Actions and Consequences

chapter 27

Jalissa's POV

They'd been at the prison about a week now, most of the cell block they called home was clean, except for a few minor things. The guys were setting something up outside or scouting or whatever it was they said; Jalissa didn't listen. It was the girls' job to clean the inside and make it homey; if that was possible. Maggie came running into the cellblock with something cradled in her arms, a genuine smile on her face; Jalissa cocking her head to the side. Maggie finally made it to where Fallon and Jalissa piling up dust they swept out of the cells, giving them a look

"Finally," Fallon said not looking up at Maggie yet "We sent you to find a broom like a half hour ago,"

"Fallon," Maggie chirped.

Jalissa grabbed the broom from the woman's hands making her look at Maggie, Fallon's green eyes going wide.

"Is that… Alcohol? Where did you find that?" Fallon squeaked.

Maggie raised her brows "Janitors closet it was wedged in between some buckets and whatnot,"

"Wow…" Fallon shook her head a smirk crossing her face.

"Thank the lord of that man," Jalissa chimed in with a smile.

Fallon crossed her arms and dug her fingernail into the scar in her arm, her eyes locked on the bottle Maggie had in her hands. She looked conflicted about something and that confused Jalissa, Fallon was always sure of every decision she made. Maggie took a swig and passed the bottle to Jalissa who happily took it, the burning down her throat a pleasant sting. Jalissa handed the bottle off to Fallon who hesitated for a second before grabbing the bottle and swishing the liquid around.

"Guna take a drink, it's not the best but it's strong," Maggie insisted.

"Um," Fallon paused "You know what… I uhm think I'll pass on that," Fallon answered quietly handing the bottle back to Maggie "You two take a break I can finish up in here,"

"But…" Jalissa started to say.

"Go it's fine I got it," Fallon dismissed Jalissa.

"Oh..Kay," Jalissa reluctantly answered before following an equally confused Maggie out.

"What was that? I thought she'd be excited about letting loose a bit," Maggie inquired.

Jalissa let out a breath "I uh I don't know," Jalissa racked her brain for anything that Fallon had ever said about alcohol but nothing came to mind, but the woman had been acting very off today…

"You see her do that thing with her scar, she does that when she's uncomfortable or whatever maybe it has something to do with that," Maggie offered.

Just then it hit Jalissa, back on the farm Jesse told her briefly about Fallon's accident, her drunk driving accident "Yeah, I think it does,"

"I mean… it's the apocalypse and all… if you can't drink now when can you? We're all different people now what we did before doesn't matter," Maggie shrugged as she took another swing.

"I don't think it's like that with her…" Jalissa said her voice distant as she spoke before taking another drink.

"Ya know as long as we've all been traveling together I really don't know anything about her except she's a badass with an axe, she used to be a makeup artist, and those people she traveled with were her only family," Maggie thought.

"Maybe that's all she wants anyone to know," Jalissa shrugged.

"I don't know I think that's a bit odd, but maybe that's the alcohol talking,"

"Fallon will do anything to protect anyone in this group, if she doesn't want to tell us about who she used to be that's her business, we should be thanking her not questioning her loyalties to the group or who she used to be," Jalissa snapped stopping the speculation on Fallon's character "That woman saved my life more times then she needed too,"

"Okay okay, sorry the alcohol is making me weird," Maggie put down the bottle and made a face holding her hands up in defense.

"Yeah," Jalissa smiled shaking her head "Me too,"

Just as the girls put down the bottle the heavy metal door swung open, Fallon's tiny figure coming out shielding her eyes from the brightness.

"Y'all seen Daryl?" Fallon asked looking down at the girls.

"Um, I think they may be over there," Jalissa pointed to the left of them.

"Thanks," Fallon mumbled.

"Hey is everything okay?" Jalissa called after Fallon trying to get up but stumbling in the process.

"Just peachy, I'll see ya later," Fallon called back.

"Weird," Maggie shrugged before laying her head back letting the sun hit her chest.

"Maybe, just let her be," Jalissa mumbled letting herself relax without fear of anyone going to get her.

Rick's POV

Rick closed the last hole in the fence, pulling the zip-ties tight before standing back and admiring his handy work "It's not pretty but it'll work,"

"If it works it works," Daryl shrugged.

Rick glanced around the general area and it actually looked, dare he say it safe, a smile threatening to expose itself. He scratched his scruff and turned his head, out of the corner of his eye a shadow moved, immediately his hand went to his weapon. Rick relaxed when the shadow turned out to be Fallon rounding the corner.

