Actions and Consequences

chapter 25

"We'll take a small group in and take out the ones in the yard, clear it so the others can get through to the watch towers," Rick started as he turned back to the group. "From there we can take out the rest, save your bullets… we're starting to run low," He added his hand absently scratching his beard.

Rick's eyes flicked to Fallon and Daryl, both of them nodding knowing they were part of the group. "What about the gate that's open inside?" Maggie asked.

"I can do it," Jalissa spoke up her voice loud and clear making everyone turn to her.

"No, you and Carl are going for the watch towers… helping clear the field," Rick turned to her his voice edging with panic. "Kill the walkers that are pressing against the fence, get as many as you can," he added.

"But…" Jalissa started.

Fallon placed her hand on Jalissa's arm to stop her from saying anything, this wasn't the time to be a hero, just listen to what Rick said. Jalissa let out disappointed breath and nodded in defeat her eyes wandering around the fenced in area looking for the watch towers; every time…

"Jalissa, he's just tryin' to keep you safe," Fallon started to say after Rick finished talking.

"I know he is and I appreciate that but I am able to help every once and awhile I am capable of that!" Jalissa answered in annoyance.

"Hey, I get it… but think of it this way, you make him happy and probably sane and he doesn't want to jeopardize that… The guy cares about you just be happy you have that," Fallon replied with a shrug.

"No Fallon you don't get it," Jalissa said quietly "You don't know what it's like to be me or what I go through you've never had this problem…"

"And what problem is that? Please enlighten me?" Fallon asked crossing her arms.

"You've always gone out on missions or run or whatever and you've always killed the walkers and always get to go, people want you to go out with them because you like killing those things. I don't get that I have to stay here and wait," Jalissa pouted. "The only time you got a taste of what I go though is when you were hurt…"

Fallon pulled her eyebrows together, her lips pursing not believing what she was hearing "Are you serious? That's fucking ridiculous. Nobody wants to put their life in danger every day, I do it 'cause I have to sure as hell not 'cause I want to. Jalissa you have no idea how good you have it… how many walkers have you killed? Like, three tops? You should appreciate everything that is done for you not complain like a child 'cause you weren't picked to kill the walkers," Fallon shook her head and started for the fence where Daryl was waiting. "You've had it easy up until not don't you dare take that for granted,"

Jalissa's jaw dropped "Where are you going?" Jalissa yelled.

"To kill walkers 'cause that's what I'm good at," Fallon yelled back sarcastically.

She shook her head and pushed the conversation out of her mind, if she was going to be killing walkers her mind needed to be clear. Daryl looked at her, his head cocked to the side, his lips ready to ask what that was about, but at the last second he decided against it.

"I'll tell you later, you're guna love this one," Fallon told him a smirk playing on her face.

"Alright," he shrugged as he pulled his crossbow form around his back readying it for the fight.

Fallon gripped her axe handle tightly, her knuckles going white, taking a deep breath she swung it up and readied herself just as he did. The plan sounded simple, run in kill the walkers and close the gate, but there were a lot more moving parts than originally expected. Rick was going in last, so it was up to Fallon, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and T-dog to clear a path for Jalissa and Carl to get the watch towers so they could have more cover. Once Jalissa and Carl were safely in the towers Rick was going to join and run for the gate to close it up, making it less dangerous to clear the rest of the field.

"Everyone know what they are doing?" Rick asked just before the plan was set in motion.

There was a universal nod.

Daryl glanced over at Fallon quickly, catching her eye, she gave him a slight smile which he actually returned. Rick pulled the gate open Daryl and Fallon going in first, followed by Jalissa and Carl, Maggie and Glenn in last; T-dog still on fence duty with Rick. There was no time to waste now, walkers were everywhere! Fallon spun her axe around in her hand the blade facing outwards now towards an emancipated gray walker, its long boney finger reaching for the group. Fallon raised her axe, and with one swift motion the blade sliced through the dead skin of the walker followed by a crack of metal hitting bone.

