Kira's Other Half


I stand with my grandmother at the front of the bus, still looking at the bloody scene in front of us. Her, with a frozen look of horror, and me, with an indifferent stare, and a near imperceptible smile. I glance down at her still shivering form, before wrapping an arm around her as she begins to silently sob. I rest my chin or her head, and watch Light, who has just gotten off the bus, and I overhear his stalker call out to him.

“You there.” He says, as Light turns to face him. “Listen carefully. I came to Japan as part of a secret investigation so the local police can’t find out, um, that I…” He stutters, and trails off.

Light gives a slight nod of his head. “I understand. I promise I won’t tell anyone that I met you and of course, that includes my father.”

The man moves his hands nervously. “Well then, please excuse me.” He says, and runs around the stopped vehicles around us, getting away.

My eyes now back on Light, I see him smirk after the man. ‘So it seems that the police don’t know about him. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why… Who is he? What’s in it for him?’ Light notices my gaze, and gives me a small nod in confirmation. My indifferent stare turns to one of a small victory, before returning to its previous state.

I return my attention to my grandmother, and I say calmly, “Grandmother, why don’t we go home? We can go do something together another day.” She silently nods, probably too frightened to actually speak. “I’ll go call a cab. I’ll be right back.” She just nods wordlessly again, and I make my way outside.

I quickly call a cab, before walking over to Light and Yuri, neither of them noticing me.

“Yuri-chan, are you sure you’re still up for it after all of this?” Light asks, mock concern obvious in his voice.

She nods, a smile on her face. “Uh-huh! I wouldn’t waste a chance to spend an entire day with you, Light-kun, no matter what happens!” She grabs onto his arm. ‘That little…’ I clench my hands unwillingly, before noticing, and forcing myself to relax. ‘That’s weird… I wonder…’

I leave the two lovebirds, walking back to my grandmother, to wait with her for the cab.

Later that night, I go over to Light’s house for “tutoring”. The moment I open his door, I ask the question. “So, what was his name?”

Light pulls out the Death Note, smiling. “Raye Penber. An FBI agent from America.”

“Are you going to write down his name?” Ryuk asks from his spot over Light’s right shoulder.

“Not yet.” Light decides immediately. “I’m going to wait one week before writing his name. If he dies right after meeting me, I’ll only draw attention to myself.” He leans back in his chair, as I sit on the edge of his bed. “I'll write his name in here once I've given him time to investigate more people with ties to the police, it’ll be less obvious that way.” A mischievous glare enters Light’s eyes. “In the meantime, I think I’ll use some those inmates we've been keeping alive to play around with L a little more.”

“Another suicide note?” I ask, leaning towards them.

“Uh-huh. Any ideas on what to say?” Light asks, now looking at me.

“Well…” I trail off, “the last note went, ‘L, do you know?’, so maybe… ‘gods of death’?”

“And where would you be going with that?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

I’m the one to smile widely. “As in, ‘L, do you know? Gods of death love apples.’”

He bursts out laughing at that, and I join in. “I love it! So misleading, it’ll make him think that we’re trying to tell him some big clue, only to turn around and give him something meaningless!”

He continues to laugh, while Ryuk huffs. “Apples are not meaningless.” He turns around and pouts.

I quiet my giggles, before composing myself. “Sorry, Ryuk. Of course apples aren’t meaningless. Here,” I reach into my bag to grab one, and toss the red fruit at the Shinigami.

He happily devours the peace offering. “You’re forgiven, Mirai. Light on the other hand…” I start giggling again.

“Ha ha. Very funny, you two. Stop fooling around.” Light says, sighing in exasperation.

“Aye, sir.” I say, mock saluting, before actually becoming serious. “So, what are we going to do about this Agent Penber guy who’s been following you?”

Light leans back in his chair, closing his eyes. “We could kill him immediately, but that would draw plenty of attention to us. We should wait at least a week.”

“On the other hand,” I continue for him, “if we don’t kill him at all, he might look over his findings and see something that we missed or messed up on. We do have to kill him eventually, sooner better than later.”

