Actions and Consequences

chapter 24

Fallon wrapped her arms around herself to stop the incessant shivering, but honestly that wasn't doing anything. It had been at least three months since they left the safety of the house they found because Rick decided that he knew best and what he says goes; no if ands or buts apparently. Something about trying to run things the way he was trying didn't sit well with Fallon, one person can't decide everything. Fallon glanced over at him, Rick's back was facing the rest of the group his hands resting on either side of his head elbows up in the air; he did that a lot now…

Fallon looked over at Daryl who was cleaning his bolts, his eyes squinting so he could see better in the dim light. She smiled, he was really making her feel like a real person again, the black hole that Shay's death created was starting to fill again… it would never be completely filled there will always be a piece of her heart on the farm with her little girl, nothing could change that. As if he knew she was staring at him Daryl looked up at her, a half smile he tried to hide quickly crossing his stoic face before he went back to work. Even when he was mad at her Daryl couldn't keep a smile off his face when he saw her looking at him.

Things have been weird between them recently… He was becoming distant so she would want to know what was wrong, and him being fucking Daryl he just got nasty with her. Jesse started doing that near the end of their relationship, and it wasn't something Fallon tolerated, not anymore. Fallon cared about this guy, and she knew he care about her but something switched off in his head that sent this relationship straight to a halt.

Fallon looked back down at the ground and let out a breath before pushing herself off the ground. She stretched her body and started in Rick direction, being out here in the cold was ridiculous and it was time someone said something. Fallon brought that fact up to Daryl earlier in the day, obviously he didn't agree with her and told her to keep her damn mouth shut. That starting a fight that they haven't resolved yet. Fallon stalked passed Daryl keeping her eyes forward, on Rick, even when Daryl made a noise at her trying to get her attention.

"Rick?" Fallon asked softly trying not to startle him from his thoughts.

"Fallon, what can I help you with?" He almost sighed.

"Nothin' really just wondering how you are… ya know how you're handling everything?" She asked trying to get a feel for his state of mind.

"Did… did Jalissa send you over here to asked that?" he turned so quickly it made Fallon take a step back.

"What? No…" Fallon answered confused.

"Oh," he almost sounded disappointed.

"Everything okay?" Fallon asked how curious about the situation.

"Fine…" he trailed off.

"Okay then…" Fallon answered raising her brows she wasn't going to pry if he didn't want to talk he didn't want to talk. "Um… might not be the best time but Rick… we gotta find someplace…" She started.

"Fallon I know… and I'm trying okay…" he cut her off his voice sharp.

"I understand Rick bu-"

"Fallon can you come help he with this," Daryl's voice cut her off.

She turned and looked at him her eyes brows pulled together, looking back at Rick then back at Daryl "Yeah," she let out a breath "Never mind Hope you feel better man," She turned and let her feelings about the current situation go.

Daryl clenched his teeth as he watched Fallon walk over, her shoulders pulled back ready for the verbal assault that was about to happen. Fallon plopped down next to him and turned to look at him.

"I already know what your guna say, so shut it okay," She spoke one brow rising "I should have just let it go," she deepened her voice as she spoke trying to mock his tone.

"Ya cleaned up the language a bit but yeah, that's what I was guna say." He paused "Just listen ta me for once Fallon let him be, Rick knows what he's doin'," Daryl glanced over at her as he cleaned the zombie blood the last of his bolts.

"Yeah," she answered flatly wrapping her arms around herself.

"Cold?" Daryl asked.

"No, I just chatter my teeth for fun," Fallon answered sarcastically, as she always did when he asked her a dumb question.

Daryl grunted. If she wanted to be a bitch, she could be a bitch by herself he didn't feel like dealing with her sarcasm today. Daryl pushed himself off the floor and picked up his stuff, and reluctantly walked away from her. He didn't want to, but he was fed up of her attitude with him, yeah he wasn't the warmest person to be around but damn Fallon was giving him a run for his money.

"Where are ya goin?" Fallon asked her voice high pitch in confusion.

"Away," Was all Daryl answered.

Fallon shot him a glare and gave a slight shake of her head just enough for him to see. He knew her coldness toward him was mostly his fault, she tried to find out what was wrong but he just shook her off and told her to let him be, and that's exactly what he was doing; she did what he told her to do so he can't really be mad at her for that. Daryl wanted to let go, finally let his guard down with her, but he couldn't not completely, there were parts about him that he didn't think she could love. This all started when she asked about his scars after they had sex, he didn't want to tell her but Fallon being Fallon she kept prying until he flipped out on her; not that he wanted to. Daryl wasn't ready to tell her about them, he didn't ask the specifics about her scars what gave her the right to ask about his.

