Actions and Consequences

chapter 3

Fallon walked out of the room and over to the small pile of weapons they, mostly thanks to her and Trev, gathered in the city. She wrapped her hand around her preferred weapon, the axe, and slipped it into the holder on her pants. That axe got her out of one too many sticky situations so far, there was no way she'd go anywhere without that blood covered thing.

"Jalissa," Fallon's voice yelled into the open room.

She heard the girl's loud footsteps approach her, Fallon gave a shake of her head her choppy hair swaying behind her.

"Yeah?" Jalissa asked her voice stronger than before.

"Your meat clever," Fallon raised an eyebrow as she handed it to Jalissa

"Don't judge me…" Jalissa said with a pout pointing the bloody butcher's knife to the floor.

"I'm not, I think it's inventive," Fallon gave Jalissa a smile which the dark skinned girl returned.

"So… is Shay like your and Jesse's kid?" Jalissa asked when Fallon didn't say anything else.

Furrowing her brow Fallon gave the new girl a look "How old do ya think I am?" Fallon's voice went up in pitch as she accused the girl.

"Oh! Oh my God, I-I," Jalissa stuttered her brown eyes going wide.

Fallon let out a chuckle, she couldn't have Jalissa freak out too long it just wasn't fair "Don't worry about it, and no Shay isn't my kid, but I do treat her like she is mine, I love that little girl I'd do anything for her," Fallon's eyes found Shay packing up the rest of her clothes. "Do I really look that old?" Fallon looked back at Jalissa. "Cause I know this blood isn't very flattering, but damn," Fallon leaned back on the table crossing her arms, hiding the scared one underneath.

"Oh, no you don't… I swear, I was just wondering if all of you are related and that's how you're together," Jalissa admitted looking to the floor and away from Fallon's gaze.

"Oh, I get it that actually makes a lot of sense," Fallon agreed

"Just so you know I don't think you are old.. what are you like 27?" Jalissa asked hoping she was right.

Good guess, I am 27," Fallon gave an appreciative smile.

Jalissa relaxed a bit when she heard that, sending a silent prayer up to the heavens. Fallon gave a low chuckle as she stuck a pistol through her worn back belt.

"I'd offer you one but I think you're already strapped," she couldn't help mentioning it.

She didn't have to be looking at Jalissa to know how ridged her body went, but thank that lord she was; her reaction was amazing. Even through Jalissa's dark completion Fallon could see she was blushing. Jalissa opened her mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.

"Fallon what are you doin' to that poor girl?" Trev's voice rang out much to Jalissa's appreciation.

"Nothing we're just talking," Fallon gave Trev a smile.

"Stop embarrassing the poor girl," Trev rested a friendly hand on Jalissa's shoulder.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," Fallon's gaze rested on Jalissa quickly before turning to Trev "what's your weapon of choice?"

"My astonishing looks obviously," Trev answered with a flourish of his hand.

A giggle escaped the two girls mouths as Trevor answered the question without missing a beat; all of the awkward tension from before obviously gone, thankfully.

"I"ll take whatever you give me," Trev finished after they all calmed down a bit.

"Ohh! Dealers choice huh? Fallon looked excited as her eyes scanned the limited pile of weapons. "I'd say you look like a rifle man… and let's see…" Fallon paused considering what to give him "This!" Fallon wrapped her slender fingers around a wrench.

"Really?" Trev looked at her with a raised eyebrow

"Yeah, it's heavy if anything gets close smash its damn head in," Fallon answered refolding her arms.

"Whatever you say girl," Trev swung the wrench around. "Should we give Shay something to hold?" Trev asked his voice low.

Fallon felt her stomach drop, "What?" She asked not wanting to hear what Trev said. She was so distracted by the thought of giving little Shay a weapon Fallon didn't hear Jesse walk up, his bags thrown over his broad shoulders. Jalissa quickly tore her eyes off of the man before anyone could notice the look she gave him.

