Kira's Other Half


“You know, Mirai,” Ryuzaki begins, we’d decided a few years back to simply drop the honorifics entirely, seeing as how we were living together, “I somehow still have a hard time believing you over the fact that I’m Kira.”

“You’re still on that?” I ask, disbelieving. “What reason do you have to doubt me?”

“Well, the fact that yours is the only side of the story that I’ve heard.” He counters, and I turn from putting away the groceries towards him.

“Is it just me,” Kiyohime comments, “or do a lot of these important conversations happen in the kitchen?”

“Who else could you listen to?” I retaliate, leaning against the counter. “Watari was killed, the Task Force thinks Kira killed you before they could, and Light’s still under surveillance. And that’s just about everyone involved, so who else could you hear the story from who hadn’t heard it second-hand?”

“And if I leave, I might be recognized, I know.” He finishes, and groans rather childishly. “But five years is a long time to be in hiding, Mirai. Even I wasn’t meant to be confined in a seven hundred square foot flat for this long.”

“Hey.” I walk over to him and place a hand on his shoulder. “When they stop trying to investigate us, we can go travel the world. We did forward your inheritance to an untraceable off-shore account, right?”

“What do you take me for? Of course I did.”

“Right.” I smile pleasantly, before dropping my hand from his shoulder. “Any idea of what you want for proof that I can bring back?”

“A… recording of some kind should work. Just be sure that the recording is recent.”

“Sure, sure.” At this time, my phone begins to buzz. I walk over to check my messages, when a notification of a new text pops up. As I read it, I comment to Ryuzaki, “Sayu’s inviting me over for tea in a few minutes. If you have to, entertain yourself with the Wii, for all I care.”

Four years ago, only about a year after Ryuzaki’s supposed “death”, I’d quit the Task Force under the excuse that we’d gotten nowhere in a year, and that they should only call me in whenever they had a breakthrough on the case. As Light and I’d been more careful since the day Light took over as L, it wasn’t likely to happen. I’d also switched majors, from criminology to psychology, if nothing else than to learn other ways to brainwash people. As I was no longer a detective, and Sayu was bored one day and flipping through her contacts, she’d called me to hang out. Over the last three and a half years, some would say that we’ve grown somewhat close.

“Who are you explaining this to?” Kiyohime asks, quickly drawing me from my mental narration. “I’m the only one who can hear you, genius.”

Turning away from Ryuzaki, I roll my eyes at her snark, before going to grab my purse and a single sheet of the Death Note to hide in a sewn pocket inside my purse lining. Yes, I did take the idea from back when Light was under surveillance and we worked closely together.

Slipping on my jacket, I only stop to slip on my shoes again and pet Genzai, who’s taken to watching the door whenever I leave. I turn back into the apartment, and call in, “I’ll be back in a while! Don’t do anything stupid!”

“You either!” Ryuzaki calls back, and with our interesting farewell exchanged, I exit the flat and head down the stairs to the apartment complex garage.

A few minutes later, I pull up in front of the Yagami house, and quickly get out to knock on the door. Surprisingly, Light’s the one to answer it.

“Oh, Mirai. What brings you here?” He asks, a look of surprise of his face.

“Sayu-chan invited me over for tea, today.” I shift to a more comfortable position. “What about you? What brings you to your old home?”

“The same reason, in fact. Come on in.” He steps aside, and leads me to the family room. Though I want to kiss him right then and there, I restrain myself. For all I know, Misa could be right around the corner, watching. So long as she has her memories of the Death Note and continues to stick to Light like an over protective girlfriend, I can’t so much as even work with him as Kira.

Those present, being Matsuda, Mr. Yagami, Mrs. Yagami, and - unfortunately - Misa, all turn to see who had entered. Upon seeing me, Matsuda smiles and greets, “Oh, hey Mirai-chan! Haven’t seen you in a while.”

I smile back, and give a little wave. “Hello, Matsuda-san, Yagami-san, Yagami-san, Misa-chan.” I greet each of them in turn - and no, I did not repeat a name, I was referring to Mr. and Mrs. Yagami in turn - before sitting on the other side of Misa and simply joining in on their conversation about the Kira case.

“But still, it’s impossible to censor everything on the internet, and besides, we haven’t had any new leads in a while.” Mr. Yagami states, continuing their conversation.

“But posting names and faces online? I’m sorry, but if you ask me, it’s the people doing that who deserve to die.” Matsuda argues, using hand gestures all the while. After a short pause, he continues. “But.. I guess that’s never gonna happen. Kira gets a lot of his information from the internet, so he’s not gonna kill those people.”

Misa laughs. “Matsu, you silly, you’ve got it all backwards!”

“Still,” Light cuts in, “I can imagine how some people must feel, to them, the world’s become a good place for people who don’t commit any crimes, or rather, it’s a good for innocent people who lead good lives.” From behind Light’s seat, Ryuk laughs.

Mrs. Yagami walks over with a tray of teacups, and distributes them to each of us. “Are you still talking about that Kira business? Please, give it a rest for one afternoon, dear. Light, you too.”

We hear the front door open, and Sayu’s voice calls, “I’m home!”

Misa stands up and waves her hands in some odd greeting. “Hey, how’s it going?”

“We were just having tea.” Mrs. Yagami explains to her daughter.

“Oh, Light, Misa-san, seems like it’s been forever, you two.” She greets. “Missed you guys.”

“Aww, we missed you too!” Misa gushes.

“Mirai-chan, glad you could come!”

“Glad to be here.” I respond with a pleasant smile. “Guess I was a little early, though.”

“And you must be… Matsuda-san, right?” Sayu guesses, looking at him.

“U-uh, that’s me!” He laughs nervously.

“Wow, it’s been a long time.” She bows. “Thank you for always taking such good care of my father.”

“Gee, Sayu-chan, you’re all grown up. A-and pretty.” While the first comment was acceptable, the latter got Matsuda the heated, protective glares of almost everyone in the room. “Last time I saw you, you were this big.”

Misa bursts out laughing. “Matsu, your face is going bright red!” She points, and I let myself laugh at his misfortune.

“It is?! I mean, no way!”

“Well, you can forget it.” Mr. Yagami states. “I’ll never let Sayu marry a cop!”

“Yes, that’s right.” Mrs. Yagami nods along. “I’d never want that for my daughter.”

“Really?” Matsuda continues. “Aw man, I never got the chance to propose or even tell her I like her! You’re too cruel to me, Mom and Dad.”

Even I giggle at Mr. and Mrs. Yagami’s shocked reactions to that.

“Anyway, I think you’d be a good catch, Mr. Matsuda.” Sayu tries to console him.

“What? Y-you really think so, Sayu-chan?”

“Yep! In fact, I was thinking that if you were a little younger, I might’ve considered going out with you sometime.”

Matsuda quietly wails in anguish while Light and I laugh.

“Guess my little sister’s all grown up, isn’t she?” He comments, smirking.

“She certainly is.” I agree.

