Kira's Other Half

Guidance, Frenzy, Revival

Misa walks over to Light, and they start to talk. My eyes linger on Ryuzaki, who stares into his coffee like it holds the answers to all of life’s mysteries. I know that he’s thinking over everything that Misa just told us, and possibly over-analyzing it to the point where he’ll deduce that Misa has regained her memories.

“Misa, how did you get Higuchi to confess?” Light’s question draws my attention to the pair.

“Easy, that guy’s totally in love with me.” Misa explains nonchalantly. “All I had to do was tell him that I’d marry him if he was really Kira. Plus, I managed to convince him that I’m the Second Kira.”

I stare at her in horror. ‘And why would you bother telling Light-kun this?! Ryuzaki-kun obviously overheard you, and now he’s wondering how you managed to do that! Nicely done, Misa-chan! You’ve dug your own grave!’

“Misa, you idiot!” Light yells. “Didn’t I tell you to deny all that?!”

“B-but now we know Higuchi’s Kira, right? So what’s the problem? Can’t we just catch him?”

Watari walks in with a large trolley of sweets, which he parks next to Ryuzaki. The detective takes one of the cookies, and says, “I guess this is what you’d call a victory, right Matsuda?”

“Right now, we still don’t know exactly how he kills his victims, do we?” Light states.

“Yes, that’s just what I was thinking. Before we move to arrest Higuchi, I want to find out how he kills people.”

“If the criminals stop dying, we won’t be able to figure it out, unless we come up with another idea. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes. At any rate, even if we do arrest Higuchi, we’re not gonna do it until we’re certain that criminals have stopped dying. Let me think about this for a moment…” We all go silent as Ryuzaki thinks, before he types in a few commands. “Wedy.”

“Yeah.” Her voice comes through the speakers.

“An update on the current situation, please.”

“Everything’s going smoothly. We should be able to track seventy percent of their movements using our cameras inside the office building.”

“What about outside the office?”

“That’s not gonna be possible with just Watari and me.”

“What if you focus solely on Higuchi?”

“Higuchi? I’ve only been able to enter the houses of five of the men so far, but Mido, Namikawa, and Higuchi all have super high-tech security systems, especially Higuchi. He recently constructed a dampening room that shuts out any electronic waves. It took me two days just to break into the place.”

“This guy sure does sound suspicious.” Matsuda comments.

“Alright, then begin installing microphones, cameras, and trackers, but not in the house. Instead, just put them in every car.” Ryuzaki decides after a moment.

“What? After getting this far?” Wedy’s voice comes through. “Do you know how hard it is to break into somebody’s house? Besides, do you have any idea of how many cars this guys has?”

“He has six.” Comes Ryuzaki’s reply from around a mouthful of sugar.

She sighs. “Fine then. I just have to install them in all of his cars, right?”

“Yes, thank you.”

A few moments of silence pass before Ryuzaki speaks again. “Light, I’m sorry to keep coming back to this topic, so I’ll just get right to the point.”

“What is it?” Light responds passively, though with a slight hint of trepidation in his tone.

“Do you remember? Killing anyone, I mean.” Ryuzaki turns to Light.

Light quickly gets angry. “Are you still going on about that? Look, I’m not Kira! How many times do I-”

“I just wanted you to answer the question.” Ryuzaki interrupts. “Well? Do you remember?”

Light glares at him. “No, I don’t.”

“Misa, what about you?”

“I don’t remember. How could I, cause I’m not Kira!” She defends.

“Look Light, please listen to what I’m about to say.” Ryuzaki continues, looking back to Light. “I’d like you to thoroughly analyze my current theory, this could determine the way we end up catching Kira.” Ryuzaki pauses. After a moment, he continues. “Light Yagami used to be Kira. Kira’s power has somehow passed on to another person. Light Yagami now has no memory of ever being Kira. I need your analysis based on these assumptions. Do you think you can do that for me?”

Light sighs. “Yeah, I’ll give it a try.” Light thinks over it for a long minute, before coming to a conclusion. “Given your premise, it would be my will to pass on Kira’s power.”

Ryuzaki nods, before turning back to his screen. “Yes, of course. If there is a third party with the ability to bestow or transfer Kira’s power, and they didn’t want their method to be discovered, it makes no sense that they would wait so long to transfer it from you to the next Kira. If we believe that this is the work of some being watching us from above, then we’d have to accept that they are impossible to catch. Not to mention, I’d already be dead, or at the very least, I’m being made to be a fool by eternally dancing in the palm of someone’s hand. It’s highly unlikely that such a being exists.” He’s silent another moment, before turning to Light. “Thank you, Light. I can now say that I feel ninety-nine percent better.” Watari walks in with a tray of assorted sweets as Ryuzaki starts talking again, developing a plan. “We’ll create a situation where Higuchi won’t be able to pass on his power to anyone. We’ll have him show us how he kills.”

