Actions and Consequences

chapter 4

"Are we guna stay with them?! They have another kid!" Shay shrieked as they got to the car.

A giggle came from Fallon before answering one of her favorite people in the world "Yeah we're guna try things out," she paused "Ah! I see you did notice the little boy they had!" Fallon teased as she wrapped her arms around the little girl.

"No!" Shay's face turned a light shade of pink.

"Fal, come on don't embarrass her," Jesse said unwrapping his arm from her waist.

Fallon rolled her eyes, god Jesse could be such a party pooper sometimes. "I'm not," She said playfully.

"You kind of are," he said his tone nasty, all the caring he had in his eyes just a minute ago completely gone as he looked at her.

His look shocked Fallon at first but she did regain her composer after a second "Woah," she gave Jesse a look before continuing "Ya know what Jesse, don't fuckin' tell what I can and can't do with my cousin. And one more thing you're a fuckin' dick," Fallon snapped slamming the door shut behind her. "He's so bipolar," she mumbled to Jalissa who was looking at her with wide eyes.

Jesse's face was turning pick with rage as he stared at Fallon through the window; how could she say anything to him! He clenched his fists and stepped backwards with a scowl on his face as he glared at Fallon.

"Let it go man," Trev encouraged his brother knowing where this was going later.

He tore his eyes from Fallon and looked at his brother "We'll talk about it later," he said through his huffing.

"Great, Trev mumbled as he got into the car.

Trevor's eyes slid to his brothers and back to Fallon; they were both pissed and it was obvious…Jesse and Fallon's relationship, as of right now, could be described as toxic; their relationship is the epitome of the breakdown of communication. Ever since this damn apocalypse they forgot how to talk to each other, but this relationship has been going downhill for a while now. Trev pushed his thoughts to the side not willing to go any further in them; these thoughts would inevitably lead to the topic he's avoided for too long. The cars in front of them started slowing down, and pulled off to the side of the road; guess it was time to stop for the night; Trev thought. Trev watched as the other group started filing out of the vehicles; there was a good amount of them; god he hoped they were good people.

"Should we get out too?" Jalissa asked looking at Jesse.

"Yeah," Fallon was the one to answer as she opened the door, wrapping her fingers around Shay's tiny arm "Shay lets go meet everyone," She said sweetly.

"Fallon!" Jesse's voice called for her.

She turned with a frown on her face "What?" she said flatly a scowl crossing her features.

"I think we should talk," He almost commanded.

"No we shouldn't," She retorted turning her back on him and taking her and Shay to the other group.

"Are you and Jesse mad at each other again?" Shay asked.

Fallon raised an eyebrow at her little cousin "Does it seem that way?" She replied.

"Yeah," Shay answered not understanding it was a rhetorical question making Fallon giggle "Is it my fault?" She asked her voice small.

Fallon stopped and turned toward Shay laying her hands on top of the little girls shoulders "Don't you ever think any of my problems with Jesse, or anyone for that matter, is because of you," she said in a stern voice but a caring tone "You understand?"

"Got it," Shay answered smiling at her cousin.

"Good," Fallon stood back up and finally got to the other group.

They seemed to be okay, as okay as anyone could really be at this point each of them already starting to set up a small tent in the clearing. Fallon looked behind her to see if the rest of her group was coming to join her; Trev and Jalissa were walking this way. She smiled inwardly; her and Trev have been through a lot, more than a lot, this past year and a half, she was glad he was still on her side after everything. And as for Jalissa, she was glad the girl left Jesse there, Fallon wasn't blind she could see the looks those two gave each other. If Jalissa was as smart as she seemed to be she wouldn't get involved with Jesse; he was a douche bag but as of right now he was her douche bag.

"Watch it," a deep southern accent grumbled at her.

"Sorry," Fallon said to him stepping to the side and pulling Shay behind her away from the man in the sleeveless jacket thing.

He mumbled something under his breath and continued on his way "Don't mind my little brother," A raspy grumble said.

"What?" Fallon brought her away from the man and too the one standing in front of her.

The man looked sick, the dark circles under his eyes and the thin layer of sweat over his skin, not to mention the missing hand. Fallon held in a gasp and tightened her grip on Shay who was staring at the man's missing hand. The man let out a laugh and looked directly at Shay.

"It ain't growin' back stop starin' at it like it's guna," His voice was low.

"Excuse me," Fallon said getting defensive "You got somethin' nasty to say say it ta me,"

"I wasn't talkin' ta you was I," The man looked back at her with a smirk his skin very pale.

"Merle!" The other southern voice yelled, his footsteps stomping back to where they were standing. "Come on," the little brother snapped not giving Fallon or Shay another look.

Fallon could hear the two men silently arguing all the way down to what she assumed were their tents. She pulled her eyes away from the two strange men and settled them forward on the small group gathering by a fire.

"Whatre you waiting for Fallon? Aren't we going down there," Jalissa asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry," She spit out her eyes getting one last glance at the two men.

They all, except for Jesse, started for the small gathering, the sun was starting to set now casting the long shadows across the land. Fallon looked for the cop who they talked to before; he looked up and waved them over.

