Actions and Consequences

chapter 28

"You've got to be fucking kidding me Fallon! Are you insane!?" Rick snapped as Fallon showed him the people she brought.

"No I'm not! What did you want me to do leave them there to die!" Fallon retorted in the same acidic tone her eyes darting to Daryl for some help.

"They could have a whole group waiting out there, did that cross your mind one time!" Rick yelled back sounded even more frustrated than before.

"You think I'm stupid! Of course I did but at the moment saving them out weighted the risk of that…" Fallon paused and glanced at the little girl "Rick when did we stop caring about people?"

"The moment we started needing to survive," Rick answered his brows raising his tired blue eyes staring her down intently.

"Surviving means having something to live for!" Fallon snapped "Without people… without some kind of humanity… what's the fucking point! Than were just as cold, dead, and heartless as the things we're trying to kill out there," Fallon yelled back trying to get the human side back out of the cage Rick locked it into. "They have a kid,"

Rick glanced over at the young girl, his eyes than moving to the rest of the ragged trio "This isn't going to bring anyone back Fallon…"

Fallon's whole body tensed at his words "I know that, that is very fuckin' clear to me…" her voice cracked, pausing for a second to regain control she continued "I just… they needed help I couldn't just walk away and leave them to die… I don't want to turn into that person… think about it Rick if Hershel didn't open up his farm to us we'd all probably be dead and gone, Carl for sure," Fallon added at the end.

"Fallon we don't know what these people will do," Daryl finally spoke his voice low and gruff.

She turned her head to look at him, her green eyes filled with hurt "Lock them up then… we'll wait three days,"

"That sounds fair, they are your responsibility," Rick agreed "Fallon, if anything happens to one member of our family that's on you… I will not hesitate to take out the problem,"

"I understand," Fallon nodded.

At that Rick tossed Fallon the keys to the doors, he turned and shook his head and slowly strode back to the rest of the group. Fallon's stomach twisted at the conversation she just had with Rick, how did this group come to this… how has so much changed that bringing new people in was the worst thing imaginable. Logically, she understood the concern but the emotional side saw that kid and it needed to keep her safe… helping these people made the hurt and loss stop briefly... this made here feel like a person again not just a machine going through the motions.

Fallon spun around, her eyes connecting with Daryl's for a brief second before she looked away biting down on her cheek so she didn't scream at him. She asked one thing of him, just one, and he couldn't do that for her, but honestly she didn't really expect him too, this was a bit crazy and Daryl didn't really do THIS kind of crazy. Making sure to bump his shoulder when passing him, she strode over to the three people waiting by the door awkwardly.

"Well you can stay for now…" Fallon started to say but didn't have the energy to finish her sentence.

"Great! Thank you so much!" the older of the woman chirped.

Fallon shook her head "Don't thank me yet,"

"I'm Shawna, that is Eli and this little girl here is Shay,"

Fallon stopped dead and spun around "What did you say?" her voice cracked.

"Sammi, I said her name is Sammi," Shawna repeated herself.

"Oh… I'm sorry I thought you said something else…"

"No… problem," Shawna replied confused.

Fallon brought the trio to the empty cells and motioned for them to go inside, the man was alone but Shawna insisted on being with Sammi. Fallon closed the door and locked it and let the key ring slide up her arm.

"Would you be able to get us food?" Shawna asked.

"I can't promise anything," Fallon answered with a shrug.

Daryl was still standing where she left him before, his blue eyes following her all the way there and back. Again, her stomach twisted at the thought of talking to him, it was taking every ounce of reserve she had not to punch him.

"Where are ya goin'," Daryl said as he followed her from where she lock up their guests.

"Away," Fallon answered shortly.

She stomped into the cell they were sharing and started grabbing her stuff from where it hung and shoved it into her bag. Her jaw clenched, this had to be the absolute worst day since that car accident she has ever had… the shit was piling up and she didn't know how much longer she could stay strong… nothing has been the same since Shay…

"Fallon what are ya doin'," Daryl asked as he watched her.

"Leaving," She sneered.

"Why?" He held out his arms so she was trapped in the cell.

"Why… Why… are you serious! I asked you for one thing! One! And you did the exact opposite of that! Daryl you knew what this meant to me and you just fuckin' ignored it!" She yelled not able to keep it inside anymore.

"Fallon come on," Daryl retorted.

"No! you of all people know what this means to me… YOU FUCKING KNOW! I don't even want to look at you please just leave me alone," Fallon snapped.