“No kidding! She’s certainly more mature than Matsu!” Misa giggles again, not one to be left out. Mr. Yagami glares at Matsuda momentarily, before softening his gaze. Meanwhile, Misa grabs Light’s arm in a tight embrace. “Meanwhile, Light hasn’t changed one bit! You’re just as wonderful and handsome as when I first met you!”

My anger towards Misa flares up again, but I hide my grimace behind my teacup.

“You’ve already got a career and everything, make it official.” Sayu advises her brother. “Stop living together secretly and just get married already.”

“I think that’s a great idea!” Misa smiles widely, latching onto the idea.

“Daww, how heartwarming. It makes me sick.” Kiyohime pretends to gag from my mind, and I let a small smile peek onto my face.

After I visit with them for a few hours more, Mr. Yagami gets a call on his cellphone. “Yes, what is it, Aizawa?” He greets, listening carefully. After a pause, he gasps and tenses, before responding, “Yes… Right, okay.” He hangs up, before commanding, “We have to go. Matsuda. Light. Come with me.”

In a hurry, the three men leave without another word to us.

“I wonder what that’s about.” Misa ponders aloud.

“No clue.” I respond, before pulling out my phone and checking the time. “Oh, it’s gotten pretty late, I should be getting home soon.”

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Yagami asks.

“Yeah, I have a list of things I need to do before bed tonight.” Quickly, I bow to thank her. “Thank you for having me over. I had a lovely time.”

“Of course, Mirai-chan dear. Anytime.”

With my goodbyes done, I quickly go home to my flat. Immediately upon entering, I call out, “Something’s wrong with the Task Force. Yagami-san, Matsuda-san, and Light had to leave in a hurry.”

“I thought you were having tea with Sayu-san?” Ryuzaki calls back, and I quickly pet Genzai after I fold my jacket, before jogging to my room with the Doberman hot on my heels.

“I was, the others just happened to be there too. Can you hack into their data network to see what’s going on?”

“On it.”

While Ryuzaki’s taking care of that, I hop onto my own computer to attempt my own hijacking.

Only a couple minutes later, Ryuzaki calls, “Found it!”

“I’m still working past their firewall, how’d you get through so quickly?”

“A simple amount of skill, dear Mirai. It seems that the director of the NPA, Kanichi Takimura-san, was recently kidnapped.”

“Any ideas on suspects or motives?”

“Not from them, but I’m starting a list.”

We call information back and forth like that for a few hours, until I somehow fall asleep in my chair, sitting up.

By the time I wake up the next morning, I find myself covered in a blanket, with Genzai sleeping right on top of my feet. I glance to my wall clock, which displays the early time.

Suppressing a yawn, I call out, “Any new developments in the last seven hours?”

When I don’t get a response, I stand up, which upsets Genzai from his sleeping place. I could swear that he glares at me, before dutifully following me across the hall to Ryuzaki’s room. Without a sound, I slowly open his door, to see Ryuzaki curled up on his chair, fast asleep.

I smile, before stripping his bed of the blanket, and draping it over him, before silently sneaking out again and closing the door behind me.

I run around the flat to ensure that everything’s ready for the day, before I get another text from Sayu.

“Bored, didn’t get to talk to you much yesterday. Girls day out?” I read aloud, before quickly composing an affirmative response. After leaving a note for Ryuzaki to find whenever he wakes up explaining where I’ll be all day, I grab my purse and head out.

I meet Sayu in a nearby park, waving at her to get her attention before walking over to her.

“Hey Mirai-chan!” She greets, a grin in place.

“Hey, Sayu-chan. Man, I haven’t seen you in an entire day! How time does fly…” I place a hand on my cheek over dramatically, before we both burst into giggles. “Any plans for us today?”

“Actually,” she links her arm with mine, and begins to lead me somewhere, “I do! I’ve got a whole list of things to do today, just you and me!”

I blink at her for a moment, before smiling. “Sounds great, Sayu-chan! Where do we start?”

She leads me all over the city, we go for manicures - which aren’t so painful when you have a good friend along with you - roller skating, lunch and dinner at some fast food restaurants, a movie, and finally finish off the day with ice cream. Only after the sun sets do we finally walk home together, talking and laughing all the while.

“You know, I had a lot of fun today, Sayu-chan. We should do this more often.” I tell her as we walk.

Sayu makes a noise of agreement. “Yeah, we should! Tonight was great- MMPH!”

At the younger girl’s sudden grunt, I spin to face her, and see two large guys standing next to her, one covering her mouth with a rag.

“Let her go!” I cry, before trying to punch the one holding her. Sayu continues to struggle, but her limbs gradually fall limp. I continue fighting, even going so far as to bite both of the attackers. The one not holding Sayu grabs my fist, and tries to push me to the ground. Instead, I flip our positions and wrestle him almost to the ground, but he quickly gets up and restrains my arms behind my back.

“Man, let’s just take her, too! If we don’t scram soon, we’ll draw attention!” The first guy calls to his companion in English, and I start kicking my legs out to try and free myself from his hold. Instead, the first guy comes over with a rag on his hand, and presses it over my mouth and nose. Assuming chloroform, I don’t inhale. However, he keeps the rag pressed over my face for a good three minutes, and against my will, my body forcibly inhales the chemical. Almost too quickly, my vision fades in and out, as does my strength.

“Damn… you…” I tell them in English, just before I completely pass out. ‘Light, help us.’

By the time I open my eyes, I have a splitting headache, severe nausea, and what feels like a hangover. It certainly doesn’t help that I can hear someone yelling in the background.

“What the hell is this? Mello told you two to kidnap Sayu Yagami, no one else!” A voice yells in English, and I almost groan at the severe pulse of pain it causes.

“Moron, I can’t leave you for one damn day without you getting yourself shot, or kidnapped, or have one of your friends killed. I never signed up to babysit you!” Kiyohime whines from her perch in my mind.

‘I never wanted you for a fucking babysitter.’

“Ooh, someone grew a backbone! I’m so proud!”

“She wouldn’t leave the kid alone! We didn’t have a chance to grab her by herself, so we had to take them both.” A second voice debates, also in English. “If we didn’t, she might’ve ratted us out to the cops early!”

This time, I actually do groan in pain, before forcibly prying open my eyes to see where I am. I glance around, seeing what appears to be the inside of a jet. “The hell…?” My throat is dry, and my voice sounds scratchy. The itch talking causes makes me cough violently. “The hell is this? Some kind of prank?”

“I-I d-don’t think i-it’s a prank, M-Mirai-chan…” Sayu stutters out in a quiet voice.

“Who the hell do you think you are, kidnapping us?!” I yell out in English, before breaking into another violent coughing fit.

“Oh, so the older woman wakes.” A guy, flanked by the two guys who’d kidnapped us, walks into sight. He walks over to me, and kneels to be at eye level with me. “Tell us, sweetheart, who are you?”

“Do you all speak English? It’s not my first language, so I’m sorry if my replies are slow.”