"Falcon, we should give her something… just in case," Jesse's voice was sweet as he used her nickname trying to convince her to agree.

"I-I…don't think it's the best idea," Fallon managed to spit out.

"This probably isn't my place but," Jalissa started but was cut off by a defensive Fallon.

"You're right it isn't your place," Fallon shot Jalissa a glare.

In defense Jalissa put her hands up "Sorry, it's just bad out there," she finished.

Trev's eyes shifted and locked onto his brothers, Fallon could be extremely stubborn and when she and Jesse were having a good day he could talk her down, make her realize she was being a bit unreasonable. Jesse pursed his lips and shut his eyes before continuing this doomed conversation.

"Fallon, she doesn't have to do anything with it… just let her have something anything… to defend herself. Like Jalissa said you know what it's like out there, I wouldn't send my worst enemy out there without a weapon," Jesse placed both his hands on her shoulders and turned her so she was looking right at him. "Come on Falcon," he added.

"I'll ask her what she wants to do," Fallon let out a sigh in defeat.

She could have argued that point till the day's end, but as much as she didn't want to admit it he and all of them had a point. There was nothing in the damn world that Fallon wouldn't do to protect Shay, she was her little cousin the only blood family she had left. Jesse gave her a smile and let his hands drop from her as she walked towards the little girl.

"Thanks for trying to back me up," Jesse turned to Jalissa as he ran him hand through his messy hair.

"You're welcome," She answered looking away from him when she caught his gaze

Trev shook his head and gave a disgusted look at his brother; Fallon was still in the damn room…Jesse did some shady shit to his girlfriend, but he promised all of that was done before she and Shay left with them; guess he lied about that too.

"So uhm how did you and Fallon meet," Jalissa changed the subject when she caught the look Trevor gave Jesse.

"Oh, on a video set she was a makeup artist and I was in the band," Jesse answered his tone a bit confused about why she change the subject back to Fallon and him.

Fallon bent down next to her little cousin whose hazel eyes met hers. "So I have a question for you and don't feel pressured to say yes okay," Fallon started.

"Do they want me to have a gun or something?" Shay immediately asked surprising Fallon completely.

"Ah… yeah," was all Fallon could answer.

"Okay," her small voice answered.

"Oh…kay," Fallon was in shock she didn't think it would go this was at all. "Come on you could pick what you want." She stood up and brought the little girl back to the dwindling pile of weapons they had.

Jesse gave a sarcastic grin when Shay walked over to the table and picked up a hunting knife "Shut the hell up," Fallon grumbled.

"We ready now?" Trev ask getting a bit impatient.

"Think so," Jesse answered taking a quick look around the place they called over for the past few months.

"Well let's go then," Trev said starting for the door his wrench in hand followed by Jalissa then Fallon and Shay, Jesse bringing up the back.

The SUV was parked in the garage of the house; thankfully they didn't have to leave the house to file into the vehicle. Fallon opened the door to the back seat and motioned for Shay to get into the middle; she went around the other side and got in, Jalissa sat on the other side of Shay.

"Why aren't you sitting in the front," Jalissa asked Fallon who just looked down.

"She doesn't ever sit in the front," Jesse answered for her.

"Oh," Jalissa said thinking that was really weird "Um can I ask why" she finished.

"I'd rather you not," Fallon and Trevor both answered "But I will say I'm more comfortable in the back," Fallon grumbled running her nail down the scar on her arm.

Jalissa understood and turned her body so she was looking out of the window. The car ride was extremely quiet, and the ride was almost over when Fallon broke the silence talking to Shay.

"Can you promise me something?" She asked the little girl.

"Sure," Shay answered leaning her head in Fallon's arm.

"If you ever get in any trouble, you run… you run and find me… if I'm not around you find Jesse, Trev or, Jalissa," Fallon glanced at the new girl when she said her name.