“Also,” Light says, rubbing the bridge of his nose, “it’s unlikely that L would only bring in one agent to investigate the entire police force working on this case. If he brought in more than one agent, and we only killed him, then that would make it obvious that it was one of the people that he’d been investigating. If we’re going to kill him, we have to kill them all.”

I nod. “Agreed. So, how are we going to get the names and faces of all the FBI agents that were brought in?”

We both think for a moment before Light smirks. “We won’t. We don’t have to-”

“-if he does it for us!” I complete, and smirk back.

We spend the next hour scheming on how to trick Raye Penber into writing all of the names of the FBI agents, and agree on exactly what we plan to do.

A week later, we meet at the subway, exchange technology, and run over our rolls.

“Mirai-chan, you’ll write Yonegoro Nusumi’s name in the Death Note on my signal, then leave the pages on the seat next to the door. Always have your earbud on, but keep the microphone off.”

“We’ve gone over this plenty of times, Light-kun. I know all my signals, you know yours. This is going to go perfectly. There’s no need to worry.”

We split up, Light going over to wait with Ryuk near the mall area, and I get on the subway car we agreed on. I sit down opposite the door, and pull out a book, eyes skimming over the words and occasionally flipping a page, but not reading anything. I reach up a hand to brush the hair out of my eyes, and turn on my earbud receiver.

“This place is crawling with humans.” I hear Ryuk complain. I mentally roll my eyes. “Are you gonna do it here?”

“Let's just say you're about to see the results of all the research and experiments we've been doing over the last few days.” Light explains calmly. ‘I swear, he has the patience of a saint.’

“Experiments?” Ryuk asks. ‘Apparently, he hasn’t been paying attention to what we’ve been doing for the last week.’

“Yeah. I've been using known criminals who live in this part of the town to test out different killing methods, and I've learned a lot about the Death Note. For example, if I write a cause of death and the circumstances leading up to it, I can add a name afterwards and it'll still happen.” The receiver goes silent for a moment before I hear Light say, “He’s here. Right on time. Be ready.”

At that, I pull out a piece of one of the Death Note’s pages, and ready my pen. I act like I’m writing down a reference, while I wait for my signal.

I hear a few footsteps, before Light says, “Mr. Raye Penber, turn around and you’re dead.” A small smile happens to cross my face, as the excitement the hunt creeps in. “I am Kira.” Another moment of silence, but Light speaks again. “That’s right. Don’t turn around or put your hands in your pockets, I won’t hesitate to kill you here.” Another few seconds of silence. “But first, I'm going to prove to you that I am Kira.” I quickly write down Yonegoro Nusumi’s name on the fragment of paper, and wait. “Do you see the man working over there at the coffee shop? That's right. The one sweeping the floor. I'm gonna kill him just for you.”

I hear Raye’s voice. “What? But how? Don’t do it.” A sense of urgency in his tone.

I hear a couple gasping noises and a thud, before Light continues to monologue. “I'm afraid I had no choice but to kill him. I figured if I didn't kill at least one person, you wouldn't believe me, although that man has been repeatedly charged with sexual assault. He's managed to avoid conviction every time due to lack of evidence. He was a menace to society. He got what he deserved.” A feeling of accomplishment fills me.I think to myself, ‘Another criminal down. Excellent.’

Light continues. “I can only assume that L has already informed you of this, I can't kill someone who I haven't seen. I have to know their face. Which means, of course, I could easily kill all these people right now if I wanted to do. Go ahead and choose someone if you want.”

“D-don’t do it. I believe you. You’re Kira.” The agent stutters.

“I'm sure you care more about your loved ones than any of these people here. Imagine how you'd feel if one of them was killed just because you refused to cooperate.” Light threatens. “I think you should consider them the real hostages at the moment.”

“How do you know about her?” The agent asks, worry quite evident in his tone.

Light chuckles darkly. “You seem surprised. I’ve been investigating you. And if you don’t do exactly as I say, she will die. And so will the rest of your family, including you. And that’s a promise.”

