Kira's Other Half

Dealings and Pursuit

Light and I are sitting in his room, having written down multiple names. I let Light take over, and go to sit on his bed. Now bored, I take out my books and study for the College entrance exams. No such thing as too early, right?

Not even twenty minutes later, someone knocks on the door. “Hey, oniisan?” 'It’s only Sayu. No need to worry.' “I know you’re busy tutoring Mirai-senpai, but could you help me with my homework again, please?”

Light looks over to me, as if asking for my permission. I nod, and he goes to open the door and let his little sister in. “Are you still having problems with quadratic equations?”

Sayu nods, “Uh-huh!” as she walks over to Light’s desk. Light walks over and sits down in the chair next to his sister, and I quickly tune them out as I go back to studying my science notes.

Around a half hour later, I close my notebook for my classes and stretch, finally tuning back into the world around me.

“I knew I could count on you, Light!” Sayu exclaims happily, most likely from finally understanding the equations.

“So, do you think you’re ready to try a few on your own now?” Light asks her.

“Huh? Yeah. I guess so…” She trails off, as if wanting to avoid answering the questions altogether. We hear the doorbell from downstairs, “Oh, sounds like Dad’s home.” Sayu says happily, standing up from Light’s desk. “He’s home really early today!” She runs out of Light’s room.

“Hey,” Light says, turning around, “why don’t you at least try the last problem by yourself?”

Sayu pauses near his door momentarily. “I will, but maybe after dinner.” She closes the door behind her.

Light scoffs, “Yeah, right.” before getting up himself.

“Helping your sister with her homework, you sure are relaxed.” Ryuk comments to Light.

“Of course.” Light replies, deadly calm. “If the police try to come after me, I’m pretty confident I’ve got something that'll give me the advantage.”

There’s another knock on the door, catching both Light’s and my attention. The door opens without a response, and Sayu pops her head in again, this time looking at me. “Hey, Mirai-senpai, my mom wants me to tell you that you’re welcome to stay for dinner tonight.”

Quickly recovering from my momentary shock, I smile, “Sure, Sayu-chan, I’d love to!”

She grins back at me, before leaving and closing the door behind her. I smirk up at Light. “It seems your family has taken a liking to me.”

He sighs, and rubs his temples. “They keep thinking you’re my girlfriend, no matter how many times I say otherwise.”

“You know, Sayu-chan said as much a couple days ago. We might as well let them think what they want, if nothing we say can convince them otherwise.”

“In that case,” He said, grabbing my wrist and hauling me to my feet, “we’d better get downstairs before they think anything is going on.” I just nod, and follow him downstairs.

We make our way to the dining room, pausing only when we pass a man untying his shoes in the doorway.

“Hey,” Light says as we pass him, “glad you can join us for dinner. You hungry, Dad?”

“Yeah. It’s been a long day.” The man, Mr. Yagami, says as he straightens. Then he sees me. “And who is this?” He asks, a pleasantly surprised tone in his voice.

Light steps back, and introduces us. He gestures to me, “Dad, this is Mirai-chan. I’ve been tutoring her for the last few weeks.” He gestures to his father, “Mirai-chan, this is my father, Soichiro Yagami.”

I bow respectfully. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Yagami-san.”

He bows to me, “Likewise.” We both straighten.

“She’s staying for dinner.” Light explains. Mr. Yagami nods, and the three of us make our way to the dining room.

Midway through the meal, Mr. Yagami speaks up. “So, Light, tell me, how are your studies going?”

Light shrugs it off. “Hm? Everything's okay, I guess.” And continues to eat.

Sayu looks up with a smirk. “Whatever, he’s at the top of his class! My big brother is a genius.” She gloats, and I smile.

Mrs. Yagami beams. “That’s my son. We’re all proud of you, Light.”

Light suddenly looks over to his father. “Is everything okay, dad? You look tired.”

I glance over to Mr. Yagami, and I can’t help but silently agree. Although I haven’t known him for long, I can tell that he’s exhausted.

“Yeah. I’m not able to say too much about it, but this case I’m working on now is really tough.” He says with a sigh.

After the meal, I thank Mrs. Yagami, and follow Light (And, subsequently, Ryuk) up to his room.

Once there, Ryuk speaks up. “Well, well. Daddy’s a policeman. And that must be the reason why you’re so confident?” He leers.

