Kira's Other Half


‘Tell me, what was the point in coming here again?’ Kiyohime asks, as I wander into another jewellery store.

‘I don’t trust Misa-chan. I have this gut feeling that tells me that she might remember soon, and that feeling hasn’t gone away in a while.’ I glance around, over all of the shelves, looking for a specific pair of earrings. ‘If I can give her something bugged, something that she’s likely to wear often, I’ll be able to keep tabs on her.’

‘Huh. That’s pretty clever, actually.’

“Hello!” A store employee comes along. “How can I help you today?”

I slap on a big smile, and a cheerful attitude. “Hello, I’m looking for a gift for my friend. Would you happen to have any hollow silver fleur-de-lis earrings?”

“As a matter of fact, we do.” He leads me over to a shelf near the counter, and shows me a large array of earrings. He goes behind the counter, and picks up the earrings I asked for. “These are Sterling Silver Fleur De Lis earrings; would these be what you’re looking for?”

I nod. “Yes, they are. How much?”

“Six thousand yen.”

I buy them, and walk out of the store with my new purchase in tow, a smirk on my face.

A few days later, I walk into Misa’s floor with a special, modified gift for her. I hear Ryuzaki say, “All right! Let’s try again, from the top.”

I walk into the room, and see Aiber sitting across from Misa, Light and Ryuzaki standing behind her. “Tell me Misa-san; is it true you once said you came to Tokyo in order to meet Kira?”

“What…?” Misa over exaggerates, leaning back in comical shock.

Ryuzaki hits her on her head with his director’s megaphone. “Misa, please stop overacting. It looks too cheesy, not to mention fake.”

“Huh?” She pouts over the couch. “But I thought that was a realistic performance…”

“Just do it again.”

“Whatever you say, oh so great director.” Misa waves her hands childishly.

Ryuzaki drops the megaphone. “If you don’t get serious about this, I’ll kick you.”

I stand next to Light, and wait for their little practice to be over. A few hours later, once they’ve gotten most of it done, Misa stands, and stretches, before seeing me. “Oh, hey Mirai-chan! How was my performance?”

I throw on a fake smile. “It was great, Misa-chan!” I hold out the box to her. “I actually got something for you, a little gift to show how much I appreciate your friendship.”

She takes the box and immediately opens it. “Oh, Mirai-chan! They’re beautiful!” She holds up the modified earrings. “Thank you, Mirai-chan!” She leaps on me in a hug, laughing, and I hug her back. She puts them on immediately, exactly as I had presumed she would. “How do they look?” She asks me, before she spins around.

I force a quaint laugh. “They’re perfect on you!”

As I had predicted, she wears them again the next day, before Mogi takes her to her interview. Just after they leave, I make some excuse about not feeling well, and hide in my flat. I turn on my receiver, and activate the bug in the right earring remotely. There are a few moments of static, then silence, before the sound kicks in. It’s quiet, but clear enough to understand.

“Uh, Misa-Misa…” Mogi starts, and I hear the sounds of the highway in the background.

“You’re not smiling enough, Mochi! And you can just call me Misa, you know.” Misa replies, still smiley .

Mogi sighs, before saying in an overly peppy voice, “Misa-Misa!” I choke back a laugh at the image of the ever-stoic Mogi smiling like an idiot.

“What is it, Mochi?”

“Today you have an interview with the Yotsuba group to see if they’ll use you in their new ad campaign! But remember, this is also an infiltration mission, so stay sharp!”

“Don’t you worry, I already know about that! And of course, you can’t let your cover fall, either. You’re gonna play the character of the hyper, energetic manager, okay?”

“Right! Bring it on! Hoo-ah!”

The connection fills with static again, signifying the fact that they’ve gone underground. It’s a few minutes before I pick up anything else.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” A male voice speaks suddenly, and I vaguely recognize it as Ooi’s.

“Good morning!” Mogi calls back. “I’m Misa-Misa’s manager, Kanichi Moji, also known as Mochi.”

“Ooi-san! Shimura-san! It’s so nice to see you again.” Misa talks over Mogi, before I hear footsteps.