“So, what’re you gonna do?” Light asks the question we’re all thinking.

“I’m going to trick Higuchi using Sakura TV.”

“Like a hidden camera show!” Matsuda exclaims.

“What?” Misa follows up, questioningly.

“We’ll use the Kira Special that Demegawa-san airs every week.” Ryuzaki continues, ignoring them. “We’ll book a three-hour timeslot, and it will be announced that Kira’s identity will be revealed at the end of the special.”

“Would anyone actually buy that, though?” Matsuda questions. “This is Sakura TV, after all. For all we know, Higuchi might not even watch that program.”

An idea occurs to me, and I throw it into the conversation as means of an explanation. “So we’ll get Namikawa-san to call him and say, ‘This is bad, turn on your TV.’ I think that should get him watching. Higuchi would buy it once he realizes that the person on TV is someone who knows all about his secret.”

“Oh, I get it!” Matsuda exclaims again. “So we’ll be using Aiber, then! He’ll reveal that he was a spy all along!”

“No, I’m afraid you’re incorrect.” Ryuzaki denies. “We will not be using Aiber. Whoever appears on the show has to be someone Higuchi believes he can kill. In other words, it has to be someone whose name he can look up easily.”

“But we’re never gonna find a person like that, are we?” Matsuda questions, and we all stare at him. Pointedly.

“You’re the only one who can do it.” Light affirms.

“Matsu!” Misa squees.

“Matsuda.” Mr. Yagami nods.

“Higuchi probably thinks that you were listening in on their meeting and overheard their plans to kill people.” Light reasons. “It makes sense that Misa’s manager, who he thought was dead, is the one revealing his secret.”

“That right.” Ryuzaki agrees. “We’ll have Sakura TV use a voice filter and frosted glass to protect your identity. Higuchi will probably realize from the announcement and the silhouette that it’s the manager, Taro Matsui. And, just to make sure, we’ll have the studio mess up and accidentally reveal your face from behind the frosted glass.”

Misa exclaims, “Wow! Sounds exciting!”

“Until the show ends,” Ryuzaki continues, ignoring her, “the announcer will keep saying they’ll reveal the full name of H, who’s acting as Kira.”

“Higuchi-san will feel cornered, and he’ll want to find out the name of the manager as soon as possible.” I explain the rest of the plan the three of us formed almost psychically. “We’ll be able to anticipate the actions that he’ll take, and as such, be able to see how he kills.”

“After that, we arrest him.” Ryuzaki finishes. “There is one potential problem with this plan. If Higuchi can kill simply by looking at someone’s face, just like the second Kira, Matsuda will die…”

Matsuda looks stricken at this, so I try to reassure him. “That possibility’s highly unlikely, however. After all, you’re still alive.”

“Considering that fact,” Light continues, “and how he’s pursuing Misa, I doubt that he possesses that power.”

“At any rate, we’re only going to do this once criminals stop dying.” Ryuzaki adds. “We’ll have to wait for two or three days to see whether or not that happens. In the meantime, Matsuda will have to decide if he wants to go through with this plan.”

Matsuda takes a breath before stepping forward. “I don’t need two or three days to decide. I want to do this.”

Light, Ryuzaki, and I share a glance and a slight smirk, knowing how that would be his answer.

“In that case, it’s best we begin to prepare.” I state, letting my smirk show through.

Three days later, our act begins.

We call Namikawa, and Light speaks to him through the voice filter. “It’s L. Are you by yourself?”

“No.” Namikawa’s response comes through the speakers on our end, allowing Ryuzaki, Misa, and I to hear it as well.

“Then just act like it’s a normal call again.”

“I don’t think there’s any need for that. One of the people here with me was just expressing his suspicions over your last phone call.” He pauses, seeming to speak to the others. “L, Mido and Shimura are here as well. I’m reasonably certain that neither of them are Kira, in fact, they seem fed up with it at this point. I’ll speak for them, and say that they choose to stand back and watch your face-off with Kira, like I plan to.”

Light glances to Ryuzaki, who responds in confirmation, “That’s fine.”

Light continues. “Tonight, I’m gonna catch Kira, but I’ll need a favour from you.”

“Then it’s the end for Higuchi.” Ryuzaki and I glance at each other, understanding the bait the Namikawa just placed in front of Light.

He takes it. “What? You know that it’s him?” I give an almost unperceivable sigh.