“That’s right.” Light confirms, now on his computer, typing something in. “It’s easy for me to hack into dad’s computer. We’re on a home network, so I can copy the files I need without leaving a trace. This way, I can keep track of their investigation.” A box asking for a password shows up. “Here we go.” He thinks a moment before typing the password and hitting enter, giving him access to a plethora of files. “Well, isn’t that interesting?” He says, leaning back in his chair. “Looks like the police are already beginning to suspect a student.”

Ryuk laughs. “I guess that means you two are in trouble.”

Light assumes my thinking pose. It seems I’ve worn off on him. “If the cause of death is written within forty seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next six minutes and forty seconds.” He recites out loud. “That sound right to you, Ryuk?”

Ryuk shrugs. “So what’s your point?”

I smirk, immediately catching on. “If you write down the cause of death as a heart attack, you should be able to control all the details leading up to that point, including the time of death.” I sit back, crossing my arms behind my head. “Light-kun, you’re a genius.”

His smile turns sinister. “Looks like I will be able to provide you with more entertainment now, Ryuk.”

For the next two days, we don’t bother writing any more names. We just go about our normal business, go to school, go through the classes, go home, study together, and go to bed. It almost feels normal, if I ignore the knowledge in the back of my mind that every hour, on the hour, another criminal has been judged for their crimes.

On the third day, after school, I walk home with Light and Ryuk, having decided to just go straight to Light’s house to study for the entrance exams, rather than taking the detour home.

Light speaks up with a smirk evident in his voice. “I’d say L is probably starting to sweat a little by now. What’ll really make his job difficult is that we’ve deliberately left about fifty criminals alive for times like this.”

“Oh?” Ryuk questions.

“If L is as good as they say, by now he should be starting to suspect someone with connections to the police.” Light states, a smirk still on his face.

“There’s one thing I don’t get. Showing them you have connections to the police makes it easier for them to find you than when they just suspected you a student.” Ryuk argues.

“That’s the entire point, Ryuk.” I explain. “So that L suspects the Task Force.”

“But what’s the point in that?” Ryuk asks.

“You still don’t understand human beings.” Light shakes his head in disbelief. “In this world, there are very few people who actually trust each other. And it’s no different for the police, you know. What’s especially important is that L and the investigators don't trust each other at all. Think about it. Could you trust someone whose name and face you don’t even know? When L discovers that I’m somehow getting confidential information, he’ll be obligated to start investigating the police to find the source of the leak. When that happens, it'll only be a matter of time before the police start resenting L.” He smirks again, never breaking his stride. “On the surface, it will appear that L and the investigation team are working together to try to catch us. But in reality, L will investigate the police, and they will be investigating L. We’re not the ones who are going to find L. We can let the police do that for us. And when they do, that’s when we’ll eliminate him.”

I sigh, keeping up with him. “I’d rather not kill a non-criminal, but if they decide that our judgement shouldn’t be carried out, and they try to stop us, they are the ones that must be stopped.”

“True.” Light says. “We shouldn’t kill people who haven’t committed a crime. However,” He stops, and I nearly bump into him, before he turns to face me, “from now on, anyone going against Kira is a crime, punishable by death.”

I nod. “Agreed.” And we continue on our way.

Four days later, I have another dream.

I’m in that dreary world again. Only this time, I’m in some sort of cave. There are five different Shinigami ahead of me, all sitting or lounging. Four of them look rather standard, with the skulls for heads, black feathers, the exoskeletons and the like, but the fifth is so different from the others. He’s plated in gold, with jewels embedded into the gold bones. He’s wearing many rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and he sits on a throne of skulls.

I hear them talking, and I move closer in order to hear clearly.

“Has anyone seen Ryuk around lately?” The one with blonde hair asks, with a strange accent that I can’t quite place.

“Maybe he was serious about losing his Death Note.” The one with the red feather boa and goggles responds.

“It was probably picked up by some human before he could get to it.” A third comments with a gravelly voice.

“No way.” A fourth groans. “Then he'd be stuck there till the end of that human's life or until the death note was destroyed. That could take a while…”

“Yeah.” The golden one speaks. “I can't picture Ryuk doing something so boring.”

I speak up, without expecting to. “I have heard that Ryuk finds humans entertaining. It is amusing to watch them scramble for power. I bet he dropped his Death Note on purpose just to see the human world thrown into chaos.”

