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The Smashing Dead

By EvilBelgium

Action / Adventure

Chapter 1

The Smashing Dead

Episode 1: A New Game

Ike, the son of Griel, had done nothing wrong. At least, that’s what he wanted to think. He was sitting in the back of a police car, driving to the place where he will be thrown in a cold, cramped cell. He stayed silent for the entire ride, not making the smallest sound. The policeman looked at Ike from the mirror.

“I suppose you didn’t do it then?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Ike questioned, not looking up.

“Well, it’s about here where I hear the ‘I didn’t do it’.”

Ike didn’t respond to that. The policeman’s radio crackled with news of some other person committing a crime. He just ignored it and kept asking questions.

“So, where you from?”

“I’m from Tellius. I lead the Griel mercenaries.” Ike mumbled.

“Still connected with your family?”

“Haven’t communicated in a while.”

“Well, I’m sure your wife would be very happy to see you.” The policeman mocked.

Ike opened his mouth to retort, but instantly closed it. Not such a good idea to insult a cop.

The policeman looked at Ike as if to mock him more, but changed his mind.

“I was once driving a man to the prison.” the policeman began, “He kept hitting the back of the seat. I told him I would have to use my Taser on him if he wouldn’t stop.”

The policeman paused for a moment to switch off the radio, which was going crazy. Ike also noticed helicopters fly by.

“He stopped for a few minutes, before breaking out crying and screaming ‘Momma, it’s all a big mistake! It wasn’t me!’”

Ike thought for a moment, still not looking up.

“Maybe he was innocent.” Ike quietly suggested.

“Innocent?” The policeman laughed, “We caught the fucker red-handed, and then he’s screaming bloody murder that he didn’t do it!”

The policeman turned his head to look at Ike, not paying attention to the road.

“I got another one, it not that sad, but actually pretty hilarious.” He began

Ike suddenly noticed the shambling figure in the middle of the road


But it was too late, the car hit the figure and spun off the road and tumbled down the hillside. Everything went black.


Ike woke up, still handcuffed in the car. He felt a lot of pain in his leg. Looking at it, he saw his leg was severely injured, but not broken. Ike kicked the door open of the now turned over car and climbed out. His leg shot pain everywhere in his body as he stepped on the ground. Ike grunted in pain, trying to ignore it. He was in the middle of a forest, and the policeman was lying on the ground, seeming dead.

Maybe he has the keys to the handcuffs. Ike thought to himself. He had to get out of them sometime. Ike crept towards the policeman until he was standing over him. He spotted the keys on the dead policeman’s body

“There they are.” Ike said to himself.

Ike snatched the keys from the policemen’s belt and prepared to unlock the cuffs.

“Guh…” The policeman groaned.

Ike froze. Did he hear correctly?

“Officer?” Ike called out to him.

The policeman suddenly lunged at Ike, knocking him down.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Ike cried.

He scooted backwards until his back hit the car. The policeman crawled toward him. His skin was now a strange green, and his eyes were dead. Ike felt a shotgun next to him and grabbed it. He loaded the gun and pointed it to the reanimated policeman.

“Don’t make me do this!” Ike pleaded.

Ike shot the policeman in the head when he didn’t listen. Ike quickly unlocked his hand cuffs and gasped for air, shocked at what just happened. Ike suddenly heard the same groans the officer made. He turned around to see many more people in the same condition as the officer was, surrounding him. Ike limped away as quick as he could and climbed over a fence. He crashed into a backyard of a lone house. Ike noticed a small treehouse next to where he had landed. May be he could use it as a hiding place. Then again, it was too small and if the zombies came into the yard, he’s be cornered. Ike sighed and struggled up the patio, to find the door was actually open. He entered the house, looking for any other sign of life.

“Hello?” Ike called out.

Ike stumbled upon an answering machine and pressed the button out of curiosity.

“You have 3 new messages.”


