Actions and Consequences

chapter 6

"Whatsa matter with you?" Trev asked watching his brother storm over to where he, Shay, and Fallon were standing.

"Nothing, let's go," he almost snapped at Trev. "Put the damn gas in the car," he pushed the canister at Trev.

"Why can't you do it," Trev asked.

"Cause I told you too that's why," Jesse snapped.

Fallon eyed her boyfriend, furrowing her brow at his strange behavior. What was his damn problem; he has nothing to be pissed about. Fallon ushered Shay into the car and followed after her.

"Fallon can I ride with Carl and Sophia," she asked.

"No, this is how I'm punishing you, you gotta ride all the way with me," Fallon nudged the pouting little girl. "I'm serious though, you run off like that again I'm going to do more than band you from seeing the kids you hear me,"

"Yeah," she pouted.

"Shay, look at me when I'm talking to you," Fallon waited for Shay to look at her "Don't run off on me," she looked the little girl in the eye.

"Okay," Shay answered annoyance in her tone.

"Don't give me attitude," Her voice got higher in pitch. "You have no right to give me attitude little girl,"

"Okay," she said again still pouting. "I'm sorry,"

"I accept,"

Fallon shook her head, willing to let the conversation go for now. The girl hasn't seen other kids since this shit began, so Fallon didn't mind, too much, that Shay was annoyed at her. What was more of a concern was the way Jesse was acting, he was being a dick and there was no reason. Outside of the car, the brothers were talking low enough so she couldn't hear them, she wanted to know what they were saying but the car was off so she couldn't crack with window. Fallon was about to open the door when the two stopped talking and opened the doors, this time Trev was driving.

"Is everything okay?" Fallon asked to both men.

"Fine," Jesse answered

Getting a quick glare from Trev Fallon knew something was up and it had to be about the one person that isn't in the car. Jalissa. Was Jesse pissed because Jalissa took a ride with the extremely attractive cop? Fallon knew it wasn't right to bring this up in front of Shay or Trev, mostly Shay, but this has been building inside her for a while and the dam was about to bust. Fallon leaned forward and gripped the head rest of the passenger side seat, bringing her lips as close as she could to Jesse's ear.

"This is about Jalissa, right," Fallon asked he voice almost inaudible.

She could see every muscle in Jesse's body tense as he processed what she said; he turned around in the set to face her. His gray blue eyes filled with regret, just like they were every time she caught him doing something sneaky. She forgave him every time, but this time that puppy dog look in his eyes wasn't doing it for her.

"Fal, I'm so sorry… we never did anything… I really am so sorry," His voice was soft and charming a weaker girl, like Fallon before the apocalypse, would forgive him just like that.

She sat back away from the reaching hands of Jesse and with a straight face she said "You're a damn psycho," she paused, thinking if she should do this now "And I am so done,"

"What?" he asked.

She noticed Trev's hands tighten on the wheel as the conversation progressed. "Jesse, you don't care about me anymore, why should I… we continue something that neither of us want," her voice was soft. "We both know something changed and it's not working anymore,"

Jesse just kept staring at her, not understanding what she was talking about "B-but Fals I… I love you, I don't want to lose you," damn he was good.

"Maybe we should talk about this later," She answered looking away from the man.

"No, you started this we could finish it now," The sensitive tone in his voice gone; he had more mood swings then a girl.

"Fine, you wanna do this now, let's," Fallon answered harshly. "You are a fuckin' liar and only out for yourself. You don't realize what you have right now and it's sad,"

"What I have? What do I have? Nothing," He snapped back.

"You have people who give a shit 'bout ya," Fallon scowled. "But you know what? I'm not wastin' my time anymore, you aren't worth it, not anymore so do whatever the hell ya want, not that you weren't already,"

"Fine, I don't need you damn hillbilly ass," The nasty tone in his voice almost making her cringe.

"Jesse!" Trev interrupted.

"Shut the hell up Trev," Jesse snapped back.

Shay was young, but the girl could understand what was going on; she wasn't stupid. She reached over across the seat and wrapped her hand around Fallon's giving it a squeeze. Fallon looked at her and mouthed a thank you her watery dark green eyes full of appreciation. Knowing What Fallon needed Shay slid across the backseat and gave Fallon a tight hug, which her cousin gratefully returned. Shay liked Jesse but not when he was mean to Fallon, which was all the time, she was glad Fallon finally took control of that situation.

