Actions and Consequences

chapter 23

"Car's outta gas?" Fallon asked as they trudged passed the only vehicles they had left.

"Yeah, yesterday was the last of it," Daryl answered slightly turning his head to look behind him.

"Well shit, that's guna make this exponentially harder," Fallon frowned giving a yearning look at the cars.

"You said it," he paused "If… if you're havin' trouble just let me know," Daryl said quietly.

"You guna give me a piggy back ride?" Fallon smiled as she teased him.

Daryl stopped for a second as if the words froze him but continued to walk after half a second "If I need too,"

Fallon couldn't keep the smile off her face at that sentence "Daryl Dixon you're making me blush," she giggled.

He missed that, their banter, the outrageous things she would say to make him uncomfortable, but mostly just her laugh "Why don't cha git ahead of me," he stopped and let her continue walking.

"Why?" she asked cocking her head to the side the lighting hitting the bruises underneath her eyes.

"Uhm… so I could keep an eye… on… you," He stuttered looking away from her awkwardly.

Fallon smirked "How about we walk next to each other so it's not so creepy,"

"Creepy?" Daryl gave her a look as she fell into step next to him.

"Yeah, creepy." She paused "It's like I have a big, scary, sexy redneck stalker,"

Sexy? Daryl thought "Um,"

She looked up at him and smiled "Not that I would really mind too much if that were the case,"

Daryl felt himself start to smile "It's not the case… since I'm sure as shit not a stalker,"

"I don't know, with the way you track you could have made a good livin' stalking people," Fallon answered with a smirk.

Daryl shook his head and let out a long sigh, this woman, "Just shut up and keep walkin' woman,"

"Yessir," She answered knowing that was going to be a task and a half since her body was already protesting the slow walking she was doing already.

Daryl glanced to the side after Fallon stopped talking, even in the cooler weather that was taking over she had a thin layer of sweat over her lip. They had been going for at least an hour and a half the pace quickening as everyone moved. He looked back up at the group, they were starting to pull away from them now, and back at a slow moving Fallon. He knew this was hard for her, and he gave her the utmost respect for doing this, but they had to pick up the pace or stop soon. Daryl felt his stomach flip a bit as he thought about how she must be feeling at this moment, weak, pitied, hurt, the adjectives endless; he wanted to help.

"Daryl…" Fallon huffed "I…I just need a second,"

"Kay," he grunted taking a look up at the group who were moving away.

Fallon leaned up against a tree her eyes shut tightly and her breath coming in short bursts "Okay… we can go," her voice was reluctant.

Daryl took a step forward and looked back; Fallon was still propped up against the tree her back pressed against the bark her eyes shut tight. "You comin'," Daryl asked his eye brows pulling together.

"I can't," she whimpered her eyes set on the ground "Daryl I can't do this," she looked up at him, her eyes starting to water.

"Bullshit," Daryl grunted making a face at her his tone full of annoyance "That's the biggest line of bullshit I've ever heard, and my brother is Merle," Daryl finished anger starting to bubble in his stomach.

"Bullshit! How the fuck could you know how I'm feeling!" Fallon snapped at him.

"Cause I fuckin' know you! And it ain't like you ta give up just 'cause your muscles are hurtin'! So stop with the bullshit get off the got damn tree and walk over ta me and we could git goin'!" Daryl snapped at her. He hated the idea of her giving up just as much as yelling at her but he didn't know how else to get her moving. Daryl might not have known Fallon very long but he knew enough that she would never give up because of some pain; she just had to believe that again.

She narrowed her eyes at him, her lips pursed in anger, and her brows pulled together in anger, even where he was standing he could she her huffing because of how mad she was. But, surprisingly he watched as she pushed herself off the tree and started in his direction; he felt satisfied about the win.

"Finally," he grumbled hiding a smirk "Took ya-,"

"Shut up Daryl," Fallon cut as him off as she reached where he was standing.

Daryl clamped his lips shut, not sure what she was about to do his stomach knotting a bit; not that he was nervous or anything. Fallon stopped in front of him, her breathing evening out now, she looked up at him anger still set in her features. Before Daryl had any time to react Fallon grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to her, pressing her lips to his. Daryl tensed at the surprise, but relaxed instantly and moved his hands around her waist continuing what she started.