“Hah!” Namikawa laughs. “So even the great L can be tricked. Based on your reaction, I’m now a hundred percent certain that Higuchi is Kira.”

“Namikawa’s pretty smart, huh?” Misa comments. “But then, I always thought he was, from looking at his face. I guess this proves it.”

Ryuzaki counters her. “No, that was just because Light messed up.”

Light glares at Ryuzaki for a brief moment, before continuing. “I’m baiting Higuchi with a staged TV special tonight on Sakura TV. A few minutes into the program, I want you to contact Higuchi, tell him to tune in. Do that for me, and I won’t go after you or any of the other five. As for the others, Kida, Takahashi, and Ooi, if they try to do anything, make sure to stop them.”

“Alright, I understand.” Namikawa hangs up, and I nod towards Light in approval.

Only a few hours later, it begins. Light, Ryuzaki, Misa, and I stay behind at our base on standby as Mr. Yagami and Matsuda go to Sakura TV, and Mogi watches the offices of Yoshida Productions.

About fifteen minutes into the program, Misa’s phone rings. She flips it open, and mutters, “It’s him,” before denying the call. I glance back at her, rather than watch the monitors with the same determination as Light and Ryuzaki. With my eyes, I try to question her. ‘Well, Misa-chan? Do you remember everything now? Or have you not yet regained all of your memories?’ I don’t seem to get a response from her, so I turn back to the screens as she comes over to join us.

Another couple minutes later, Watari informs us of a new update. “Ryuzaki, Mogi is in position in front of Yoshida Productions. He’s just received a call from Higuchi.”

“Yes, it’s time for Phase Two.” Ryuzaki responds. “Everything’s going as planned.”

The monitor switches to a stylized representation of the phone conversation.

“Moji, where’s Misa?!” We hear Higuchi yell angrily.

“Oh, Higuchi-san, pleasure to hear from you!” Mogi responds accordingly, trying to buy time. “I’m sorry, but Misa-Misa’s taking a much needed vacation right now, she should be back by, oh, tomorrow morning though! You can reach her then!”

“I’m asking you where she is now!” Higuchi demands, not bothering to hide his irritation.

“Well, that’s private information. She’s requested that no one know where she is. I’m very sorry, I’ll have her contact you tomorrow, first thing!”

Higuchi pauses for a moment, clearly thinking, before he continues. “Do you know if Misa’s former manager was an entertainer at some point?”

“Come again?”

“I’m talking about Taro Matsui!”

“Oh, heh, I was only recently hired, so I don’t know much about him, if you need some information, I can let you talk to someone from the office. Oh, I just remembered, everyone’s in Okinawa at the moment! You could try calling the president, though!”

“This is going exactly as we planned, it’s almost scary.” Light comments. I can’t help but nod in agreement.

“You shouldn’t be scared, Light, you should be happy.” Ryuzaki rebukes him on his choice of words.

The screen switches back to Watari’s symbol after their call ends. “I’m patching you into Higuchi’s call with the president of Yoshida Productions.” He says over the system, before the screen switches again.

“This is Higuchi, from Yotsuba. That manager’s real name isn’t Taro Matsui, is it?” We hear him say.

“He’s not even pretending to hide what he’s asking about, now is he?” Misa adds in, before giggling. “Stupid Higuchi.”

“No, it wasn’t, if I recall.” The president responds to Higuchi. “I think it was just a name for his job as manager.”

“If he’s acting like that, then it’s proof that he’s beginning to panic.” Ryuzaki explains.

“Then what was his real name?” Higuchi yells.

“I think it was Yamada, no, wait, Yamashita… And his first name was… I’m sorry, I can’t remember.”

“Don’t screw with me! Why the hell can’t you remember the names of the people you hire?!”

“Alright, no need for that kind of language. I’ve got his personnel file back at the office.”

“Then go back there and get it.”

“You gotta be kidding me. Give me a break! We’re on our first company vacation in two years! If you want to know that badly, I’ll give you the pin code for the office lock. You can go in yourself and look it up, how’s that? The personnel files are in the desk at the back to the left. You’ll find them filed in the bottom drawer, they should all be sorted alphabetically. But I’m pretty sure it was Yamashita.”

The four of us look between each other, but Misa asks the question. “So what’s he gonna do?”

We wait for a few moments, before Wedy reports in. “I see Higuchi. He’s only carrying a single bag. I’m in pursuit.”

“Everything’s still going according to plan.” Light comments.

“Yes.” Ryuzaki agrees, and I give a single, silent nod.

“Next thing you know, I’m in a hotel room drinking with all eight of them!” Matsuda’s modified voice comes through the speakers after the commercial break.

