Kira's Other Half

Decision and Execution

“Mr. Stalker, hello? Where are you right now? Hello, Mr.?” Misa whimpers and begs. “Do you think we could stop this game now?”

The various task force members around me mutter their questions. “Stalker? Where’d she get that?”

I speak up on her behalf. “Most celebrities end up having stalkers, so it would only make sense that a young girl, such as Misa-sama, would have jumped to the conclusion of having been kidnapped by a stalker.”

“Yeah, sure, but what’s with the new attitude all of a sudden?” Aizawa asks, still unsure.

Nobody has an answer for him, but Misa continues her whimpering. For hours.

“Mr. Stalker, this is illegal, you have to stop it. Please?”

“She’s been acting like this… ever since she regained consciousness.” Aizawa comments.

“Seriously, does she think she can get out of this just by playing dumb?” Matsuda adds.

“Okay, how about this? You could at least take off my blindfold, don’t you think? It would be nice to see what you look like.” She begs, almost to the point of hysteria.

Ryuzaki suddenly lifts his hand towards Matsuda. “Matsuda-san, call Mogi-san for me.”

Matsuda reaches into his suit pocket. “Just a second.” He dials the number, and hands it to Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki holds up the phone to his ear in his own unique way, and starts to speak. “Mogi-san, when you apprehended Misa Amane-san, you made it clear she was a suspect, correct?”

My attention is pulled back to the monitor, were Misa is struggling again. “What if I gave you an autograph or shook your hand? I can give you a kiss on the cheek if you want!”

‘The idiocy of celebrities. If someone was willing to actually kidnap you, I’m pretty sure they’d want more than just a peck on the cheek.’ I think to myself, mentally facepalming.

“I’ll do whatever you want! Oh, I won’t run away, I promise!” She continues to try and bargain her way out.

Ryuzaki activates the microphone, and speaks. “Misa Amane-san.”

“Huh? What’s that, Mr. Stalker? Are you planning to release me?” She asks, nearly dashed hope in her voice.

“Before you passed out, you barely spoke. You even asked me to kill you. Now you’re claiming ignorance?”

“I don’t understand. I mean, you were the one who knocked me out and then brought me here, remember? Oh wait, I get it! This is some kind of Misa Amane interrogation fantasy, right?” Aizawa, Matsuda, and I look at one another confusedly.

“Do you know why I’m containing you here? You must have some idea.” Ryuzaki asks pleadingly, hoping that his one lead wouldn’t have suddenly vanished.

“What do you mean? Because I’m a celebrity, obviously.” Misa says with confidence. “but you’re definitely the first stalker who’s gone this far, and you’re starting to scare me.”

Matsuda loses his patience, storms over to the microphone, grabs it, and yells, “Hey, Amane! No one’s buying this, so cut it out!”

“Oh, this is scary…” She whimpers. “What’s going on? I can’t stand it anymore! Please let me go! You have to let me go!” She begins to struggle again.

Matsuda opens his mouth to say something else, but I put my hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn to me. “That’s enough. I don’t think she’s faking it anymore.”

“Uh, I, uh, have to go to the bathroom! I have to go to the bathroom again, okay?” She tries switching tactics.

“It’s only been four minutes since you went to the bathroom.” Ryuzaki points out. “I’m afraid you’ll have to hold it.”

“You have to! It’s the only time you’ll untie me and let me move. Plus, you’d be able to watch! Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t it, you pervert!” She snaps.

I glance from the screen to Ryuzaki, who mumbles, “I’m a… pervert?” whether in shock, or just plain confused, I can’t tell. “Amane-san, let’s get back to the conversation we were having before you lost consciousness. First of all, you know who Light Yagami-is, and if so why did you approach him?”

“Huh?” Misa perks up, suddenly willing to talk. “What do you mean? How could I not know my own boyfriend?”

‘Misa-san, you idiot! I don’t care if it was an order given in the middle of a conversation about the Death Note; you promised to Light-kun that you would never tell the police that you knew him! Damn, you just gave Ryuzaki-kun evidence that Light-kun is Kira!’

“Well, isn’t this a one-eighty turn.” I comment, more to myself than for the others benefit. “And the only thing to happen between then and now was her screaming to die, and her being unconscious… What could have triggered this?” I leave out a few parts on purpose, knowing that the rest of the task force was listening.

Suddenly, Ryuzaki’s phone begins to ring. “Good timing, it’s Light-kun.” Mr. Yagami sits up at that. “Please turn the audio and video off.” Watari does so, and Ryuzaki answers his phone. “Yes… yes, I understand. We’ll be expecting you in room K2801.”

Mr. Yagami takes a step towards us. “Are you saying my son’s coming here?”

Ten minutes later, Matsuda opens the door, and lets Light inside. Everyone is dead silent for a while, before Light speaks up.

“Ryuzaki, like I said over the phone,” he pauses, before he admits, “I could be Kira.”

Mr. Yagami’s expression quickly changes to that of horrified, as does my own. ‘Light-kun, what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?! Do you want to get yourself killed?! Do you want to just throw away everything we’ve worked to accomplish?!’

Mr. Yagami runs to his son, and starts to shake him by the shoulders. “No, Light! What are you talking about?! Why would you even say something like that?! Why?”

Light looks away from his father sadly. “Look Dad, if Ryuzaki is L, then it’s safe to say that he’s the world’s best detective. And right now, he seems pretty sure that I’m Kira. We know L’s never been wrong before.” He hangs his head. ‘At least he has the decency to act like it pains him. I swear to god, Light-kun, if this entire thing is meaningless, I will kill you with my bare hands.’

“Wh-what are you saying, Light?! Stop this!” Mr. Yagami demands.

