Actions and Consequences

chapter 26

"Jalissa?" Fallon asked as the woman passed by her without a word.

Fallon cocked her head to the side, Jalissa always wanted to talk there was something up.

"What did you say to her?" Fallon asked Daryl crossing her arms over her chest.

"Why do you think I said somethin'," Daryl grumbled.

Fallon raised her eyebrows "Seriously?"

"She freaked out! Completely lost it when she needed to be strong… everything she was working towards just gone, she reverted back to the girl she was… she almost got you killed Fallon, when that walker was on top of you she wouldn't let me go ta help ya," Daryl answered.

Fallon pulled her eyebrows together and turned to glance at Jalissa, completely confused on why the girl reverted back at such a crucial time.

"I'll be right back," Fallon said absently as she headed for Jalissa.

She was standing by the fence, the walkers snarling and pressing against the other side trying to get to her. Jalissa had Glenn's fire place poker gripped tight in her hand, as she stared intensely at the rows and rows of walkers trying to make her a snack.

"Jalissa?" Fallon asked as she approached the girl making her jump. "Sorry,"

"Hey Fallon," Jalissa answered flatly.

"I think standing here isn't the best idea… ya know," Fallon tried.

"I fucking know that I'm not an idiot!" Jalissa raised her voice.

"Wow, calm down… what the fuck," Fallon answered holding her arms up. "If you are guna stand here you might as well kill the walkers piling up,"

"I will," Jalissa answered.

"So… Daryl told me what happened in the yard," Fallon stood next to her.


"What happened Jalis, you were doing to good why revert?" Fallon asked as she grabbed the fireplace poker and shoved it through a few walkers' heads.

"I don't know… Fallon there was just so many walkers, so many more then I've ever had to deal with I just got scared… I… I'm so sorry," Jalissa admitted "I get trusted, just like I asked, and I blow it 'cause I freaked out… I'm so useless," Jalissa's voice cracked.

Fallon stayed quiet for a second thinking about what to say "You can't be scared anymore walkers are a way of life now," Was all she said not wanting to lie to Jalissa, she was becoming useless.

Jalissa looked down "I know," her voice was defeated.

Fallon let out a breath "Start out slow, use this to kill the ones behind the fence," Fallon handed her back the fireplace poker.

Jalissa took it hesitantly and spun it around so the point was facing the fence, she looked back over at Fallon, her face worried.

"You're fine," Fallon said her tone reminding her of the way she talked to Shay "You know what to do, just do it,"

Jalissa nodded, taking a step forward she took a breath and shoved the fireplace poker through the fence and into the head of a walker with a cringe worthy crunch. She pulled back the weapon coming out spraying black blood into Jalissa's direction, she scowled and stepped out of the way.

"Get used to that," Fallon frowned "It gets everywhere. Go ahead do it again,"

Jalissa nodded and again shoved the poker into the head of another a walker, this time with more confidence. Fallon never thought she'd be having this conversation with a grown woman, she thought she was going to have it with Shay… Never the less she was glad this was happening.

"Thank you Fallon…" Jalissa said turning towards her.

"No problem," Fallon smiled "Just… don't forget Jalissa you keep getting lucky there's going to be a time when someone's not so lucky… I don't want to be that person, I do not want to be walker food because you dropped the ball, you hear me?" Fallon finished talking very frankly.

Jalissa nodded "I'll be better,"

"Good cause you can't be anything less anymore," Fallon nodded.

Fallon turned and started down the hill for the rest of the group, halfway there Rick was stopped and staring at Jalissa, his hand scratching his beard.

"What in the hell did you say to her?" Rick asked.

"I kinda mothered her a bit," Fallon answered crossing her arms.

"Good… I've tried… but I don't know I wasn't getting through to her, maybe I was babying her a bit," Rick said his voice low.

"You were babying her lets be real," Fallon giggled. "Maybe you should take some time, after all this" Fallon gestured to the prison in general "And teach her how to be a bad ass like you, sheriff," Fallon offered with a smirk

"Yeah," Rick finally agreed with a chuckle "Anyway, uh grab Daryl we've got to talk about tomorrow," Rick said briefly.

"What? Tomorrow?" Fallon answered confused.

"Yeah, the prison is going to be ours," Rick assured her.

Fallon clamped her mouth shut and nodded, from the sound of his voice there was no talking him to of this one. With one last look at Jalissa Fallon turned and jogged for the rest of the group huddled by the fire, the warm fire. She found a spot next to Daryl and smiled up at him, in regular Daryl fashion he looked at confused first and returned her smile.