“Heh, well that’s rather amusing.” The show host replies.

“But if I give you any more details, I’m afraid the people who were there that night will know which one of them is Kira, so I think I’d better leave it at that for now.”

“Of course. Please, take your time to tell us all the details of your ordeal to find Kira.”

“Light,” Ryuzaki requests, “please put Higuchi’s car on audio channel one, and Sakura TV on channel two.”

Light types in a few commands, and responds, “As expected, Higuchi’s watching every minute of this from his car.”

“And so, according to you, it was at that party where you met Kira.” The announcer continues, albeit being in the background.

“Yes. But of course, at the time, I had no way of knowing that he was actually Kira.” Matsuda responds.

“So that means he saw your face? This is incredible, I think it’s amazingly courageous of you to step forward and appear on this program, are you sure you’re okay with it?”

“Yes. After I started investigating him, I found out that Kira has to have two things in order to kill someone. There are rumors on TV and the internet as to what those two things might be, but I know the truth. But Kira only knows one of those two things about me, so that means I should be safe.”

“Rem.” Higuchi suddenly speaks to the Shinigami in his backseat, and I tense at his blunder. “What do you think?”

“What do I think? About what, may I ask?” Rem responds calmly.

“Rem? Who’s that?” Light asks, and I barely keep my eye from twitching in annoyance. “There is no one else in that car, right? It’s impossible for someone to be hiding in there without us knowing, and he isn’t using his cellphone. Could it be a hidden radio?”

“Well, you’re screwed.” Kiyohime speaks up. “That Higuchi’s an idiot. Why the hell would Rem choose someone like him, who’d only result in Misa’s death?”

‘Probably because Rem believed it would lengthen Misa’s lifespan.’ I respond, before returning all of my focus to the calamity about to occur.

“No, there aren’t any radios or other devices.” Ryuzaki points out. “Only the bugs, cameras, and tracking beacons that Wedy placed. I have no doubt she did a thorough job.”

“Do you think I’ll get to Yoshida Productions only to find his file isn’t there?” Higuchi clarifies.

“Is he talking to himself?” Light suggests.

“Why ask my opinion? I don’t see how I’m supposed to know something like that.” Rem replies.

“If this guy was smart, he’d destroy everything linking him to his real name before he appeared on TV.” Higuchi decides. “And don’t you think it’s a little too reckless for Yoshida Productions to just let me into their offices unsupervised? Eh, maybe not. If there was a robbery, they’d figure out right away who did it, since I’m the only one who knows where the key is.”

“This isn’t sounding very good…” Misa worries.

“He’ll still go there. Don’t you worry.” Ryuzaki reassures.

“Even if he does have a file at Yoshida, it could be just another alias.” Higuchi thinks aloud. “Damn it! I wouldn’t put it past this guy to do something like that. No wonder he’s confident.”

“That may be true, but if he knows that you are Kira, he’s going to announce your name in public.” Rem reasons. “That’s an inescapable fact.”

“Alright, there’s only one hour left until the big announcement!” The show host exclaims, as if supporting her point.

“You’re only option is to go.” Rem continues. “If the name on his file is false, that’ll be unfortunate. But if it isn’t, you can kill him discreetly with the notebook.”

“Yeah, I already know that much myself. But just to be on the safe side, I should also kill the people I contacted at Yoshida productions, that includes the president, Misa, and that manager of hers.”

“What?” Misa exclaims, now very worried. “He’s gonna kill me?”

“Don’t worry, he’s talking about doing that after he’s killed Matsuda.” Ryuzaki’s reassurance doesn’t sound too convincing. “There’d be no point in killing the rest of you until he’s gotten rid of the main threat.”

“That’s true, but still.” Light admits.

“Don’t be reckless.” Rem tries to persuade Higuchi otherwise. “He’s the only one you have to kill. If the people you called end up dying too, the phone records will implicate you in their deaths.”

“Oh yeah? Rem, I didn’t think you were so smart.” Higuchi patronizes her. “Then I’ll make them all erase their call histories before they die.”

“But the telephone company will still have a record of the calls.”

Light stands up, irritated. “There’s no way he’s just talking to himself! But who’s Rem? Who is he talking to?!”

“If he’s talking with someone right now, it could be… a Shinigami.” Ryuzaki suggests. A glance Misa’s way shows me that she tenses at this. “Perhaps.” He brushes the suggestion off.

“How about giving up ownership of the Death Note and returning it to me?” Rem requests.

