me, just you be careful," he looked down into her big brown eyes.

He really did not want Jalissa to go out there, but at some point she was going to have to man up and defend herself just in case he wasn't there. He gave her a quick kiss on her lips and let his arms drop from around her waist.

"Let's get goin'!" Daryl yelled.

"Surprised he waited this long," Jalissa mumbled with a sly smile.

Rick chuckled "Go," he stepped out of her way and watched as her figure disappeared into the woods with Daryl.

A sharp stinging pain from the side of Fallon's cheek woke her from the blackness she slipped into on the way back to the camp. Her green eyes flew open as she lifted her head, her eyes immediately looking around the room she was in. It looked like a shed of some sort, the walls being wooden and all.

"Thought that would wake the bitch up," the fat man from before, Benny, snarled with a chuckle.

Fallon went to move from where she was at the sound of his voice but her arms were tied down to the chair she was strapped too; all the pulling in the world wouldn't help her. She twisted her wrists back and forth making the ropes cut into the sore skin of her wrists, blood starting to stain the ropes. She flipped her head so her hair was out of her face, and looked over at her captures.

"What do ya want from me," Fallon asked her voice straining.

"Alls we wanna know is, where's your camp?" Benny asked, his partner standing in the back looking quite unnerved about the situation.

"I coulda saved you the trouble of dragging me all the way out here, I'm not tellin' you shit," Fallon spat at the man.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll change your mind soon," Benny scowled.

Fallon shut her eyes and took a breath, right there she decided she would rather die than have these fucking idiots her the only people in the world she had left; no matter what. The same smack that woke her from the blackness struck again this time harder and on the other side of her face. She felt the skin of her cheeks hit her teeth, cutting them open, blood starting to pool in her mouth.

"Fuck you!" she yelled spitting the blood at the man's face, droplets splattering his clean round face.

"Listen just tell him what he wants to know and he'll stop!" the other man yelled his voice cracking.

Fallon looked up at him, "No, I'll never tell you anything," she said again straightening her back so she was sitting up straight.

She wasn't up for three seconds before Ben's closed fist hit her in the stomach, knocking the wind form her leaving Fallon hunched over and gasping for air. Ben grabbed her hair close to the roots and pulled upwards, pulling Fallon up from her hunched position, his grasp didn't let go until he got another closed fist to her cheek. Fallon's face was hot with pain, her vision starting to blacken on the edges, she looked down at her pants, which were now wet with the blood from her face. He raised his hand again.

"Wait!" Fallon shriked "I'll… I'll tell you where we are,"

Ben smiled and dropped his hand "Good little bitch, now go ahead,"

"Untie me first," she demanded

"You think I'm fucking stupid?" Ben roared in her face his stinking breath making Fallon gag.

"Just do it man, look at her where's she guna go?" the skinny man butt in. "She can barely stay conscious.

Ben let out a sigh and shook his head, muttering to himself as he loosened the ropes around Fallon's body. As the ropes slacked she took a deep breath and bent down to the floor, she slid her hand inside of her boot hoping the little knife she had was still here. Her fingers hit the warm metal of the knife, she smiled to herself and pulled it out, and in one quick motion she stood up and jabbed the knife into Ben's arm. She knew this wasn't going to stop him at all but it gave her some time to stumble to the door. As she stood her head spun and the edges of her vision blacked again. Fallon almost reached the door before she fell, her body was telling her to stop, the dizziness in her head knocking her off balance. As she hit the floor she felt her body being dragged backwards leaving a blood smear from her spot on the floor.

"You think you're funny, huh! I'll show you funny!" Ben yelled.

He flipped her over and ripped at her clothes, his body weight pinning her to the ground leaving her helpless. Fallon shut her eyes as she heard the fabric of her shirt rip, and when she felt the cool air hit the bare skin on her legs she hoped the blackness would take her again; but it didn't.

"What are you looking at?" Jalissa asked watching Daryl track.