“What’s your name, girl?” The guy in front of me pulls out a gun and points it at me.

Not for fear of my own life, rather in fear of Sayu seeing me regenerate half my face, I respond with an actual answer. “My name is Mirai Tsukino.”

“Give us one good reason why we shouldn’t kill you right here and now. After all, we don’t need you for a hostage. You’re just a mistake. So tell us, why shouldn’t I just shoot you through the forehead?” He holds the barrel to said place, and I force myself to take a deep breath.

“You said Mello, right? He’s your boss?” The guy’s face doesn’t betray any emotion, so I press forward. “We’ve got a history together, me and him. Kill me, and he loses a valuable piece of information. From what I gathered, he was jealous of Near. Likely, they’re working separately at this point, if anything, to catch Kira. I was the last person in contact with L before his death, so I have valuable information that Mello will need to catch Kira first.”

After a few tense minutes, the guy pulls the gun from my head, and returns it to his pocket. “You get to live until you see Mello. He’ll choose whether you live or die.”

When the three goons leave us alone, Sayu starts crying. “M-Mirai-chan, are you al-alright?”

“I am unharmed, and from I can see, so are you. So why are you crying?”

“My friend just had a gun pointed at her! Excuse me for feeling worried!”

I stare at her for a moment, before I burst out laughing. After a moment, when I realize that she’s staring at me like I’m insane, I explain. “Sorry, you just sounded like a really sassy acquaintance of mine. It was kinda weird.”

Throughout the rest of the seemingly endless trip, I try to keep Sayu’s spirits up by telling silly stories involving Genzai and whatever else I can think of. Along the way, I realize only that Sayu’s taking this much harder than me. Then again, what could I be afraid of? It’s not like they can kill me with Kiyohime still hanging around.

“What do you people want from us and our families?!” I yell out at some point. “Money?!”

The only response I get is a kick to the jaw from one of the goons, and them yelling at me, “Shut it!”

And so I do. The entire rest of the trip. I don’t talk, I don’t grunt, I hardly respond to anything and anyone other than Sayu.

We’re dragged from the plane into a car, and driven to another location, before being led underground. All the while, I simply satisfy myself with glaring at anyone who does so much as look at me funny.

Soon enough, we’re thrown into a room, and told to wait. And so, I bide my time, trying to remember all the corners we were dragged around, and attempt to form an escape plan.

After some time, the door opens to reveal an older teenage guy with blonde hair down to his shoulders, holding and eating chocolate. My eyes widen as I recognize him visually.

“Ah, Mello, you’ve grown since I last saw you.” I say in accented English, trying to start a conversation.

“Yeah, my men told me you said you knew me. Refresh my memory though, cause I don’t remember you at first sight.” Mello shoots back, giving me a subtle glare. In response, I smile.

“My name is Mirai Tsukino. I was the last one in contact with L before his death, and I was also the one to inform you of this fact four years ago.” I smile sweetly, tilting my head to the side and closing my eyes innocently.

He smirks, and snaps off another piece of chocolate. “Hah, they caught a Task Force member and didn’t even know it. If Sayu’s not enough of a bribe, you certainly will be.” He spins to walk toward the door. “This is better than I thought.”

“A bribe for what?!” I yell out before he leaves, and Mello looks over his shoulder at me.

“For the notebook the Japanese police have in their custody.”

My eyes widen in realization. “So that’s what this is about. But why would you need to kidnap us? You already have NPA director Takimura.”

“We don’t, anymore. Turns out he managed to commit suicide while we weren’t watching.”

‘Light, you moron! That was you, wasn’t it?!’

“So Sayu was take two, and I just happened to come along for the ride?”

“That about sums it up. Don’t worry, you two won’t be here for more than a few days.” As if he’s done talking to us, he pulls out a phone and dials a number. After a few rings, the other end picks up, and Mello starts speaking. “Your daughter’s finally arrived. It’s about time… You already have a pretty good idea of where we are, don’t you? We’ll make the exchange here. Come to LA, by yourself, in two days. And of course, bring the notebook with you… How about this? I’ll send you another photo. That should satisfy you.” After that one sided conversation, he hangs up, before walking over to Sayu and dragging her by the arm out of the room.

“Mirai-chan!” She yells frantically, fearful tears running down her face.

“Sayu-chan!” My surprise turns to anger. “Let go of her, you bastard!”

The door closes behind them, and I turn my focus inwards.

‘Kiyohime, pleeeeeaaase? Please let me snap the bonds and beat them up!’

“No matter how much of a bad idea it is, it’ll certainly be funny to watch.”

I feel her power flow through my veins, and I quickly snap my rope-bound hands to charge after Sayu and Mello.

I run through the halls after them, following Sayu’s now muffled cries. I eventually get to a main room, where I see Sayu, bound and gagged, in front of a TV. Mello takes a picture of her, and I make a snap decision.

‘This is stupid. This is moronic. But I’m doing it anyway!’

I charge into the room, directly towards Sayu, before grabbing her, throwing her over my shoulder, and running in the opposite direction.

“Morons, don’t just stand there! Get them!” Mello shouts, sending the five goons around him after us.

“What was your plan, dumbass?!” Kiyohime yells at me as I run around a corner. “Run away and hope that the door’s unlocked?!”

“This was not well thought out…” I mumble as I round another corner, before getting bowled over by one of the goons.

“Gotcha!” He yells, before grabbing me by my hair. I yelp in pain, before scrambling back with him. “Thought a stunt like that would work, didja?”

“Well, evidently, it didn’t!” I shoot back.

The guy drags us back, throwing me onto my face in front of Mello, and Sayu off to the side.

“What did you think you’d accomplish by doing that?” Mello asks, one eyebrow raised, unimpressed.

I smile innocently, and hold up my empty hands. “To do three things. One: prove how strong I am. Two: prove how weak those bonds were. Three: get the attempted and futile escape out of the way so I don’t have to plan anything elaborate, because honestly, I’m exhausted. Just put some chains on me and call it a day.”

He stares at me for a minute, and I can’t read his expression. Eventually, he turns away, and commands, “Cuff her.”

They don’t throw me back into that room this time, instead keeping me in view. A smart move on their part, but it’s not like I’ll try anything else that stupid.

“Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.” Kiyohime calls sagely, but I can see her jibe coming. “Though, stupidity might be chronic with you humans.” There it is.

Sayu gets tied across from me on the other side of the room, but I can see her scared tears from here. This time, I can’t do anything, so I just send her a tired smile, before slumping against the pole I’m held against, and decide to rest my eyes for just a few minutes.

I wake up with a start, a stiff back, and a groan. I look around me to see the many goons around me talking and laughing, just hanging out like nothing’s wrong.

To myself, I smile, gladly thinking of everything I can do to annoy the hell out of them.

“Oh god, you’re going that route. They might try to kill Sayu, you know.”

‘She’s a hostage. They might threaten her, but they won’t kill her. If they do, I’ll stop.’

