Actions and Consequences

chapter 5

"You don't have to worry about anything when you're with me," His voice, low, rasped in Jalissa's ear.

He lightly ran the tips of his pointer and middle finger down the length of her jaw bone, his thumb meeting them at her chin, titling her head up in his direction. Jalissa didn't look at him until he did this is actions forcing her eyes to focus on his face. No words came from her mouth, even if she wanted to speak there were no words that could communicate the feelings of utter joy and betrayal coursing through her body. He bent down closer to her, his eyes focusing on her lips, Jalissa knew she should stop him, but she also knew she didn't want him to, she wanted this to happen.

"Jesse…" She was cut off by his lips lightly pressing against hers.

Jalissa's dark eyes shot open her body going ridged for a second before remembering it was just a dream, a very realistic dream, but a dream. She glanced over to the right, and seeing nobody she pushed the blanket off of her and sat up. What in the hell was that about? Okay, Jesse was attractive, but he was with Fallon, and Fallon already warned her about Jesse…

"This could be very bad," Jalissa mumbled to herself.

Jalissa shook her head and ran her fingers through her busy bed head hair trying to fix it. Getting up from the floor she changed her clothes quickly and stepped into the already blazing sun. Most people were up already, grabbing food by the low fire. Jalissa's eyes scanned the surroundings trying to remember everyone's name, but coming up short on a few. She saw Fallon turn her head, her green eyes landing on Jalissa. Jalissa froze, she didn't know what kind of reaction Fallon was going to have after last night, but Fallon smiled and waved Jalissa over, surprising the other girl completely. Slowly Jalissa walked over to the rest of the people, trying not to look guilty about the dream she had about Jesse.

"Jalissa," Jesse's voice called from the side to her.

"Shit," she mumbled to herself "Jesse hey," She turned to him and answered brightly.

"So um, how'd you sleep," He asked kind of awkwardly.

"Not bad," Her voice went high. She screamed at herself fir being such a spaz, clearing her throat she asked "How about you,"

"Could have been better, car's aren't too comfortable," he smiled at her as he chuckled.

"Well how about we trade then," Jalissa said with a smile "I'll take the car and you can have the tent with Fallon and Shay,"

He gave her the same look her did when he first met her, sending an unwanted tingle down her spine "Maybe," was all her answered. "Hey ah, we should go eat before Fallon gets all pissy about us talking," he lifted his tattooed arm and pressed it lightly against her back pushing her forward.

Fallon watched as the two made their way over to where everyone was, she wasn't mad she was just done, Jesse promised this would stop. But he was a liar and a cheater, but she was the dumbass that took him back; there was just something the she loved about him what that was she must have forgotten.

"Shay move down a bit so Jesse and Jalissa could sit," Fallon said her voice sharper than she expected.

As she moved down Shay gave her cousin a look "Are you okay," Shay asked her hazel eyes wide.

"Yeah I'm okay just… yeah I'm okay," She corrected herself Fallon didn't need to spill her heart out to a ten year old.

"I mean you could tell me," Shat shrugged then whispered "I won't tell,"

That got an unexpected hardy laugh out of Fallon, that little girl was so damn funny. "I know you won't," Fallon said through her laughter.

"What's so funny," Jesse asked taking a seat next to Fallon.

"I don't know, Fallon just started cracking up after I said something," Shay answered looking at Fallon confused.

"Well whatever you said, I'm glad you did," Jesse gave the little girl a smile before looking at a still laughing Fallon.

Fallon let out a breath trying to calm herself "Okay, okay, I'm good," letting one last chuckle escape.

"Fallon can I go play with Carl and Sophia now," Shay asked her hazel eyes pleading.

"If you really, really want to leave me here with these guys," Fallon answered sarcastically.

"Okay! Thanks!" Shay called behind her running for the two other children.

"SHAY! Stay where I could see you!" Fallon yelled after the girl.

"I don't think she cared what you said after she heard yes," Jalissa said.

"No I don't think so," Fallon gave a shake of her head a small smile forming on her face.

The three of them sat there for a little while just looking at what the people they met yesterday where doing; each had a set job they were doing, it was interesting to watch. Fallon shifted her eyes from the main group and looked for Shay. She felt her heart jump; Shay wasn't in her line of vision. Her eyes darted back and forth across the open field, but still nothing.

"Fallon what's wrong," Jesse asked feeling her body go ridged.

She didn't say anything, Fallon just wrapped her fingers around the handle of the axe she had on the floor next to her. Her heart was racing as she started in the direction she saw the kids run, into the tree line of course.

"Dale," She yelled hoping that was the old man's name.

He looked down at her the smile on his warm face fading when he saw the concern on her face. "Fallon? What's wrong," he asked.

"You see where Shay… the kids went," she asked her words coming out fast.

The dumbfounded look on his face told Fallon that was a definite no. She wasn't walking any longer, she didn't want to waste any more time on this stupid shit. Fallon slid her hand up the neck of the axe and griped it were the handle met the head of the weapon do she could run without hurting herself or anyone else for that matter. Her feet pounded on the grass covered ground, each step bringing her closer to the tree line.