"Whatre you smilin' about," he asked.

"Nothin' just wanted to smile, it's nice to smile sometimes," she answered sarcastically "You should try it it'll make you more personable," she chuckled as the words came out of her mouth Daryl's face already twisting into scowl.

"What makes you think I wanna be personable," he huffed.

"Nothing, nothing at all, I just wanted to see what kinda look you'd give me," Fallon answered giving him a nudge.

Daryl shook his head.

Rick came wandering up with Jalissa next to him, her jeans covered the black walker goo a new look of confidence on her face. He cleared his throat signaling silence for the group, everyone looking up at him waiting for what he was going to say.

"We did a great job today, but tomorrow we are taking the prison, it'll be harder than the yard, so we'll need everyone," his eyes glanced around the group finally landing on Jalissa "To pull their weight. We can do this home is just a few walker kills away," Rick finished.

"A few hundred maybe, "Fallon murmured to Daryl who shot her a glare.

"We should get some sleep, tomorrow's guna be a long day," Rick sighed his tired eyes shutting for a moment.

At that everyone got up and started going to their designated sleeping areas, not too far from the warmth of the fire.

Everyone was huddled by the gate just as the sun was starting to come up, not one eye tired everyone amped up for the fight. The plan was to stay close to each other and kill the walkers as the came up to the group. Fallon glanced over to Jalissa she looked scared, but for once she wasn't backing away from the walkers, she was staring them down hopefully it'll stay that way.

"She'll be fine," Fallon murmured to Daryl who was staring at her as well.

"Better be," he mumbled "You're staying with me,"

"You being protective is unbelievably sexy," Fallon told him quietly her eyes slightly narrowing "But I'll be okay,"

His face was a slight shade of red as he spoke again "You ARE staying with me every time that woman is involved with you something happens to ya Fallon, and I'm tired of that shit so you are stayin' with me,"

"Yessir," Fallon giggled giving a slight shake of her head, he did have a point though.

Daryl and Fallon were in a group with Maggie and T-dog, the other group consisted of Glenn, Rick, Jalissa, and Carl; Fallon's group went in first. Each person took out one walker and stepped back into the group, this way went on for several minutes. That's when the S.W.A.T team walkers started making their way towards the group, everyone stomachs twisting at the new development.

"How do we take these out?" T-dog asked as he pushed one backwards knocking it and two other walkers down.

Daryl aimed his cross bow at the walker the bolt flying and bouncing off the riot team helmet. It was Maggie's turn now so she stepped forward and jabbed her knife underneath the helmet, the walker crumbled to the floor.

Fallon glanced over to the other group only to find Jalissa squishing herself into the middle away from the zombie action. Disappointment briefly washed over Fallon, right before Jalissa stepped forward and tried for the advancing walker. She only grazed the head, but it was more then she normally did... Daryl bumped her shoulder signaling her it was her turn, without hesitation Fallon swung her axe hitting the walker sending blood spatter across the ground. The rest of the yard was cleared with ease and mostly without a hitch, surprisingly. Everyone was inside the prison now, luckily the keys were found outside, the only thing left to do was clear out the block.

"Jalissa why don't you come with me we can clear the top left," Fallon said as she wandered over to her friend.

"Sure sounds good," Jalissa chirped as she waved bye to Rick.

The girls trotted up the stairs to their designated area, as they reached the top Jalissa went to walk side by side with Fallon.

"NO!" Fallon panicked as she pushed Jalissa back against the rail just as a walker arm jutted out of the closed cell.

Jalissa gasped as Fallon swung her axe down and cut the extended arm off the snarling jail walker, blood leaking from the severed limb. Jalissa looked down at the arm and back up a Fallon her brown eyes wide with fear.

"I… didn't… thanks," the scared girl stuttered.

"Yeah, Jalis you gotta be more aware," Fallon answered as chipper as she could manage trying not to show her annoyance.

"Yeah, sorry I will," Jalissa out her head down.

Fallon sighed as she putted out the hunting knife Daryl let her borrow and buried it deep into the head of the severed arm walker.

"Get the next one," Fallon told Jalissa in her Kentucky twang.

Jalissa hesitated for a second, but plunged the fireplace poker into the cell cutting off the ear of the other zombie. Fallon leaned back against the railing and raised her brows as she waited for Jalissa to finish the job. Jalissa pulled the poker out getting the hook caught on the cell bar.

