Kira's Other Half


Another day, another fifty files to flip through. Ever since I proposed that the higher-ups at Yotsuba could be Kira, I’d taken it upon myself to investigate them. So far, the only things that have stuck out to me are their ages. They’re all in their early thirties to mid-forties, rather young to be leading a company as large as Yotsuba.

I lay the file down on the coffee table in front of me to stretch. I take a glance around the room, and see Light staring intensely at Ryuzaki, obviously trapped in thought. Ryuzaki notices, and asks, “What’s wrong? You’ve been staring at me for the last two minutes. Wait, let me guess. You must be annoyed because I’m the only one eating cake at the moment, am I right?”

“Uh, no, that’s not it.” Light replies, having been snapped out of his stupor. I watch the exchange with mild amusement.

“Here.” Ryuzaki holds out his plate to Light.

“Really, don’t worry about it.” Light denies.

Watari’s signature flashes on screen. “Ryuzaki.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Detective Eraldo Coil has just received a private request to investigate and reveal the identity of L.” This catches everyone’s attention, and we all make our way to Ryuzaki’s computer.

“Isn’t Eraldo Coil supposed to be the second greatest detective in the world, after L himself?” Mr. Yagami asks. “Who on earth would send such a request?”

The screen changes to an info sheet. “The man who sought out Coil’s services is Masahiko Kida, the head of the rights and planning department of the Yotsuba group’s headquarters in Tokyo.”

“So it is Yotsuba.” Mr. Yagami concludes.

“We know that Yotsuba must be linked to Kira, if they’re trying to find out L’s identity, it’s probably because they want to kill him, and need that information to do it.” Light adds.

“This isn’t good.” Mr. Yagami worries. “We’re already shorthanded enough as it is, and now we have to worry about Coil, too.”

“It’s quite alright.” Ryuzaki reassures, and I finally catch up with him.

I smirk. “You brilliant man.” I mutter under my breath, and luckily, no one hears me.

“The detective known as Eraldo Coil is me.” Ryuzaki continues. “It’s quite simple, really. Three of the greatest detectives in the world, L, Coil, and Deneuve, they’re all actually me. It’s been my experience that people who try to find me usually fall for this.” He picks up the strawberry from his plate, and turns to me. “I’ll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?” Not knowing what else to do, I take the berry from him, and immediately eat it.

“I’m impressed as always, Ryuzaki.” Light compliments.

“So, Yotsuba wants to know who you are.” I summarize. “What’s our plan?”

Ryuzaki thinks for a moment, almost going into my thinking pose. “We’ll have Aiber pose as Coil and agree to their terms while setting a few of our own, and we’ll have Wedy breach their security and override their camera feed so we’ll have a clearer idea of what they’re doing.” I nod in agreeance. He calls Aiber and Wedy over, only to explain the plan again.

“Alright, I just have to get close to him, right?” Aiber asks for confirmation, and Ryuzaki nods. “Leave it to me.”

“And… you want me to make sure we can breach security?” Wedy adds. “And override the security cameras in the Yotsuba’s head office? Is that all?”

“Yes.” Ryuzaki confirms. “At this point, it’s safe to assume that Kira and the Yotsuba group are connected in some way. We’re going to investigate Yotsuba to determine who holds Kira’s power, and if there’s more than one person who possesses this ability. We need a clear understanding, quickly.” The entire taskforce, albeit Matsuda and Misa who are off filming some movie, quickly gathers around us. “We cannot let anyone from Yotsuba figure out that we are investigating them. Please realize that if they do notice, it means we won’t be able to catch Kira. Please be sure not to act impulsively out of panic or haste. And don’t take matters into your own hands.”

Immediately after Ryuzaki says this, Watari’s signature flashes onto Ryuzaki’s screen again. “Ryuzaki.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I have just received an emergency signal from Matsuda’s belt.”

“Ugh, where is he?” Ryuzaki’s distaste for this newest interruption isn’t masked at all. ‘I guess he must be sick of Matsuda-san’s antics.’

“It seems… that it’s coming from within the head office of the Yotsuba group.”

I restrain my laughter at the irony of the situation, and cover my face with my hands in grievance. ‘Not three seconds after Ryuzaki-kun says not to alert Yotsuba, Matsuda-san does exactly that.’

Ryuzaki gives out a long sigh. “Disregard everything I just said. We need to rethink our strategy.” He spins his chair around and stares at the ceiling. “Matsuda, you idiot!”