“Good luck, Misa-Misa! I’ll be here, ready to celebrate when they decide to hire you!” Mogi calls out one last time, before I hear a door close. Three sets of footsteps sound through the system, and the three people they belong to remain silent their entire trek up to the meeting room.

I can hear Misa sit down, and the line goes silent. A moment passes before I hear Aiber’s voice come through. “Now then, I don’t believe you and I have met before, have we, Misa-san? My name is John Wallace, I’m the executive advisor for the marketing and advertising department. Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you! I’m very pleased to meet you, too!” Misa pipes back.

“Well, this might seem a little bit sudden, but I’d like to be honest with you. We’ve been talking about it, and we’ve pretty much decided to hire you already. But, before we make it official, we’d like to clarify a few things.”


“We’ve been doing a little background check on you, and according to our sources, a burglar killed your parents during a robbery. You worship Kira because he killed the suspect. Is it true that you came to Tokyo in hopes of finding and meeting Kira?”

“What? W-who did you hear that from?”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that. The information is reliable, and now, I’d say it’s confirmed. The look on your face tells me these are the facts. Also, you’re still hiding something from us, aren’t you? Something you’d prefer the world not to know.” There’s a moment of silence, before Aiber speaks again. “It seems you were detained by the detective L for a short period of time. We’d like you to tell us the full story of what really happened. It would be a problem if the new face of Yotsuba turned out to be Kira.”

“Yes, we would appreciate it if you were honest with us.” Ooi adds in.

“A-all right, I understand. I’ll tell you everything…” Misa admits. “Yes, I was held for questioning. I didn’t think it was L, but he did ask me lots of questions about Kira. But I’m not the Second Kira, and I never was. I was released because he realized I didn’t have anything to do with Kira, after all.”

“Did you manage to see who it was that was restraining you?” Ooi asks.

“No, I was blindfolded the whole time.”

“But if he asked you questions, surely you heard his voice, right?” Kida asks.

“Only through a speaker and voice filter, so…”

“Come on.” Higuchi interrupts. “What the hell is this anyway, a job interview or a police interrogation? How long are we gonna keep this up? I’m going to the bathroom.”

“He has a point. It seems the interview veered a little off track, we’re very sorry.” Ooi apologises.

“Excuse me, but would you mind if I went to the bathroom as well?” Misa asks, before receiving the go ahead. I hear her footsteps, and two doors opening and closing.

The sound of running tap water fills the input, and I hear Misa whine, “Oh, this is getting exhausting, but everything’s going well so far. I just have to keep it up.”

She takes a sudden, sharp inhale of breath, as if in fear. Against my distaste for the moron, I feel a slight worry for her. She tries to cry out, her heavy breathing evident, but I hear another voice come through the speaker. “Misa, you’re in a dangerous situation right now. There are people within Yotsuba who can easily have you killed. I’ve come here to warn you.”

“That voice… it sounds like Rem’s.” Kiyohime comments, and I have to agree with her.

‘Yes, but if it is Rem, why would Misa-chan have inhaled sharply like that? Could she not have her memories back?’

“Calm down and listen to me.” Rem continues, unaware of my listening in. “Please, believe me, I’m your ally. Light Yagami is Kira.” I hear Misa inhale again, this time joined by my own. ‘Why the hell would you tell her that, you’re going to ruin Light-kun’s plan!’ “Tell me, what is Light doing at the moment?”

Misa makes some unintelligible sounds, sounding like she’s been gagged, before they cut off, and she gasps for air. “W-what are you?” ‘That seals it. Misa-chan doesn’t remember anything about her being Kira. However, it’s likely that Rem is about to remind her of everything.’ “I mean, I can tell you’re not a stalker, but you don’t look like a human at all!”

“No, of course not. I am a Shinigami. Before you were captured by L, you and I worked closely together.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand. You know me? And Light is Kira?”