Using her foot she kicked the dead walker from the end of her weapon, the body crumpling into the grass. With a quick glance behind her she advanced forward and onto the next group of walkers now alerted about their presence. Daryl took aim and took out the closest one, his bolt flying clean through the head and reloaded, Fallon swung for next one the blade cutting the side of the face, black goo oozing from the gaping wound.

"There are too many to do it this way!" Glenn yelled as he shoved a fire place poker through the eye on a walker.

"He's right!" Maggie added "We can take Carl to one watch tower Daryl you and Fallon take Jalissa, we'll cover," She paused and jabbed her knife deep into the head of a blooded walker "More ground quicker!"

"I'm good with that!" Fallon answered.

Without another word Maggie and Glenn broke off and quickly ran, with Carl, to the closer of the two towers. Fallon heard Jalissa's breath quicken, she turned and found a walker closing in from the side, hissing as its claws reached for Jalissa's arm. She pushed Jalissa to the side, Daryl grabbing and clutching the woman's arm as he still advanced for the tower. Fallon pushed, with all her strength, the fat walker back with the butt of the axe sending it stumbling backwards. Repositioning her grip, she swung down and the blade cut deep into the head of the snarling walker. Looking back up, she quickly turned only to be faced with a new walker. Fallon gasped and took a step back, her heal catching on the body of the previous walker kill. She fell to the floor, the new walker falling on top of her, it's teeth snapping just a few inches from her shoulder.

Fallon pushed the snapping walker away from her face, the wriggling body making her grip slip from the tearing clothes. The fabric she was holding into disintegrating in her hand, the snapping walker falling closer to Fallon's body. Her eyes darted to her axe on the ground and back at the walker, she moved her hand from the walkers shoulder to around its neck. The weight of the walker was starting to make the muscles in her arm burn and start to buckle; it was now or never.

Daryl caught Jalissa when Fallon pushed her in his direction, his finger wrapping around her arm as he pulled her in the direction on the watch tower. He spun around and pulled the trigger sending a bolt straight into the eye of a walker. With a swift motion he swung the crossbow around his shoulder and pulled out his gun; there was just too many. He quickly took out enough walkers to clear a path to the watch tower; if they ran.

Daryl yanked Jalissa forward when she didn't immediately start running "MOVE!"

Jalissa sprang forward and ran for the tower Daryl taking out the walkers that threatened to come remotely close to her. Finally they made it to the door, Daryl turned to check and see where Fallon was, and when he saw her his stomach jumped.

"DARYL! Daryl there's one coming! You gotta get it!" Jalissa shrieked as she clung onto Daryl's arm.

Daryl tried to take aim at the walker trying to eat Fallon, but Jalissa kept pulling in his arm every time he had a shot.

"STOP!" he yelled "Get inta the watch tower!" Daryl yelled. His eyes darting back to Fallon, the walker just inches from her face. "Do what you're suppose ta!"

Daryl looked back at where Fallon was only to find a crumpled walker with black blood dripping from a gaping hole in the back of its head. He raised his crossbow and took out a walker moving in his direction, his eyes darting to find Fallon. Shots were starting to ring out from around the yard walkers going down in every direction. It wasn't long before the yard was completely clear of moving walkers. Daryl spun around still looking form Fallon; his eyes finally finding her.

She was walking over with Rick, Black blood smeared down her face and shirt, and what looked like a crooked smile on her face. A sense of relief washed over him for a second, as he turned Jalissa came into his field of vision. She was cowering in the corner of the watch tower, she didn't even go up the stairs. Anger started to bubble in his stomach, pushing away the good feelings he just felt… if Jalissa could just carry her own weight this wouldn't have been a problem.

"Looks like everyone's okay," Jalissa chirped.

Daryl scowled "No thanks to you," He mumbled as he stomped away from her.

"Rick, thank you for killin' that walker," Fallon said as they walked back to the group.

"No problem," Rick answered "Guess I should be thanking you too, having you with me with that walker shit on you kept them away… for the most part,"

"Yeah probably helped," Fallon replied glancing down at her bloodied clothes. "It fucking stinks,"

Rick chuckled as did Fallon.

"It does,"

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