Jalissa tightened her hand around the edge of her seat belt wiping the sweat from her palms on the material of the belt. Now that she was in the car with Rick she didn't know what to say, but that was no surprise she didn't know the guy and she found him quite attractive; she always got tongue tied when it came to attractive men. She discreetly shifted her eyes to the tired looking man driving the small car they were in. She wanted to know about him, not on a romantic level yet, on a friendly one. She wanted to know why he looked so tired and why his wedding ring wasn't in anymore, she wanted to know his story; she wanted to know everyone's story. Like he knew she was looking at him he shifted his eyes towards her, she quickly shifted her gaze completely embarrassed her caught her staring at him. When she looked back a tiny smile was on his scruffy face.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be creepy," She said looking back down at the floor. This is how Jesse must have felt when Trev called him out on staring at her. Ugh! Why was she still thinking about Jesse, that was a lost cause…

"It's alright," Rick said with a wide smile "It wasn't creepy don't worry," he added.

"All I do is worry," Jalissa answered with a chuckle.

"I get that," Rick answered with a slight nod of his head. After a long paused Rick finally asked "So, ah what's the deal with that Jesse guy, he a good guy?"

"Jesse? Um I don't know I've only known the group came with for like a day, why do you ask?" Jalissa answered. She wanted to slap herself for her defensive tone when it came to Jesse.

"Just wondering. He said Fallon was his girlfriend and then completely ignored her the whole time, he just kinda left her and Shay alone. Maybe I should say anything but he really wanted to go get gas with you, he was actually quite adamant about it," Rick let her know.

Jalissa's heart jumped a bit when Rick said Jesse wanted to go on a mission with her, and again she wanted to punch herself for that feeling. "Well, I'm kinda glad you came, I get to make a new friend and it don't have to sit in that cramped car," Jalissa said with a smile.

"I'm glad you came too, I didn't want to drive alone," He looked down focusing on the finger his ring used to be on.

She knew this could be an extremely risky thing to say but she had to know the curiosity was killing her "Rick, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but did you wanna talk about what happened," her voice was soft as she brought up the delicate subject.

She saw him clench his jaw and his hands tightened in the steering wheel, but her let out the breath he was holding and nodded. He explained how he was in the hospital for a gunshot wound, and when he woke up everything was destroyed and the dead were walking. Jalissa kept her mouth shut as the man told her his amazing story of survival and his impossible task of finding his family.

"When I finally got to the camp, everything with Lori was good for the first night, but after I left again, ta find that charming man that came with us to get gas,"


"Yeah, anyway, when myself and the group got back the next morning Lori said things weren't going to work… she wanted to be with Shane," his voice cracked when he said his former friends name "Keeping the ring on is just a reminder of my broken marriage,"

"So just like that she left you,"

"Just like that,"

"Wow, that's terrible Rick I'm so sorry… she doesn't know what she's missing she chose wrong," Jalissa looked straight at the man her dark eyes quickly locking with his blue ones.


"Don't thank me for the truth," she smiled and was glad her skin was dark enough not to show her extreme amount of blushing.

"Um, before you said you only knew Fallon and the others for a day, where were you before that," Rick asked after a long awkward silence.

"I was in my apartment for the first like, month. After I finished all the food and most of the bottled water I ventured outside with a fireplace poker as my weapon," She laughed at the thought, as did Rick "I was not three feet down the hall when I ran into this older guy named Gary," she shut her eyes at the thought of Gary, how grateful she was that she met him. "He taught me about the zombies and what to do, he was a really really great guy."

"What happened to him,"

"He got stabbed and…" She trailed off.

"I'm sorry,"

"Me too," she looked out of the window "Rick, is that a store," Jalissa squinted her eyes trying to see what the distant sign said.

"Might be… think I have anything we could use,"

"It's worth a look right,"

"I… don't know,"

"Rick, come on what's the worst that could happen,"

He shot her a are you serious look.

"Understood… but besides that… maybe they have water or food anything we could use,"

"Ten minutes, then we call it a wrap,"

"Sounds good to me,"

Fallon watched as each car in front pulled into the parking lot of the small convenience store, she looked back down and traced the deep scar that was on her arm, believe it or not that was calming. If this meant they were going scavenging she had to get in the right mind set, and that means she had to get the break up out of her mind.

"Shay when we get out go stay with Carl and Sophia," Fallon told her cousin softly.

"But I thought I was punished," She answered.

"You've had enough punishment,"

The little girl's eyes lit up when Fallon said that, making Fallon smile. Trev pulled the car over and all four of them got out, joining the people already congregated. Fallon dropped Shay off with Lori and Carol, the designated baby sitters, giving the two women a grateful smile. She stood in the back of the group, not able to see over anyone, but still able to hear what Rick was saying. Fallon put the head of the axe on the floor and leaned on the handle, crossing one leg over another.