“The Death Note…” ‘Damn it, Rem! You had one job!’ “It grants its owner the power to kill someone, simply by writing that person’s name in it. Light Yagami took it upon himself to punish criminals using that notebook. He soon became known to the world as Kira. You also possessed that same power, in fact, your ability was even greater than his. You managed to find Light by using your power to determine that he was in fact Kira.”

“Light is Kira… and I’m the Second Kira?”

“That’s right. Or rather, that used to be the case. Light arranged it so you would both lose this power. This was all according to his plan. Misa, do you still love Light enough to die for him?”

“Unbelievable, you’ve gotta be telling the truth. You already know everything about me. I totally believe you now, and yes, I do love him, to death…” For some reason, my hate for Misa grows at this moment. “Not to mention how amazing it is that Light and I are both Kira. Of course I’d want to believe something like that. I only wish I could remember it!”

“You haven’t changed, Misa. And it seems your feelings for Light will never change, either. It’s enough to convince me that the only way you can be truly happy in life is if you can support him in his plan.”

“Thank you, Shinigami.”

“It’s Rem. The current Kira is a vile and pathetic human being. I don’t know what he’s capable of. Be careful, and beware of the others from Yotsuba. Trust Light; let him do whatever he feels necessary.”

“Okay, I got it. I guess I should just act normal in the meantime, right?”

“That’s right. When you go back to the interview, you will be able to see for yourself who the real Kira is. Be on your guard, and do not trust him.”


“Listen, when you return, I will be in the room. The man sitting in front of me will be Kira.”

I mentally curse myself for not attaching a camera to the other earring to see who Rem would stand behind.

They exchange a few more words, before Misa leaves, only the sound of her footsteps and the sounds of the doors alert me to her location. Once she opens the door to the interview room, she exclaims, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry I took so long! I was just fixing up my make-up a little.” She sits down, and their interview continues.

Not seeing any real point in wasting the battery further in order to listen to basic questions, I remotely shut down the bug, and hide the receiver in its hiding spot again.

I pace around my flat for a few minutes, trying to come up with the new list of variables that Misa’s sudden knowledge of the Death Note will bring. After a time, I decide to head down to the main room. Once I step inside, Ryuzaki immediately notices my presence.

“Feeling better?” He asks, and I quickly remember my lie to hide in my room.

“I’m well enough to look over the case files again.” I state as I walk over to the couches.

Light turns towards me, a slight hint of worry in his eyes. “Try not to push yourself too hard, okay?”

I nod once in his direction, ignoring the warmth that spreads throughout my body. Rather than getting anything done, as I should be, I instead think over all the new problems that arise from Misa’s little revelation.

It isn’t long before Matsuda breaks the silence. “Misa-Misa sure is late…” At that exact moment, the doors open. “Oh, they’re back!”

“Hey!” Misa exclaims cheerfully, before slumping, and walking over to Light. “Oh, I’m exhausted…” She then proceeds to sit on his lap.

“Hey…” Light states, slightly unnerved.

“How did it go?” Ryuzaki asks, ignoring Misa’s PDA.

“Yotsuba agreed to hire Misa on as their spokesperson for the new ad campaign.” Mogi explains, without all the forced cheer that’d filled his voice all day.

“I see. That’s good to hear.” Ryuzaki nods, accepting the expected news.

“And I made sure to give them my cell phone number! Would you believe three out of seven guys already messaged me, asking for a private date?” She shows her phone to Light. I mentally register Matsuda’s verbal exclamation, but don’t listen to it, instead focused on Misa’s rant. ‘I have to hand it to her, she can certainly act normal, considering she met a god of death today.’

“Well well, Light-kun.” I smirk. “Seems you have some competition for Misa-chan. Better up your game, or else she’ll get snatched up by someone else!” He glares at me from over his shoulder, but I just keep smiling.

“So now, I accept their invitations and investigate them, right? Oh, it’s going exactly as I planned!” Misa squeaks out happily.

“No, the plan’s getting cancelled right now.” Light interrupts.

“But why? Everything’s been going so smoothly up until now.”