"Daryl?" Jalissa's voice spoke her tone uncertain "Are you really sitting by me?"

"What?" he answered not realizing where his feet took him sit down "Yeah,"

"Oh… hey," Jalissa answered giving him a nod.

Daryl grunted.

"Does that mean hello in Daryl language?" Jalissa asked with a smile.

Daryl turned and looked at her his brows pulled together.

"If I'm supposed to know what that means I'm guna need a translator," Jalissa threw her hands up dramatically in defeat.

Daryl chuckled, he was starting to really realize why everyone who was around Jalissa had a smile on their face. She had a calmness about her that made things feel okay, it even made him feel okay… and that almost never happened as of recently.

"No need for a translator," Daryl finally answered "I um… wanted ta ask ya somethin'," he almost mumbled.

Jalissa's big brown eyes widened in surprise "And what would that be?"

"Fallon…" he mumbled as he bit in his thumb nail.

"She's that little cute dirty blonde over there that you've been ignoring," She answered matter of factly.

"I haven't been ignoring her!" he almost yelled making Jalissa jump back.

Jalissa rose an accusing brow "Daryl, she tells me everything,"

Daryl clenched his teeth "Everything?" he asked feeling his stomach jump.

"Well almost everything… don't freak out she hasn't told me anything personal about you," Jalissa let him know.

"Oh…" he answered as relief washing over his body.

"What do you wanna know Daryl? I assume you came to ask me for some kind of advice," Jalissa turned her body to look at him.

Daryl looked at her and hid a laugh, she was funny "Um, I wanna make her feel better… uh I've been acting like a dick, don't really know how to stop…" he finally stuttered out.

She smiled "I've been waiting for you to ask me that," Jalissa clapped her hands together and gave him a mischievous look.

Daryl swallowed hard, his stomach jumping at how eager and ready she was to help out "What… how…"

She just shook her head with a warm smile "Just listen up," she paused to let him nod "All Fallon wants is for you to open up a bit to her. Let her know things about you and your life, believe me she won't judge you, she really cares about you Daryl. And I'm just letting you know this asshole act," she paused because he made a face "We all know it's an act Daryl," Jalissa giggled "Isn't the way to go man, at least with her 'cause she's starting to get fed up with it,"

Daryl pulled his brows together actually listening to what this woman was saying. "What can I do?"

"That's up to you… You know what she likes to do, what brought you guys together?" Jalissa asked.

"Killin' walkers," Daryl answered as he thought about the first time they teamed up behind the store.

"Um…" Jalissa answered "Maybe something else?" she rested her head in her palm "OH! I got it,"

Daryl looked up at her, ready to hear what she had to say.

"Tomorrow, when you go out hunting or go for a run take her with you, just you two and just talk," Jalissa offered.

"You think that'll work?" he asked with much skepticism.

"She's a girl… girl's love to talk trust me," She nodded at him her brown eyes looking up at him.

He let out a breath "If you say so,"

If this was five months ago Daryl would never have come over and talked to this woman, not in a million years. But now, after being through so much with her, and the rest of this group, there was… respect for her and the person she was. Not once did this woman change who she was, yes she's gotten tougher, but she has never changed and that was something Daryl put so much admiration in.

He got up and gave Jalissa a nod, making his way back over to Fallon who was chatting with Maggie now next to the fire. The flickering orange light casting a glow her, highlighting the lines and contours of her face; she was beautiful to him. Daryl cleared his throat as he approached the girls, both of them looking up at him, Maggie quickly excusing herself and waving bye to them.

'Yeah?" she asked looking back at the fire.

"I was wonderin'… if maybe in the morning you'd wanna go scouting with me?" Daryl asked his deep voice low.

Fallon looked up at him confused "I thought you did that with Rick?"

"I do," he paused "But tomorrow he's got some shit to do," Daryl lied not wanting her to know this was what he wanted.

"Sure he does," she cracked a smile obviously knowing he was lying "I'd love to,"

Rick slowly opened his eyes as the rising sun's light hit in directly in the face, a nuisance of sleeping outside… His eyes found Carl first who was sound asleep in a sleeping back not two feet from where Rick and Jalissa were. Jalissa's head was on his chest, he insisted when they had to be outside because Rick wanted at least one part of her to be comfortable. Now that they slept like that all night there was slight regret, a rock was jabbing him in the middle of his back all night… Rick reached for Jalissa's bag and pulled it over to him, he was becoming a pro at this now since they've been outside too much as of recently, he lifted her head and slid his body out and pushed the bag underneath without her waking up. He wasn't always this good at that… the first couple of times he woke Jalissa up violently from her head bumping the ground, luckily she always just laughed and gave him a kiss when that happened.