And thus, I started their day of hell.

I babbled complete nonsense for hours on end, I sang off-key, and I teased them excessively and mercilessly. They kicked and punched me a few times, and I’d stop until they sat down again, only to start again immediately.

After a particularly nasty beating that ended with me spitting blood, I glance over to Sayu to see an unvoiced question in her eyes. Why the hell are you doing this?!

I smirked back at her, the answer entirely in my smile. To make them mad!

“No, she’s right. Why the hell are you doing this?”

‘If I make them angry enough and still don’t die, no matter how many times they shoot me, they might freak out and let us go.’

“… There’s no way that’ll happen.”

‘I can hope, can’t I? Besides, I don’t feel like being one of those snivelling victims who does nothing but sit in the corner and cry.’

Thus, my merciless assault on their sanity came to a standstill when one of the goons got up, and instead of coming over to me, walked over to Sayu, pulled out his gun, and pointed it at her. “Shut it, or the brat gets it.”

The presence of a gun actually shut me up, and I keep my mouth closed for a long while, the goons breathing sighs of relief.

A few hours later, I start up again, the threat of a gun long forgotten.

“Someone, gag her please.” Mello yells at some point, and the three that come over to shove rags into my mouth and tape it shut seem only too happy to do so.

At that point, I experiment to try and get the gag off of me, by shoving the rags into my cheeks and licking the tape to try and loosen it. When that doesn’t work, I move everything back into a comfortable position, and slump against the pole in defeat, my eyes closed in thought.

‘Hey… Kiyohime…?’

“What do you want?”

‘Getting the eyes of a Shinigami takes away half of a human’s remaining lifespan, right…?’

“Yeah, what about it?”

‘Do they die from diseases or accidents?’

“Either or.”

‘So they don’t make it to old age, right?’

“What are you going after?”

‘I can only die from old age, right?’



“Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.”

‘You see my train of thought.’

“Oh my damned fucking god.”

‘So, if I were to get the eyes, would I lose half my lifespan, especially if I trade it to you?’

“You little cheating bitch. Now I’m curious! Do you want the eyes?”


“Even if it costs half your lifespan?”

‘Yes. Kiyohime, make the deal.’

“Alright then.” She laughs, and I feel a burning sensation behind my eyelids, before a wave of pleasure follows. “Open your eyes, I want to see if it worked.”

I do so, and almost everything has a slight red tint. I turn to look at everyone around me, and above their heads, I see names and numbers.

‘Is this the power of the Shinigami eyes?’

“Pretty much. You see the names needed to kill them, and their remaining lifespans. They should be counting down. You won’t see the lifespans of the Death Note owners, though.”

‘As I don’t own a Death Note, will someone else be able to see my lifespan?’

“…Yes, you fucking cheater.”

If I could, I’d be smiling wider than the Cheshire Cat from that old English cartoon.

‘Anyway, how’s my lifespan?’




‘So I take it my hypothesis was correct?’ Her grumbling is enough of an answer for me, and my shoulders begin to shake in unvoiced laughter. ‘This is perfect! Misa won’t be able to see that I have the eyes, and I didn’t lose half my lifespan!’

Kiyohime grumbles some more as I try, but ultimately fail, at laughing maniacally. With tears of mirth running down my face, I wipe them off on my shoulders, before looking at every person present, and committing each and every one of their names and faces to memory.

‘I’ll kill each and every one of them when I get home.’ I determine, plans forming in my mind.

The next morning, I’m snapped awake by Sayu’s muffled screaming. My eyes immediately search her out, and upon seeing her being dragged away by two large guys, I start struggling and yelling, though I can’t form any words around the gag.

Tears of frustration run down my face as they drag her away, and I’m powerless to stop them.

“Relax, she’ll be fine.” Mello says, coming into view. I glare at him with enough hatred to kill someone, and I let my eyes stray above his head to see his name. ‘Mihael Keehl. Odd name, but not one I’ll forget.’ “They’re just sending her to be exchanged for the notebook in an undisclosed location for safety reasons.”

I make a bunch of muffled grunts, and his eyes stray to my taped mouth.

“I’ll only take off the tape so long as you agree to help me. As you’ve probably guessed, I want to take down Kira before Near. If L thought that you, as a mere civilian, could help with the investigation, I see no reason why you couldn’t now. Do you agree to my terms?”

Reluctantly, I nod. I don’t want to help this criminal, but in order to do what I want, I need to have my mouth free and open. In one swift motion, he reaches down, and none too gently rips the tape off of me. With the grace and poise of a street child, I spit the wad of rags out of my mouth to the ground, away from Mello.

“My thanks for freeing me.” I say, a reluctant thanks actually hidden in the comment.

“No problem. But keep annoying us, and the gag goes back on.”

“Understood.” I sigh, and lean my head down. “Before I can help you, there are a few things I want cleared up. Can you answer my questions?”

“Depends on what they are.” He sits down on one of the couches, facing away from me. “Go on, sweetheart. Nothing stopping you now.”

“If you only needed to kidnap Sayu for this operation, why’d your men bother taking me?”

“You were making too much of a fuss, would’ve drawn attention.”

“Sayu’s about to be exchanged for the notebook, correct?”

“Yeah, I just told you.”

“And you only kept me because you thought I might be helpful in the investigation.”


“So the moment you catch Kira and the investigation ends, you’ll kill me?”

“I’m not inhumane. I’ll just send you back to Japan. No one knows you’re gone, anyway.”

“My neighbors do. I talk to them every few days or so, have them convinced that I’m in the Witness Protection Program. If I don’t contact them within seven days, they were instructed to contact the police immediately. Last I talked to them was… four days ago now.”

‘Total lie. Then again, who knows what Ryuzaki will do if I don’t get back in time? He might reveal himself or do something else stupid.’

“How often do you talk to them?” Mello asks, getting settled.

“Once every three or four days. So, I’m about due.”

“Fine, then.” He pulls a phone out of his pocket. “What’s their number?”

“Zero three eight one nine two seven six four.” I recite my own home number, hoping he doesn’t catch it.

He types it in, not questioning it. After a moment, he stands and walks over to me, and holds the phone next to my mouth and ear.

‘Alright, Mello understands Japanese fluently, probably, possibly not, but I can’t take that chance, so I can’t do anything obvious. Here’s hoping Ryuzaki picks up and plays along…’

“Hello…?” Ryuzaki’s undistorted voice comes through, and I’m glad he actually picked up to my number.

“I’m super sorry to wake you, Kita-san.” I use his alias’ alias. This could get confusing. “I totally forgot to tell you before I left, and I only just arrived! I’ll be travelling the Americas for the next while, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back. Might not be able to contact you for a while, either.”

“Oh, Tsukino-san, I was wondering when you’d call.” He falls into the act immediately. “I’m glad to know you’re alright.” ‘Translation: Thank god you’re alive, you moron.’ “Is there anything else you’ll need?”