“No, I’d end up being ruined if I did that. Even if I forget the notebook, this guy says he has concrete evidence to back him up. If he points out Yotsuba’s recent growth on the air, no one would ever doubt his claims, they’d believe whatever he said! That means whoever he says is Kira will be marked as Kira! Even if he didn’t have proof, and I got rid of the evidence by returning the notebook, my life would be over! I wouldn’t get promoted, I wouldn’t even be able to stay with Yotsuba!”

“Of course, Sakura TV has broadcast this show under the premise that right now, as we speak, Kira is watching this program.” The host continues.

“In that case, I’ll take this chance to call out to him.” Matsuda responds. “Kira! Please, turn yourself in!”

Higuchi pulls up to the building, and parks, before getting out, with Rem following behind him.

“He’s arrived at Yoshida Productions.” Light informs us.

“The show is about to begin.” Ryuzaki comments.

“Let’s see how this plays out.” I add.

We switch the monitor displays to the security cameras inside the building, and watch as Higuchi rifles through the folders. He pulls one out before opening his briefcase, and revealing a familiar black notebook. Seeing it again after so many weeks brings about a feeling of familiarity, even though I’m only seeing it through the screens.

“We’re in position, and ready to take him down. We’ll move on your command.” Mogi whispers over the system to us.

“Right.” Ryuzaki confirms.

We watch as Higuchi writes down Matsuda’s second alias, ‘Taichiro Yamashita’, in his Death Note. He puts everything away, and walks out the door.

“He’s not doing it!” Light exclaims ignorantly. “He just made a note of his name, and now he’s leaving! He’s not gonna kill him here?”

“Ryuzaki, do you want us to apprehend him?” Mogi whispers.

“Negative, we still don’t know how he kills.” Ryuzaki orders. “Perhaps he’s planning to do something once he’s back in the car. Let’s see camera one again.” The screen switches to Higuchi’s car.

“It’s weird.” Light comments on Higuchi’s calm demeanor. “You’d think he’d want to kill Matsuda this very second, but he’s calm.”

“It is strange…” Ryuzaki agrees. “If all he needed was the name, he should have just taken the personnel file with him, but he just put it back in its drawer after taking a note. Mirai-chan, what do you think?”

“It is odd.” I play ignorant. “We’ll have to see what he does next.” I carefully count off the seconds in my head. ‘Thirty eight, thirty nine, forty. What secret of Kira’s will you reveal next?’

“Kira is a cold blooded murderer. I cannot forgive him for what he’s done.” While I prickle at the off-handed insult, Higuchi loses it.

“Damn, he didn’t die!”

“What’s he talking about? He said, ‘He didn’t die’…” Light echoes.

“Did he already try to kill Matsuda?” Ryuzaki wonders aloud. “Was writing his name down all he had to do, or was it…” He trails off.

“What do we do now? Should we just continue to watch what he’s doing?” Light asks Ryuzaki. “What if he can cause a death just by imagining it?”

“Yep. You’re all screwed. This moron shall be the death of you.” Kiyohime sings, before returning to her silent observance.

“Only fifty minutes to go until the big Kira announcement!” The host proclaims happily.

“Damn! I don’t have any time!” Higuchi yells, grabbing his cellphone and dialing.

“He’s making a call?” Light asks no one in particular.

“It’s probably to Misa-chan again.” I respond. Not even a second later, her phone starts to ring. “Speak of the devil…” She immediately denies his call.

Higuchi gets enraged, and chucks his phone into the backseat, before slumping and thinking. It’s a few moments before he eventually says, “Rem, let’s make the deal.”

My eyes widen. ‘Damn! Why do the idiotic ones always get more power?!’

“The deal?” Light echoes. “And who is this Rem he keeps talking to? Could it be that Kira’s power comes from another world or some being?”

“I really don’t want to think that’s the case.” Ryuzaki adds.

“Then what is this Rem?”

“A Shinigami? Whatever it is, we need to keep watching him. We’ll learn nothing if we take him now. We may still be able to find out how he kills.”

On the screen, Higuchi suddenly smiles insanely, and I can see his eyes glint red. He quickly peels out of his parking space, and onto the road, with Wedy, Mogi, and Aiber in pursuit.

“We’re heading after him!” Mogi reports in.

A few minutes later, I hear sirens in the background. “This is bad. Higuchi’s been pulled over by a traffic cop.” Wedy informs us. “I’m gonna have to pass him and leave the pursuit to Aiber’s team.”

“You were speeding. Licence, please?” The cop requests.

“Sure, no problem.” He reaches over into his briefcase where the Death Note hides.

“Switch all cameras to Higuchi’s car.” Ryuzaki instructs, and we all lean in to see what information we can get from this.

“Let’s see, where’d I put it…” Higuchi mutters, before glancing at the space above the cops head. His hand moves in the case, before he drives off.