“If you go any further, you’ll be in danger.” He pushes her off of his lap. “You can still appear in their commercials, but from now on, you should deny that you were suspected of being the Second Kira and were detained by L. Mogi will continue being your bodyguard, but you’ll be working solely as a celebrity.”

She sighs. “If that’s what you want, Light, then that’s what I’ll do.” Her submissive attitude catches Ryuzaki’s attention, and I mentally swear. ‘Damn it, Misa-chan! He’s onto you!’ “Well, I’m feeling pretty tired. Tomorrow’s shoot is bright and early, so I better get some sleep!” She walks, giggling to the doorway. My eyes follow her in the slightest of glares, the most I can express of my distaste for her. She hides behind the doorframe, and calls out in a seductive tone, “Hey Light, want to come sleep with me tonight?” I almost choke on my own saliva at the implications of her words.

“W-what are you talking about?” Light stutters out, confused and slightly embarrassed.

“Just kidding! You’re saving it for after we catch Kira, right? You don’t have to be shy about it!” She scampers away.

“Yes Light, there’s no need to be shy.” Ryuzaki teases with a straight face, though my eyes can see a small smile edging its way onto his face.

“I’m not being shy!” Light protests childishly.

“No need to be so serious, either.” I smile at the debacle. My second true friend, finally letting loose enough to tease other people. Though another thought soon sobered me. ‘Ryuzaki-kun only has three friends, Light-kun, Misa-chan, and myself. All three of us are Kira, Ryuzaki-kun’s, or L’s, greatest enemy. He already knows that Light-kun and Misa-chan are the First and Second Kiras, so it’s possible that, if we lose, he might be crushed upon finding out that all of his friends were secretly trying to kill him. It doesn’t matter who they are, that could destroy any chances of anyone regaining the ability to feel emotions.’

“On the other hand,” Kiyohime adds in, “if you win, you’ll have to end up killing him. In all honesty, that could kill you. I’d rather have your soul in prime condition when I devour it. I’ll have to find a way…” I shake my head to clear it of the ideas Kiyohime’s entertaining.

The next day, late in the afternoon, I have an overwhelming urge to go and listen in on Misa. Against my better judgement, I follow my creepy intuition, and hide in my rooms to essentially stalk her.

The static sounds for a moment, before the actual sounds come through, quiet and semi-clear.

“What an amazing car!” Misa admires.

“If you like it so much, I’ll give you a ride anytime, or buy you one of your own.” I quickly place the second voice as Higuchi’s. ‘Where the hell is Mogi-san? Wait, the dates… Misa-chan snuck away from him to go on one. Damn it.’ “By the way, loving that nurse’s outfit, Misa-chan.”

“I’m glad you like it!” She giggles, and I hear the car door open and close, before it seems to drive off.

“So, Misa’s sneaking around, huh? Nice timing for you to activate the bug. I guess you’ve got some kind of intelligence in you.”

‘I’ll try not to take that as an insult.’

The two stay silent in the car for a while, before Higuchi breaks the silence. “Hey, Misa-chan, why don’t we grab a bite to eat?”

“Are you planning to take me somewhere and do pervy things to me?” Misa asks, in a confident voice. “Well, even if you are, that’s okay; I’ll be fine, since I can kill people.” I stare at the receiver in shock and horror. ‘She admitted it? Out loud?! But why would she- ooohhh. Not too shabby, Misa-chan. Not too shabby.’

Higuchi laughs, a slight nervous tone in his voice. “C’mon, you’re just kidding with me, aren’t you, Misa-chan? You can kill people?”

“Yep. It’s true. And you know why? Because I’m the Second Kira.”

They’re both silent for a minute, before Higuchi laughs again. “Oh, Misa-chan, you don’t have to make up stuff like that to feel safe with me. I’m sure you’ll find that I’m quite the gentleman.”

“Yeah, maybe. Anyway, I’ll only prove that I’m the Second Kira to the real Kira.”

“If Higuchi doesn’t guess that this is a trap, I give up on all hope of intelligence in you people.” Kiyohime comments from the background of my mind.

“You’ll only show proof to Kira? Why?” Higuchi echoes.