“What about that FBI agent, Raye Penber-san? It was me he was investigating immediately before he died. And I was in Aoyama on the twenty second. Also, I’m the first person in the Kanto region that Misa-san, the alleged second Kira, approached. It’s all been me. If I were in L’s place, even I would’ve come to the same conclusion. You see?” He holds up his arms at a 90 degree angle, palms facing up. “Subconsciously, I might be Kira. If that were the case, I could be him and not even know it.”

“No, Light…” Mr. Yagami trails off.

“I-I’m not sure of anything anymore. I’d never kill someone, but unconsciously, who knows what I’m capable of? Another me could be killing people as I sleep…”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” Ryuzaki counters.

“Not possible? What do you mean?” Light asks, now actually confused.

“Well, I never mentioned this to you, but at one point I had hidden surveillance cameras installed in your room for five days.” Ryuzaki admits rather shamelessly.

Light acts offended. “Cameras?”

“Yes. Every single night, you slept normally. Criminals whose names were broadcast were still dying, even though you had no way of knowing about them. But this didn’t prove your innocence to me. All it proved is if you were Kira, no amount of camera surveillance would reveal that fact.”

“Wouldn’t reveal that fact, huh?” Light’s venomous voice quickly became unsure again. “I don’t know, it could be true. I have to admit, I’ve found myself thinking that some criminals deserve to die. If I can think like Kira, then how can I be sure that I’m not actually him?”

“Hold on Light-san! I feel exactly the same way!” Matsuda admits, and walks over to Light. ‘Aaand there goes Light-kun’s plan, whatever it is. What the hell, Matsuda-san, why couldn’t you just stay quiet?’ “I’ve found myself thinking before that some people would be better off dead. But still, that doesn’t mean we’re going to go out and kill people! Isn’t that right? Besides, criminals were still being killed, even when you had no knowledge of them. I mean, the surveillance cameras proved it, didn’t they?”

“Well, no.” Aizawa comments. “Because we were short on investigators then, we only watched him while he was at home. Truth is, we weren’t able to watch him every hour of the day. It’s possible he’d found some way to kill those criminals while he wasn’t at home.”

Light glances at me, and that one look alone tells me three things.

‘I’m sorry for not telling you about this beforehand.’

‘Don’t worry about me; this has been all planned out.’

‘Wait for a signal before you make another move.’

The small glare I send back conveys three of my own messages.

‘I’m mad at you for not telling me about meeting Misa-san.’

‘I’m pissed that you went through with this before thinking of every outcome and being prepared for each of them.’

‘But, no matter what, I’ll do what you need me to do, because I trust you, you damn moron.’

With a tiny, imperceptible nod to each other, we turn to Ryuzaki.

“Honestly, I don’t like the way this is going at all. What choice do I have?” He looks at the ceiling. “Let’s do it.” Mr. Yagami gasps. “I need you to fully restrain Light Yagami, and place him in solitary confinement.”

“What? You can’t!” Mr. Yagami yells.

“You want us to… confine him? Seriously?” Matsuda asks.

“If we’re going to do this, then it has to happen immediately. From this point on, you can’t be allowed to go anywhere where I can’t see you.”

“This is crazy!” Mr. Yagami snaps. “There’s no way my son could be Kira! My son’s not capable of-”

“It’s okay, Dad.” Light interrupts him.

“Stop this, Light!” He pleads.

“Listen, something has to be done about this. As long as I’m having these doubts, I can’t work with you to catch Kira. But Ryuzaki, promise me this, until you can say with absolute certainty that I’m not Kira, you can’t set me free, no matter what I might say or what condition I might be in.”

“You have my word.” Ryuzaki agrees. “Yagami-san, can you come up with some sort of excuse for Light-kun’s absence? Something to tell your family, and, please do it now.”

“But, this is all so sudden, what should I say? And I see no reason why he should be imprisoned.” Mr. Yagami fights a losing battle.

“Let it go, Dad.” Light shushes his father. “If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to live with myself.”

“But son, do you really mean that?”

“Yeah, I believe that by giving up my very freedom, I’ll defeat the fear that Kira lurks within me.”

Five minutes later, Light is handcuffed, blindfolded, and wearing earmuffs.

“Aizawa-san, please take him away.” Ryuzaki says, not even bothering to hide the fact that it pains him to say it.

Aizawa nods, and leads Light away. As I glance around the taskforce, I don’t find a single sign of anyone being happy about this.

The next day, Light sits in his cell, silently, not moving a muscle. The camera we set up captures every inch of the solitary confinement cell, which means it also captures Ryuk, though the others can’t see him.

“So, I guess apples are out of the question.” He comments wistfully, before something occurs to him, and he perks up. “Oh, unless Mirai has some!” He looks directly at the camera. “Hey, sweetheart, if you’re watching this, would you mind buying me some? That would be great!” I close my eyes to conceal an eye roll at Ryuk’s antics.

I hear footsteps coming towards Ryuzaki and I, and a simple turn reveals it to be Mr. Yagami. “Ryuzaki-san. I’d like to request that you take me off this investigation.” His request is quickly met with objections from Aizawa and Matsuda. “I’ve thought about it, and the fact is that we’re holding my son, Light, as a prime suspect. Given that, it’s not appropriate for me to be here. When we spoke earlier, my feelings got in the way. It’s impossible for me to be objective in this situation.”

“I agree with you.” Ryuzaki responds. “We can’t let personal feelings get in the way.”

“And, in truth, if the task force concludes that my son is Kira, I don’t know what I’d be capable of.”

“Yes, I’ll agree with you there. To be honest, I wondered what you might do. I believe you’d kill your son, and then yourself. I’d also agree that it’s best if we don’t have you working here, for now.”

“Ryuzaki-san. I will ask that you confine me as well. At the moment, I’m calm. But to be honest, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.”