“Higuchi ditched the cop, he’s driving away!” Mogi reports in, before saying a moment later, “The motorcycle just rear-ended that truck! He’s dead!”

“He’s dead? By accident?!” Light echoes.

“This is very bad.” Ryuzaki decides.

“Rem… A deal…” Light thinks aloud, and I glance between them as they try to figure this out.

‘I really don’t want to feed your ego, Kiyohime, but you’re right. Higuchi’s just gonna get us all killed.’

“Great! Now, if the rest of the world would just listen to me, maybe there wouldn’t be tons of people full of ignorant bullshit.”


“You’re a serial killer whose secrets are about to be exposed, and you worry about my swearing?”

“Everyone!” Ryuzaki commands. “It’s too dangerous to allow further action by Higuchi! Let’s bring him in! I believe he now has the powers of the second Kira! He is able to kill just by looking at someone’s face! Please keep this in mind as you move in to arrest him!” We receive the team’s affirmatives, and Ryuzaki continues. “Watari, get me the director of the NPA.”

“Of course.”

He speaks through the voice filter to the NPA. “This is L. We are now aware of Kira’s true identity. He is currently heading from Hibiya to Shibuya along highway route one in a red sports car. Our group will be handling the arrest. In the meantime, please instruct all officers to refrain from approaching this car.”

“Alright, Dad, during the next commercial break, take measure seven.” Light instructs.

“Understood.” Mr. Yagami’s affirmative comes through.

“So then, Light, Mirai-chan, what say we go and join the fun as well?” Ryuzaki suggests.

“Yeah.” Light nods.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I step away from their seats so they can stand up.

Ryuzaki grabs something, and sits Misa down on the newly vacated chair, before handcuffing her and tying her to the chair with chains. “I’m sorry to do this, Misa, but I’m going to have to make sure you’re restrained for a while.”

“What?!” She exclaims, only now understanding what’s going on. “But that’s- stop joking around!”

Once she’s been secured against her will, the three of us head up to the helicopter pads. Ryuzaki leads, with Light behind him, and myself bringing up the rear. So, when Light slows to a stop, I notice, and slow with him.

“Hey, Light-kun, what’s up?” I ask. “We need to get going.”

“Mirai.” His lack of an honorific catches me off guard, which lets him grab me by my arms. “You should stay here. It’s too dangerous for you.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” I question. “It’s dangerous for you, too. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna stay here and let Higuchi-san get away.”

“You could get hurt.”

“So could you.”

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, and Mirai, I…” He looks down and away from me, before staring intensely into my eyes. “I can’t afford to lose you.”

I feel a blush take over as I stutter out, “Y-you can’t afford t-to… what?”

He pulls me close to him, and before I can comprehend his actions, he presses his mouth to mine.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi, five Miss- damn, better get out of here before this gets past the T rating.” Kiyohime comments from the back of my mind, but I can scarcely comprehend her words or their meaning.

Light pulls away from me slowly, before sprinting past me, towards the helicopter pads. It takes me a few moments before my mind starts working again, and I realize the meanings and intentions behind Light’s actions. ‘He kissed me so he could leave me behind?! That- that douchebag!’ I run in the same direction that Light had taken, and find the roof empty. I’m pretty sure half the city could hear my resulting yell.


Light comes sprinting out onto the rooftop a few moments later, without Mirai. He climbs into the helicopter occupied by Ryuzaki and Watari, and takes the co-pilot’s seat.

Ryuzaki raises an eyebrow at him. “Where’s Mirai-chan?”

Light pants, trying to catch his breath, before lying, “She said she wanted to stay behind, and I told her that we’d be fine on our own.”

Ryuzaki gives him a disbelieving glare, as he hands him a headset. “I somehow have a hard time believing that. When this is over, her wrath will fall squarely on your head, and you’ll have to deal with it without my help.”

“I know. Just pray that I get through it with my life intact.”

Equipped with a headset tuned into the channel we’re using and a tinted helmet hiding half of my face, I peel out of the headquarters garage on a motorcycle borrowed from Wedy.

As I drive out, on my way to Sakura TV, I hear Ryuzaki over the channel. “Come in, Wedy. Have you removed absolutely everything relating to Matsuda from the Yotsuba headquarters?”

“Yeah.” Wedy responds. “Why, is he headed there now? Isn’t that convenient. That should give me more than enough time to meet up with Yagami-san and set up the ambush.”

Ten minutes later, Light’s voice comes through the channel, but I refrain from trying to kill him now. “Dad, Higuchi’s left Yotsuba. He’s on his way to Sakura TV; he’ll be there in less than fifteen minutes. Are you ready?”