“If you could just make sure that Genzai is properly fed while I’m gone, that would be great. Thank you very much, Kita-san!”

“Of course, Tsukino-san. Goodbye, and have fun on your trip!” ‘Translation: Don’t do anything stupid.’

“I will, thank you! Goodbye!”

I move my head away from the phone, and Mello hangs up for me.

“Well, now that that’s out of the way, we can get started.” He picks up a headset and puts it on, before cracking his knuckles. “Let’s do this.”

We wait a few minutes, Mello receiving some updates and giving out some orders, and I try to get myself up to speed.

“Yagami. Right now, you’re the only one who can hear my voice.” Mello says in Japanese, and I confirm my haunch to be correct. “Listen very carefully. I’m the one who kidnapped your daughter, but don’t get the wrong idea. I have no interest in your daughter’s life one way or the other, or yours for that matter. There is only one thing I want and you know what that is; the notebook. Now, all you have to do is follow my instructions. If you do that, no one has to die. As for the trade, I prepared the things so that both of us can walk away satisfied. Play along, and there’ll be no problems.”

‘Yagami, daughter, therefore, Yagami-san is the one who’s bringing the Death Note here. I almost didn’t think that Light would let them.’

More orders are given and updates received, and I hardly believe my eyes and ears as Mello orchestrates an entire plane-jacking. They supposedly land somewhere in the desert, with Mello commanding Mr. Yagami on where to go and what to do.

It all happens so quickly and fluidly, I hardly process anything until it’s all over.

“Alright, Y-four-six-two, proceed.” Mello commands at one point, and I try to look around him to get my own visual of everything happening. Without a headset to connect to their servers, I can’t hear anything at all, and don’t know what’s going on.

A few minutes later, one of the goons grips his chest, sputtering, before he falls to the ground.

Two others rush to him, but the one guy that sits on the couches with Mello stays put. “Look, that’s what you get when you steal from me and sell goods behind my back.” He says, glaring at the body. “He was a worthless idiot. This is the first time he’s been useful.”

“Y-four-six-two, the target’s dead.” Another guy reports to someone on the other side.

I let out a sigh of frustration at only hearing one side of the commotion.

“Mello, the exchange has been completed.” One of the goons reports, and I sigh again, this time in relief.

‘That’s it, then.’ Sayu was exchanged for the Death Note and got to go home with her father, while the notebook was loaded onto a rocket, and a dummy helicopter was launched to misdirect the attention of anyone watching.

‘Clever, Mello-san. Very clever.’

“Boss, I’m sure you were watching. I did everything you asked me to, just like we planned.” A voice distorted by helicopter back noise comes through the speakers.

“Yeah, I saw that. Good job.” The voice of the man that had stayed on the couches replies.

“Then this is gonna wipe out all the past screw-ups of mine, right?”

“Oh yeah. Wipe out for sure. Do it!” He shouts, and someone begins to type furiously, before I can hear static coming in.

A few hours later, the rocket arrives with the notebook along with it. Mello sends out one of the goons to retrieve it, just in case. They bring it in, and place it on the table, before Mello goes over to pick it up reverently.

“Death Note, huh? Pretty uncreative for a notebook of death.” He comments, before flipping it open and reading the rules aloud.

I smile as he reads the last two on the opposite cover. ‘So Light did send the modified one. Good, there’d be a problem if they didn’t get the one with all the rules.’

“Well then,” Mello continues, smirking, “let’s get down to business, shall we?”

I hear the scratching of a pen against paper, and I hoist myself up if only to see who was writing the names. Upon seeing the pen in Mello’s hand, I sigh before sliding down to the floor again.

‘Great, that sociopath’s got the Death Note. Now what?’

“Why’re you asking me? Not like I know.”

‘I was talking to myself.’

By the time Mello finishes writing names, he looks at his watch, and counts to forty. When he finishes, he laughs. He laughs like a madman, but only for a few moments. When he’s gotten that out of his system, he asks, “So, forty seconds and they’re dead?”

After a moment, I realize that he’s addressing me. “From what we determined, yes. That’s all it takes.”

“The power of life and death is in my hands… and now, I just need to get the other one.”

“Other one?” I try desperately to keep the panic from my voice, but likely didn’t entirely succeed. “You mean the one Kira has?”

“What other one could there be?”

“And how do you expect to get it? Kira’s a ruthless psychopath, he won’t care if he has to kill his own family in order to keep going.”

‘Again, total lie. Light didn’t kill Sayu, which means he cares enough to not do so. Huh. I’ve gotten better at lying through my teeth over the last few years. Let’s hope I can keep it up long enough to get out of here.’

After some time, I fall asleep. Tonight, I have another dream. It’s been years since the last one, but the world they all take place in remains the same.

Once again, I return to the bleak world of grays. Now aware of my proper form, I stride about with confidence. I see one Shinigami in particular walking in a specific direction, and I follow after him.

Walking through cages of bones, he eventually stops, only to ask in a nasally voice, “Uh, Armo Justin?”

I skirt around him to see the brilliant golden Shinigami from long before, again sitting on his throne chair. “It’s Armonia Justin.” He snaps to the lower god of death.

“Armonia Justin Beyondormason.” Kiyohime’s voice supplies in my own head, the gesture again familiar. “I’ve only ever called him by his full name, and I think he likes me for it.”

“M’kay, um, I’ve got a little problem. I went to the King to report that I had lost my notebook. But after I described that to him, the old man said that Ryuk said it was his, and that he had dropped it and took it.”

Armonia laughs.

“So, what do you think I should do to get it back?”

“Guess you have no choice but to find Ryuk and ask him yourself.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I guess I have to go to… the human world.”

“Yep, that’s right. Have fun.”

“Well, that sucks.”

“Oh come on, Sidoh, the human world isn’t all that bad.” I feel myself say, before realizing that Kiyohime had taken over, and was just letting me watch. She strides towards them, a smirk on her face.

“Oh, Kiyohime. I hadn’t expected to see you here so soon.” Armonia says to her, and she gives him a shallow bow of respect.

“When the brat’s asleep, I’m allowed to come out and play. Besides, I don’t think she’d care.”

“Why are you here, Kiyohime?” The nasally Shinigami asks, and I link the name Sidoh to him quickly.

“A simple warning.” Kiyohime smiles innocently, before it takes a much, much darker tone. “My human’s down there. I’m pretty sure she knows where your Death Note is. However, she doesn’t take too kindly to stupidity, kind of like me.” The smile drops, and she’s entirely serious. “Work with her, and you’ll get your notebook back, no problem. All you’ll have to do is what she says. Do that, and you’ll be back within a month or two.”

“A-and what if I don’t help her?” Sidoh stands up for himself, though his façade is broken by his stutter.

“If you don’t, she’ll do everything in her power, and mine, to prevent you from getting it back. And since she takes after me, she won’t hesitate to resort to violence.” Kiyohime stalks over to him, and he cowers back. “You will do what she says, are we clear?”