“I thought you might say that, so I spoke with Watari. He’s made arrangements. But your confinement will be different. You will keep your cellphone turned on, and maintain regular contact with family and friends. We won’t tell Light-kun about this, if he does call you at some point, he is to believe that you are still at headquarters. While you’re in confinement, we’ll be giving you continuous updates on the investigation, so you’ll know what’s happening.” He takes another bite of one of my chocolate ganache cakes. “So how does that sound to you?” Something occurs to me, and I look around the hotel suite, to only see about half of the boxes I’d brought in. I sweatdrop, before tuning back into the conversation.

“I’m grateful.” Mr. Yagami says. “Thank you.”

It’s now the third day of confinement. I’m surprised that none of those confined have snapped yet. Misa’s given up, Light’s biding his time, and Mr. Yagami is just waiting for news.

“Hey, mister? I really want to take a bath. I’m pretty sure you already know where I live, don’t you? Could you bring me some clean clothes?” Misa whines. I would have snapped and written her name in the Death Note already, if Rem wasn’t threatening to kill Light.

“I didn’t think this could get any more bizarre.” Aizawa comments.

“I feel so sorry for the chief right now.” Matsuda adds, returning the atmosphere to depressing.

“Ryuzaki, talk to me. What’s happening?” Light calls out. “Have any new criminals been identified? Anyone that Kira would be likely to target? If so, has he killed any of them?”

Ryuzaki pushes a button on the middle microphone. “In fact, quite a few criminals’ names have been broadcast recently. But, since you’ve been detained, we haven’t had one report of a criminal being killed by Kira.”

“Wait, no one’s been killed? Really?” Light asks, surprise in his voice. ‘Oh, come on. You expected this, obviously. What are you planning, Light-kun?’

“Yes.” Ryuzaki deadpans.

“I see.” Light looks down. “So it’s only a matter of time before I’m convicted of being Kira.”

Ryuk looks around. “What I wouldn’t give for an apple… Mirai! Come on! Please?”

‘Just what do you hope to achieve by this, Light-kun? By not having criminals die, it only strengthens the argument against you. What is your goal in doing this?’

Day five of the confinement. Ryuk’s complaints have gotten very… vocal.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Ryuk groans, twisting into uncomfortable poses. “If I don’t get an apple soon, I don’t know what’ll happen.”

“In the end, I’ll just have to get through this, no matter what.” Light determines, ignoring the Shinigami’s antics.

“You know, Mr. Stalker, your video won’t sell if it’s just me sitting here all the time.” Misa says, trying to get out of her bonds.

“Yagami-san looks pretty bad.” Ryuzaki comments. “I think he’s taking this harder than Light-kun or Misa-san.”

“What do you expect? It’s been five days since Light-san was put in prison, and look, not a single criminal whose name was broadcast has been killed.” Matsuda adds, just as dejected as Misa and Light. “In these situations, I think the parents suffer more than the accused.”

“No kidding.” Aizawa responds. “Especially now that we’re seeing proof that Light-san is Kira.”

Ryuzaki activates the third microphone. “Mr. Yagami.”

He jumps out of his chair. “What is it?! Is it good news?! Is it bad news?!”

Aizawa, Matsuda, and I all sigh collectively. “No, I wanted to tell you not to worry so much.” Ryuzaki reassures. “It doesn’t matter how much time you devote to worrying about this, the outcome will be the same. This could go on for quite some time. Perhaps you should rest in a more comfortable place.”

“Impossible! What makes you think I care where I am?!” Mr. Yagami throws the chair to the ground. “It won’t change anything! With the state I’m in now, this is the best place for me. And no matter what the results, when I leave here, it’s going to be with my son!” He yells at the camera.

“I understand.” Ryuzaki says, very quietly, almost timidly.

Day seven. Light’s just sitting on the floor of his cell, practically dead.

“Light-kun, you’ve only been here for one week.” Ryuzaki says through the microphone. “But I’m sure it can’t be easy. Are you feeling alright?”

Light remains silent for a minute. Still dead in the eye, he finally looks up, and says, with a well-hidden smirk in his voice, “Yeah. I know I must look pretty bad in here, but this useless pride, I suppose I’ll have to… get rid of it.”

Ryuk tenses, before jumping up. He stares at Light for a moment, before he nods. “Got it.” He walks through the wall. “Later!”

The effect on Light is almost immediate. His eyes widen, and become more lively, and he begins to look around in confusion. In return, both my and Ryuzaki’s eyes widen.

“Ryuzaki, I realize that I was the one pushing for confinement, and that I asked you to put me in here, but I just realized something important!” He calls out, his voice noticeably more innocent. ‘Oh dear god, he looks like a lost puppy. That’s… both incredibly adorable and saddening.’ “This whole thing’s completely pointless! Because I’m not Kira! You have to get me out of here!”

‘He lost his memories, just like Misa-san… that means… No, he wouldn’t have! Light-kun values the Death Note too much!’

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Ryuzaki responds to Light. “I promised you, that no matter what you said, I wouldn’t let you out until I was convinced that you are not Kira.”

“Please L, I wasn’t thinking clearly!” Light begs. ‘So innocent, and to think, that was what he was like when I met him. Is that what the Death Note does to you? Takes away every shred of innocence you have, and replaces it with hate for the world?’ “Do you really think a serial killer like Kira could commit those crimes without being aware of them? If I have no memory of his crimes, I’m not him!”

“I’ve never been able to accept this idea that Kira has been acting without self-awareness all this time. But that doesn’t change the fact that all the evidence points to you being Kira. Since we imprisoned you, Kira hasn’t committed a single murder.”

“Listen, just hear me out!” He sounds so strained, so panicked, that I have to fight the urge to push Ryuzaki from his chair, and talk to Light. “I swear to you, I’m not lying, you have to believe me! I’m not Kira! I must have been framed, that’s the only explanation of this! You have to let me out, we’re wasting time!”

“We can’t let you out yet.”

“Damn…” Light throws his head to the ground in frustration. “Why is this happening?!”