“I don’t need my son asking if I’m ready.” Comes Mr. Yagami’s voice. “Of course I am.”

“Mirai-chan.” Ryuzaki addresses me. “I’m assuming you snuck out of headquarters after Light forced you to stay back.”

“You guessed correctly.” I respond. “But I can chew him out later. What do you need me to do?”

“I want you to hide in the parking lot of Sakura TV, give backup to Yagami-san’s team. If Higuchi runs, I want you to tail him and give us his position.”

“Got it.”

I pull up to Sakura TV, turn off my motorcycle, and wait. Higuchi pulls up, gets out, and runs in silently. A minute after, Mogi and Aiber pull up and jump out, sliding on helmets as they run.

“We’ve arrived at Sakura TV, we’re moving into position!” Mogi reports, before saying, “Let’s go, Aiber!”

“Okay, Mogi!” Aiber replies. Neither of them give me a second look as they run in.

A few minutes pass, before I hear two gunshots. “L, Higuchi’s got a gun on him! The chief’s been shot! Higuchi’s escaping!” Mogi informs us, and I see Higuchi run out of the building.

“Now, Mirai-chan!” Ryuzaki commands, and I start up my motorcycle before chasing after him.

“I’m sorry, Ryuzaki. If Mirai-chan’s on his tail, we can still catch him, hurry!” Mr. Yagami says, supporting me.

I chase after Higuchi with the same reckless driving that he displays, making my choice of a motorbike that much smarter, as it offers me much more maneuverability. I chase him up a ramp, and onto a freeway. However, when headlights blind my view, I quickly skid to a stop, only a few meters behind Higuchi.

I glance around, and smile widely at the sight of a police blockade. ‘Only one person would do this, after being told by L not to make any moves. Many thanks, Aizawa-san.’

A bright floodlight encompasses Higuchi’s vehicle, following it leads my eyes to the helicopter almost directly above me. Higuchi, now half desperate, tries to drive through the gap between the cars and myself, only to have one of his tires shot out by Watari from the helicopter. Higuchi spins out, hitting the concrete wall. I corner him, along with the police, framing him in the headlights. He slowly catches his breath, before his eyes glance over to me. I see a small smirk make its way onto his face, before he lifts his gun, points it at me, and pulls the trigger.

I feel the bullet hit my forehead at an angle, and force my head back, creating a whiplash effect. I can feel my helmet get knocked off from the force, and I can feel the bullet exit through my temple. I hear at least ten people scream my name, varying in familiarity from, “Tsukino-san!” to Light’s, “Mirai!”

“Damn moron, can’t stay out of trouble for even a single fucking day, now can you? I’ll try to heal the wound quickly and correctly, but you’ll have to claim that it just grazed you, alright?”

‘Alright… I… think…’

“Huh, you’re still alive. Too dumb and stubborn to die, anyway. Might be a good idea to go and retrieve that bullet while no one else is watching. Someone might find your brain matter on it and dig too deeply.”

Luckily, focus is taken off me when Higuchi puts the gun to his own head, and shouts, “Stay back! Stay back or I’ll shoot, I swear!” Watari quickly shoots the gun from Higuchi’s hand, and two officers race to try and help me. I hardly recognize either of them, and just let them pull me along while my wound stops bleeding.

They take me over to the newly landed helicopter, and hand me over to Watari. I’m then lain on the floor of the helicopter, and I hear Light and Ryuzaki fret over me.

“I’m fine, guys. It was just a graze.” I try to explain, following Kiyohime’s guidelines. “I was just in shock, I’m fine. Worry about making the arrest, you can deal with me later.”

Reluctantly, they return to their stations, and keep giving orders. Watari helps me sit up against the interior wall of the helicopter, before wrapping me in a blanket to help with the shock, and giving me a headset to listen in on everything. I move over to be able to see the arrest clearly, and watch with rapt attention as Mr. Yagami and Mogi make their way towards Higuchi’s car, before stopping and getting Aizawa from his. Once the three approach him, six armed policemen surround them, guns ready to fire.

Higuchi slowly and reluctantly gets out of his car, before they handcuff and blindfold him. Mr. Yagami reports in. “We’ve apprehended him.”

“Mogi, I want you to put a headset on him as planned.” Light directs, and they move to do so.

Once Higuchi’s been given a headset, Ryuzaki speaks. “Higuchi… How are you able to kill people? Tell me!” Higuchi makes some kind of dismissive grunt. “If you’re not going to talk, I’ll use whatever means necessary to get it out of you.”