"I'll leave you two,"

"Actually I just wanted to see if it was cool if I took a look around outside the gates clear my mind or whatever," Fallon said before Rick could stroll off.

"You know there are walkers out there, right?" Rick asked confused.

"Yeah," Fallon nodded.

"You can't just go on a walk and expect to be safe and clear your head," Rick clarified his concern.

"I know Rick, just… please, I need to get away for a second," Fallon pleaded.

Rick looked over at Daryl who looked just as confused as he did.

"I'll go with ya…" Daryl offered.

"I really just want to be alone…" Fallon declined Daryl's offer.

"Um I guess as long as you don't go far…" Rick answered knowing full well the woman could take care of herself but completely unsure of what this was all about.

"Thanks," Fallon answered running her finger down the scar on her arm.

Fallon walked away towards the gate and quickly made her way out to the woods, Rick and Daryl still staring after her.

"What the hell is that about?" Rick turned to Daryl.

"Hell if I know… she was fine last night and when I left this mornin',"

Rick shrugged "Well looks like we're actually done…"

Daryl grumbled and stretched out his arms "Yeah… now what?"

"Maybe relax for a second?" Rick offered. "I actually think I should give Jalissa some target practice,"

"We don't have enough ammo," Daryl raised a brow.

Rick shot his friend a glare, but he did have a point…

"Have her kill the ones linin' the fences," Daryl shrugged his eyes wandering around for Fallon.

"Could do that, it'll be a nice date for the two of us," Rick answered sarcastically.

"Romance in the apocalypse. It's as good as it gets," Daryl added with a shrug.

"I'll catch up with you later… keep an eye on Fallon," Rick said cautiously.

"Course," Daryl grunted his eyes already scanning the outter surroundings.

Still puzzled by Fallon's odd behavior he headed over to the cell block to see what Carl and everyone else were up too. As he neared he heard giggling, obviously from the remaining women in the group, he rounded the corner and gave them a look.

"There is no fun in this camp, what are you two doin'," Rick teased.

"HEEEEY!" Jalissa squeaked as she stumbled trying to stand up and used the wall for stability.

Rick glanced down and saw the almost empty bottle of liquor laying on the floor realizing now why they were so happy. He shook his head and let out a breath guess were not taking out zombies right now…

"Come on drunkie let's get you to a bed," he sighed and wrapped his arm around her waist "I'll find Glenn for you Maggie,"

"I'm n-not drunk Rick," Jalissa slurred be brown eyes glazed over.

"Sure you're not," Rick chuckled.

Rick guided Jalissa into back into the cell block, which was looking great he might add, and put Jalissa into a bed much to her protesting.

"Jalissa, you'll feel a lot better when you wake up," Rick sighed. "You be more useful as well," he mumbled himself.

"Okay, I love you," Jalissa said as she rolled over.

"Love you too," Rick answered as he got up and headed back outside.

He looked up at the graying sky, thankfully they finished everything they needed to before this storm rolled around. Wet walkers weren't a pleasant smell…His mind drifted back to Jalissa, she was getting better but somehow she still seemed to stay away from killing walkers; there wasn't enough of them to keep doing this he realized this now. Even Carl was better with walkers then Jalissa at this point…

Fallon's POV

Fallon looked up at the darkening sky and decided it would be best to head back to the prison now, her mind still distracted. She hated herself for almost forgetting… today was Shay's birthday and she almost forgot… There weren't even any walkers around to take out her anger on so she was stuck taking it out on herself. When Shay died Fallon promised her would never forget her not one thing, and already she was breaking the promise she made…Fallon trudged through the woods her eyes looking out for any danger when she heard a scream. She snapped her head up, her eyes darting back and for trying to discern where the yell came from.

"HELP!" the yell sounded again.

Fallon took off in that direction her axe in hand, after only a few minutes of running Fallon found the scene. Two people hanging onto a tree three walkers reaching for them, the girls grip obviously slipping. The walkers turned at the smell of new and easy to access meet and headed for Fallon, she smirked and spun her axe around reading herself. Before she could take a swing a bullet exploded through the head of the closest walker sending walker goo all over her, again… The walker fell in front of her giving her enough time to take out the next one, letting out a breath her axe cut into the soft skull of the old walker. The unknown shooter shot again taking out the last one.

"Hey you better get down the sound of those shots are guna draw more," Fallon Told them offering her hand to help.

"GET AWAY FROM THEM!" a deep voice yelled from the bushes.

