Actions and Consequences

chapter 8

Fallon stared at the deep scar on her arm as Jalissa cleaned up the scratches and small cuts on her limbs. It was her fault that the girl was gone… if she just finished the job quicker maybe Sophia would be sitting here with her getting cleaned up.

"Stop moving," Jalissa said softly pulling on Fallon's arm.

"I'm fine, just leave it," Fallon answered back her voice soft.

"It's not your fault," Jalissa assured Fallon.

"Yeah it is," Fallon answered back her eyes still on the scar on her arm. "I have to find her, I shouldn't be sitting her getting cuts cleaned up,"

"Jalissa's right, just get yourself fixed up and you could worry about the missing girl later," Shane butted in their conversation.

"You could say whatever you want but if that was Carl and it was your fault he was gone you'd be goin' through hell and back to find him," Fallon answered her voice still distracted. "You wouldn't be sittin' here getting' patched up,"

Shane shifted his weight from one foot to the other "Yeah, you're right," Shane ran his fingers through the scruff on his face.

"Shane," Rick called as he made his way over to where the three people were standing. "We're guna take some people into the woods and go looking for Sophia, Daryl's wants to take a look around now to find her tracks or something,"

"He'll have to talk to Shay," Fallon butted into the conversation. "I'll get her,"

Fallon pulled her arms from Jalissa and got up, her body protesting every movement she made. But she didn't care she believed she deserved every ounce of pain she felt for losing poor little Sophia. Fallon bent down in front of a crying Shay and pulled her in for a hug.

"I'm s-s-sorry," she sobbed "I-I-," She couldn't get the sentence out.

"It's okay, Shhhh, This isn't your fault, you did exactly what I told you to do," Fallon tried to comfort the little girl "Shay, do ya think you'll be able to talk to Daryl about where you last saw Sophia,"

Shay pulled herself away from Fallon's hug, her hazel eyes bloodshot from the crying she'd been doing. "If-if I have too,"

"I'm sorry, but you do, I wish you didn't," Fallon stood up and grabbed the little girl's hand leading her to the tracker.

Daryl leaned over the rail intensely staring into the woods, searching everyplace he could with his trained eyes. They shouldn't be sittin' here makin' a plan they should be out looking for the lost little girl, it isn't right to have her in there alone.

"Starin' into the woods like ya wanna take it out ta dinner ain't guna git that girl back little brother," Merle interrupted his concentration.

Daryl shifted his eyes towards his brother giving him a scowl before looking back into the woods. "Why dontcha try and help out," Daryl's voice was low he wasn't concentration on his detoxing brother.

"No reason, little girl's probably gone, she don't know how ta survive out there," Merle answered wincing as he shifted his weight form foot to foot.

"Whatever Merle, Sophia's guna be found," Daryl snapped at Merle, ashamed his own brother would think like that; in his altered state or not.

"Daryl," Fallon's familiar southern accent chimed from behind the two brothers.

"Well, look who it is," Merle teased Fallon.

"Shut the fuck up," Fallon snapped "My threat still stands,"

Merle smirked but held his arms up in defense, giving a wave "No need ta be rude sweetheart,"

Daryl hid the smile that was threatening to reveal itself when Fallon talked to Merle; she didn't take his shit. He took his eyes off of Merle and laid them on the disheveled looking woman in front of him; she had small cuts lining her arms and her shirt had a tear going down the side revealing a few thick scars on her waist. He averted his eyes feeling like he intruded on her privet business and brought his gaze back up to her face.

"Hmm," He answered her.

The woman gave a little nudge to her little girl "I… I wanna show you were… Sophia and I got separated," Shay stuttered.

"Well let's go then," His voice was harsher than he wanted it to be.

Daryl easily hopped over the railing and started down the hill, but stopped when he remembered there was a kid coming with him. He watched as Fallon went over first, the pain on her face obvious when she put too much weight on her arms and aching muscles. She was an idiot for wanting to come with him and her little girl, but he had to hand it to her she was dedicated; he realized that he liked that about Fallon. He felt a small body grab onto his waist for some stability, his whole body went ridged as the small hands grasped tighter.

"Hey! Get offa me," He snapped at Shay not wanting to be mean but it was just out of instinct now.

"Shay, come here," Fallon's voice was soft, it seemed like she was distracted by something. "Don't be a dick Daryl. She didn't mean to desecrate the sacred temple that is your body,"

He grumbled at her sarcastic response, and furrowed his brow trudging forward into the tree line. If she wasn't insulting him, that comment might have actually been pretty funny.

"Where's the last place ya'll were together," Daryl asked Shay after a little bit of plodding through the woods.

Shay slowly stepped forward and cocked her head to the side trying to take in her surroundings, but Daryl already knew the girl had no idea where she was. He could feel the impatience for this little girl's uncertainty wearing thin.

"I think it's that way," She said softly pointing in a random direction.

"It either is or isn't," Daryl grumbled at her.


"Fallon let out a sigh "I'll take you back," She turned to Daryl "Wait here I'll be two seconds,"

He should just take a look around, why should he wait for Fallon to come back, she can't track. He wiped his hand across his face and started in the direction he thought they came from.

"Where ya goin'," Fallon's voice chimed from behind him.

"I… ta look for Sophia," He corrected himself. He didn't think she'd be back as fast as she was, his eyes lingered on her for a second more before he turned around.