"Breath Jalissa, they can't get you," Fallon assured her.

The woman's shoulders rose and fell with a deep breath, Jalissa gently pulled the poker out and one last time aimed for the head of the walker; she killed it.

"Great, just 15 more cells to go," Fallon side stepped to the next cell with a slight smile on her face.

The girls were about half way through when Jalissa leaned back against the rail and turned her body to face the rest of the group; they were all already done.

"I think everyone is done now,"

"Yeah all the more reason for us," Fallon emphasized "To hurry up, we gotta clean out the cells too,"

"Oh… really," Jalissa said her voice disappointed "It's like we can never stop,"

"You got that right," Fallon took out her walker and waited for Jalissa to do the next one.

Jalissa bit down on her lip.

"Come on," Fallon turned and looked at Jalissa.

"Um… you think you can take care of the rest… you can get it done faster yourself and someone's gotta start making food," Jalissa spit out quickly.

"Um," Fallon stuttered "I… yeah sure… Send someone else up if ya could," She sighed and watched as Jalissa sauntered off.

Fallon felt her anger bubble in her stomach as Jalissa got to the group and started talking, who was she to leave when the work wasn't done. With too much force Fallon stabbed into the cell with a grunt, the walker inside falling silent. She quickly moved to the next cell and jabbed the other two walkers. Footsteps from down the grated floor made her look up from her work with the walkers to find Daryl lumbering down with an arrow twirling between his fingers.

"I don't need your help," Fallon called to him as she put another walker down.

"Shut up and take it," He mumbled as he stood next to her shoving his arrow into the eye of one of the last walkers.

"Oh Daryl I love it when you talk to me like that," Fallon answered him seductively.

He huffed "Keep it up Fallon,"

"That's my plan," She smirked. "Haven't had any trouble so far,"

"No chance in you havin' trouble," he retorted.

Fallon stopped and turned towards him completely take back by him actually retuning her advance "Is that so?"

"Trust me," He looked down at her.

Fallon's eyes averted to the group just down the stairs, most of them were taking the bodies out and piling them up; it was just Jalissa inside. Fallon looked back at Daryl, squinty blue eyes looking back down. She grabbed his leather vest and pulled him to her, Daryl grunted in surprise but let he continued to let her pull him until her back hit the metal wall.

"Whatre ya," Daryl started to say but Fallon put her finger on his lips to silence him.

"Shut up and kiss me you fool," She giggled and pulled him closer to her only their clothes separating their bodies.

Daryl did as he was told and bent down to kiss her, his lips hitting hers in a rush. Fallon gasped lightly surprised by the sudden fierceness the kiss took; not that she minded by any means. He parted her lips as her arms slid around his muscular back. Naturally, Fallon jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hands dropping to her ass and her back pressed against the warm cool metal of the wall. A snarling groan echoed from the last cell, the one next to where they were standing, as a scrawny walker in an orange jumpsuit reach its claws out for them. Fallon broke the kiss and laid her head back against the wall, letting out a sigh her green eyes shutting in disappointment.

"Shut up," Daryl mumbled as he gently let Fallon slide from his grip then shoving his arrow into the head of the last walker. "Fuckin' walkers always ruining shit,"

"Guess not everyone is a fan of adult time," Fallon shrugged "We can pick up later… everyone is startin' to come up here now," Fallon finished.

"Better not be lyin' ta me woman," Daryl mumbled as they headed for the first cell so they could clear out the bodies.

"And what if I am?" She answered over her shoulder her tine playful.

"You'll regret it," Daryl answered in a gruff voice his hand smacking her ass they made it to the group.

Fallon turned back to him a surprised look in her face "Wh-," she started to say but decided to shut her mouth instead.

"Maggie, Fallon why don't you two start cleaning out the cells downstairs with Jalissa so well have beds for tonight, we can finish up with these bodies," Rick said as he stretched out his shoulders.

Fallon looked over at Maggie who shrugged "He's got a point I don't want to sleep on the floor tonight,"

"Yeah you're right," Fallon agreed

"Don't work too hard boys," both girls said as they bounced down the stairs.

"Jalissa we're on clean up duty lets go," Maggie said pulling Jalissa's attention from the guys upstairs.

"Cool, sounds good," Jalissa sang brightly.

Maggie and Fallon exchanged a brief look but smiled and followed Jalissa to the first of the cells to clean.

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