Rick looked back at the group, his eyes falling on Carl and Jalissa right behind him first, than scanning the rest of the group. He smiled, actually smiled, when he saw Carl telling Jalissa some very animated story his hands flailing about his face bright as he spoke. Rick couldn't explain how relieved he was that Carl took a liking to his new girlfriend and accepted her wonderfully and without hesitation. As if she knew he was looking at them, Jalissa glanced up and flashed him a quick smile before looking back down at Carl. Rick turned back around to the front, but a feeling in his stomach told him to look back something was missing. He turned again his eyes scanning the rest of the group again, where was Daryl and Fallon? Knowing she was having trouble lately and knowing Daryl wouldn't leave her alone he figured they were held up a bit. Rick looked up at the sun, it was about afternoon time or close to it, they couldn't slow down this much if they wanted to cover any distance today. He sighed.

"Hold up everyone," Rick called to the group "I'll be right back,"

Jalissa gave him a look as he passed turning around to see where he was going "What are you doing?"

"Daryl and Fallon aren't close guna see if everything is alright," He answered as he kept backtracking.

He wasn't walking for more than two minutes before he was them, a smile crossing his face for the second time in five minutes. There they were, middle of the road, locked in each other's arms finishing what seems like an intense kiss. He gave them a second more or privacy, spinning in a slow circle, when he reached them again they seemed to be finished.

"You two ready?" Rick yelled over to them as he held back a laugh when he saw Daryl jump back.

"Yeah, just takin' a mental health break," Fallon yelled back.

Rick waited for them to reach him, giving Fallon a nod as she passed, looking much better he might add, and smirking at Daryl when he reach Rick.

"What?" Daryl asked like he didn't know.

"How's your mental health," Rick asked with a smile.

"Better than ever," Daryl answered as his eyes followed Fallon up the road.

Rick slapped him on the back as they walked back to the group, Daryl with an actual smile on his face again. Now that everyone was together again Rick wanted to get a move on, there had to be a house somewhere close, they couldn't spend another night outside it was getting too cold.

"Sooo, what happened?" Jalissa asked as she came up behind Rick.

"What's it look like," Rick answered with a smile.

Jalissa turned, realizing almost instantly and snapping her head back in Rick's direction, a huge smile on her face. "OH MY GOD! YES!" Jalissa celebrated.

"Right?" Rick agreed.

Rick wrapped his arm around Jalissa's shoulder and pulled her close to him, placing a kiss on her forehead gently. He felt her breath catch slightly, her still being surprised by that was something he would never stop loving her for… Love… Loving her… Loving Jalissa… Rick tried to push the screaming thoughts aside so he could focus on finding shelter, but they were so loud it was making everything else almost impossible.

Fallon pressed her back to a tree, keeping her eyes on Jalissa and Carl who were at the tree's next to her. Glenn spotted a house not far into the woods just before sunset, they were in the process of making sure the house was empty and the surrounding land. By they, Fallon meant everyone else, she was forced to stay back with Jalissa and Carl just in case of anything… Which was a nice way of saying you're too much of a risk right now to come do clean up duty, so stay back and wait. Not that she cared about staying back, but actually having to do it was something she wasn't used to, this must be what Jalissa and Carl feel like all the time; no wonder why Carl was rebelling a bit. She could hear the smack of the weapons hitting the walkers heads, their growls and grunts being cut off; Fallon wanted to help…

"Okay we're good," Rick yelled from not too far away.

Fallon turned from the tree and started to the decently sized house, it looked like everyone could have their own space in there. Carl ran passed her quickly, Fallon went to yell for him to be careful, but Rick was already on that when Carl reached him.

"So Fallon," Jalissa said teasingly.

"Yes?" Fallon answered confused about the tone of her voice.

"I heard you and Daryl were making out in the middle of the road today," Jalissa finished.

Fallon stopped and felt her face turn hot for a second "Yeah," She giggled with a sigh "How'd you know?"

"Rick told me," Jalissa answered like Fallon should already know that.

"AH, makes sense," Fallon laughed. "You think there are a lot of rooms in the house?"