Rick looked up when he heard Daryl whistle, and with a grunt and a long breath he got up and headed in Daryl's direction. As he approached he saw Fallon up and ready, axe and small backpack in hand, with a genuine smile on her face.

"Fallon what are you doing up?" Rick asked as he scratched his scruff.

"I was told I was goin' on the scouting trip today… you had stuff to do," She glanced up at Daryl a brightness in her eyes, something playful maybe.

Rick looked up at Daryl, his eyes widening as he shook his head "Uhm, no yeah I got some stuff to take care of around here I was just making sure you two got off okay," Rick quickly recovered earning a nod of appreciation from Daryl.

He watched as the two of them disappeared into the woods, Rick shook his head with a smile; they needed this. He turned and looked back at the resting people in the group, there needed to be a better place somewhere, and they needed to find it soon… His eyes found where Jalissa was supposed to be sleeping, but the spot was empty. Rick's stomach jumped immediately his eyes darting around camp find her, but she wasn't in sight.

"Whatcha looking for sheriff?" her voice sounded from the side of him.

Rick turned his nerves settling when he saw her emerge from the woods "Walking dead people, the normal," He answered nonchalantly.

"So weird that's a normal thing," Jalissa giggled.

"Should be used to it now Jalis," Rick wrapped his arm around her "By the way why were you in the woods?"

"Oh… I had to… take care of some personal business," Jalissa answered shyly.

"I see," Rick smiled it was cute how she was embarrassed about that still. "Why don't we take a seat on this nice soft ground and watch the sun come up like we did that one day,"

"I 'd love to babe," Jalissa almost squeaked.

"I reserved this spot just for us, some doin' but I got it," Rick joked.

"Aren't you just the best, it's not every day a girl sits on the ground and watches the sun rise," she paused "I hope it did cost too much 'cause then I'd just feel bad," Jalissa played along

"For you it's worth it," Rick answered half still playing around but completely sincere at the same time.

Jalissa smiled at him, her deep brown eyes looking right at him, she used her hand to gently guide him to her. Jalissa brushed her lips against his and pulled back resting her forehead against his. Rick smiled and traced his finger down the smooth skin in her face, stopping at her jaw line his thumb tilting her head up to look at him.

"Jalissa, I love you," his voice was soft, not able to rise above a whisper.

As the words left his lips, the butterflies in his stomach started to flutter uncontrollably, each passing second lasting an eternity. Jalissa's lips parted in surprise and her brown eyes glittered from the rising sun.

"I love you too Rick," Jalissa answered with a full smile her hand reaching up and wrapping around his neck pulling him in to kiss her again.

Fallon followed behind Daryl just far enough to get the jump on anything that might pop out behind him, not that Daryl couldn't handle it, this was just precautionary. It felt good to be back out in the woods with Daryl, they might not be talking but it was much better then at camp. Not only did she feel better that she was out with Daryl but it also gave her a sense of purpose again, to be a productive member of the group again, not stuck at camp all the time.

"Think there's a road up ahead, wanna check it out?" Daryl called behind him.

"Sure, probably a good idea," Fallon answered as she picked up the pace to catch up with a waiting Daryl.

He gave her a look when she stopped on the side of him, placing the head of her axe on the ground and leaning her weight on the handle. She returned his look with a confused one pouting her lips a bit.

"What?" she asked

"You're guna hurt yourself doin' that one day," Daryl replied as he started to walk.

Fallon giggled "That coming from you is priceless,"

"Why the hell is that?" Daryl asked his head snapping to the side to look at her, a ghost smile on his face.

"Have you seen yourself?" She mocked looking him up and down.

"What I'm safe!" Daryl answered but stopped and rethought his answer "Whatever I know what I'm doin' woman," he rephrased.

"I know you do," she raised her brows her green eyes gliding over to look at him. "Thanks for caring if I hurt myself," Fallon added.

Daryl's shoulders tensed, as they always did, making Fallon quietly giggle to herself "Don't tell nobody," he mumbled.

"Never would," Fallon responded.

As they reached the end of the woods, their boots came in contact with the blue rocky gravel that covered the back road to somewhere. They looked at each other with the same inquisitive look in their eyes, Fallon pointed her chin at the over grown plants the lined the road. She craned her neck and stood on her tippy tops to try and see over but it was useless. She took a step closer and then another, Daryl doing the same behind her, his crossbow drawn in case of anything. Fallon couldn't hear any walkers but, it never hurt to be careful and to cover your ass just in case there was a hidden one. Fallon pushed the weeds away and what she saw made her eyes go wide.

"Holy shit," Daryl said standing up straight.

"Yeah… holy shit…" Fallon answered. "I think we found home,"

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