Kira's Other Half


Walking through the park at sunset, holding hands and swinging a picnic basket, Light and I know we must look like a picturesque couple. Though, after all we’ve been through together these last six years since becoming Kira, I thoroughly doubt we’d be able to call ourselves that. All around us were trees, the park being naturally kept, with a large pond in the center of a clearing reflecting the setting sun’s rays.

“It’s over here.” Light calls, pulling me out of my reverie. He gestures to a small cleared area on the other side of the pond, and I nod once in confirmation. We cross the small bridge to come to the clearing, and start setting up our stereotypical picnic; blanket, candles, baguette, wine, and all.

With that done, we lie down next to each other and eat in silence, looking at the serene park all around us. Completely content with the situation, I move closer to Light, snuggling into his side, before commenting, “We did this. All this peace is because of us.”

Light puts his arm around my shoulders, hugging me close to him. “We’ve done amazing things as Kira. We’ve brought world peace faster than anyone could have imagined. Crime rates down by seventy percent, wars non-existent… our enemies out of the way. It’s as perfect as it can be.”

“You know, there’s always the chance that there is someone else out there, hoping to take down Kira for whatever reason. We shouldn’t fall into a lull of false security.” I adjust my position, snuggling closer to him.

“That is a possibility.” Light sighs, tugging me closer to him, and resting his chin on my head. “When that time comes, I want you to be beside me.”

“Am I not already beside you?” I trace random designs on his chest, content to act like a being with lesser intelligence.

“Yeah, but I want you beside me in every sense on the word.” He lets go of me and backs away, creating a foot of distance between us.


“Mirai, I…” He stands up, facing away from me, and I sit upright. He spins around quickly to face me, hands behind his back. He falls onto one knee in front of me, and holds out a small box. “Mirai, I love you, and I swear to keep you safe and happy in this new world we make. Will you marry me?”

A massive smile blossoms across my face as I start to blush heavily. Light opens the ring box, revealing a silver engagement ring with three princess cut diamonds set on top.

“Yes, Light!” I exclaim, grabbing him in a hug. “Of course I’ll marry you!”

We embrace for a long while, and Light slips the ring onto my left ring finger once we move apart. I stare at it for a moment, as if in disbelief, before giggling, and kissing Light hard on the mouth.

“L-Light-kun…” I hear a pathetic voice cry tearfully from behind us. I pull away from my new Fiancé, and spin to face the source, who is none other than Misa. “I-I thought she was tricking you. I th-thought you still l-loved me…” She snivelled, her hands trembling.

We stare at her coldly for a minute, not yet having forgotten how she had almost let Near escape our grasp when he had hand delivered himself into our arms almost a year ago.

“He was mine…” She continues a moment later. “He was mine, my boyfriend, my Fiancé! You were my friend, Mirai! How could you have taken my boyfriend from me?! What scum of the earth does that?!”

I sigh, irritated, rubbing my forehead with my right hand. “What scum of the earth, indeed, Misa. You seem to forget that Light and I knew each other long before you came along.”

“B-but, if he was so interested in you, why would he date me? Why would he propose?!”

“Truth be told,” Light speaks up, drawing our attention to him, “it was a ruse. Mirai seemed to be interested in someone else, and you were always throwing yourself at me. I’d have to be stupid not to come up with the plan to use you to get her attention.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Oh? And who did you think I was focusing on? Ryuzaki?”

“The thought had occurred.”

“But-but why her?!” Misa shrieks, drawing our attention back to her. “You could have had any woman you wanted, Light! You could have had me! So why…” she points an accusatory finger at me, “why would you chose someone like her?! She’s so common! She’s common and stupid and weird with her habits, why would you choose her over me?!”

Light sighs, and lets his arms fall from their place around my upper torso. “It’s true, she’s not outstandingly pretty. She has some rather odd ways of dealing with her anger, and she can be extremely cautious when there’s no need to be. She’s condescending, and can be incredibly cryptic with her emotions, and acts her way through social interactions.”

“I don’t know whether to be insulted that he’s naming my bad qualities, or touched that he actually bothered to notice…” I mutter under my breath, mere seconds before Light grabs me, and pulls me into his chest.

“However, she’s brilliant. I never had to dumb myself down around her, and she’s helped me reach my goals. She counter balances my bad qualities, and lets down her façade around me, and few others. So yes, Misa, I choose Mirai over you, because she never had to change herself so I would love her.”

“And… choose touched. How sentimental.” Kiyohime makes another one of her few comments, them having decreased dramatically after we merged.

“That’s very sweet, Light. Thank you.” I stand on tip-toe to peck him on the cheek, before falling back down to my regular height. “Although, you aren’t perfect, either. You’re headstrong, and overconfident. You’ll rush into a situation ill-prepared, and wonder why things didn’t turn out the way you wanted. However…” I wrap my arms around his neck, “you balance out my bad qualities, and I balance out yours. You’re more intelligent than anyone I’ve ever known, and you’ve always been there for me. I love you, Light, more than the world itself.” This time, our kiss is long and passionate, our feelings intertwined in every movement.

“But… but-” Misa stammers, looking like this was the point where her heart would shatter into pieces.

We break away, and I turn to glare daggers at her. “Light was mine long before he was yours. You never had any real claim on him, he was just playing along so you wouldn’t hurt anyone. Face it, Misa. He doesn’t love you. It’s over between you two. We don’t fear you anymore. You can’t do anything. Not anymore. Just go.”