He let out a sigh "The trail these guys left," he mumbled.

"I don't see anything," Jalissa shrugged staring at the ground.

"Didn't expect ya would," he mumbled with an attitude.

Daryl relaxed a bit when Jalissa stopped talking, she hadn't since they stepped into the woods and she was starting to get on his last nerve. The trail was starting to get light and he had to pay closer attention the changes in the leaves and plant life. Daryl bent down to take a closer look at the surroundings; he picked up a broken stick from the floor and tossed it to the side, letting out an aggravated sigh. Clenching his teeth he stood back up and cracked his neck and continued to walk slowly in the direction he was going in.

"Jalissa lets go," Daryl snapped when he didn't hear Jalissa walking behind him. "Jalissa!"

Daryl turned quickly, trying to let his anger simmer down before he spoke again; this girl was going to get both of them killed. His brow furrowed when he saw her standing there clutching a branch in her hand, he almost laughed when the thought of Jalissa tracking crossed his mind. What did this girl think she was doing?

"Daryl?" Jalissa's voice was low as it quivered calling his name.

The sound in her voice made every bit of humor he just had dissipate instantly as he quickened his steps to her. He grabbed the branched from her hand, she let it go with no hesitation, it was smeared with blood.

"Good find," Daryl admitted actually glad she was there for once.

"Is… is it Fallon's?" Jalissa asked.

"Don't know," Daryl mumbled hoping to god it wasn't Fallon's blood. "Jalissa, if it is and she is hurt, I'm guna need your help… I'll need ya ta carry her if she can't walk, can ya do that?" He asked hiding the slight desperation in his tone.

"Um, yeah, yeah I could do that," She answered.

"I'm countin' on ya don't fuck it up," Daryl warned wanting to make it known he wasn't messing around with her.

"I won't," She answered turning to look at him right in the eye and edge to her voice.

Daryl nodded actually believing her this time.

They walked for a little longer, and with each passing second Daryl was growing more uneasy about the situation. If anything happened to Fallon there was going to be hell to pay. Daryl heard a voice making his stop moving, he held his hand up to warn Jalissa to stop moving. He pointed to a tree for Jalissa to hide behind and stay out of sight until it was clear. Daryl pulled his hunting knife out and pressed his back against the bark of the tree.

"Benny, ya didn't need to do that…" The voice said.

"She was askin' for it," A deeper voice retorted.

"I don't know, dude is she even still alive?"

"Don't know, probably not, don't care she didn't give when all that I wanted," the deeper voice said with a chuckle.

Daryl felt his anger bubble at the thought of what these people did, in the pit of his stomach he knew it was Fallon they were talking about. He scowled and tightened his grip on the knife as the sound of the men's footsteps grew closer. He looked at Jalissa and motioned for her to go around to the shed while he took care of these scumbags. Daryl took a breath and stepped around the tree to get behind the men as they unknowingly wandered into Daryl's wrath. He stepped out behind the men and grabbed the skinny one pulling him backwards and held the hunting knife against the man's throat.

"Where is she?" Daryl's voice rumbled.

"Who! Where's who?" the fat man panicked.

"You damn well know who! Tell me or I'll cut your boys throat right here!" Daryl yelled.

"The shed got damn it the shed!" the fat man yelled.

Daryl loosened his grip on the skinny man and let his start to walk away but he decided against it. He threw his hunting knife and the blade sunk into the fat man's gut sending him to the floor, then he raised his crossbow and took aim at the skinny one. He let out his breath and pulled the trigger sending a bolt through the skinny man's heart. Daryl scowled at the two men and turned to the shed, running to get there this time. When Daryl stepped inside his heart dropped, Jalissa was in the corner with tears in her big brown eyes her jacket thrown over Fallon's bloody body. Daryl's head started to spin at the sight in front of him.

"Daryl, she's alive." Jalissa said through her tears.

"Let's get her back then," Daryl said his voice rough.

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