"Hope so," Jalissa shrugged "Wait… are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jalissa smirked at her friend.

Fallon glanced over at her friend and raised her eye brows "Yeah I think so,"

"You better tell me all about it in the morning woman, even I'm curious about Daryl,"

Fallon laughed so hard she had to stop moving and use Jalissa as a post to lean against until she could stand up straight again. When Fallon composed herself and was able to walk again the girls finished the distance to the house and went inside. It was dark, but fire could take care of that and everything seemed to actually be in really good condition; much to Fallon's surprise.

Everyone was finding a place to sleep after they ate some kind of diner, because Rick wanted to get an earlier start tomorrow… The thought of a longer day than today made Fallon's body hurt even more, but she knew eventually the pain would subside and this would be easier… eventually…

"Night Fallon," Jalissa said mockingly as she passed by with Rick trailing close behind her; Carl was already asleep upstairs.

"Thanks you too," Fallon answered in the same tone a smile on her face.

"Oh I will," Jalissa answered followed by a giggle and an inaudible comment by Rick.

Fallon started to get up from the chair, her legs in pain but it was a tolerable pain now, when she felt Daryl's hand pull her the rest of the way up. She turned her head and looked at him surprised, but thankful which he returned with a small smile.

"Let's get to bed," Fallon said softly as Daryl's hand slowly slid off her arm.

"Kay," he answered shyly.

Daryl took the lead and guided her upstairs to the room that was picked out before; he shut the door behind them and turned to her his face in an unemotional mask.

"Are you okay?" She asked when she couldn't get a read on what he was feeling.

"Yeah," he answered "I'm good. Are you?"

"Fine," Fallon answered awkwardly. "Daryl I believe this is the most awkward moment we've ever had together,"

Daryl chuckled "Think you're right,"

"If there were only a way to fix it," Fallon said as she strolled passed him and sat on the bed.

Daryl raised his eye brows and looked down at her his jaw dropping a bit as she leaned back on the bed.

"Um," he stuttered out still unsure if this was happening.

"I mean if you can't think of anything we could just go to bed," Fallon stood up and turned her back to him pulling off the shirt she was wearing.

Fallon felt Daryl step behind her, his rough hands gently grabbing her arms arm turning her around to face him. Fallon gasped in surprise, a smile on her face she looked up at him, he took a step forward her step back hitting the bed. His hand slid from her side up to her face, his thumb gently gliding over the bruises underneath her eyes as he pushed her hair out of the way. Fallon felt her stomach flip, in a good way, as Daryl leaned in closer to her, her lips hitting his softly at first.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her, deepening the kiss her lips parting as the pain in her body was replaced by something much better. Daryl shrugged off the leather vest he was wearing, and Fallon made easy work of his shirt, her fingers running over the scars on his back. Daryl tensed and stopped kissing her, obviously ashamed of his scars. She didn't say anything, Fallon took his hand in hers and placed his in her side letting his fingers run over the scars that covered her ribs and waist.

"Daryl, everyone has scars," she whispered. "You can't be ashamed of them forever… I would know,"

And at that, he gently pushed her onto the bed and pulled off her pants and undoing his falling on top of her. She wrapped her hands around his back her nails digging into his skin as his lips and mouth explored her body, biting her lip to keep quiet.

"God we haven't been alone in forever!" Jalissa sighed as Rick shut the door behind them.

"Yeah, since the farm, I think," Rick answered as he stepped closer to her.

"I think you are right," Jalissa answered giving him the eyes.

"Why waste it?" Rick chuckled.

"I completely agree," Jalissa laughed "But wait one second!"

Jalissa went to grab something from her suit case, but Rick caught her arm unexpectedly and pulled her back into him. She hit his chest and looked up at him a confused but excited smile on her face, she stood on her tippy toes and tilted her head up Rick closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers.

She stepped back as he stepped forward and they stumbled for the bed, a real bed, and fell into it. Rick moved his lips from hers down to her neck, a quiet moan escaping Jalissa's lips. Jalissa pulled off Rick's shirt and threw it onto the rest of the pile the accumulated on the floor. Her stomach jumped when Rick's hand slid down her waist and pulled her pants off and tossed those as well.

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