“What the hell is going on?” Aizawa asks. “This isn’t like Light-san at all. He’s contradicting himself, it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Well, we can’t release him now that the murders have stopped!” Matsuda reasons. “It doesn’t matter what he says, I mean, even I know that much.”

Aizawa crosses his arms. “Anyway, I don’t care what anyone says. As far as I’m concerned, we have all the proof we need. Light Yagami is Kira, and that’s the end of it.”

I stare at the monitor, and ask, “Ryuzaki-kun, may I?”

He looks at me, surprised by my sudden words and request, before he stands. “Be my guest.” I take his seat. “Press this button to talk to Light-kun without a voice modifier.” He points it out, and I nod my thanks.

I press and hold the button, and say, “Light-kun.”

His head snaps up to stare at the camera. “Mirai-chan?”

“Yeah. Light-kun, you need to calm down. I know you’re not Kira, and I’m going to need you calm if I’m ever going to be able to convince the task force that that fact is true, alright?”

He nods at the camera. “Alright.”

“Good. Don’t worry, everything will turn out fine.” I release the button and stand, letting Ryuzaki take back his chair. I grab my coat, and go to leave, though not before I hear Light say, “Thanks, Mirai-chan.”

Aizawa stops me just before I walk out the door. “Why do you keep defending him?”

I look at him, letting honesty take over. “Because I’ve known Light-kun longer than all of you, with the exception of Mr. Yagami, and what Kira’s doing isn’t something that Light-kun would do.” He steps out of the way, and I walk out in silence.

I walk home at a leisurely pace, and once there, go hide in my room. I sit at my desk, quietly thinking through everything that’s happened. ‘Light-kun’s been imprisoned, Misa-san’s been imprisoned, and I have no idea where their Death Notes are, or why the bloody hell Light-kun never told me about Misa-san. Okay, got that? Good.’

‘So, you know nothing.’ An odd, foreign, feminine voice comments, making me jump in surprise. I look around, but I see no one who could have responded to me, and I lean my head on my desk again.

Suddenly, a very familiar Shinigami floats through my wall. “Hey, Mirai!”

I look up from my desk at him. “Oh, hello Ryuk. Why’re you here?”

“Light told me to go to you once he gave up ownership of the Death Note.”


Ryuk cringes from my voice, and tries to defend himself so I won’t hurt him. “Relax, it’s all part of his plan to get Misa out of prison without Rem killing him in the process.”

“Oh? And who’s this Rem?” I question, wanting a reason to know what I know.

“Don’t act like you don’t know. I saw you hiding in Light’s closet the first time Misa showed up.” He crosses his arms in a very disapproving manner.

I sigh. “How many apples will it take to keep you quiet on that fact?”

He smirks. “A dozen! No, two dozen!”

I grab my purse. “Alright, let’s go.”

We walk, well, Ryuk floats behind me, to the fruit stand, and purchase the two dozen apples, before heading to a very remote part of a nearby park, where I let Ryuk gorge himself on the fruit. I then lead the way back home, while Ryuk follows me. I reach the safety of my room, let Ryuk in, and lock the door behind me. I break the silence by asking, “So, why’d Light-kun tell you to come to me?”

“To give you a few things. First, these.” He pulls out three pages of the Death Note, and hands them to me. “And then this.” He hands me a folded piece of paper, and unfolding it reveals a handwritten note in Light’s neat script. “He wants you to read that as soon as you can.”

I look down at the paper, and read silently, subconsciously giving the words Light’s voice.

‘Mirai-chan: Since you’re reading this, I assume that I’ve lost all my memories of the Death Note. Using the three pages of the Death Note Ryuk just gave you, I need you to start writing down the names of criminals. I’ll be unable to do so while I’m amnesiac, so you have to in order to convince the task force that I’m not Kira. Take care of Ryuk and keep him from being stupid for a while. Hopefully Ryuk’s explained everything to you by now, so this next part will make sense. I’ve sent Rem off to find some power-hungry lunatic to use Misa’s Death Note for their own purposes, so we’ll have a fall guy who’ll act as Kira for a while. Wait for my next signal. Light.’

‘Well, alright. I guess I’ll do what I have to.’

“So, it seems we’re going to be roommates for a while, Ryuk.”

“I guess so.” He laughs. “You humans are so entertaining. Let’s see how Light’s plan turns out.”

Day fifteen of confinement, and day eight of Ryuk following me around. To be honest, he’s not as irritating as I’d thought he’d be.

Matsuda suddenly bursts into headquarters. “What’s going on?! I just heard, two weeks worth of criminals were just murdered, all at once! It happened yesterday!”

‘Yeah, I wrote down all of the names I had to, all with the same time of death, two weeks in. Really throws them off, doesn’t it?’

‘Certainly does. You clever girl.’ I feel the response reverberate through me. This odd, feminine voice has been contacting me through my thoughts on occasion throughout the last week. I’ve never been able to ask it anything, as it only gets one sentence in before vanishing.

“Yeah.” Aizawa says, monotone. “Kira’s back.”

“So did you guys already tell the chief?”

“No, not yet.”

Matsuda rushes over to the monitor and microphones, grabs the third, and shouts, “Guess what, chief! Kira’s started killing again!” Mr. Yagami stands up in his cell, looking at the camera in surprise. “It looks like Kira was only resting, but now he’s started punishing criminals again!”

“Is that true, Matsuda?” Mr. Yagami asks, hope filling his voice. “Then, that means, my son… I shouldn’t be happy that people have been killed, but, at least Light’s name will finally be cleared. Wait, knowing Ryuzaki, this won’t be enough to clear his name.”

We all turn to the man in question. “Well,” Ryuzaki admits, “he’s in the gray.”

“Did you hear what he just said, chief?” Matsuda says, enthusiastically.

“Yeah, it’s a hell of a lot better than being completely guilty, thank god.” Mr. Yagami sighs out.