They all turn towards me, as if not having heard my approach. “Ah, Kiyohime.” The golden one says, recognizing me for someone else. “I hadn’t heard you come in. I guess that’s to be expected, though.”

“But do you know what?” The one in the boa adds. “I actually heard he was carrying two death notes.”

“Seriously?” The first asks. “Why would he need two?”

“Beats me.” The golden one says. “I’ll never understand that guy.”

I just shake my head in response, briefly seeing scarlet ribbons fall in front of my view.

I shoot up from my position, not from fright as much as surprise. Upon calming myself slowly, recognizing the fact that I was lying down at my desk, having fallen asleep whilst studying, I clean up my books and put them back into my book bag.

‘That dream was odd,’ I think to myself. ‘All of my dreams of that other world had been as if none of them could see me, but in that one, they thought I was someone else… Kiyohime? Who was that?’ I shrug it off, before turning to read the clock, which proudly read, “2:50? Really? Ugh…” I groan, dragging a hand down my face. I get up, get changed into my nightgown, and flop down on my bed, with a single thought crossing my mind before I fall asleep. ‘Kiyohime…Why is that name so familiar? I wonder…could I have met her before?’

The next day, I hang out at Light’s house, when he tells me all about his experiments.

“Look at this, Mirai-chan.” I walk over to his desk and look at his monitor over his shoulder. “I think we’re in luck, the results of yesterday’s little ‘test’ have already been downloaded onto my dad’s computer.” He smirks, self-satisfied. “And these results are just what I expected. The Death Note will work for what I have in mind.”

Ryuk cocks his head in confusion. “What do you mean by that?”

Light turns to face Ryuk sitting on his bed. “One of them escaped and ran into the bathroom I had specified in the Death Note. Another one drew the same symbol I had drawn in the Death Note before he died. And finally, a third wrote the same letter I had written in the Death Note, word for word.” He turns back to the Death Note resting open on his desk. “All three did exactly what I intended them to do.” He looks down and smirks. “For the other three inmates, I purposely wrote conditions that were virtually impossible.”

I quirk an eyebrow. “Really? How so?”

He crosses his arms, smirk still in place. “With the first one, I wrote that he would die in front of the Eiffel tower in one hour. However, everyone knows that it is physically impossible to go from a prison in Japan to Paris, France in only one hour. Since this couldn't happen, he simply died of a heart attack in prison.”

“I see… Very clever, Light-kun.” I say, going into my thinking pose.

He continues. “The next was supposed to draw an exact picture of L's face on the prison wall. This also didn't happen. You can't draw someone you've never seen, right?”

Ryuk nods his head in appreciation. “Makes sense.”

Light’s smirk finally fades. “With the last one, I tried something slightly different. I specified that he would write a note that read, ‘I know that L is suspicious of the Japanese police.’” He looks at the Death Note thoughtfully. “To be honest, I actually expected this one to work, but it didn't end up happening. Which means that it's impossible to make someone write what they don't already know, or at the very least, it has to be the kind of thing they could come up with on their own.” He leans back in his chair. “Basically, even the Death Note can't do the impossible. But as long as it's within the realistic limits of what a person might do, I can control them as much as I want before they die.”

“That’s very clever.” Ryuk compliments.

“True, very true, but what brought this on? Was there a new development in the case that would push you to experiment?” I ask, not understanding.

Light looks to me. “Right, I suppose you’re not aware. Someone’s been following me for about the past week, and I don’t know their name or face.”

“Ah. You’re trying to come up with an elaborate way to get his name so nobody will suspect you, so you’re testing the Death Note’s limits.” Light simply nods at my conclusion, and I drop the subject.

“But what's all this leading to? What's the point?” Ryuk asks.

Light’s smirk makes its return. “These latest victims will no doubt keep L and the police guessing. Even as we speak, he's probably trying to decipher all the clues I left for him. Especially that little note. That absolutely meaningless dying message.”

I look over his shoulder at the picture of the message displayed on screen. “Seems almost generic. Unless…” I point to the top row of Kanji symbols. “If you read the top row, it says, ‘L, did you know’. Are you hoping to throw him off?”

He smiles at me, and nods. “You catch on quickly, Mirai-chan.”

I flip my hair over my shoulder in mock offense. “You didn’t agree to pair up with me just because of my ravishingly good looks, you know. I was born with a better-than-average brain.”

He laughs at my antics, before turning back to the Death Note, regaining a serious demeanor. “Alright, time for the real thing.”