Fallon furrowed her brow and backed up her hands up in defense "Hey I helped them out I coulda left I'm not a threat,"

"PUT DOWN THE AXE!" the voice yelled as his body immerged from the bushes.

"Shit man we don't have time for this, the walkers are coming," Fallon pleaded.

"She's right!" the woman yelled "She helped us when you ran away!"

"Listen I'm getting' outta here, you can come or you can stay it's up to you," Fallon started to back up the distant sound of groaning and shuffling starting to become louder "I'll tell you now you can't kill all them with that gun…"

"I wanna go with her!" The younger girl yelled.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as the first rain drops started to fall making Fallon feel uneasy, she looked over at the dark haired young girl her heart aching. Fallon glanced over at the nervous man her brows raising.

"I'm offerin' help,"

"What's the catch?"

"Really! Nothing not a thing I just want to help you!" she paused "You don't have to take it,"

Daryl's POV

Daryl looked up at the sky, it was starting to rain now and Fallon wasn't back which he found odd since she hated thunderstorms. He grabbed his crossbow and headed for the gate, his nerves a bit on edge about this whole thing. Daryl trudged down the path and out to where Fallon left from, the rain starting to pick up now. Just as he was about to open the gate, people came into view, four of them, Daryl aimed his crossbow and readied for an attack.

"That's far enough!" Daryl yelled through the rain.

"Daryl! It's me!" Fallon yelled back.

"Fallon?" he paused "What the fuck are ya doin'!" he yelled completely confused on why she was bringing new people back to their place.

"They needed help!" She yelled as she wiped the rain away from her eyes.

"You can't just bring… strays here we don't know them or who they're with!" Daryl yelled through the noise of the rain.

She looked behind her, her hair swishing and the strands sticking to her face making her eyes look brighter and greener. They pleaded with his own eyes to just let them in, she needed this…

"They have a little girl!" Fallon stepped to the side to let Daryl see the haphazard group she brought with her. "Daryl, Please…"

There it was… she gave him the look… there was a reason for this and not letting them in would probably kill her… it wasn't his choice though and Fallon knew that…

"Come on," Daryl decided he grabbed Fallon's arm "Rick aint guna like this,"

"I'll handle Rick, I need you to side with me," She added her hands gripping his arms desperately.

Rick was his best friend, he was second in command "Fallon…" he started this was going to be bad, she was asking him to pick between her and Rick whichever way he chose was going to hurt someone… maybe Rick won't mind bring in new people, but that was a slim chance…

He stayed quiet for another minute, Fallon just staring back at him her green eyes trying to figure out what he was going to say. Every second he remained silent, he saw the hope in her eyes dissipate, he needed to say anything say something but he didn't know if he should commit.

"We'll see what happens when we get up there… we still don't know these people," he tried to reason.

She broke her stare, looking down her hands dropping from his arms "Okay,"

As soon as she passed him, Daryl knew he didn't say the right thing… Fallon needed him SHE NEEDED HIM and he dropped the ball. Just the look in her eyes, the way she was acting today he should have figured something was up… Before she got too far Daryl grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.

"Tell me what's wrong and I'll do what I can," He reasoned he couldn't stand the sad look on her face.

She looked down again, biting down on her lip reluctant to say anything for once.

"What? You actually don't have anything to say?" Daryl teased.

"It was Shay's birthday today…" she choked out, he didn't need the rain to stop to know she was crying.

Daryl didn't say anything he just pulled her forward into a hug, his lips touching her forehead "I'm sorry Fallon… I didn't know…"

"Can we just go talk to Rick now," She breathed into his chest her arms wrapped around him clutching the wet fabric of his shirt.

"Yeah, let's go," Daryl answered his arm pushing her forward gently.

Daryl glanced at the three people, a black guy a young girl maybe 12 and a woman, they looked back at Daryl and huddled together the woman putting her arm around the young girl.

"Let's go," Fallon called to the group who moved as soon as she said something "Don't say anything just stay close to me," she paused "And this is Daryl," Fallon looked down at the girl "I know he looks mean but he's a good guy,"

Daryl raised an eyebrow at the young girl who looked up at him "Hey…" he grumbled to the rest of them.

Thunder capped and he felt Fallon jump next to him, her arm twining through his, he didn't jump this time he welcomed the feeling.

"We should head in…" Fallon looked up at the sky. "DON'T SAY ANYHTING, not unless I look at you, ya got me,"

"Yeah… I understand," The black guy answered looking ready to finally head inside and get out of the rain.

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