“The notebook…” Higuchi admits, and I know that Kiyohime’s taunts about how she was right are going to start coming any moment now…

“Notebook?” Ryuzaki echoes.

“You probably won’t believe me, but I’ve got a special notebook. If I write someone’s name in it while thinking of their face, that person dies.”

“Yagami-san.” Ryuzaki begins to instruct, but Mr. Yagami anticipated his request.

“Yeah, I found it. It was in one of the compartments of Higuchi’s bag. He has written a lot of names in it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else unusual about it-” Mr. Yagami looks up, before he starts yelling in fear.

“What is it, Yagami-san?” Ryuzaki asks, slightly worried. I follow Mr. Yagami’s line of sight, and see Rem staring at him.

“A-a monster!” he stutters out.

“Please calm down.” Ryuzaki instructs. “Don’t panic. Remember, you’re not currently armed to defend yourself.”

“Oh. Oh, right, of course.” Mr. Yagami rambles.

Mogi walks over to him. “Chief, hang in there. Are you alright?”

“Mogi, can’t you see that thing over there?!” He points at Rem.

“It’s not very nice to call a Shinigami a ‘thing’.” Kiyohime pouts.

‘Really, Kiyohime? I thought that everything and everyone was below you, and that you wouldn’t care.’

“Yeah, normally, but Rem’s one of the few Shinigami that I’ve been told has intelligence!”

‘So, you two have never spoken?’

“Don’t worry; she doesn’t know I’m here. Keep it that way, and you may live to see tomorrow.”

Mogi picks up the Death Note. “Chief, I think you must be getting tired…” He looks at Rem, and begins to freak out as well.

“Mogi, what’s wrong?” Light asks, worried.

“I-it seems that only people who’ve touched the notebook can-can see… this, this monster!” Mr. Yagami shakily explains.

“Please bring the notebook over to the helicopter.” Ryuzaki instructs.

“Uh- okay.” Mogi stutters out, before walking over to us. He holds it up to Ryuzaki’s window. “Here it is, Ryuzaki.”

He takes hold of it, and turns to look at Rem. “It really is… a Shinigami…” He says in awe. “They really… do… exist…”

After Ryuzaki stares at Rem for a while without passing the notebook on, Light gets fed up. “Ryuzaki, come on, we all need to see it.” And he grabs it out of his hands.

After Ryuzaki comes out of his maze of thought, he looks down, only to realize that the notebook is gone. He slowly turns to Light, who’s frozen with a horrified expression on his face. He lets out a horrifying scream, and I quickly come to a conclusion.

‘Well, well. It seems that our Light has returned. I don’t believe we shall be working on our own anymore, Kiyohime.’

“Yes, well, the peace was nice while it lasted. Now, we’re gonna have to work to bring about this new world of yours.”

“A-are you okay, Light?” Ryuzaki asks, tentatively. “I suppose seeing that monster would surprise anyone.”

After a moment, he responds. “Ryuzaki…”

“What is it?”

“I want to check this out; I’m going to try comparing the names in this notebook with the names of the victims.”

“Hmm? Oh, right. That sounds like a good idea.” I stare at Light, wondering what his next move is going to be. “Yagami-san, please take Higuchi to the car.”

“Right, of course.” Mr. Yagami leads Higuchi away, and I can see Light staring intensely at them.

I quickly figure it out, and give a small smile. ‘Well, Higuchi-san now has less than a minute to live.’ I count down the seconds in my head, and barely listen to the conversation between Light and Ryuzaki.

“You know, about this notebook, I wonder what we’d find if we put it through forensic analysis.” Light suggests.

“That doesn’t sound like you, Light.” Ryuzaki responds. “We both know this thing is beyond science.”

“Heh, yeah, you’re right.”

“Higuchi!” Mr. Yagami calls out. “Ryuzaki, Higuchi is-”

“What the hell?!” Light exclaims. “What’s happening?!”

I move over to get a better view, and I see Higuchi writhing in agony. My eyes flicker to Light and back to Higuchi, and I say, “Oh no, you’re kidding me. How?!”

“Hey, Higuchi!” Mogi yells out.

“Dad, what’re you doing?” Light demands to know. “We can’t lose him! If Higuchi dies on us now…”

“That’s impossible…” Mr. Yagami admits. “There’s nothing more I can do. He’s already…”

Another glance to Light shows me his Cheshire grin in place. ‘He’s already dead.’ I finish for myself. ‘And by the look on Light’s face, Ryuzaki-kun is next.’ A feeling of extreme dread fills me at that thought. ‘Odd. That’s the goal we’ve been striving to achieve for over a year now. And yet, there’s a part of me that can’t bear the thought of it. How interesting…’

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