“If we’re going to get Matsuda out of the Yotsuba group HQ, we’re going to need to know the situation.” Light reasons. “Any ideas?”

We all look at one another for a few seconds, before I sigh. “We can always do the obvious and ask him over the phone.”

“And how do you propose we do that? Yotsuba could be listening in on anything we say to him.” Ryuzaki counters.

“We ask in code, to put it simply. I have an idea for what we could use, but…” I trail off, and my thoughts focus in on the idea. Vaguely, I register Kiyohime laughing her head off as she hears it.

‘Dear Shinigami King, I can’t believe you thought of that! And here I thought you were innocent!’

‘Shut it, Kiyohime. This isn’t exactly something I want to do.’

“But…?” Light prods, and I sigh again.

“But… it isn’t something I’d be comfortable doing, though I’m the only one who could do it.” I explain, trying not to give them anything.

“Then what’s the problem?” Ryuzaki asks, offering me a phone. “We’re all going to have to step out of our comfort zones eventually, Mirai-chan.”

“Oh dear god, I can’t believe I’m doing this…” I snatch the phone from Ryuzaki’s hands, dial Matsuda, and try not to scream at myself for my stupid plot.

Three rings later, he picks up. “Hello?” He asks tentatively.

I clear my throat, add in a slight Australian accent to my voice for good measure, and say in a seductive tone, “Hey, Taro, sweetheart, I thought you said you’d be home by now. Oh, is the shoot running long?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid the shoot’s running late.” He answers, still slightly tentative.

“Aww, that’s too bad. How is our little supermodel? Is she with you right now?” I blatantly flirt.

“No, she’s still filming.”

I cover the microphone with my hand and quickly whisper to the others, “He’s not with Misa-chan right now, he must be on his own.” I quickly return to the phone with my tone and accent. “How much longer do you think the shoot will last, Muffin?” I throw in a random pet name, and know that I will regret this later.

“Oh, it’s difficult to say, the director will be keeping me here for a while.”

I turn to the others again. “He’s stuck, can’t get out on his own.” Back to the phone, with my stupid seductive tone and accent. “Aww, that’s too bad, I’ll see you when you get home, big boy. Kiss kiss!” I made a kissy sound, before hanging up. I snap the phone closed, and chuck it at Ryuzaki, before storming up the stairs. I glance at the task force once, only to see Mr. Yagami’s and Mogi’s horrified expressions, Ryuzaki barely containing his laughter, and Light gaping and sputtering angrily. “This is to never be mentioned again.” I growl out, before continuing on my way.

“Where are you going?” Ryuzaki calls out, a couple giggles getting out.

“To shower. That conversation made me feel dirty.”

Thirty minutes later, I step out of the shower, dry off, and grab for my clothes, which are no longer there. A quick glance around the bathroom informs me that they aren’t in here at all, that includes my mother’s collar, and another glance shows me a small pile of light blue fabric, with a note resting on top of it.

I pick it up, and it reads, ‘Mirai-chan, Misa-chan and I have come up with a plan to get Matsuda out of Yotsuba HQ. In order to get him out, we’re going to need your help. What we need you to do is to entertain the Yotsuba leaders with Misa-chan and a few of her co-workers.’ I crumple the note with great prejudice, before throwing it out. As there are no other clothes present for me to wear at the moment, and I really don’t feel like walking out of this bathroom in only a towel, I change into the clothes that appeared, leaving me in a light blue turtleneck crop top with a heart-shaped viewing window, a matching light blue miniskirt, and thigh-high white stockings. I brush out my hair, before drying it and braiding a few locks on my right side, and proceeding to walk as calmly as possible to the main room.

When I walk in, Ryuzaki asks, “So, I presume you read the note?”

As calmly as I possibly can, I answer. “Yes, Ryuzaki-kun. I did.”

“And you know what you need to do?”

“Yeah. I understand what you want me to do. Although…” A dark and evil aura surrounds me. “what I want to know is which one of you idiots decided to BREAK INTO MY BATHROOM?!” They all take a step back, Ryuzaki looks slightly scared, and Light looks like he’s about to be killed. Having discovered the guilty party, I turn to them, and say in a low and dangerous voice, “I’ll deal with you two later.” I quickly slap on a cheerful façade. “Now, what exactly do you need me to do?”

I arrive at the hotel ten minutes later, where Misa introduces me to the other five girls, all dressed in outfits identical to mine, only in a rainbow of colours.