"If it helps, I told them to run from a puddle they were hiding in, I can take ya there," She offered.

"It'll help," He answered.

He raised his eyebrow and motioned for her to go ahead of him; he was already on edge she just needed to work with him. She shook her head and hesitantly walked forward her eyes sneaking a glance at him as she passed by him. Did she really do that? Daryl glanced down at his shirt thinking she was looking at some kind of mess on it, but there was nothing.

"Over there," She pointed to a dip in the land after a few minutes of walking.

His eyes drifted to the two mangled looking walkers lying on the ground, their heads split open. His eyes shifted back to the small woman who was standing next to him; she did this? The black goo that ran through the walkers' veins was spattered across the ground and pooled up in the deep wounds in their heads. Again he looked at Fallon, she was small but she had to have some power behind her to be able to take on two walkers and leave them like this.

"They climb up the hill," He asked taking a knee looking for any signs the girls came through here.

"Ah… no, they came over this way," She led Daryl to the last place she saw the two girls together.

He squinted his eyes as he bent down looking at the ground, the leaves were crunched kicked about a bit; they defiantly came this way. He could feel Fallon's eyes staring a hole in his back, and it wasn't making his as uncomfortable as he thought it would. She was close behind him but unlike most people she was able to walk quietly through the woods, there was no way she was a city girl of she could do that. He continued to slowly follow the slight trail the girls left until he came to where it must have split. His eyes followed the more prominent one going back to the main road.

"This one is Shay's," he said "The other is faint but its goin' that way," He pointed off to the left,"

"So whatre we watin' for ? Let's go! She could still be close," Fallon's voice was excited and almost back to normal.

Daryl shook his head and looked down at the light trail he knew he wouldn't be able to follow for a long time.

"Hm, it just stops," Daryl's voice was low as he bent down to take a closer look.

"What do ya mean it just stops! It can't just stop it's a trail!" he voice was high pitched and frantic.

"It stops! I can't follow it no more," He answered trying to keep his anger in check.

"Look harder!"

"There's no damn trail! I can't look at something; that aint there," his tone was nasty.

"No," her voice was low as she shut her eyes resting her head in her hand.

Was she going to cry…. Please don't cry…

"Fallon," her name sound foreign coming out of his mouth "This ain't your fault… We're guna find 'er… we gotta,"

"You weren't there Daryl," when she said his name he felt an unfamiliar feeling in his stomach.

"She's probably already at the road, ain't no use in lookin' at a cold trail," he mumbled and started in the direction if the road.

"Yeah," her voice was low again as she trailed her finger down the jagged scar in her arm.

"I know you ain't from the city so where ya really from," he asked feeling completely out of his comfort zone, but he felt bad she was feeling this way.

"Me? I'm from a little farm town in Kentucky," A quick smile formed on her face but disapeard quickly only to be replaced by more sadness.

Maybe he should shut up.

"How'd you know?"

"Ah, the way ya walked in the woods," he mumbled as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh, interesting… yeah I moved to the city a few years ago with Jesse,"

"Jesse, the asshole with the tattoo right?"

Fallon let out a chuckle and Daryl felt good he did that "Yeah, that's him,"

"He your boyfriend," he was treading in unfamiliar territory now.

"Um…" she answered.

Jalissa was staring into the woods trying to see if she could see anything but she was coming up with nothing. She heard someone clear their throat behind her making her turn quickly; Jesse. She felt an unwanted jump in her heart beat.

"Hey," he had a concerned look on his face.

"Hey," she answered.

"You see Fallon," he asked.

"Umm she went into the woods with Daryl to see if they could track Sophia's trail or something," Jalissa answered trying to keep her voice from cracking.

"What? Who's Daryl," His voice was defensive.

"Ya know, holds the crossbow always has a permanent defensive look on his face, really quiet… and cute," Trev butt into the conversation.

"Down boy," Jalissa told Trev.

He smiled.

"Why the hell would she go into the woods with that guy," Jesse's angry voice snapped.

Trev made a really? Are you kidding face but Jalissa was the one to answer "To look for Sophia, Rick said Daryl would be the one to track her if anyone could," Jalissa's heart jumped again when she mentioned Rick's name.

Jesse let out a breath and leaned his back against the railing he had to tell someone his concern… "Fallon takes it to heart when something goes wrong, and she always blames herself now," Jesse told her.

"Well I mean everyone blames themselves for something," Jalissa countered almost not realizing Jesse said now.

"Not like her," Jesse retorted his eyes seeking out Fallon who was emerging from the woods.

"Whatda mean,"

Trev clenched his jaw and excused himself from the conversation.

"It's really not my place to tell you… but… A few months ago Fallon was in a car accident and her and the passenger were injured, but ah.. the passenger died on his way to the hospital, she never stopped blaming herself for it, and now whenever she see's someone in need she forces herself to help them even if it puts her life in jeopardy. It's like she trying to make up for the life she thinks she took by helping everyone she can out," Jesse only told Jalissa the shell of the story, he really did believe it wasn't his place to tell the whole thing; when Fallon was ready she would say something.

"Is that where she got the scar from,"

"Yeah," He could always tell when Fallon was blaming herself for something; she would just scar at the scar trailing her nail down the jagged skin. He glanced at her again and she was still with that damn redneck, he could feel the jealousy building in his chest. He knew he had no right to feel this way, they broke up, but he still cared for the girl; he didn't blame her for breaking up with him but he hated that she did.

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