"Whadre you goin' ta chop down a tree or some shit," Merle's distinct raspy voice asked with a laugh.

"What? No, I'm guna chop some zombie heads off, duh?" Fallon answered without looking out the man. "Why else would I carry this around?"

"Thing's almost bigger then you" Merle continued the conversation.

"Yupp," Fallon answered flatly "Merle, right?"


"I'm not in the mood for whatever it is that you're doing so go bother someone else or I'll chop your other hand off," almost waving him off.

Anger crossed his features first, but after a second it changed to something more like a humored expression. "Funny, I like ya," he pointed at her as he walked into the middle of the group, pushing people out of his way.

That man was an instigator, it's probably what he loved doing; Fallon shook her head and continued listening to Rick. Fallon shifted her eyes around the small group, her eyes landing on Jesse of course. He was standing next to the blonde lady, Andrea, trying to talk to her. Her lip curled and her grip tightened around the handle of her weapon, her glare set on her now ex-boyfriend. The anger starting to bubble in her body.

"Come on," a familiar southern accent chimed in her ear.

She broke her gaze and looked at the man the voice came from, the guy that shot her walker "Where," She asked.

"Ta the back," he answered shortly.

"Why?" She asked when the man didn't say anymore.

"Gotta check if there's anythin' back there," He answered her like she should have known that.


Fallon quickly shifted her body and fixed her grip in the axe, taking the lead behind the store, the quicker and farther she got from Jesse, the better she felt. As she rounded the corner her muscles tensed causing her to go into alert mode. Fallon raised the axe, and looked behind her, her eyes locking with Daryl's for just a second, but long enough for both of them to make a silent agreement. Fallon pressed her back against the side of the store and slowly she peered behind it. The back was mostly a large open field, with nothing but an old broken down canopy, so nothing they could use. She turned back around to Daryl and shook her head, both of them relaxing for just a second. Fallon took one last look around the back of the store, her eyes went wide for a second; maybe there could be some action here.

"Six walkers," Fallon said softly. "Spaced far enough apart to be taken down, shoot the first on and I'll take the next while you reload," She took control of the situation this was a great way to release the pent-up aggression she had.

Daryl nodded slightly as he crept out and aimed his bow at the closest one, and with a pull of the trigger the bolt went soaring into the head of the creature. Fallon charged forward raising the weapon at the now alerted walker; she swung, the sharp blade smashing into the gooey head of the second walker, cool blood leaking from the blow. Fallon stepped to the side and Daryl took aim at the advancing walker, another perfect head shot brought the snarling woman to the ground. Fallon took the lead again using the blade of her axe to push the advancing walker backwards, making it stumble and fall to the ground. With one swift move she lifted the weapon again, impaling the growling zombie through the forehead, silencing the monster. Fallon spun around to look and see if Daryl was ready, his bow was loaded as he took aim for the fourth walker; he didn't see the blubbery walker coming behind him. Fallon sprang forward, reaching the walker before its dagger nails could slice into the bare skin on Daryl's shoulder. Again, she pushed the thing back with the blade, but this one was giving a fight. The fat walker pushed back the pressure of his advance and the pressure of the blade on its chest slicing a gaping hole in the chest of the beast, the blade of the axe sunk in the wound. Black blood spilled from the wound as Fallon tried to pull the blade out of the rib cage. With each pull the walker came closer it's snapping teeth clacking with each snarl. The fat walker lurched forward both hands swiping for Fallon's body, the sudden movement causing her to lose her balance and stumble to the floor. Fallon's back hit the grass with a thud, her green eyes wide in horror as the walker started to fall the handle of the axe getting suck on the ground. She could hear the rapid beating of her own heart making it impossible to for her to hear the sound of a bolt leaving Daryl's crossbow. The bolt went right through the fat beast's head causing the body to go slack and falling to the side, the axe handle still sticking out of the chest.

Fallon quickly jumped up from the ground, her eyes still locked on the now dead walker that tried to eat her and steal her axe. Her head snapped to the side her still wide eyes on Daryl, who was obviously trying to look calm.

"Thank you," She said softly.

"Ya still owe me one," He said before walking back off to the front of the store.

She let out a breathy laugh as she watched Daryl leave, he was right she did still owe him one… She picked up her sticky blood covered axe from the floor and jogged back to the front of the store.

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