“As far as grays go, he’s a shade closer to being cleared!” ‘Matsuda-san, you idiot. That sounded like one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.’ “Let’s tell Light-san!” He reaches out for Light’s microphone, but Ryuzaki slaps it away.

“Matsuda! I mean, please don’t, Matsuda-san.” Ryuzaki scolds in a disturbingly low and dangerous voice.

“Matsuda…?” Matsuda echoes, confused at the dropping of honorifics.

“We shouldn’t tell him about this.”

“But-but why not?”

Ryuzaki ignores his question, and clicks on Light’s microphone. “Hello, Light-kun?”

“What is it, Ryuzaki?” He asks, practically having given up.

“You’ve been in here for just over two weeks, and not a single new criminal has been punished. Now, why make this harder than it has to be? Are you ready to confess?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Light fights, looking at the camera with fire in his eyes. “I’m telling you, you’re wrong. I understand why you feel that way, but even if the evidence does point to me, I swear to you, this is a setup! I am not Kira! Zoom in on me if you want, go ahead, look at my eyes! You tell me, do these look like the eyes of someone who’s lying?!”

Ryuzaki says nothing, but instead turns to Misa’s microphone. “Amane-san. Are you ready to tell me who Kira is?”

She lifts her head. “Huh? That again? I wish I knew, but I don’t. Because if I did, I’d thank him for punishing the burglar who killed my parents. To me, Kira is a hero.”

Ryuzaki lets out a very quiet, confused, and frustrated groan.

Day thirty six. The entirety of this situation has fallen on me, of being Kira alone, without someone to work with. It all feels rather empty, not to mention stressful. Then, I go to University, attend classes, and go to headquarters to work on the Kira case. Once there, I sit and do homework while listening to Misa whining, which, coupled with my already intense dislike for her, makes me rather irritated.

Which leads up to the situation I’m in now.

Aizawa, Matsuda, and Ryuzaki suddenly all decide to turn to me in my corner of gloominess, where they see me surrounded by origami paper, origami cranes, origami roses, origami lilies, origami dragons, origami hearts, origami butterflies, origami bunnies, origami cats, origami lotuses, and hundreds, if not thousands, of little origami Lucky Stars. I finish making another dragon, placing it among the rest, when I notice their staring.

“What?” I ask, irritably.

“Last I looked at you, not even an hour ago, there wasn’t anything around you. Now you’re surrounded by… paper… everything…” Aizawa trails off, not even sure how to finish his sentence.

“I’m constructively aggressive!” I snap. “Baking and origami are only two things on my long, long list of things I do whenever I’m mad.” Ryuzaki opens his mouth to say something to me, but I hold up a hand to stop him. “Don’t ask me to list them, it would go on all day.”

He closes his mouth, and they spend the rest of the day glancing over at me, where my pile of origami quickly grows into a mountain, one I have to dig myself out of at the end of the day.

Day fifty. This has gone on for far too long, Light snapped again a few days ago, begging and pleading to be released. Now, everyone is simply… silent.

“Yagami-san, are you alright? There’s no reason for you to keep doing this to yourself.” Ryuzaki says to the police chief.

“It’s been over a month since Kira started killing criminals again. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s all the proof I need to be sure that my son isn’t Kira.” Mr. Yagami reasons. “So then, all that’s left is for you to be sure. One way or another, when I get out of here, it will be with my son.”

“Wow, the chief can be pretty stubborn.” Matsuda comments. Aizawa and I nod.

Ryuzaki presses the button for Light’s microphone. “Light-kun, how are you feeling right now?”

Light groans. “Ugh, I’m okay. Ryuzaki, I know that in the time I’ve been imprisoned, no new criminals have died. However, that suggests to me that Kira is someone who’s intimately familiar with my situation. And if that’s the case-”

Ryuzaki interrupts him. “No, Light-kun, the reason criminals have stopped dying is because you are Kira.”

“No, I’m not Kira! How many times do I have to say it?!” He cries out, and my heart begins to hurt. ‘I hate seeing a friend in pain, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Hang on, Light-kun.’

‘Oh, talking to your friend in your head, how original. He can’t hear you, you know.’

‘I know.’ I respond to her, knowing that she can’t respond to me again.

“This is just cruel. I don’t care if he is a suspect, Light-san has a right to know that criminals are being killed again.” Aizawa voices.

Ryuzaki switches to Misa’s microphone. “Amane-san.”

“Yes?” Barely even a whisper, but a small response, nonetheless.

“Are you alright? You seem tired.”

“Is that supposed to be funny? How do you expect me to look after being tied up and questioned for this many days?”

“Hmm, that’s true.”

“Please, just let me go. I want to see Light-kun. Please, Light-kun, help me…”

“I’m not sure how much more of this the three of them can take…” Matsuda comments, sympathising with them.

“Ryuzaki, you have no reason to keep Light-san locked up anymore.” Aizawa snaps. “Do the right thing and let him go, then we can get the chief out, too! Criminals are still being killed, even though Misa-san and Light-san haven’t had access to any of that information. We know that much already, so what are you waiting for?”

“Not true.” Ryuzaki says. “All we know for sure at this point is that Amane-san harbors an unnaturally strong devotion for Light Yagami.”

“Ryuzaki. I’m sorry, but with all due respect, from where I’m standing, it’s starting to look like you’re only doing this cause you don’t want to admit you were wrong about Light-san.”

“Yes, I figured you’d say that.”

“Okay, fine, but we do know Kira killed Lind L. Tailor and those FBI agents, right? As Light-san said, if Kira could kill while under surveillance, and without access to information, there would have been no need! If they didn’t pose a threat to him, why would he bother killing them? Kira doesn’t kill without good reason, I’ve heard you say so yourself on more than one occasion.”

“Oh, I see.” Matsuda nods along, understanding. “If he was able to kill under these circumstances, then he wouldn’t have been concerned about those FBI agents in the first place!”

“It’s already been fifty days! There’s no point to this anymore! Ryuzaki, it’s time to start looking for the real Kira.”