“Girls, this is Hime-chan!” She says, gesturing to me. I give a shallow bow, before I smile and wave as eagerly as I can possibly muster. “She’ll be working with us for the reception tonight. Let’s make her feel like she’s one of us!”

They surround me, extremely friendly. ‘It’s almost sickening how nice they are. How can anyone be this perky?’

‘Maybe it’s because they’re idiots. Oh no, wait, that’s an established fact.’

We gather in a semi-circle around the doorway, and wait for the Yotsuba higher-ups to join us. They walk around the corner, and we all chime out in unison, “Good evening! We’re very pleased to meet you.”

Misa walks out and takes charge. “Tonight, I’ll be entertaining you as our special guests, along with the girls from the agency.”

They stare at us for a moment, before one of them, Suguru Shimura, asks the others around him, “Hey, is it just me, or is this getting weird?”

“Well, it can’t be helped.” Shingo Mido responds. “Right now, we can’t afford to leave Misa’s manager alone for a second.”

“Let’s just go with it.” Eiichi Takahashi decides. “I’m going to enjoy myself.” He walks towards us with a smirk, and I try to hide my cringe. The others follow him, each choosing a girl to stay with. Behind them, Matsuda laughs nervously. My eyes meet his for the briefest of moments, before I give the slightest nod to him, and turn away.

After a while of staying a wallflower, I spy Reiji Namikawa standing away from the others, looking at them all in mild distaste. I adopt a knowing smile, and make my way over to him. “Not quite a sophisticated gathering, is it?” I ask once I’ve approached him. He gives me his attention, and I look around the room before I continue. “Scantily clad women flirting with men twice their age, hardly any of them intelligent. Not exactly something I’d like to spend my Friday night occupying myself with.”

“I take it you’re not here by choice?” He asks, actually sounding curious.

“No, I just joined the agency on Misa-chan’s request, and they required me to be here.” I smirk at him. “I don’t believe you’re here by choice either, am I correct?”

“You’re perceptive.” He nods, and gives me a small smile. I look back at the other room’s occupants. “You’re not like the others, are you?” He states, more than questions.

I give him an easygoing smile. “To me, that’s a compliment.” I glance around the room. “The girls are nice and all, but they sell themselves out far too easily. They would be better off if they could just stick to some basic values and principles.”

He visibly relaxes. “You’re far too intelligent to be a model, or are you simply trying to defy the stereotype?”

I chuckle quietly. “I suppose a bit of both. My parents were both killed in an accident some time back, leaving me without a home or job. Modeling at her agency was Misa-chan’s first idea, and I can’t say no to her without expecting some kind of repercussion.”

Loud footsteps in the hallway outside catch our attention, and we both turn to the door. Matsuda quickly kicks it open, startling most of the girls. He stumbles in drunkenly, and slurs, “Wow, I’m so drunk…” If I wasn’t within eyesight of these people, I would groan in annoyance at Matsuda’s stupidity. He slowly and drunkenly makes his way to the balcony, slurring, “Hi everyone! Everyone having fun, good… that’s great…” He opens the balcony door. “Now everyone, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the Taro Matsui show!” He gets onto the balcony railing, ignoring the protests of everyone inside.

“Yay! You can do it, go Matsu!” Almost everyone. Misa decides to cheer him on. I simply stare at him, a well-faked air of nervousness around me.

“Alright, here we go…” He continues to slur, as he stands up and walks the railing like a tightrope.

“Hey, you’re drunk, that’s way too dangerous!” Suguru Shimura protests, going to the balcony door.

“Don’t worry!” Matsuda reassures, still acting drunk. “I’m just fine, I do this all the time!” He places his hands on the railing, and leans into a handstand. ‘Okay, now I’m worried. I took gymnastics when I was a kid, and I never saw anyone hold a handstand for long. Matsuda-san, you better do this in the right place, or else you really will be dead.’

Several of the Yotsuba group members run up to protest. “It’s alright!” Matsuda says, slightly strained. “No prob!” His right hand slips, and he falls off the balcony. His yell practically echoes, and I know that he only fell one floor onto a mattress waiting on the balcony of the room directly below this one, but the crack and splash sounding a few seconds later certainly sound real.

Several of the girls around me start screaming, and I try to look like I’m trying not to panic. Two of the Yotsuba group members, Shimura and Takahashi, rush to the balcony to see. I know that Aiber is lying on the ground in a convincing pose, wearing clothes identical to Matsuda, in order to trick them, so I keep my face slightly worried.