“I said, are… we… clear?!” She over enunciates each word to get her point across.

It works. Sidoh gulps. “Y-yes, ma’am!”

Kiyohime backs off, once again her usual, pleasant self. “Good.” She bows again to Armonia. “I’m glad to see you again, Armonia Justin Beyondormason. I hope to see you again in the near future.”

“And I you.” He replies, gesturing to her with an open palm.

Rather quickly, everything fades back into darkness, though not before I hear Kiyohime’s voice give off one last warning to me.

“Alright, now you got a subordinate of your own to boss around. Get him to do your dirty work. Since you’ve seen him in the Shinigami realm, all we have to do is have me take over your eyes, and you’ll be able to see him without touching the notebook. Understood?”

‘Yes, ma’am.’

Sayu was just brought to the hotel most of the Task Force was staying at. By the time she’d gotten to the room her father, Mr. Yagami had, she began to mutter one central thought, over and over, repeatedly.

“Mirai-chan is still in there. She’s still in there. They still have her. She’s still trapped. They took me away from her. She’s still in there.”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Yagami’s eyes widened. After getting her settled, he got out his phone, and called everyone else in the Task force. “Come quickly! Sayu says that Mirai-san was kidnapped as well!”

In only a few minutes, everyone had gathered, and they all hear Sayu’s rambling.

“Mirai-chan is still in there, with them. She can’t get out. She’s still stuck. She won’t get out. Please, help her, get her out!”

Tears begin to run down Sayu’s face, and she slowly begins to rock back and forth, haunted by the trauma of it all.

“Tsukino-san was kidnapped?!” Aizawa exclaims in anger.

“That’s what Sayu says.” Mr. Yagami admits quietly, dejectedly.

“But how? And why?” Matsuda asks, not getting answer.

“It makes sense, though.” Light contemplates, thinking out loud. “Mirai was with Sayu when she was kidnapped, but why would they want to keep her alive? Could they know that she was part of the Task Force, and now they’re trying to get information out of her?”

“We don’t know, Light.” Mr. Yagami sighs, stressed and defeated. “We don’t know.”

I’ve been here for days. I lost track of them a while ago, and now I don’t know how long I’ve been gone.

‘Have they noticed yet? Did Ryuzaki end up calling the police to inform them that I was kidnapped? Is everyone alright?’

Without anyone to answer my questions, I drop my head to face the floor.

“Ten-hut, Colonel!” Kiyohime’s commanding tone rings through my head. “Your subordinate is almost here, look sharp and be commanding!”

At her commands, as she’s never failed me before, I straighten up to look more presentable and dignified. That is, as dignified as one can look after being tied up for so long. I kind of understand how Misa felt after those fifty days of interrogation.

Only a few minutes later, I see a figure emerge into the room. I smile at the sight of the Shinigami as he looks around the room. His eyes stop on Kal Snyder, who is the current Death Note holder. He keeps looking around, until his gaze falls on me, and he freezes.

‘Hey, Kiyohime, just a question.’

“If it’s stupid, I won’t answer it.”

‘When you take over my body, do my name and lifespan vanish?’

“…Oh god damn it!”

‘That a yes? I think that’s a yes.’

Sidoh floats over to me experimentally, and my eyes follow his every movement.

“Can you see me?” He asks in his nasally voice, and Kiyohime rolls my eyes.

“No,” I mumble under my breath sarcastically, “I can’t see you. That’s why my eyes follow your every movement.”

“Oh, okay.” He floats away, and I stare after him in shock.

‘… He’s a moron, isn’t he?’

“Unfortunately. It’s how Ryuk stole his Death Note from him. He’ll have to do, though.”

‘Can you get him to listen to me?’

“Saying his name should work.”

“Sidoh.” I say low enough to keep away from the notice of everyone, but loud enough for the idiotic Shinigami to notice.

He turns back to me, and flies over. “So you can see me!”

“Yes, I can. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Mirai, Kiyohime’s Human counterpart.”

“K-K-Kiyohime?!” He backs away fearfully, and I can’t help but smirk.

“That’s right, moron.” I let her do some of the talking, and my voice seems to drop into hers. “Like I said, my human knows where your notebook is. Listen to her, and you’ll get it back, no problem.”

“W-what- what do you want me to d-do?”

“Quite simple, really.” My voice returns to normal. “There are a few rules in that notebook over there that aren’t real. You can’t tell anyone at all that the rules are fake. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes, ma’am!”

“Good. Now, second, you can’t let the others know that I could see you before touching the notebook. Alright?”

“Yes, m-ma’am!”

“Excellent. Now, do whatever you think is best, but listen to whatever I say and do whatever I need you to. Remember, you can’t tell anyone that those rules are made up.”


He floats away from me for a moment, eyeing me warily all the while. Only after I relax and look away from him does he seem to relax enough to look away from me. Finally, I tune back into the conversation going on between the others in the room.

“Alright, the next step is for me to figure out just how much I can control people with this thing.” Mello thinks aloud, drawing my attention to him.

“Aww, they’ll have to be able to see me before I’ll be able to talk to them! What a drag.” Sidoh whines, looking at Mello. He turns to Snyder. “Looks like Snyder’s the owner right now. Guess I’ll have to make him touch the notebook first. Oh well.” With one clawed hand, Sidoh grabs the Death Note out of Mello’s grasp and into the air, and I try to stifle my laugh at his reaction. Sidoh turns to Snyder, and drops the notebook on his head. “Tag, you’re it.”

“Th-the notebook just flew.” Mello stutters looking at the offending object in shock and awe. Again, the expression almost makes me laugh aloud.

“Hah, it’s a notebook that kills people.” Gordon laughs from his place on the other side of the couch, females under his arms. “Hell, nothing surprises me anymore.”

‘Famous last words…’

Immediately after that thought, Snyder screams like a little girl drawing the attention of everyone inside. He falls out of his chair, cowering. “Boss, who is this?!” Shaking, he points at Sidoh. “The guy in the freaky costume! Who the hell is he?! Who brought him here?!”

“I came here on my own. I’m actually a Shinigami.” Sidoh responds readily, not flinching at anything.

“A Sh-Shinigami?!” He begins to laugh nervously and insanely.

“If you don’t want everyone to think you’re crazy, pass the notebook around so that they can see me too.”

Snyder grabs for the notebook, and holds it out desperately. “He says you can see him if you touch the notebook! Please,” he stands, “here, everyone touch it! I swear, I’m not crazy!”

“Fine, whatever.” Gordon sighs. “C’mon guys, touch the notebook.”

Everyone does so, and immediately starts screaming and yelling. Guns are pulled and bullets shot.

After they calm down, Sidoh speaks, completely unharmed. “Nice try. You humans can’t kill a Shinigami.”

They all gasp in horror. In the background from my little pipe on the ground, I raise an eyebrow at them.

“Geez, even the Task Force didn’t scream that much when they met Rem. You guys are more pathetic than I thought.” I mumble, though somehow, one of them hears me.