"You're being fuckin' crazy as shit!" he yelled back at her taking a step closer to her.

"OH! OH! I don't fucking understand any of you! Why is helping people not a thing anymore! If it's crazy to help someone then I'm fine with it!" she yelled back.

They managed to gain the attention of the rest of the group by now, but that wasn't going to stop this it was too late.

"Crazy and fuckin' stupid!" Daryl raised his hands as he yelled.

"Stupid!" Fallon raised her eye brows.

"You heard me," Daryl challenged.

Fallon bit down on her lip, this fight sounded a lot like the ones she used to have with Jesse "Fuck you Daryl,"

"Well fuck you too!"

Fallon grabbed her bag and pushed passed Daryl and stomped across the cell block and went up the stairs as far away from everyone as she could get. She threw her axe to the floor making a loud clink and dropped her bag before taking a seat on the mattress. The tears started to fall, there was no holding them back anymore, she dug her nail into the scar in her arm as the tears rolled down her cheeks and fell on the floor. Fallon pulled her hands away from her face, the tattoo on her finger coming into view, she ran her finger over the word letting her eyes shut.

"God, I wish you were here… I wish one of you were here… I need you…" Fallon whispered to herself. "Giving up sounds so good right now and I need someone to talk me out of it…"

"Fallon?" Glenn's voice interrupted.

"Hm," she grumbled.

"Food's done," he tried.

"No thanks… I'm not hungry give it to those people," she offered.

"You should eat Fallon… you'll feel better,"

"I'm long passed feeling better Glenn," She looked down and away from him her voice so mechanical.

Glenn nodded and gave her a smile which she didn't see and left with the food. The ache that now lived in the place her heart used to occupy was bigger and darker than it has ever been before. Everything that has happened since that car accident started circling in her head over and over again like a terrible loop she couldn't stop. Fallon's eyes darted across the small blood stained cell, her eyes coming to rest on her axe. Slowly, she pushed herself off the bed and slumped toward it, falling to the floor when she reached it. The treated bloodstained wood was smooth against her skin, only a few chips on the handle as she ran her finger up to the blade. She spun in around in her hand and moved her grasp closer to the head, her finger trailed the sharpened part… it was dull…

"AHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!" Maggie's voice screamed from the cell block the commotion of people scurrying about made Fallon's thoughts stop as she stood up and headed to see what was happening.

Her eyes widened at the scene her stomach dropping as she watched Shawna hold a knife to Glenn's neck. Without any more hesitation Fallon grabbed her axe and ran down the metal stairs meeting the rest of the group in the opening of the cell block.


"Think about this man, look at all of us and look at you guys you really think you'll make it out of here alive," Rick reasoned.

Eli's eyes darted around the room "Step back Get back!"

A bang of a gun going off echoed in the room, Eli falling to the floor blood dripping from a hole in his head a smoking gun in Jalissa's hand. Fallon's stomach dropped it felt like all the blood in her body was sucked out; why would she do that! Shawna let out a gut wrenching scream and before anyone could do anything drove the knife into Glenn's neck, his blood spewing from the gaping wound. The woman didn't make it an inch before an arrow was shot threw her head; she fell with a thump. Maggie ran over to Glenn cradling his body in her arms rocking back and forth, his fresh blood staining her clothes and the floor around her. It was only 45 seconds before the gurgling and bubbling stopped and all eyes shifted to Fallon.

"You BITCH!" Maggie yelled as she stood up and sprinted for Fallon.

"Maggie! I…" Fallon tried to saw through her shock but was cut off when Maggie's fist smashing into the side of her face.

Fallon stepped back and regained her balance her, hand pressed to her cheek, Maggie didn't wait to throw another punch, this one hitting just under her eye. Fallon didn't even try to defend herself… what was the point… Maggie got a few more hits in before Daryl pulled Maggie off Fallon and had Rick hold her back.

"Is this what you wanted! Look what you did!" Maggie cried and yelled.

"N… no I loved Glenn! I would never want this!" Fallon answered her as strongly as she could muster.

"THEY WHY DID YOU BRING THEM!" Maggie screamed.

"I… I didn't know," Fallon tried tears falling from her eyes mixing with the blood dripping from her new cuts.

Rick passed Maggie off to T-dog and started in Fallon's direction, he pulled his gun and pressed it against her chest.

"Rick…" Daryl started but stopped when Rick shot him a glare.