“First Message: Monday 2:18 PM”


“Hey Ness! It’s Mom. We were just wondering how you’re doing. Is the babysitter being nice? Call us back when you can.”


“Next message: Monday 6:28 PM”

“Ness, Mom again. The power just ran out in the hotel and your sister’s freaking out. I think we may need to stay another night. Call me when you get a chance.”


“Final Message: Tuesday 3:06 AM”

“Ness, please listen to me, you need to call the police. That’s 9-1-1. Stay in the house, you’ll be safer there. Please you need to hurry-”

Ike listened to the static noises of the message before the answering machine beeped for the last time. He looked down, feeling a mix of confusion, sadness and anger. Suddenly, Ike heard another static sound, this time coming from the cabinet.

“Hello?” A small voice whispered.

Ike limped up to the cabinet where the sound was coming from and found a walkie talkie. It wasn’t the kind the police used, but rather the store-bought kind. Ike pressed the button on the side, wanting to figure out who was on the other end.

“Hello?” Ike asked.

The response came faster than he expected.

“Who are you?” The voice shyly asked.

Even though the voice was crackly from the static, Ike could tell that person was a kid.

“I’m Ike.” Ike answered, “What’s your name?”

“Ness.” The voice mumbled, “Are you a bad guy?”

“Nah, I’m not gonna hurt you. Where are you, Ness?”

“I’m in the treehouse.” Ness proudly stated.

“Really?” Ike said travelling up to the door.

“Yeah!” Ness said as he peeked out from the treehouse door.

“Huh. That’s very clever.” Ike remarked, smiling.

“Oh no!” Ness gasped and retreated back into the treehouse.

Ike sighed. He wanted to get a better look at the young boy. What was he so scared about? Something grabbed Ike’s ankle and pulled him away from the door. Ike pushed the attacker off, getting a good look who it was. His attacker was another one of those undead he saw before. It was a girl, seemed a bit younger than Ike. The undead girl reached for Ike, crawling towards him much faster than expected. Kicking the zombie, he scooted backwards until he hit someone’s feet. Ike looked up to see a small child.

“Here!” The child said, handing Ike a hammer.

Ike smashed the hammer into the zombie’s head, killing it instantly. Ike wiped the blood splattered his face and stood up.

“I’m guessing you’re Ness.” Ike said, looking at the child.

“Yep.” Ness smiled, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Thanks for saving me.”

“You’re Ike?” Ness asked.

“Yeah.” Ike replied, looking around.

The house was in shambles. There was no food or anything helpful around. There was no way someone like Ness would survive here.

“We should get out of here.” Ike suggested.

“But I have to wait for my parents!” Ness objected.

“We’ll die if we stay here.” Ike explained.

“Ok…” Ness said, looking down.

“Hey.” Ike coaxed, “I’m sure we’ll find them if we keep moving.”

“You think so?”


Ike walked out of the house’s backyard with Ness trailing behind him. They walked quietly for a while before a wreckage of cars blocked their path. There was a man pushing the car with a strange green creature attempting to help him.

“Hey, you need any help?” Ike called out.

The man and strange creature turned around.

“Ivysaur!” The creature yelled.

“I’m not so sure, can we trust him?” The man said.

Ivyasaur nodded.

“I can’t, especially what happened last time. Sorry.”

“Ivysaur!” Ivysaur bounded up to Ness.

“You have a kid with you?” The man said, astonished.

“Yeah.” Ike said, “We need a place to stay for the night.”

The man looked at Ness and nodded.

“Just help us push this car. I’m Will, by the way, and this is Ivysaur.”


“I’m Ike, and that’s Ness.” Ike grunted when he started pushing the car.

After pushing for a long time, the car finally moved.

“Come on!” Will called as he started a pickup truck.

Ivysaur jumped in the back and Ike and Ness jumped in the front with Will.

Will stamped on the gas and the car jolted forward, passing many zombies. Ike looked behind him, seeing the people who used to have families and good lives shamble on helplessly.

Ike sighed. This place had really gone to hell.

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