“Real thing?” Ryuk inquires, before I get the chance to.

Light clicks on a different tab on his browser, displaying a picture of a disheveled man. “Yesterday on the news, they said this drug addict tried to rob a bank, but was unsuccessful.” Light then begins writing down the man’s name, along with extensive details about the man’s soon-to-be death. “He attacked a few people, then ran away empty-handed. We’ll use him.” Light then flips open his phone, dialing in a number. “It’s kind of last minute, but I’m sure I can find someone. I’ve got a few people in mind.”

“A few people? For what?” Ryuk asks, still not catching on.

“You’ll see.” Light finishes dialing, and while waiting for the person on the other end to pick up, continues talking. “Believe it or not, I’m actually a rather popular guy, Ryuk.”

I snort, saying to Ryuk, “You can say that again. I’m almost scared to be seen in public with him,” I motion to Light, “because I’m worried his fangirls will come after me. No, scratch that, his entire fanclub will be out for my blood.” Ryuk cackles at that, before Light shushes both of us.

Light puts on a happy façade, as the person on the other end of the line has finally picked up. “Hey, Yuri-chan… Good morning… Did I wake you? ... Heh, sorry about that… Hey, I was wondering, do you want to go out to Spaceland? Today? With me?” He was playing his part well. If I were Yuri, I’d fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. Thank god I’m not.

Oh my gosh, sure!” I hear her excited response from my spot halfway across the room, and I do my best to supress my giggles at her gullibility.

“Great!” Light says, equally as cheery. “So, can I meet you at the bus stop in an hour and a half? … Uh huh… Alright, I’ll see you then.” He hangs up, then turns back to me. “So, Mirai-chan, ready to take a little field trip?”

“To Spaceland? Why not? It’d be fun to see the Death Note in action.” I take out my phone and text my grandparents. “It’ll give me an excuse to take my grandparents out, they’ve been wanting to do something with me for a while, now.” I grab my purse, and toss Ryuk the apple I’d brought. “I’ll see you then.” I say behind me as I leave.

An hour and a half later, I’m sitting on a bus headed for Spaceland with only my grandmother, as my grandfather was too sick to come along today. Oh well. We come to a bus stop, and two familiar faces walk on: Light and Yuri, with Ryuk trailing behind them. Next, another man enters, presumably Light’s stalker. Light and I just barely nod to each other, practically imperceptible unless you were really looking for it, as he walks by.

I listen in on Yuri and Light’s conversation. “I don’t get it, Light.” Yuri states. “Didn’t you say you weren’t going out until entrance exams were over?”

“That was before I scored number one on the National Practice exams.” Light replies, relaxed and easy.

“Oh, you’re such a nerd!” She flirts, and giggles.

The rest of their conversation is small talk and flirting, all of it heading Light’s way.

It’s only when we get to the next bus stop that I tense.

The man that Light had shown me earlier this morning walked onto the bus, his hands in his pockets. He walks over to the driver, pulls out and cocks a gun, and holds it to the driver’s head, making him gasp, before saying, “Stay in your seats unless you wanna die!”

Everyone on the bus gasps, including my grandmother, which makes me put my arm around her in a protective manner.

He continues his rant. “All of you, shut up! If anybody moves, I’m putting a bullet in their head!” He turns to the driver. “Alright driver, you listen to me. I know you got the number for Spaceland’s office on ya. Call ‘em!”

“O-okay.” The driver says, reaching down to grasp the phone, and dialing the number. “This-this is Sasaki, calling from bus 174.”

“Tell ‘em what’s goin’ on, and no tricks, either!” The hijacker demands.

“M-my bus had been hijacked!” The driver exclaims. “A-and he’s holding a gun to my head!”

“Give me that!” The hijacker grabs the phone out of the driver’s hands. “You heard what he said; now you listen up!” He turns his gun from the driver, to the passengers. “Have a female staff member bring all of Spaceland's cash from yesterday. I know it's there!” He starts waving the gun around. “Have her meet us two bus stops from the park and don't make me wait. If you mess with me at all, or try to get the police involved, I swear I'll kill every one of these passengers!” He rips the phone from its cord, before throwing it to the ground and smashing it underneath his foot.