"Do you see now! DO YOU SEE! Look at this shit!" Rick roared at her with so much hatred.

"Rick… I… God I'm so sorry,,," Fallon apologized her hands shaking as she raised them up. she decided to ignore the fact that Jalissa was the one who shot the gun and started the blood shed.

Rick pressed the gun into her chest even harder "RICK! Hasn't there been enough death today!" Jalissa yelled.

Rick turned his head considering what Jalissa said "She's right… Fallon you owe your life to Jalissa, Get out of here… if I ever see you again, I swear I'll kill you," Rick snarled at her.

Rick pushed her backwards making Fallon stumble back "Okay," Was all she said out loud. "I'll take the kid… don't hurt her,"

"No, you go alone… she'll be fine," Rick spit back at her

Fallon quickly walked up the metal stairs, her footsteps echoing off the walls, a noise loud enough to make everyone cringe. Grabbing her already packed bag, at least there was that, Fallon picked up her axe and headed back out the door. Daryl was standing by the rail his crossbow aimed at her, she jumped at the sight, if it were even possible her heart sake even more. Fallon put on her bag and went down the stairs followed by Daryl; nobody was there to see her off not even Jalissa. Fallon took one last look back at the group she came to love each of them looking back at her with so much hate… not that she blamed them. Daryl grunted and pointed his chin towards the door telling her to get going; she nodded and pushed the door open.

It was still raining out, it was more like a light rain no more thunder and lightning. Fallon turned around her eyes falling on Daryl, his shoulders slumped. He put his crossbow on the floor and stomped over to her pulling her in close his arms wrapping around her body desperately. Shutting her eyes tight she pressed her face into his leather vest her fingers gripping on the fabric tears freely flowing from her eyes. His body shook as Daryl let his tears come, Fallon just gripped onto him tighter.

"You're so stupid Fallon, why! " Daryl asked.

"I didn't know… I thought there were still good people…" Fallon answered her voice shaking from her quivering lips.

"I told you! If you just listened to me!" he snapped his hands gripping her shoulders tightly as he pulled her from his body.

"Just stop… it's pointless now… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…I'm so sorry… Fuck… Glenn…" she stuttered out.

Daryl let out a breath like he was going to say something, but as always didn't.

"You should get back inside… I've already caused too much damage I don't want anymore… especially not with you," Fallon said softly as she trailed her fingers down the zipper of his vest.

Daryl nodded. He pulled her forward back into him and bent his head to kiss her. Fallon stood on her tippy toes and met him halfway, the stubble on his upper lips scratching her; she would miss that. The butterflies in her stomach exploded as his lips met hers gently before deepening the kiss. His hand tangled in her hair, the other holding her close to his body. Reluctantly, Fallon pushed herself away from Daryl, she looked up at him his normally clear blue eyes all red from crying. Fallon sniffled, her already broken heart shattered again seeing such a strong man be so upset…

"Daryl, I need you to not be upset… I need you to be thinking clearly…" Fallon started saying her voice broken.

Daryl brought his hand across his eyes wiping away the rest of the escaping tears "Mhmm," he nodded.

"I'm… guna be… fine…" Fallon tried to believe making her voice sound strong.

"Sure you will be," Daryl nodded as his hands dropped to his sides his eyes still looking into hers.

"I… should go," Fallon backed up her voice quiet.

"Mhm," Daryl nodded.

She picked up her bag turned around slowly, and headed for the gate only a few walkers gathered there. The door creaked open just loud enough to make Fallon turn around, Rick was making his way over to where she was with determination. When Daryl put his arm up to stop Rick, Fallon realized she needed to leave now because he pushed Daryl's arm away. Then, she stopped moving, why should she run away from this… she never ran before and there was no way in hell Rick could say anything she wasn't already thinking.

"Fallon," Rick snapped as he caught up to her.

"Yeah," Fallon answered standing her ground.

Rick had his hand resting on his gun, Fallon's eyes flicked back and forth between the gun and Rick's hard blue eyes. If this was going to be it, let it be it don't drag it on… if someone was going to kill her at least it was someone she knew.

"Don't you come back," his voice was sharp.

"I won't… Rick I'll never do anything to jeopardize this group no matter what you think now," she added.

Rick opened the gate and pushed her through and shut it quickly behind her the metal on the fence clinking with the metal of the lock. Fallon turned and tried to push everything she felt before to the side… there was no more safety net, not more shelter, from now on it was about survival… if she really wanted to die this was best way to find out…

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