Kira's Other Half


Slowly, I slide my feet over the tightrope. With my arms outstretched in a crucified pose, I barely manage to keep my balance as I walk through the endless balancing act. Below and around me are thousands of people, watching in bated silence, wondering if I will succeed in my journey to the other side, or if I will fall to my death into the bottomless pit below.

I hold my breath as I slink across the rope. Daring a glance directly to my right, I see Light walking with more confidence than I, only to pick up speed. Quickly, he slips from the thin rope, and plummets to the void below us. From the safety of the stands, the crowd cheers for his defeat, before their eyes return to me. Deep below, I hear Light screaming in pain.

I glance to my immediate left, and see Ryuzaki inching along the rope slower than I, only to also lose his balance and fall into the depths below. The crowd again cheers for his failure, their joy now louder than before. When they return their eyes to me this time, a few cry for my fall as well, Ryuzaki’s yells a background noise.

I manage to keep moving along the rope for several minutes longer. The crowd grows quiet as I nearly slip, before regaining my footing and continuing on. Only a few minutes more, and I slip again. This time, a fatal mistake. My feet slide from the rope, and I plunge into the darkness of the void below me. I scream, and the crowd roars in excitement.

As I fall through the darkness, hundreds upon thousands of faces surround me. I recognize all of them as criminals I had killed with the Death Note, and I hear them all moan in agony as their hands reach out to grasp any part of me they can reach.

“Why did you kill us?”

“You’re a monster!”

“You’re no god, you’re a demon!”

The voices slowly morph into those of my parents’, and the faces take their forms as well.

“Why didn’t you save us?”

“You’re not saving the world, you’re destroying it!”

“This isn’t peace, this is fear!”

I curl into myself and try to block out their voices, but another face and voice pierces the darkness.

“Miyoko… onee-chan… please, help me!” I cry, reaching out towards my older sister.

She glares me in the eye, and sneers. “Why would I help you? Because of you, I’m dead. If you didn’t exist, I would still be alive. Everyone you killed would still be alive. You’re just a monster. I died to save you, and you decided to commit a mass genocide.”

“I… I-” I can only stutter at the hateful words my always happy sister had just told me.

“You should just die.”

I shoot up in my bed, drenched in a cold sweat.

“Well, that was certainly horrifying.” Kiyohime remarks, and I collapse onto my bed again. Genzai, disturbed from his slumber by my sudden movements, jumps down from my bed and leaves my room in search of another place to sleep.

“Only a dream.” I mutter to myself, willing the words to be true. “It can’t hurt me. It was only a dream.”

“Well, some people think that dreams have certain meanings, so feel free to analyze it until you fall asleep again. Who knows? It might be a decent use of your mind for once.”

Ignoring most of her words, I contemplate my dream. And by contemplate, I mean pour over every single detail that I can recall. Pulling out my laptop, I begin to research each of the elements present.

“Let’s see… tightrope, in precarious situation, must weigh pros and cons, proceed carefully. Alright, I suppose that makes sense. Friends… uh…” I mumble aloud to myself as I scroll through the extremely thorough dream website. “Okay, that wasn’t helpful. Moving on… failure… overwhelmed with anxiety to succeed. Falling, feeling helpless and a lack of control. The deceased? You miss them, coping with loss, et cetera. Not quite. Uh… any suggestions?”

“Being scolded.”

“Scold… being inhibited and prevented from fully expressing self. And… this was a waste of time.”

“Know what I pull from that nightmare?”


“L’s too careful, Light isn’t careful enough, and you keep doubting yourself. Stay on the straight and extremely narrow, and you won’t have to confront the hundreds of thousands you’ve killed in the sake of justice. Don’t split up with either L or Light, and Kira will live forever. Quit doubting yourself, kid, it makes the trust I put in you look like it was misplaced.”

“You… trust me?”

“Hard to believe, isn’t it? That someone of my intelligence would believe in you. Anyway, why’re you talking aloud? Won’t L hear you?”