“If you saw this monster, you’d probably faint!” He defends himself.

“Try me.”

He grabs the notebook and brings it over to me, before touching it to my arm. Absolutely nothing happens, but I look at Sidoh nonetheless.

“Huh. Rem was worse.” I look around the room at everyone’s surprised faces. “What?”

“You’ve seen these things before?!”

“Well, yeah. Not this Shinigami, mind you, but one other. I guess this notebook’s had multiple Shinigami owners by now.”

“Really?” Sidoh groans, and I look at him and nod. “Stupid Ryuk, stealing my notebook and getting it lost several times…”

“So, that’s a real, live Shinigami.” Gordon asks, likely looking to me for confirmation.

“That’s correct.” I respond.

“So now what do we do?”

“Now, we get answers.” Mello answers, looking at Sidoh with a determined look on his face.

A few minutes later, Sidoh somehow got a hold of Mello’s chocolate stash and was gorging himself on it.

“Oh, chocolate is so gooood…” He moans, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Hey, answer our questions!” Gordon demands, drawing the attention of the moronic Shinigami.

“What do you want to know?”

“Those last two rules in the notebook,” Mello cuts in, “specifically, the thirteen day rule. Are they true?”

Sidoh dares a glance at me, and I shoot him the nastiest, most frightening glare I can manage; with Kiyohime’s help, of course.

“Oh yeah. Those are real. Only apply to humans for some reason, though.” Sidoh responds without stuttering, and I soften my face to an innocent and serene smile.

After a few minutes of near silence, only Sidoh munching on chocolate is heard, Mello suddenly comes to a decision. “Sidoh, go keep watch outside.” We all turn to him. His eyes are wide and wild, and I almost try to shrink away. “It’ll be very convenient for us that you can’t be seen by humans. Go outside and keep watch, got it?!”

Sidoh stares at him for a moment, a slight look of fear in his eyes.

I smile to myself. ‘Does this mean that I’m scarier than Mello?’

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t you be taking my credit! Sidoh’s only scared of you because you’re my human. He wouldn’t care, otherwise.”

Many more days pass, and nothing changes for me. I sit, chained to the pipe, in full view of the others. Sidoh follows orders from both me and Mello, keeping watch, while not revealing any secrets of mine.

One night in particular, four mafia members, as I’ve come to know them, drop dead where they stood, their cries and sputters prominent for breaking the silence.

“Oh.” I say, staring at their bodies in momentary shock. “Looks like Kira found out their names.”

Almost immediately after I say that, several explosions are heard throughout the complex. I glance over to Mello, to try and read his facial language and understand what’s going on, but his glare at being outsmarted only deepens.

After a few seconds of thinking, Mello jumps up, and runs over to me. He reaches behind me to the handcuffs, and unlocks one of them, before pulling me up from the ground and taking me as a hostage shield. My legs, the muscles slightly atrophied, only barely do what I command them to in order to keep from falling flat on my face.

Gripping my upper arm, Mello runs up a flight of stairs, glancing around, before he shouts out, “Roy! Skyer! The notebook’s under Rod’s body! Bring it to the surveillance room upstairs!”

Just as we leave the catwalk and get into the said surveillance room, another explosion is heard.

I unconsciously squeak, and Mello begins to twist my arm painfully. Before I can react to that, he threatens, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep silent. Understood?” I only nod in response. He handcuffs me to him, before sitting down at the desk and beginning to type furiously. I stand next to him, unable to leave.

“Why aren’t you running?!” Kiyohime yells. “This is your perfect chance! Kick him in the balls, break the handcuffs, and book it!”

‘The moment I try that is the moment I could accidentally blow up the entire place, with everyone inside. I’m not taking that risk. Who knows who all could be in here?’

I only have to wait for a few more minutes, before we hear someone carefully making their way through one of the halls leading to the surveillance room. A few seconds later, Mello pulls the trigger, detonating the two bombs he’d rigged to blow on his command, which trap us inside.

“Don’t move.” Mello commands, holding a gun towards the intruder with his free hand. “I’ve already blown up the two entrances to this place. This’ll be your only warning. The next explosion will take out the entire building, as well as all your men inside, so you better do as I say.” After a couple seconds, he orders, “Put down your gun, and take off your mask.”

The man does so, and I stifle a gasp as Mr. Yagami’s face is revealed.

Behind us, the computer screens light up, illuminating both all three of us.

“Yagami again, huh?” Mello snorts. “Maybe I should’ve killed you when I had the chance. History repeats itself, but I never dreamed in a million years that I’d be bargaining for the notebook with you again.”

After a few moments, where Mr. Yagami and Mello have an intense staring contest and I glance between them, Mr. Yagami speaks. “Your real name… it’s Mihael Keehl.”

Mello gasps, and I pale. I would bet anything that the thoughts flying through our heads right now are along the same lines.

‘How the hell does he know Mello’s real name?! Did he…?’ My eyes slide up to his lifespan. ‘Is it possible…? But how?! Why did he?! How could he? How could Yagami-san have possibly traded for the Shinigami eyes?!’

“It’s over, Mello.” Mr. Yagami continues. “Let her go. It’s time to turn yourself in. If you give up, I won’t kill you. You have my word on that.” Mr. Yagami opens the Death Note to a random page, and holds a pen above it threateningly. “You know how this works. I write your name, and you will die. Let go of both Mirai and the gun, and put your hands in the air!”

Again, they stare at each other for a few moments longer. Unsure of the situation anymore, I continue to glance between them silently.

“Yagami…” Mello starts, shifting around.

“Don’t move!” Mr. Yagami interrupts him, quickly writing in the notebook. “I’ve already written down your first name, and it will only take me a second to write your surname!”

“I’m truly sorry. For what it’s worth, I give you my word that I never wanted to kill you, either of you.” Mello closes his eyes and looks down. “But tell me, Yagami, you’ve never killed someone before, have you?” He looks back up at Mr. Yagami, his eyes once again intense.

From the corner of my eye, I see someone on the floor roll to the side, and grab the machine gun resting there. From his position on his back, he shoots Mr. Yagami in the back, repeatedly.

“Yagami-san!” I cry out in worry, and try to run over to him, before being pulled back by Mello.

“Jose, the notebook!” He cries, ignoring me.

He drags me over to Mr. Yagami, who lies on the ground, clutching the Death Note for all it’s worth. A mafia member sits on top of him, trying to pry open his arms and grab it. “Damn… this guy… he won’t let go of the thing!” Quickly giving up, he stands, and kicks Mr. Yagami in his back. “Son of a-”

Mello grabs a couple gas masks, strapping one onto himself, before tossing the other one to me. Within me, a quick and quiet war rages.

‘We should put it on! He’s gonna gas the place!’

‘If we don’t put it on Yagami-san, he could die!’

‘He’s going to die anyway! He was shot!’

“Put it on, Mirai!” Mello snaps, making my decision for me.