Ryuzaki pauses in eating his ice cream. “Yes, I understand.” But he doesn’t make a move to tell Light anything.

I sigh. “Ryuzaki-kun, if you’re still unsure about Light-kun and Amane-san being Kira, I have a rather foolproof plan to get them to either confess or reveal themselves.”

He looks to me. “Do tell.”

I look down, feeling like I was about to betray Light. “It’s cruel and barbaric, but it would be effective.” He gestures for me to go on with a small movement of his hand. “We could get Mr. Yagami to drive Light-kun and Misa-san to a remote location, claiming to be driving them to their execution after having been found guilty, before pulling a gun on them, and threatening to kill Light-kun and then himself, letting the police come to find Misa and take her to the execution grounds. If Light and Misa don’t kill Mr. Yagami, then neither of them are Kira. As they aren’t, there is no danger in this, and you can be reassured of their innocence.”

“And what if they do kill Yagami-san?” Ryuzaki tests me.

“We’d have to have a camera in the car, so on the impossible chance that he does die, we’d have it both on video, and we’d have caught Kira.”

Ryuzaki thinks it over, and nods. “That will work, Mirai-chan.” He turns on Mr. Yagami’s microphone. “Yagami-san?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Would you be willing to come to headquarters, just once? I’d like to discuss my thoughts with you, but it must be done in person. However, above all else, I need to talk to you as Light-kun’s father.”

“Alright, I’ll come.” He admits, after a moment of consideration.

Three days later, Mr. Yagami frees Misa, and drives her to the prison where Light is waiting with Aizawa. Ryuzaki and I are sitting at headquarters, waiting for everything to start. I ignore Misa’s useless and stupid chatter that’s coming over the speaker, and instead focus on my own thoughts. ‘What have I done? I feel like a terrible person, I’ve betrayed one of my only friends.’

A tear rolls down my cheek, but I quickly wipe away the offending liquid, and focus on what’s going on in the car.

“I was starting to think I’d never get out of there, but it feels good to finally be cleared.” Light admits, sighing.

“No.” Mr. Yagami shoots down their hopes by continuing. “I’m afraid you two are being taken… to your execution.” Both Misa and Light gasp in horror. “I wanted to be the one to escort you to the execution site. It was secretly built in an underground facility not far from here.”

Light and Misa voice their panicked objections, but they fall on deaf ears. “L is convinced that you are Kira, Light.” Mr. Yagami continues. “And that Misa Amane is the second Kira. He is convinced that the only way we can prevent the murders is to execute the two of you.”

“I-I don’t understand. The killings have already stopped!” Light cries out.

“No, they never stopped.”

“They never…? That’s not what he told me, so he was lying?” Light asks, betrayal lacing his tone.

“L was trying to get a confession out of you, Light. He would’ve said anything, but at this point, that’s not the problem. It’s political now, you see, L’s suggestion that the killings would stop if you two were eliminated was unanimously accepted by top officials in the UN and the Japanese government. They want Kira to disappear. No trial, no publicity.”

“But that’s completely insane! Please Dad, I’m not Kira!” Light cries out.

“He’s right! What kind of a father are you, anyway? This is your own son you’re talking about!” Misa agrees, also yelling.

“L made this decision, not me. And his word is absolute. Over the years, he’s tackled the most difficult cases, solving all of them. He’s never been wrong.” Mr. Yagami explains, staying calm.

“You trust L, more than you trust me? Your own son?” Light asks, voice laced with venom.

“L went so far as to stake his own life on this theory. If the killings don’t stop, then he too, will be executed.”

“What? L said that? What the hell could he be thinking?!” Light exclaims, stressed. “I know that given the material evidence, this might seem like the only logical solution, but he’s making a mistake! How could L come to this conclusion?! Something’s not right here, it’s just, it’s not like L at all! The L I know would rely on hard evidence! He has to have the truth! Is he really planning to end it like this?!”

“Alright, we’re almost there.” Mr. Yagami comments, and the car gets brighter as they drive out of the tunnel, before he drives the car off-road, beneath the bridge, and parks.

“Where are we right now?” Light asks, uncertainly. “And why did you bring us out to the middle of nowhere? What is this?”

“Wait a sec, I bet he brought us out here to let us go!” Misa concludes, slightly happily.

“This will do. There’s nobody around to see us out here.” Mr. Yagami states. “I decided it would be better for us if I brought you here instead of the execution site. Listen to me.” He turns around to face Light and Misa. “I’m going to kill you here, and then kill myself.”

“What are you talking about, Dad? That’s crazy!” Light exclaims, almost to the point of hysteria.

“How could you say that?! You’d kill your only son for L?! If you want to die so bad, then why don’t you kill yourself?! If you do this, you’re no different than Kira!” Misa screams.

“I am nothing like Kira!” Mr. Yagami shouts. “I am bound by my responsibilities as a parent and as chief of the NPA.”

“Dad! Come on, she’s right! Think about it, if we die here, the truth will never be revealed! Please Dad, you have to let us escape!” Light pleads.

“It’s too late! Either way, you’ll be executed. At least with this, I’ll be the one to do it.” Mr. Yagami pulls his gun on Light.

“Please stop, dad, I’m not Kira!” Light begs, and both Light and Misa begin to struggle harshly in their bonds. “If I die here, Kira wins! Can’t you see?!”

Mr. Yagami puts the barrel to Light’s forehead. “ Amane-san. I’m going to die here with my son, but I have no reason to kill you, do you understand what I’m saying? It’s only a matter of time before the police locate this car, and they’ll transport you to the original site, and execute you there.” Mr. Yagami disables the safety, and says to his son, “Light, my son, from one murderer to another, I’ll see you in hell.”

I take a deep breath, reminding myself that this isn’t real, that they’ll be just fine, that Light and Mr. Yagami will come out alive.

“No dad!” Light cries.