“Look everyone.” Misa tries to mediate. “I think you should just leave this for us to take care of and go home.”

“What? But-” Takahashi tries to object, but Misa interrupts him.

“Don’t worry. We’ll handle it. Just don’t forget about me for your next campaign, okay?” Misa reassures.

“Let’s go.” Mido decides. “If the press sees us, we’re in trouble.” The eight executives file out, and Namikawa gives me a final quick glance before leaving. I help the other girls gather up the drinks, cups, and food, and wait for them to leave before going down a floor to check on Matsuda.

I leave with the rest of the task force, and ignore Matsuda’s attempts at conversation, mainly out of embarrassment from the phone call. I instead use the time to scheme my revenge on Light and Ryuzaki for breaking into my bathroom. In order to implement my plans, for Light, at least, I’ll need Misa’s help.

We regroup back at headquarters, clap each other on the back as a symbol of a job-well-done, and I pull Misa aside to talk to her.

“Hey, Misa-chan, there’s a favour I need to ask you.” I ask her in a low voice once we’re off in a corner.

“What is it, Mirai-chan?” She cocks her head to the side.

I show an evil smile. “I need your help to get revenge on Light-kun and Ryuzaki-kun. Namely Light-kun.”

“Why? What did they do?”

“They broke into my bathroom while I was showering.” She looks panicked, and about to yell, but I quickly shush her. “Shh, they’ll hear, then they’ll know that something’s going on. Ryuzaki-kun was probably the only one to actually go in, but Light-kun was still an accomplice, and I want revenge. If you help me, I’ll owe you a favour. Will you help me?” I don’t want to be indebted to this bimbo, but I really need her help with this.

She smiles, and nods her head a few times. “Yeah! What do we need to do?”

A larger evil smile replaces the one from before. “How good are you at applying makeup to other people?”

At around three AM, Misa sneaks down to my room, where we gather up our supplies, before sneaking into Light and Ryuzaki’s currently shared room. We tiptoe through the main room, and open their bedroom door silently. We walk over to Light’s bed on the left side of the room, and quickly set about doing our work. Primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara go on before we hear Ryuzaki whisper, “What are you two doing?”

We both freeze at our being caught. ‘Damn it! I forgot that Ryuzaki-kun’s an insomniac! Uh, excuse, excuse, excuse…’ “Something you’ll find extremely entertaining in the morning.” I feel the words slide out of my mouth before I even realize that I said them. He nods slowly at us, before he lies back down.

We don’t bother waiting, and return to our work. We add on the fixing powder, then do the lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss. In my three AM tiredness, I find myself blushing as I apply the lip products, and my eyes linger on Light’s face.

‘Daww, you have a crush on a taken man! Watch out, sweetheart, people get killed for this!’ Kiyohime taunts me.

I fight the blush that rises, though I’m not effective. ‘I do not have a crush on Light-kun!’

‘That’s what they all say!’ She cackles in the background as I lead Misa out of their room and back to her floor. After dropping off our products, we say our goodnights, and I return to my flat. In the kitchen, I set about baking, just to blow off some more steam from yesterday. Twenty normal cakes later, I create a single poisoned cake, made without sugar, and only salt. I decorate them all, and look at the clock, which reads eight AM.

I take the poisoned cake down to the main room, along with two normal cakes, and set the salty one down in front of Ryuzaki’s computer, just as he and Light come down the stairs. My eyes widen as I look at Light, who hadn’t washed the makeup off, before I burst out laughing. His eyes widen in realization, before he glares at me.

“You!” He cries, storming over to me. I can’t stop laughing, the makeup we did was perfect. “You did this to me!”

Between laughs, I respond, “Yeah, I did! Oh god, Light-kun! It’s just-just so perfect!” I burst out laughing again.

“Why?!” He cries, exasperated.

“Because you decided to break into my bathroom while I was showering!”

“That wasn’t my idea! Ryuzaki just dragged me along! Why didn’t you do this to him?!”

“Cause Ryuzaki’s an insomniac, and we couldn’t do it to him while he was awake!”


“Misa-chan and I.”

“You dragged Misa-chan into this?!”

“I owe her a favour now.”

“I give up!” Light walks past me, towards the computers. “Do you at least have something I can wash this off with?” I toss him a bottle of makeup remover, but he doesn’t move to use it immediately.

Ryuzaki quickly cuts a piece of the poisoned cake for himself, before he asks, “Mirai-chan, did you make this?”

“Yeah…” I act sheepishly.