“Nah, it’s only…” I flip myself over to stare at my clock, “three in the morning. It hasn’t been that easy dealing with his insomnia, but we made enough progress to get him to sleep at least by this hour.”

“If that’s true, then who’s at the door?”

“Wait, what?”

“Shut up and listen.” I go still, obeying her order, and hear it. The ever-so-quiet tell-tale sounds of someone opening the front door.

‘It might just be Ryuzaki, heh?’ I try to reason, but the excuse sounds hollow to even myself. My logic is instantly shattered the moment I hear Genzai’s growl reverberate around the flat, before outright barking and what sounds like jumping at and on someone.

I hear that said someone fall backwards, before I quickly make my decision to go and give the intruder a scare. I throw off my covers, and sneak into the kitchen to grab a large butcher knife, before bolting towards the living room, where the scuffle takes place. I throw on the lights, revealing a man all in black wrestling with my large Dobermann. The man throws Genzai off of him, and I gasp in horror as I see my beloved puppy collapse in a heap where he landed.

“Get the hell out of my house, you bastard!” I yell, anger quite evident in my voice, before running towards the man, knife in hand. I only take a few swings at him before he manages to get out of my reach. Backed into a corner, he glances between me, the front door, and the bedroom hallway, before his eyes once again return to the clearly angered girl wielding a knife. With only a glance, I know his name, and smile uncontrollably. “You chose the wrong house to rob, moron. Everyone knows to not anger Kira.”

His eyes widen, and taking a change, he bolts for the front door. I manage to catch his side with the blade, resulting in a deep cut that blood flows steadily from, but he makes it out the door before I can do anything more.

After several deep breaths, I turn back to the hallway leading to my room, and see Ryuzaki leaning against the wall.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Since you called him a bastard.”

“Ah.” Thinking the conversation over, I walk towards the kitchen to clean the now bloody knife.

“Why’d you reveal yourself like that?”

“Strike fear into his soul before he dies. He’ll be dead of a heart attack within another couple minutes, anyway.”

I push past Ryuzaki to go to my room and retrieve a piece of the Death Note. As I pass him, he mutters, just barely loud enough for me to hear, “When did you become so hasty?”

I pause, mid-stride. “I…” A sigh follows my incomplete thought. “I don’t know, but… it might get us all killed.”

“Then slow down, we’re in no rush.”

Another sigh follows my first, this one more controlled. “I know. I’m sorry.”

“No harm done.”

Ryuzaki lets me go to write down the name, before following me into my room a few minutes later.

“You were awake before that man broke in, weren’t you?” He observes, sitting on my bed. Knowing better than to lie to him, I nod. “I thought we agreed that I was the insomniac.”

“Nightmare.” I give the single word as way of explanation. At his silence and slight hand gesture to continue, I do so. “You, Light, and I. Walking on tightropes. We all fell, one after another, into a pit of the dead criminals we’ve killed. My family, specifically, came along to give me some very unnecessarily cruel critiques of our work.”

“Do you regret what we’ve done?”

“No, this world is a better place for it. Crime rates have plummeted world-wide, and honest people get to live honest lives. We three are the only ones who are still liars, but we are the liars who are purging the world of evil.”

Ryuzaki blinks at me for a moment, before looking down and smiling to himself. “Yes, you’ll be fine.” He stands, and goes to leave. “Goodnight, Mirai.”

“Goodnight, Ryuzaki.”

Fifteen hours later, the three members of Kira, including myself, congregate in my living room.

“So, what did you call us in for today?” Light asks the obvious.

Grabbing my tea from the coffee table in front of us, I settle down in my own seat. “We need to figure out what we’re doing with multiple groups of people, and I wanted to check in on your side, Light. Any news?”

Light takes a sip of tea, before setting it down. “I managed to get Misa to send the notebook on that overly complicated trail you devised. Sending it to multiple criminals and having them hand it off to one another was clever, but did you need to arrange for it to happen a dozen times?”

“I needed to be sure that it would throw the SPK off the trail for certain. After all, Near hasn’t contacted us since Demegawa infiltrated his headquarters, but we don’t know if any of the SPK members died. For all we know, they’re still alive and biding their time somewhere safe until we slip up again.”