“I’d show him because it’s always been my dream to become Kira’s wife. I know he’ll need me by his side once I tell him.”

Higuchi laughs again. “Well, since I happen to be Kira, does that mean you’ll marry me?”

Misa falls silent for a brief moment. “Really?!”

“Y-yeah. I mean it.”

“What?! Then prove it to me! C’mon, let’s prove it to each other!”

“I can’t do that. It’d be a pretty bad idea to let someone witness how I kill people.”

“You think so? I don’t know. If I thought someone was Kira, I think I’d be willing to show them. We’d never get anywhere if I didn’t.”

“Then why don’t you kill someone? After all, I could be the real Kira.”

“Alright, but I only kill bad people, okay?”

“That’s right, a bad person, huh?” A moment passes before I hear the sound of typing keys, and Higuchi continues. “This is Ginzo Kaneboshi, president of a major finance company. He’s infamous for his immoral collection methods. Sometimes, he even makes people pay with their insurance money. How about him?”

“Would you be able to confirm his death right away?”

“Yeah, as soon as I call him.”

“Okay then. Could you turn around for just a sec?” Fifty seconds pass. “Alright. He should be dead by now.”

A hear a phone flip open, and Higuchi say, “Hello, this is Higuchi from Yotsuba-”

“Told ya!” Misa says a few seconds later.

I hear a small and quick struggle, Misa gasping, and a few thumps.

“So, if I’m Kira, you’ll marry me, right?” Higuchi asks, aggressively.

“Wh- hey, why are you getting so serious all of a sudden?” Misa stutters, worried and nervous.

“Because I’m Kira.”

“Then prove it.”

“I’m not gonna be able to kill until I get home. You understand?”

“Oh, well, that’s no good, then. For all I know, you’re just making all this stuff up so you have an excuse to take me to your place. Wait, I know! Why don’t you stop killing the criminals on TV? That should prove it. If you’re Kira, it should be no problem. You can start killing again when I tell you to. If all the times and deaths match up, then I’ll believe you. After all, killing criminals in that way is something only Kira can do.”

“I see what you mean. That’s a good idea. All right, Misa-chan. I’m Kira, so in order to make you trust me and prove that I’m him, I’ll stop killing criminals for the time being. Then, once you’re fully convinced I’m the real thing, you and I-”

At this vital point in time, the battery decides to die. I curse once, but accept it.

“Eh, it’d been going for hours. I guess that’s all the spying we’ll be able to do on Misa-chan for now.” I grumble to myself, before heading over to the others in the main room.

I’m sitting on one of the couches, flipping through the files, when Misa and Mogi come back. Without saying a single word to any of us, Misa takes out her phone, turns it on, and plays a recording.

“Why don’t you stop killing the criminals on TV? That should prove it. If you’re Kira, it should be no problem. You can start killing again when I tell you to. If all the times and deaths match up, then I’ll believe you. After all, killing criminals in that way is something only Kira can do.” The phone sounds, echoing the conversation I’d heard earlier.

“I see what you mean. That’s a good idea. All right, Misa-chan. I’m Kira, so in order to make you trust me and prove that I’m him, I’ll stop killing criminals for the time being. Then, once you’re fully convinced I’m the real thing, you and I can get married.” ‘Ah, so those were the last three words.’

Everyone on the task force looks at Misa in varying degrees of shock, and she smiles. “And so, based on what he said, Higuchi is Kira!”

Matsuda smiles, and gets excited. “Now we not only know Kira’s identity, but all those deaths that were worrying the chief are gonna stop! That’s amazing, Misa-Misa!” She holds out a peace sign.

My gaze flashes to Ryuzaki and Light, and we all look between each other. I immediately know that they suspect Misa again.

‘Oh Misa-chan. You gave them the answer, but in doing so, you’ve indirectly given them the confirmation that you are the Second Kira. You had a single stroke of intelligence, and now, it’s gone. Even so, you managed to find out who was the Yotsuba Kira, and you’ve gotten it confirmed. Even the idiotic can do things on their own. How intriguing…’

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