"Shay, why don't you go play with the little boy," Fallon offered when they reached Rick.

"He's my son… his name is Carl," Rick said looking at Shay with a smile. "And that's Sophia, Carol's daughter,"

"Okay," Shay said before running off to finally play with someone her own age.

"So, where is um Jesse," Rick asked his eye scanning the field for him.

"He's getting some stuff ready by the car," Jalissa answered.

Fallon shot Jalissa a quick look, trying to hide the glare but the other girl caught it. Jalissa didn't like that Fallon was shooting her dirty looks, but she was eyeing up the girls man... not on purpose... She flicked her eyes to the smaller girl really looking at her for the first time. She was a pretty girl, she could tell Fallon was reformed bumpkin with just a look. Her medium length hair fell to her shoulder blades at its longest point and the shortest layer at her ear. A few light freckles spotted the bridge of her nose working well with her lightly tanned skin.

"Jalissa," Trev's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Huh what?" she answered looking confused.

"Do you have a tent in that magic bag of yours?" he asked giving her an odd look.

"Oh... no..."

"Looks like we're guna have to sleep in the car," Trev shrugged with a sad look on his face.

"Well we got one tent," Fallon offered "But it only holds two, maybe three,"

"We can work this out later," Rick paused "Why don't you meet everyone, they've been asking who you are," he ran his hand through his dark hair.

"Yay! I love meeting new people," Trev squeaked brightly wrapping his arm through Fallon's dragging her forward.

Jalissa followed closely behind as they started walking off. First Rick introduced them to his family, Lori and Carl than his friend and partner Shane. Now, Jalissa was no behavioral analyst but even she could tell there was something else going on there. She pushed that aside for the time being and continued with the introductions. Next was old man Dale, he was nice enough but wasn't really too concerned with meeting them he was too concerned about the blonde, Andrea. The skinny scared woman named Carol, who had a daughter named Sophia, was welcoming. T-dog and Glenn were already asleep by the time they finished talking to everyone else.

"Is that everyone?" Trev asked almost looking sad they were done.

"You just didn't meet the Dixon's... you guys can do that tomorrow," Rick sounded exhausted by that time as he ran is hands over his unshaven face.

"I think I met them already," Fallon said her voice sounding distant.

"Merle and Daryl, they're... ah... different," he paused thinking a minute "Good guys but an acquired taste," he gave a weak smile.

"Hmm, yeah I got a thing or two ta say to that Merle character," Fallon said furrowing her brow and crossing her arms.

"I think everyone does," Rick said his voice amused at Fallon's almost immediate dislike of Merle.

"Rick," Lori's voice called from somewhere behind him, so he quickly and politely excused himself leaving the three of them standing there.

"Shay!" Fallon called to the little girl still playing with Carl and Sophia. "Come on," Her voice stern.

"But!" She called back.

"No buts! Come on you Jalissa and I have to set up the tent unless you wanna sleep outside,"

"Oooookayyyy," Shay drug out the word as she stomped towards us.

Fallon turned toward Jalissa and Trev "So I guess since there are three girls we can take the tent, Trev you're okay with staying with Jesse right," she asked.

"Oh so you're sticking me with the grump," Trev pouted.

"Yeah he's your brother and if I were to stay there we might kill each other," Fallon admitted.

"What makes you think I don't want to kill him, and you're the one who fu-," Trev was cut off.

"Trevor!" Fallon's eyes went wide for a second and Jalissa let out a laugh.

He smiled at us before turning dramatically making his exit known and yelling a goodnight to Shay, just like he did every night. Fallon looked around at everyone around her, they all seemed happy with each other, and that's more than anyone could ask for in this place. Maybe this place will be good for them… for everyone… She could only hope.

"You know how to put up a tent?" Jalissa asked looking at the pile of parts on the floor with confusion.

"Yes," she gave Jalissa a look "I lived on a farm, I basically lived outside,"

"I loved that farm," Shay interrupted picking up one of the poles and handing it to Fallon.

"Me too," Fallon admitted something dark crossing her features for just a second before it was gone.

The tent was put up quickly and well enough for the three of them to squeeze inside and zip up the front. Shay went to bed within five minutes of her head hitting the makeshift pillow, leaving Fallon and Jalissa sitting there. Fallon opened the sleeping bag and slid inside Jalissa doing the same in hers, but before Fallon could sleep there was something she needed to get out. She would toss and turn all night if she didn't say something now.

"Jalissa," Fallon said softly.

"Yeah," Jalissa's tired voice answered.

"I want you to know I see the way you and Jesse look at each other," Her voice was still soft.

"Fallon… I…," Jalissa stuttered not able to form words.

"Shhh, Listen he is off limits for the time being so you two better stop before I get pissed off, don't make me regret taking you in," Fallon said seriously.

"Sorry," The girl squeaked not able to muster anything else up.

"It's fine just stop before you guys do something stupid and I am forced to do something about it, I like you Jalissa I don't want bad blood between us," Fallon paused "Goodnight,"

"I don't either and goodnight," She answered.

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