“That’s a fair assumption.” Ryuzaki comments. “We can never be too careful.”

“Where’s Misa now?” I turn back to Light.

“I helped her find a new place, but she’s out of our lives now.”

“How’d she take the news?”

Light raises an eyebrow at me. “What was to be expected. Crying, yelling, accusations, a declaration to kill whoever made me do such a thing…” At my slightly shocked expression, Light snorts. “Misa’s a harmless idiot. She couldn’t kill anyone, even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t know how.”

“I… see…” I shift my gaze to the table and stare at my cake like it was precious. “Well, moving on… Demegawa. What do we do about him?”

Light raises an eyebrow again. “What about him?”

Ryuzaki answers for me. “While we appreciate the fact that he was able to infiltrate the SPK’s headquarters, he is getting a little out of hand. He’s self serving, and using Kira’s name to get what he wants.”

“I doubt killing him would be a good idea.” I think aloud. “He’s no criminal. We could choose an actual spokesperson for Kira and put him out of his title.”

Ryuzaki nods, following my thought process. “I agree, but we would have to be careful with who we went with.”

“No one we can be linked to personally, though.” Ryuzaki suggests.

“On the other hand, Near might be expecting us to do that.” Light counters. “If we do choose someone we know, he might not suspect to check into their list of acquaintances.”

“If we do that and stop Near, then the next people who come along might look where Near did not.”

“That’s true… Speaking of the next people, what about the Task Force? They’re still pursuing us.”

“They’re blind without someone leading them.” I remind them, before looking at Light. “Though I’d bet they won’t let you back out of it like I did.”

“That’s true… I don’t suppose there’s anything we could do to disband the group by force?” Light asks, glancing between Ryuzaki and myself.

“Would it be possible to have the Japanese government force them to shut down?” Ryuzaki suggests, his head resting on his knees.

I shake my head. “If only it were that easy. We tried that a while back, bribing politicians to get them to close the investigation. It didn’t quite work in Kira’s favour. Another idea would be to threaten them and their loved ones, but while that’s always an option, it’s not quite favourable. If word got out, it may put Kira into a bad view. Any suggestions?”

The two boys both think silently for a few moments, before Light speaks up again. “If we could somehow make them distrust each other, they’d separate with ease. As to how we’d reach that conclusion, I’m willing to take ideas.”

I think for a few moments before speaking up. “If I recall correctly, didn’t Matsuda-san say that he could see how Kira might be good?”

“Did he?” Ryuzaki asks, and I nod.

“Maybe… if we manage to convince him entirely to our side, or even to direct him to specific places at specific times, we’d be able to make the Task Force think that he was working with us. They have a fallout, then we kill off someone else, making them assume that Matsuda-san was the cause, then they all kill each other for us. Simple as that.”

“That’s evil, Mirai,” Light says from behind his hands, “but it may just work.”

“It will certainly take some time, but if you help it along, Light, then it should be accomplished within a few months.” I heave a sigh, and take another sip of tea. “We’ve covered Misa, Demegawa, and the Task Force. Is there anything else we need to decide?”

“If there is, I’m certain we could easily set up another meeting.” Ryuzaki decides. We stand up, and Light goes home.

Only a week later, while looking in the obituaries, I see a familiar name.

“Hideki Ide, aged 40. Died in car crash. Nice choice, Light. So it’s begun.”

“What’s begun?” Ryuzaki pops his head around the corner, toast in his hand.

“The plan to destroy the Task Force. Ide-san was killed in a car crash-” My explanation was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I glance to Ryuzaki, and he quickly retreats to his room.

I make my way to the door of our flat, before opening it. Without a head immediately at eye height, my eyes slide down to reveal a certain someone.

“Hello, Tsukino-san,” Near greets, “may I come in?”

Even Kiyohime freezes in shock, before bursting out in laughter. “Well, we’ve won. Congratulations, kid, you delivered yourself into the hands of the enemy. How interesting!”

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