Misa tearfully looks between us, her eyes staying on Light’s cold, unforgiving expression, as though searching for some contradiction.

But there was nothing for her to find.

Breaking out into loud sobs, she turns and runs. Light and I look after her for only a moment, before returning our gazes toward each other.

“Now,” he cups my chin with one of his hands, “where were we?”

“Light, have you packed everything?” I ask, calling out to my husband, waddling about our house, praying that another wave of pain wasn’t immediately imminent.

“I have our overnight bags ready, Mirai. They’ve been ready for weeks.” He walks into the room, carrying two bags in his arms.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, Mirai. We have everything ready.”

“But what if we forgot something? It’d be like me to forget something so crucial as- GAH!” I cry out in pain and double over as another wave of pure agony swept through me.

Light was by my side in an instant, holding my hand, supporting me as the painful contraction completely destroyed my brave face.

“Easy now, easy.” He helped me sit down on the couch, before moving to check on the front window for the cab we’d called a half hour ago. “Just a few more minutes, Mirai. Hold in there.” Light reassures, holding my hand.

“Gods sake, how the hell has humanity survived if this is the only way to continue the species?!” I yell out, trying desperately to distract myself from the pain.

“Because some women are willing to go through with it.” Light responds, his face a mask of perfect calm. Not even a minute later, though it feels like an eternity, my contraction calms down, and I relax my entire body. Light looks towards the window, and stands. “The cab’s here. You can walk, right?”

“Yeah,” I heave myself up from the couch, waiting a moment for the world to balance itself, “hopefully.”

We make our way out to the taxi, and make it to the nearest hospital within twenty minutes. We’re admitted quickly, and most of my delivery passes smoothly. Ryuzaki even showed up a few hours in. Of course, I’m in agonising pain, I let out many, many expletives that I’d rather not mention, and made multiple remarks about killing Light in his sleep as retribution for this. All very standard stuff.

Seventeen hours into my labour, it’s over. A few minutes later, I’m given a small bundle wrapped in a pink blanket.

“Congratulations,” the nurses tell me, “it’s a girl!”

I look at my new daughter’s tiny face, and everything fades away. I see so much of myself in her face, and she opens her eyes to meet mine. She has Light’s pale brown eyes, as opposed to my dark grey. I smile widely, and begin to cry, so glad for the tiny, innocent being in my arms.

Light and Ryuzaki are let in, and they both hold her.

“She’s beautiful.” Light breathes as he cradles our daughter to his chest.

“That’s a natural response.” Ryuzaki responds. “Though, I don’t see how a tiny, wrinkled human could be considered a thing of beauty.”

Light glances up from the baby’s face to meet my eyes, and we nod in unison. Light stands, and hands her to Ryuzaki to hold. “Hold her. No, not like that.” Light adjusts his arms, before backing away, and sitting next to me.

Ryuzaki is frozen, either in shock, or surprise. I’m too exhausted to tell. He just stares at the baby’s face as she starts to wake up. Cooing, she reaches for the locks of hair that have fallen in front of his face. Enraptured, Ryuzaki only asks, “What are you going to name her?”

Light and I look at each other, and while he groans, I grin.

“Mirai, come on-”

“No, Light, we agreed! We made a deal!”

Ryuzaki looks between us, the look of confusion on his face hilarious.

I look back over at him, and smile gently. “We’re going to name her Ella, after you. That is, if you’re alright with it.”

Ryuzaki blinks a few times, before smiling back at me. “I think… I would like that very much.”

After having put Soichiro, our second child, down for his afternoon nap, I spent a good twenty minutes looking quietly around the house for Ella. I found her in the backyard, playing with her little traditional Japanese doll named Taeko. Before I could go to bring her back into the house, I saw her pick up Taeko, brush the doll’s hair, and she began to sing quietly to it.

“Careful what you do, the gods are watching your every move. Walk with me down the dark path, with you by my side I’ll not stumble back. Even if I’m locked away, and alone, I have no doubts that you’ll find me there. You draw me close for a while, so still. You tell me everything. I’ll ne’er forget what you say, I’ll do anything to see you again. Yes, I want to see you again.”

The haunting song brought back the eerie dream I’d had almost twelve years ago, and I froze.

She put down Taeko, and looked toward the Western horizon. “But what happens when it’s been achieved, then what will we do after that? What then?”

As if breaking out of a reverie, Ella looks over towards me. “Mommy!” She grabs her doll, and runs over to me for a hug.

“Hello, sweetheart.” I hug her back, trying not to let her feel my déjà vu. I lift her up in my arms, and bring her back inside. “Where’d you learn that song, Ella? The one you were singing outside?”

She smiles up innocently at me. “Taeko taught it to me! She said it was a song that you liked, so when you came outside, I thought I would sing it to you!”

I smiled, trying not to look worried for my child’s mental health. “That’s very sweet, honey. I loved it!”

As I put Ella to bed that night, I stared at her doll. Its lifeless glass eyes stared back at me, and I muttered quietly, “I don’t know if you’re a ghost, or a Shinigami companion like Kiyohime was to me. But please, just protect my daughter.”

Luckily for my sanity, I didn’t get a response.

But the remaining part of Kiyohime that remained separated from my mind laughed. “Talking to a doll? Think it’s haunted?”

‘I’ve seen weirder stuff. Like your face.’

“Ha hah. Maybe she does have a Shinigami counterpart? That would be… interesting.”

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