I glance to Mr. Yagami, and with tears threatening my eyes, I put on the mask. ‘I’m sorry, Yagami-san. I’m so, so sorry.’

Almost immediately, another few people round the corner, guns in hand. Only taking a second, one of them opens fire on the mafia member standing over Mr. Yagami. They rush over to him, one of them crying, “Deputy director!” I recognize the voice as Matsuda’s.

With his life reassured, the police members point their guns at us.

“It’s all over, Mello!” One of them, Aizawa, yells.

“Not quite.” He drags me in front of him, before pointing his own gun at my head. “I’ve still got a hostage. Let me go, and she gets to live. Force my hand, and miss Mirai Tsukino dies. The choice is yours.”

Quickly, I come to my own decision. “No.” I announce, drawing all attention to me. “The choice… is mine!” Like any good child who watched too many crime shows and movies, I step on his foot forcefully, before kicking my heel into his crotch, an immediate KO.

“Not for long, girl! Hurry! You got five seconds!” Kiyohime warns me, and I, quite simply, gather her strength into my hands, before ripping the few chain links between the handcuffs apart, freeing me from my captor. Actually being smart, I run over to and behind the other police officers, letting them shield me from Mello.

“Hmph.” Mello slowly, gingerly, painfully, gets up. “Clever. But that’s not going to save you now.”

He pulls out a detonator, and immediately presses the activation switch.

The resulting explosion destroys most of, if not the entire mafia base headquarters. Having been surrounded by large guys each wearing bullet resistant body armor, I was mostly protected from the resulting fires. After landing somewhere, the explosion having knocked me off of my feet, I wait for a few minutes to try and clear my ears of the ringing, before trying to get up, and realizing that someone was wrapped around me protectively.

“Are… are you… alright…?” I get out, before turning my head down and breaking into a coughing fit that leaves my throat raw.

“Yeah…” They respond, and I recognize the voice as Mogi’s. “Are you?”

“I’ll-” I break into another coughing fit from the sheer amount of dust in the air. “I’ll live.”

Mogi speaks into his walkie-talkie to try and get in touch with the others, and ensure their safety. Meanwhile, I sit off to the side, supposedly in shock.

‘Mello might’ve died in that.’

“He might not have.” Kiyohime bounces back.

‘Even if he didn’t, if I write down the name of a dead person, will there be any repercussions towards me?’

“Not that I’m aware of.”

‘When we get back, it’ll be one of the first things I do.’

“After a shower, I hope. Those mafia guys hardly let you out of their sight to go to the bathroom, let alone shower for the last month.”

After a few more minutes of finding everyone in the rubble, we all gathered around Mr. Yagami, and quickly and unanimously decided to take him to a hospital.

Upon arriving, I was sent to my own room to be taken care of, though it didn’t take very much persuasion to get the doctors and nurses to let me go to Mr. Yagami’s room when the news arrived.

“Please Dad, come on, you can’t die on me like this!” Light cries, kneeling by his father’s side. Without hesitating, I walk over and kneel beside him.

‘Kiyohime, don’t you dare think about coming out until after he can’t see my name and lifespan, understood?’

“Yeah, yeah, I’m not an idiot.”

Slowly, Mr. Yagami cracks his eyes open, before gingerly turning his head to look at Light. “Light…” He mumbles weakly.

“Yeah, Dad?”

“I… thank goodness…”

Light gulps around what sounds like a lump in his throat. “You’ll be fine, it’s okay.”

“Light… I still have them… I still have the Shinigami eyes…”

‘So he did trade for them, then.’

Mr. Yagami continues, oblivious to the Shinigami in the room. “According to that Shinigami, Ryuk… I can’t see the lifespan of someone who owns a notebook… but, I can see the numbers above your head… Light… you really aren’t Kira.” Tears come to his eyes, and begin to run down his face. “I’m so glad… my son…”

“Don’t tell me you’re still worried about that, chief.” Matsuda cuts in. “Of course he’s not Kira.”

“Come on,” Light continues, “you shouldn’t talk so much, Dad.” I glance over to him, and see the ever so slight shift in his eyes.

“I… I’m so sorry, but… in the end, I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t bring myself to kill him…”

Light brings out the Death Note from his jacket and pushes it towards his father. “Come on, Dad, write his name!” He cries, a panic lacing his tone. “You can’t let him beat you like this! Write his name down! With your last bit of strength, do you want to die in vain?!”

‘Light, you’re lucky the others are blind, because you’re being extremely obvious right now.’

I lay a hand on his shoulder, drawing Light’s attention towards me. With a sad expression on my face, but a devious smile in my eyes, I shake my head, hoping he understands my overly cryptic meaning.

Mr. Yagami’s body begins to go limp, and we both immediately turn our attention back towards him. “Dad, no!” Light cries, tears coming to his eyes.

Slowly, Mr. Yagami’s eyes turn to me. “Mirai-san…”


“Protect… my son…”

Tears begin to fill my eyes, but I nod, determinedly. “Yes, sir.”

As the life fades from his eyes, Mr. Yagami says his son’s name with his last bit of strength. “Light…”

The lines go dead, and once again, my tears begin to fall.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” The doctor says, but everyone seems to ignore him.

“Dad, please, no…” Light cries, leaning closer, as if mere proximity could bring him back. “Wake up! Come on, damn it! Don’t you die on me, you idiot!” Light’s tears and sobs begin to obscure his words. “Dad!”

As the sobs really begin to come, I wrap one arm around Light, before forcibly pulling him towards me, and letting him cry on my shoulder. As if grateful for the open embrace I offer, he wraps both of his arms around me, as if he’s scared to lose me, as well. Tightly, we hold each other, letting our strength come from one another. In this moment, I feel closer to Light than ever before.

Some time later, we leave the hospital room, and end up going to the rooftop. Light holds out the Death Note, before letting everyone else touch it in order to see Sidoh.

They all look at the third Shinigami they’ve seen in amazement, while Light, emotionlessly, states, “You’re the Shinigami that came here to take back this notebook, aren’t you?”

Sidoh glances over to me, before nodding. “Yes.”

“The notebook might be helpful to the Kira investigation,” Light thinks aloud, “but we really only need one of them. I’ll give this one back to you.”

Lights hands it off, and Sidoh spares one last glance towards me. I smile, nodding once, before Sidoh looks away, and takes off into the night sky.

Rather than looking after him like all the other remaining Task Force members, I look over at Light, who stares at the ground. After following his line of sight, only to find nothing of importance, I look up at his face, which is determined. Soon enough, he meets my gaze, and I smirk evilly, a gesture which he quickly returns.

I look off into the sky, gazing at the moon.

‘Once we get home… it’ll be two down, one to go. Near is all that’s left, at this point. Mello will be dead by the end of the week.’

“How will L feel about that, though? After all, those boys were his successors.”

‘He has the mindset of Kira at this point. I doubt he’ll put up too much of a fight for Mello, but we just have to get Near some other way, then. How interesting…’

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