Actions and Consequences

chapter 21

Fallon fluttered her eyes open for a second, the light blurring what little images she was able to make out causing her to shut her eyes again. Her head spun, her body feeling a deep cold that even the Georgia sun couldn't eradicate, the muffled voices speaking around her sounding vaguely familiar making her want to find the will to open her eyes again. Her brain screamed at her muscles to open she eyes to find the power to make her muscles listen to her, to find the will not to give up this fight, not yet.

"Is she guna make it dad?" Carl asked.

"Don't know son, it's up to her," Rick draped his arm around Carl's shoulders

"She's guna be fine," Daryl mumbled not ready to give up on her.

"Maggie can you make sure she gets cleaned up and everything else is okay," Rick said to her.

"I'll do it," Jalissa chimed in before Maggie could accept.

"Jalissa no, it's okay," Maggie started.

"No, I want to, she's my friend let me do it," Jalissa said her voice commanding

"Okay, okay, if you need help come get me," Maggie offered.

"Yeah," Jalissa mumbled as she looked at the tent Fallon was being kept in.

Jalissa gave a look to Daryl, not ready to tell everyone what exactly went on in that barn, or whatever it was; Daryl nodded. As she passed by Rick, he gave her a smile a look of admiration in his light blue eyes that she didn't see much anymore. The track to the tent felt much longer then it looked, each footstep taking her closer to what was awaiting her in there. With a deep breath she unzipped the front and went in.

"Fallon?" she whispered.

There was soft intermittent breathing coming from the lump on the floor that was Fallon's small body; at least she was breathing. Jalissa bent down next to her and pulled the blanket that was covering her off, revealing a bruised and bloodied body of someone she looked up to, someone who saved her life. Seeing Fallon laying there her body limp looking utterly defenseless, so unlike the tough woman she was, made the situation they were living it much more real than it had been before; anyone can go at anytime.

Jalissa started using a clean rag and a bucket of water to start cleaning off the blood that was caked onto Fallon's pale skin. Underneath the blood revealed a much clearer picture of what happened to her while she was with those men. Both eyes black and blue her cheek, lip and eyebrows split, and that was just her face, her body was bruised everywhere and her wrists were red and raw from where the ropes cut into them.

"God Fallon, I'm so sorry," Jalissa started "I… please find a way to push through this, I know death feels like it's so right right now, but I promise that it's not," She paused to wipe her eyes "You.. you.. you can't leave me here Fallon I need you.. the group needs you especially Daryl, he's a mess right now, but he's trying to hide it and look all stoic in front of everyone,"

Fallon didn't move after Jalissa's speech, her kind words didn't somehow bring Fallon out of the darkness, it wasn't like a movie. Fallon just laid there breathing shallow fighting, Jalissa thought, to stay in this world or finally give up and see Shay again. Jalissa finished cleaning Fallon and got up from the floor, looking down at her friend.

"God if this were back in the day you'd be okay, the hospital would just take care of you and that be it… I miss those times,"

Jalissa stepped outside the tent and sat down outside of it, her knees not able to hold her up anymore, and let the tears fall from her face.

"Jalissa why are you crying? Did Fallon die?" Carl asked.

"What? Carl no.. She didn't die," Jalissa answered surprised by his question.

"Oh, well then you should cry, you should only cry if you lose someone," he answered frankly "Everytime else it's just stupid,"

"Carl! Who told you that?" Jalissa almost snapped. "Did Daryl tell you that?" Think it sounded like something he would say.

"Did I tell 'em what?!" Daryl's southern drawl cut from the darkness.

"That I should only cry when I lose someone," Jalissa answered her voice sharp.

"Why the fuck would I say that!" Daryl snarled his temper rising.

"NOBODY said anything to me it's just what I think," Carl yelled as she stormed off into the storage garages they made camp in.

Both Jalissa and Daryl watched as the young boy trudge back to camp his words wtill echoing in both their minds.

"Shit," Daryl mumbled.

"His dad has to talk to him…" Jalissa trailed off.

"Yeah, good luck," He mumbled again "Uh, how is she," He said clearer.

"She seems to be hanging in there, why don't you go talk to her or something," Jalissa tried.

"She can't hear me why would I?" he snapped.

"Just incase she can, ya know I don't know maybe tell her something you can't say when she's awake," Jalissa tried.

Daryl was quiet for a second, he handed Jalissa his cross bow and went inside the tent being sure to zip the side back up again. He sat down next to her, listening for her breathing and shut his eyes remembering what he could about her features getting a clear image of her face.

"Fallon, don't die… I lost my brother, I lost my whole family… I don't want to lose you too," He paused "Those guys that did this to you they ain't guna do it to no one else, I made sure of it. If you go… Fallon please I need you right now,"

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