"Okay, I got it," Shay's tiny voice answered

A smile spread across Jalissa's face, glad the Fallon trusted her enough to say that. A twinge of guilt in her stomach made the smile on her face fade, causing Jalissa to look away from Shay and Fallon. Her gaze quickly drifted to Jesse who was concentrated on the road they were driving on; her mind going back to the look Jesse gave her when she first showed up and how she liked it. This might be a problem… Jalissa took her eyes off of Jesse and looked back out of the window. After a few minutes the CDC came into view, everyone in the car let out the breath they were holding. Shay leaned over Fallon and pressed her face into the window.

"What's that?" She asked pointing in the direction she was looking.

"What're you talking about?" Fallon almost jumped as she rolled down the window.

Her eyes darted back and forth looking for what Shay was pointing at, and finally Fallon saw it a group of people sprinting for the vehicles parked on the road. Fallon sucked in a breath and yelled for Trev to look where she was his reaction was the same.

"What the hell's goin' on?" Jesse yelled through the open window at a man in a sheriff's hat as he jammed the breaks of the SUV.

"It's guna blow get the hell outta here!" The man who must be a cop yelled franticly. "Follow us!" He finished as he jumped into the driver's seat.

"You heard the guy follow him!" Trev pushed his brother "What are you waiting for!"

How could we just trust this guy, Jesse thought to himself, but he did what his brother asked and followed the other cars out. Just as the cars moved away a loud explosion came from behind them, fire replacing what used to be the CDC. Everyone's eyes widened in amazement, good thing he listened to the guy, Jesse thought.

"Are we just guna follow these people." Jesse asked

"Yeah," Fallon answered him like there wasn't another option.

"Fallon we don't even know these people," Jesse retorted.

"So they saved us from a fiery explosion, I think that makes them good people," Fallon countered.

"She's right," Jalissa added.

"Whatever, whenever they stop we can sort through this," Jesse said pursing his lips.

As if the people in front of them heard the conversation, they proceeded to pull to the side of the road; the cop getting out of the first car, followed by dark haired man. The cop motioned for Jesse and the group to get out of the car.

"Leave the knives and shit, but be sure to hold onto the guns," Jesse commanded to everyone.

With a deep breath Fallon and the rest stepped out of the car, leaving the knives and whatnot on the seats, within reach if needed. The cop and his friend met them in the middle without a word.

"Thank you," Fallon said when nobody else said anything earning a glare from Jesse.

"Welcome," The man in the hat said with a smile. "I'm Rick this is Shane," he pointed to the dark haired man next to him.

"I'm Jesse, my girlfriend Fallon, my brother Trevor, Fallon's cousin Shay and this is Jalissa," He pointed to each of them as he said their names.

"Where are you headed?" Shane interrupted his tone nasty, well cop like was more like it.

"Nowhere, you blew up our only plan," Fallon said sarcastically getting a whooping laugh from a redneck looking man with a weird haircut; she snapped her head at the noise her eyes locking with the man for a second. The skinner man next to the laughing redneck shook his head and crossed his toned arms.

"Funny," Rick said with a shake of his head his tone friendly. "There doesn't seem to be many of you guys, we could use some extra man power," Rick Ran his hand through his short black hair. His friend Shane gave a disapproving look.

Fallon glanced at Jesse her eyes hoping he would say yes, they didn't have any other plan and this could possibly be the best thing that could happen. Jesse sucked in his bottom lip thinking over Rick's offer.

"I don't see a problem with that," Jesse finally answered.

Fallon let out the breath she was holding and twisted her arm around Jesse's, he looked down at her and a small smile crossed his features before he pulled his arm away and put it around her waist. He looked back up at the two cops and nodded at them.

"We'll follow you," Trevor said to Rick and Shane who just looked confused about what just happened "Oh, they have been having some issues… they don't mean to be rude," Trevor let the two men know.

"Join the club," Rick said his eyes drifting to a woman with long dark hair.

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