“No, stop it!” Misa screams.

And then, the gun is fired.

Light sits back, having recoiled from the gunshot. “You used a… blank?”

Mr. Yagami lets his head fall in relief, then turns around to face the front. “Oh, thank goodness.” He sags down in his seat.

Light and Misa sit up. “Thank goodness?” Light echoes. “What’s going on? I don’t understand.”

“Please, forgive me you two.” Mr. Yagami admits. “I know it was hard on you two, but it was the only way I could get you out of prison. You must understand, I only agreed to do this because I believe in your innocence, Light.” He lifts his head to look above the rear view mirror. “Were you watching Ryuzaki? I did exactly as you said, and as you can see, I’m still alive.”

“Yes, it was a convincing performance.” Ryuzaki agrees. “If Amane-san were the second Kira, who only needs to see a person’s face to kill them, there is no doubt that she would have killed you before you had the chance to fire your weapon. Also, if Light-kun was in fact Kira, the Kira I know wouldn’t hesitate to kill even his own father to save himself. With Light-kun in particular, I cannot rule out the possibility that he may have seen through our act at some point, however, as we agreed, I will end their confinement immediately. And, as we discussed, Amane-san will remain under surveillance until Kira is apprehended. And since she insists the tapes we found were just occult videos, the physical evidence we have, plus her confession suggests otherwise.”

“Hey, no fair! You still suspect me?!” Misa yells childishly, and I restrain my urge to roll my eyes.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t complain. You get to go back to your normal life. If you’re innocent, then the surveillance shouldn’t be a threat to you. Think of it as complimentary police protection.”

“Oh, I get it. Since I’m not the second Kira, it’ll be kinda like having my very own private bodyguards.” Misa concludes. I let out a silent sigh of exasperation, but do not comment.

“As for your part in this agreement, Light-kun, you and I will be together twenty-four-seven. And that’s how we’ll remain until we bring Kira to justice.”

Light takes a moment to accept it and take it all in, before he nods. “Fine by me. We’ll catch Kira, together.”

“Yes. I look forward to working with you.” Ryuzaki agrees, a smile on his face.

The three return to headquarters, where, the moment Light steps in the door, I slap a handcuff on his left wrist. A handcuff with a very, very long chain, the other end attached to Ryuzaki’s right wrist.

Light raises an eyebrow at me, and I respond with saying, “Twenty-four-seven.”

He looks to Ryuzaki. “Are you sure this is necessary, Ryuzaki?”

Ryuzaki holds up his cuffed hand in response. “This is as difficult for me as it is for you.”

“So is this what you meant by being together twenty four hours a day with him?” Misa concludes. “Looking at you, I never would have guessed. Are you on that side of the fence, Ryuzaki-san?”

“I already told you, I’m not doing this because I want to, okay?” Ryuzaki tries being patient with her.

“But Light-kun belongs to me! I don’t wanna share him with you! If you’re with him twenty four seven, then how are we supposed to go on dates together?” It doesn’t work, of course, and Misa continues to whine.

“Oh, well, you can still go on dates, but it’ll have to be the three of us.”

“No way! Are you telling me we have to kiss in front of you and stuff?”

“I’m not telling you to do anything, but yes, I suppose I would be watching.”

I would throw something in there to make matters worse, but I can simply tell from the auras Mr. Yagami and Aizawa are giving off that they can’t stand this nonsense, and me adding to the fire would make them turn that wrath upon me. So, more than willing to throw Misa to the flames, I stay silent.

“That is so gross! You really are a pervert, aren’t you?”

“Light-kun, could you please make Misa-san stop talking now?”

“Listen, Misa-chan, that’s enough. The police have already established that it was you who sent those tapes, so you’re lucky to even be here right now. They have every right to keep you in prison.” Light scolds her. ‘Light-kun, she’s a spoiled brat. A simple scolding will not work.’

“How could you even say that, Light-kun? In case you forgot, I’m your girlfriend! Don’t you trust your own soulmate?” Her whining starts to get to me, and I take out a small stack of origami paper.

“What do you mean, soulmate? You’re the one who said you fell in love with me at first sight, Misa-chan.”

“So why would you kiss me if you didn’t have feelings for me?! You took advantage of me?! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!”

‘Womanizer, woman-womanizer, you’re a womanizer…’ The lyrics run through my head as I finish the first cat, and move onto the next.

“About this love at first sight,” Ryuzaki asks, “it happened in Aoyama on the twenty-second, didn’t it?”

“So what?” Misa asks tearfully.

“Why did you choose that day to go to Aoyama? And do you remember what you wore?”

‘Clever word choice, Ryuzaki-kun. I’m afraid that neither of them really remember that day, as it revolved around Death Notes.’

“It’s like I told you, I just happened to go there. I don’t know why, I don’t remember how I felt, and I don’t even know what I was wearing! Anyways, since when do I need a reason to hang out in Aoyama? Huh?”

“And somehow, when you came back from Aoyama, you knew that you were in love with some guy and that his name was Light.”

“Yes!” ‘Misa-san, you idiot!’

“And yet, you yourself have no idea how you came to know his name?”

“Yeah, so what?!”

“Tell me, what if Light-kun was Kira? How would it make you feel?”

“How would I feel if Light-kun was Kira?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh… That’d be wonderful… I mean, I’ve always been grateful to Kira for punishing the men who killed my parents, so if I found out that Light-kun was actually Kira, that would be like a bonus for me. If anything, it would make me love him even more! Even though it’s impossible to love him even more than I already do! ”

My origami making picks up pace, and I place a fourth cat next to the other three, before starting on a dragon.

“It’s Kira, though. You’d love him even more for that? I mean, wouldn’t you be afraid? What if he tried to kill you?”

“You’re talking about Light-kun being Kira? He wouldn’t be scary at all! I’m a supporter of Kira, so if I found out my Light-kun was actually him, I’d think of how I could be helpful!”