"SHAY," Fallon yelled as she approached the tree line.

No answer.

"Shay! Answer me!" She yelled again.


When Fallon found her this girl was in for the lecture of a damn lifetime. Fallon's heart was beating faster and her ragged breathing wasn't helping the fact she was trying to calm herself down. Her eyes randomly scanned the surrounding area looking for any sign the kids were around here. Nothing. Fuck it. She stepped into the forest and looked for the kids.

"Carl! Shay! Sophia!" She yelled again this time the panic in her voice clear.

She spun in a circle not knowing what else she could do at this point; she ran her sweaty fingers through her greasy hair trying to get ahold of herself. What the hell was she going to do if these kids… if Shay was lost… She looked up and focused, you can't lose it now she thought. Screams to the right of where Fallon was standing broke her thoughts sending her running in that direction. As she approached the place where the screaming originated the three kids came into view; running right for her. Shay wrapped her skinny arms around Fallon's waist burying her face in the fabric of her shirt; the other two cowering behind her.

"Get back to camp, NOW," she commanded at the children.

Fallon pried Shay from her waist, shooting her a look that made her back up. Taking a cautious step forward Fallon continued walking.

"Was it a walker?" Fallon's voice was quiet as she asked the kids.

"Yeah two of them," Carl answered a slight shake in his voice.

"Tell your dad to come over here," Fallon commanded her tone stern as she slowly crept to where the kids ran from.

Taking a deep breath Fallon pushed herself forward, sliding her hand down the smooth handle of the axe. Maybe she shouldn't be doing this... going somewhere alone isn't how things work nowadays. The forest was unusually quiet, the birds weren't even chirping, so if anything was coming all she needed to do was listen carefully. Her green eyes searched the surrounding area for the walkers the kids saw. In the distance, a figure was stumbling and groaning making its way over to where Fallon was. She scowled her grip tightening on the handle of her favorite weapon. This little walker bitch tried to take away the only person in the world she truly cared about, this sonofa bitch was going down.

She knew blatantly going after a walker was stupid, but it had to die and stay dead. She picked up the pace she was walking and closed the distance between her and the zombie. With both hands on the handle she swung her arms back behind her head and with all the force in her toned arms she brought down the axe into the snarling gray skinned man. With a wet crack she pulled the head of axe out the dead man's head, blood, or what used to be blood, sprayed from the gaping wound in the head of the walker.

"Piece of shit," she mumbled at the rotting body on the leaf covered ground.

A low hiss rang out close to where Fallon was standing, with a spin on her heal she came face to face with a rotting face. A gasp escaped her lips as she fumbled backwards away from the snarling monster. Regaining her posture she used the head of the axe to push the boney walker back, she switched her grip on the handle and swung for the head; a grunt making its way out of her mouth. The walkers head went back blood squirting from the small wound in its head, hitting Fallon's cheek. That wound was surly not inflicted by her; she spun around her eyes landing on a man with a crossbow aimed at the ground.

"You didn't need to," He cut her off.

"Damn, ain't even appreactive," he grumbled under his breath just loud enough for her to hear.

"If you let me finish! I was going to say you didn't need to but thank you," Fallon retorted.

"Whatever," The man shook his head turning away from her.

"The proper answer is you're welcome," Fallon called after him sarcastically.

He stopped moving and turned to look at Fallon, she was looking right back at him her eyes wide and her breath still coming out ragged from the excitement. She cocked her head to the side and furrowed her brow listening to something that was almost too low to hear.

"You hear that?" she asked the man still standing a few feet away from her.

"Naw," He answered turning back around "Get outta the damn woods," He said to her continuing on his track.

Watching him walk away snapped Fallon out of listening and she quickly caught up with the southern man with the sleeveless shirt. He didn't need to save her she obviously had the situation under control, but he did and she didn't know why; the man didn't even know her. He didn't say anything to her as she caught up with him; he just looked forward and continued out of the forest. Now, Fallon was a social person, she loved to talk, even small talk was fine, it used to be an important part of her job, but he apparently didn't like to talk. If she was going to be living with this person she wanted to at least be acquaintances, so she had an idea about how to get him to talk.

"Well thanks I guess," She mumbled as the got out of the forest.

"You guess," he snapped.

"Yeah, I guess," she paused "I owe ya one," Fallon said flashing the scowling redneck a bright smile.

He just looked after her with a dumb founded expression on his face, this bitch was crazy he thought to himself. Rick came running up with panic on his face as she approached the main part of the little camp that was being cleaning up.

"What happened?!" His asked his blue eyes wild.

"Ah, well the kids disappeared and I went after them," She kept the long story short.

He handed Fallon a napkin "Here, probably isn't good to have the walker blood on your face,"

"Thanks," She took the napkin and wiped it off her face.

"No thank you," He answered closing his eyes for a second thinking about how wrong this could have ended up.

"No problem," she answered the same thought crossing her mind. "This could have been really bad, someone's gotta be watching these kids,"

"I agree," He nodded his head. "We all gotta keep a look out for each other especially the kids," He turned his head to look at his son.