I glance over to Yuri and Light, only to see Yuri shaking in her seat, and Light showing her a note, no doubt telling her not to be scared, and that he’ll do some act of bravado in order to save everyone on the bus. I then see Light’s stalker lean forward, and whisper something to them, so quiet and far away that even I can’t make it out. Light then writes something else down on paper, before crumpling it and tucking it into his jacket. He turns slightly, having a whispered conversation with the man sitting behind them. The stalker passes Light what looks like ID, having Light glance over it before passing it back. They continue to whisper, before my attention is pulled back by the man with a gun.

“Shut up, you old hag!” He yells at my grandmother, who was still whimpering, and I pull her closer to me, as if I can protect her from him, all the while glaring at him with every bit of hate inside of me, but he doesn’t seem fazed. “You want me to shoot you right now?” She cowers into me. “Look at me when I’m talking to you, grandma! I said, shut up!” I position myself to kick the gun out of his hands, when I hear rustling behind me. Glancing back, I see Light leaning over to grab what looks like a piece of paper. “Don’t move, you little punk!” The hijacker yells, his gun now pointed at Light.

Light looks at him as he walks over. “What the hell is that?” The man yells, pointing the gun at Light all the while. “Oh, a smartass.” He reaches down and grabs the paper. “You guys were plannin’ somethin’ back here, weren’t ya?” He straightens the paper, scoffing at what it says. “Plans for a date, huh?” He throws the paper back at Light. “Stupid kid.” He walks back to the front of the bus, but I see Light smirk, and I tense, waiting for Light’s plan to fall into place.

As the bus pulls out from underneath a bridge, the hijacker tenses, turning around slowly. When he faces the back of the bus, his eyes widen. He stumbles back, cocking the gun, and pointing it straight at Ryuk, who’d been hiding out in the back of the bus the entire time. “W-who the hell are you? You in the very back, what do you think you're doing?” He asks, fear lacing his tone. “Don't mess with me! How long have you been hiding back there?”

“What’s this? You’re talking to me? So you mean you can actually see me right now?” Ryuk asks, as he stalks towards the hijacker.

“Stay there, you!” He says, placing his fingers on the trigger. “You keep away from me, you freak!”

If I’d had less control of my emotions, I’d be grinning right now. ‘So this was your plan, Light-kun. Very clever indeed.’

“Everyone, get down!” Light’s stalker shouts, causing everyone in the bus to crouch or cower in their seats. I do the same to blend in, cries of fear coming from everyone.

“Oh, I get it.” Ryuk smirks. “That little note that Light accidentally dropped was actually torn from the pages of the Death Note itself.” The hijacker was shaking madly, now. “Since he tricked this guy into touching the paper, he's the only one on the bus, other than Mirai and Light, who can see me. That's so smart.”

Ryuk stalked closer to him, causing him to stumble back a few more steps. “Get away!” He screamed, firing the gun at Ryuk twice.

“I’m sorry pal, but I’m a Shinigami, so I’m afraid your bullets aren’t gonna kill me.” Ryuk says, enjoying messing with this criminal’s head.

“GAHHHH!” The hijacker screams in pure terror, shooting his gun six more times, all of them passing through Ryuk. During the shots, a feel a breeze of air pass by me, likely one of the bullets ricocheting around the bus.

Still screaming in terror, the hijacker tries to shoot again and again, but his chambers were emptied. “Anyone who touches the death note can see me.” Ryuk monologues. “I have to stay till the death note is finished or I see you die, whichever comes first. And a Shinigami can't die from being shot. I've said all these things at one time or another. Well, he is the top grade student in the country. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. He even used this hijacking as a way to get the guy following him to willingly give up his name!” As Ryuk said the last sentence, Light’s stalker runs down the bus aisle, phasing through Ryuk when he passes him.

The hijacker runs to the driver, grabbing him, and shouting, “Stop the bus, let me off!” Making the driver slam on the brakes. Once the bus lurches to a stop, the hijacker jumps out the door, landing on his hands and knees in the middle of the road. ‘Light-kun, you sly devil.

Not even three seconds after he lands, a car races along, trying to stop but ultimately failing, hitting the hijacker, who had frozen in the middle of the road. Everyone on the bus freezes, looking at the gruesome scene.

I look over to Light and smirk at him, a gesture which he returns.

‘It seems like Light-kun was able to get his stalker’s name. Very clever, using the Death Note like that. In order to think ahead that far, plotting out every step before the first has even been taken, he’s far smarter than I had originally thought. Very… Intriguing.”

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