‘Light-kun may not be scary, but his partner sure as hell can be…’

‘I’d agree with you on that. You can be scary as hell when you want to be.’

“That’s very generous of you, but I’m pretty sure Kira doesn’t need your help. Well Misa-san, based on what you just told me, there can be no mistake that you are the second Kira.” My eye twitches, and my folding gets more, shall we say, violent? “But you’ve made it so painfully obvious that I don’t want to believe it.”

“Whatever! It’s not believable because I’m not the second Kira, okay?! Hmph!”

“Anyway, for the time being, you’ll remain under surveillance. When you do go out, if needed, you’ll be able to contact us using this room’s extension. For the most part, your life will return to normal, but from now on, for all private and work related affairs, Matsuda-san will be accompanying you as your new manager, Matsui. Your agency has been paid to keep quiet, and the police don’t know. Don’t blow his cover.”

“This old guy’s my manager? Oh, you can’t be serious!”

Matsuda objects. “Oh, come on! What’s wrong with me, Misa-Misa? Is it the tie? Cause I could-”

Aizawa snaps. Quite literally, he goes from barely contained anger to volcano in a split second. “Would you cut it out with all this dating, kissing, and Misa-Misa talk already?!” He yells. “This is the Kira investigation, stop messing around!”

“Sorry about that, Aizawa…” Matsuda apologises sheepishly.

“No, it’s alright, I just figured out what the problem is.” He growls out, and walks over to Misa. “Misa Amane, it’s time for you to go to your room.” He demands, pointing a finger at her door and everything, before he grabs her and pushes her out the door.

“Why?” She whines.

“Out you go!” He demands in a sing-song voice. He pushes her out, but she escapes under his arm, before he grabs her again and shoves her out.

“Hey Light-kun! Let’s go on a date, even if it is the three of us!” Misa calls out while struggling to hold open the door, before Aizawa finally shuts it and locks it.

“Many thanks, Aizawa-san.” I say, finishing another crane, and laying it with the small pile of cats, dragons, cranes, bunnies, and butterflies.

He nods at me, and makes his way back to his seat.

“So, Light-kun, are you serious about her?” Ryuzaki blatantly asks.

“No way. Like I told you earlier, it’s completely one-sided.” Light denies Misa, and I start to feel better.

“Then could you at least pretend to be serious for the sake of the investigation? There are two things I know about Amane-san for sure, one, that she’s involved in this, and two, that she’s in love with you.” He adds the second point in with a small laugh.

“You want me to become intimate with her to gather information about the second Kira?”

“Yes, I think you could do it without arousing her suspicions, and Amane-san would definitely be a valuable source of information for us. Not to mention, this is the main reason why I agreed to release the two of you.”

“Ryuzaki, as much as I want to help you, as important as the Kira case is to me, I can’t manipulate a woman’s feelings like that.”

Ryuk laughs from behind me. He can be so quiet to the point where I forget he’s there, but I quickly join in.

“What so funny?” Light asks, looking at me.

“Th-that was such a blatant lie, I-I, I can’t!” I burst out laughing again. Once I’ve calmed down to the point where I can form coherent words, I continue. “What about Kiyomi? Or Yuri? Or Emi? Or Shiho? I’m pretty sure you dated all of them at one point or another, and all of them left with broken hearts! Face it, Light-kun. You leave when the chase is over.”

I can see Light debating whether or not to punch me, but when Ryuzaki goes quiet, he instead asks, “What’s wrong, Ryuzaki?”

“Nothing! I suppose you’re right, after all.” Ryuzaki admits. “However, considering that Misa-san will have a lot of contact with the public, it would be helpful if you could make sure she doesn’t leak information.”

“By the way, do you think we could come up with some kind of alternative to this system of moving from hotel to hotel every few days?”

“Yes! In fact, I had that very same thought some time ago. So, I arranged for a facility to be built. Construction started just after my first meeting with Yagami-san and the others, it should be finished in a few days…” He types in some code. “Where is it, here it is!” Everyone walks over to see, and we all gasp. “Twenty three floors above ground, and two below. Although it’s impossible to see it from the outside, there are two helicopters hidden on the roof.”

“What!” Matsuda gasps.

“That’s amazing…” Light comments.

“Ideally, I want all of us to spend as much time here as possible, if the investigation team grows, we can accommodate up to sixty people. Misa shouldn’t have any complaints, since she’ll have her own floor…”

“This is truly impressive…” Light says, awed. “To go to such lengths…”

“Hold on a second! Where did you find the finances to build this thing?” Matsuda asks, making a good point.

Yet, Ryuzaki ignores him. “As you can see, it is my intention to solve this case, no matter what it takes. That’s how it is.”

“I’m sorry, but how is that an answer?” Aizawa asks, but Light interrupts him.

“No, he’s right!” Light defends. “The mass killing are bad enough already, personally, I will never forgive Kira for putting my dad and I through this. I want to solve this, no matter what it takes.”

“If you’re serious about that, then you should try to get close to Misa-san, and try to find out about the second-” Ryuzaki challenges.

“I can’t, it goes against my principles.”

“Right, you said something like that. What a shame…”

Aizawa tries to stifle a laugh, but a tiny snort comes out. “What was that?” Mr. Yagami asks him.

“Uh, nothing, I’m just feeling really motivated, chief!” Aizawa turns to each of us. “Ryuzaki, Chief Yagami, Light-san, Mirai-san, let’s get out of here and bring Kira to justice!”

Matsuda slides up. “Uh, excuse me, but I think you forgot my name!”

We all laugh at that.

‘Let’s go bring Kira to justice, huh? Funny, considering you’re talking not to one, but two Kiras right now. I wonder if they’ll ever find me out. Considering how Ryuzaki-kun stopped thinking that Kira was more than one person ages ago, and how he’s so focused on it being Light-kun, I’ll never be caught. How interesting…’

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