"Yeah," Fallon answered "That's the smartest thing I heard all day," Her eyes drifted over to Shay who was sitting with Jalissa and a short haired frail looking woman, Carol, Fallon thought.

"She your daughter?" Rick asked.

"Huh? Who? Shay?" Fallon stuttered.

He nodded.

"Oh, no she might as well be though," she paused 'Excuse me I got something to talk to her about,"

A tiny smile formed on Rick's face as he watched her walk over to the girl, ready to give her what he assumed would be a firm talking to.

"Rick," Jesse's voice rang out.

Rick turned and faced the man "Yeah,"

"You ah, happen to have any extra gas were out," Jesse asked rubbing the back of his neck.

"Nothing we can spare," He answered as he glanced around the surroundings "We can syphon gas from the cars around here, if they have any,"

"Yeah, yeah," Jesse answered. "I'll see if Jalissa wants to go,"

Noticing the look on his face Rick deciding something different "Jesse, why don't Jalissa and I go and take care of this, help pack up the rest of camp," Rick offered.

"No it's okay I'll go," Jesse countered.

"I think it be better if you helped out here, it'll only take a few minutes," Rick said in his cop voice.

Jesse rolled his eyes knowing this conversation was over "Fine man,"

He stomped away, angry that his fucking cop he didn't even know was telling him what he could and couldn't do. he looked around at this camp with all of these useless people cleaning up their tents and stomping out the embers of the fires they created.

"Jesse, right?" A woman's voice asked.

He turned and looked at the blonde woman the voice came from "Yeah, I'm sorry I don't remember your name," He said in a charming tone.

"Andrea," She answered raising an eyebrow. "You know anything about cars or RV's?" She asked flatly.

"A little bit why," He asked.

"Dale could use a second opinion on the condition of his RV," She answered.

"Well I'm glad he sent you over to ask me," He paused "Let's go check it out,"

Jalissa looked at the frail woman sitting next to her, she looked of tiny and helpless on the outside, but on the inside this woman was a fighter. After Fallon came and took Shay away her and Carol started talking as they packed up the tent Carol and Sophia slept in. Sophia was the only person she had left in this whole world after the zombies killed her abusive husband; thank the walkers for that one. Jalissa told her about how she met Fallon and the others and about Gary, the man who sacrificed his life for her. A cough from behind the two women startled both each of them letting out a low yelp.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," Rick said with a smile "Carol you mind if I borrow Jalissa,"

"Not at all," The woman answered returning his smile.

Jalissa packed away the rest of what she was holding and followed him to the street wondering what this man with the pretty blue eyes wanted.

"You've been volunteered to find gas with me," Rick told her.

"Oh, awesome," Jalissa answered her eyes drifting towards the tube Rick was holding. "Just me and you,"

"I think I wanna join on your little adventure officer friendly," a male's raspy voice yelled loudly.

Jalissa heard Rick let out a sigh as he turned towards the man with the voice and missing hand. Jalissa couldn't help but stare right at the stump, her dark eyes glued to it for a good thirty seconds. He was making his way up the hill by the time she finally looked away from the severed hand and back up at the man's scowling scruffy face.

"Merle, I don't have time for this right now," Rick said his voice sounding tired.

"I ain't doin' nothin' jus offerin' my help," He said with a grin on his face.

Jalissa didn't know the history between the two but she felt that the more people came, the quicker this could get done; they would be safer too.

"I don't see a problem, we could finish faster and be on our way," Jalissa added.

"Why don't cha listen to her, she gotta point," a smirk on his face as he said it

Rick sucked in a breath before answered Merle "Fine,"

The three of them made their way to the few cars that were on the back road, the first having only a tiny amount of gas.

"I'll take this one," Merle wandered off towards the furthest car leaving Rick and Jalissa there.

"Interesting guy," Jalissa said as Rick stuck the hose into the gas tank of the SUV.

"You don't even know," Rick answered before sucking on the hose.

Jalissa glanced around at the surrounding area, trying to keep a good look out for the two of them. Seeing everything was clear she looked back down at Rick, noticing the wedding ring he didn't have on anymore. She could have sworn that he was wearing one last night, not that she took any particular notice…

"There's a little in here too," He said as he stood back up.

"Good, good," Jalissa answered her voice a little high.

The next two cars didn't have much either and all together they got about half a tank. That was better than nothing, right? Merle passed then a few minutes before they left mumbling something about there being no gas in the car's up there. As they reached the now completely packed up camp Jesse gave a wave and a bright smile to Jalissa who immediately returned it; maybe a little to enthusiastically. The smile faded from her face when she looked back seeing Fallon staring at the two, even from this distance she could see Fallon was a little mad. Rick handed Jesse the gas canisters.

"Is that car you're riding in packed," Rick asked.

"Yeah, we could barely fit us all," Jesse admitted.

"Well I've got an empty car if anyone wants to ride with me," Rick said.

Jalissa took the chance "I'll go," Jesse gave her a what the hell look before she continued "You and your group have a lot of stuff to work out so… I thought I could give you guys that chance and I don't mind riding with Rick," She spit out quickly.

"Whatever," Jesse answered grabbing the gas from Rick and heading for the car.

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