“In another one of your ‘constructively aggressive’ fits?”

“I had some steam to blow after yesterday’s embarrassment!”

He shrugs, and takes a big bite, before freezing. I cackle evilly, before falling to the floor in giggles. “You know I’m conscious when I’m baking those, right? You didn’t think you were off the hook for perving on me, did you?”

He sets his fork down, and turns towards me slowly. Taking this as my cue to run, I bolt out of the room, and run to my flat, locking and bolting the door behind me. I spend the rest of the day locked in my room, waiting for Ryuzaki to calm down. Later in the evening, I creep out of my rooms, and towards the main room, ready to sprint back to my flat should the need arise.

Ryuzaki and Light turn towards me, stand up, and walk over to me, and in unison, they say, “Mirai-chan, you are a very cruel person.” I get into position to run, now extremely scared. “The pranks you pulled were very immature, and rather uncalled for. However,” they bow to me, “we apologize for entering your bathroom without permission.”

I bark out a laugh. “Idiots, the pranks were revenge for it. After I pulled them, we were even. However, since you apologized to me…” I bow to them. “Light-kun, I apologize for giving you a makeover while you were asleep, and Ryuzaki-kun, I apologize for giving you a salted cake.” I stand. “There! Now we’re all even, and we can get back to work.”

I hear the other task force members give out a sigh of relief, as half of their team was no longer in some silly fight.

The next day, Matsuda asks the question I had hoped to never hear. “So, Mirai-chan, what was with the phone call you gave me while I was in Yotsuba?”

I tense up, and answer as neutrally as I can. “We needed information from you, and it was both the first thing I thought of and the most inconspicuous. End of story.”

“But-” He tries to ask something else, but I interrupt him.

End. Of. Story.” I over enunciate every syllable, and let a hostile tone enter my voice. He backs off, and the task force leaves me alone for the rest of the day, as I go back to my rooms to blow off some frustration.

Three hours later, I hear someone knock on the door, and ask, “Mirai-chan, are you alright?” Ryuzaki.

I yell out, “Don’t come in!” just before he opens the unlocked door. “You’ll knock over the west wing!”

“Wait, what?” I hear Light add in.

I feel slightly miffed still, so I yell out, “I did not spend the last three hours rebuilding the Hampton Court Palace out of cards just to have someone come in and knock it all over!”

“Hampton Court?!” I hear Ryuzaki yell in disbelief. “Wouldn’t that have filled the entire room?”

“Yes, it did!”

“Then where are you now?”

“I’m in the Fountain Courtyard!”

“You’re insane!” Light adds in.

“I know!”

After quite a lot of back and forth conversation, Ryuzaki opens the door, and does in fact knock over the west wing, which causes me to cry out in despair. “Three hours… wasted….” I mourn.

On Monday, Misa drags me with her to her photoshoot, and somehow convinces the team to get me into a similar outfit to Misa’s, and get me to pose in front of the cameras with her. All day. By the end of the shoot, some intern comes along with a sheet I have to sign in order to give them permission to print the pictures. Exhausted from the day, I sign without reading it, and the each team member gives me a big smile.

“Oh god, what did I just sign?” I whimper, now scared.

Misa bounds over to me. “Congrats, Hime-chan!” She remembers to use my alias, before she gives me a bone-crushing hug. “You’re one of the newest models for our agency!”

“What?!” I exclaim, now panicking.

“Don’t worry, you’re only part-time, so you won’t be called in as often as I am.” She smiles, very happy with herself. “Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah, sure…” I let out as she gives me another hug. ‘NOOOOOOO!!!’

The rest of the week passes without many incidents, and I’m apparently only going to be called in on Mondays and Thursdays, so when Friday rolls around, I can watch what happens in the Yotsuba meetings with the rest of the task force.

“It’s been about a week since I first snuck into the place!” Matsuda comments excitedly. “It looks like things have been moving pretty smoothly since then, huh?”

“We’ve almost got them.” Light ignores Matsuda.

“So one of these people is Kira…” Ryuzaki states as he eats another sweet.

“Well then, now that everyone’s here, let’s commence our regular meeting.” We hear Ooi’s voice from over the speakers, and we all become confused.

Mr. Yagami speaks the question on everyone’s mind. “But if there are supposed to be eight, why are there only seven?”

I assume my thinking pose. ‘Could their Kira have killed one of them? If so, what for? And if so, he has even less guilt than I do, which one of them is Kira? This has just gotten a whole lot more interesting…’

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