“I-I understand. Just tell me what you need me to do.”

“I see you’ve got your laptop with you. I want the files containing the identities of all the FBI agents who came to Japan.”

“I do have my laptop with me. It’s the one I use for work, but I don’t have the files you’re looking for.”

“All right. Then take this envelope. Take the transceiver out of the envelope, put the earpiece in, and put the envelope into your laptop case. Then, await my instructions.”

There are another few moments of silence, probably Light waiting for Raye to put the earpiece in and the envelope away. “Alright. Now, get on the Yamanote Line, the outer route. I'll be close by at all times, which means I'll be watching your every move. When you get on the train, pick a spot in front of you and don't take your eyes off it. If I see you looking around, I will kill you. Once you boarded, I want you to take the seat closest to the doors. If it's occupied, wait until it's free. ”

Before the subway pulls in to stop, I leave the envelope on the rack above the empty seat nearest the door, and return to my seat. A few people get onto the car I’m in, Raye Penber being one of them.

“Now I'm going to ask you something. If I have even the slightest suspicion that you are not being honest, your girlfriend is as good as dead. How many FBI agents are currently in Japan? Speak quietly into the transceiver and don't make it obvious.” I watch Raye out of the corner of my eye, still pretending to read.

He adjusts his jacket, and I hear him speak out of my earbud. “I believe it's four teams, three agents per team, for a total of twelve.”

“Okay, now, reach for the envelope on the rack above your head, and take the papers out of it.” He does, and looks shocked at the disguised pages of the Death Note.

“Of those twelve agents you mentioned, I want you to write down the name of your superior, the one who's heading up this investigation, in the space at the very top of the page.”

Raye narrows his eyes, lowering the pages, but does as Light said.

I risk a glance over at Light in the car next to ours. He’s smirking. “Next, take out your laptop and turn it on. Any minute now your boss is going to send you a message with a file attachment, it contains the names and photos of all the FBI agents currently active in Japan.”

He does so, and stares in shock at the screen, before Light continues. “Now, one by one you're going to look at each photo, and then write that agent's name in the space provided. You 're going to do this for each agent.”

He writes down every name, looking confused and cautious all the while. ‘That gullible fool.’ I think, flipping another page. He closes his laptop, and puts it away.

“Good. Looks like you're done.” I can hear the smugness in Light’s voice, a smile gracing my own features. “Now, put the transceiver and ear piece in the original envelope, and the papers in the new one. Leave both of them on the rack above your head. After that, you're going to stay in your seat and ride the train for at least another thirty minutes. When you are absolutely certain that nobody would notice you leaving without the envelope, you can get off the train.”

I sit there for another ten minutes, before getting off the car, and going into the one that Light is in. I stand there, next to Light, for the last twenty minutes. Once the subway train stops at exactly 4:41, Raye Penber stands up, and gets out of the car. He takes six steps, before he freezes, clutching his chest. Light makes his way to the car Raye had just vacated, and retrieves the envelopes. Raye Penber falls to the ground on his hands and knees, and upon hearing the sound of the doors closing, he twists around and collapses, trying desperately to see if Kira was there.

When he catches sight of Light, I look into his eyes from my spot on the other car, and I can practically hear him thinking, ‘Light Yagami?

Light and I both smile, and just before the door closes, Light says, “Farewell, Raye Penber.” I see his eyes widen in horror, just as the doors completely close.

I quickly switch cars to the one I had left twenty minutes prior, the one Light still stood in. We ride the subway to the next stop, where we both get off. I turn to Light and say, “I’ll see you at seven,” as I walk off.

He waves and smiles, as if nothing had happened. “See you then.”

Two hours later, I knock on Light’s bedroom door. Without an answer, I enter, and sit on my spot at the edge of his bed.

Without my saying anything, Light speaks. “Raye Penber wrote all of those names on pages taken from the Death Note. Ironic. Without even realizing it, he was actually signing a death warrant for all of his colleagues. As for Penber's boss, he died of a heart attack after sending all of his agents a file. And the other eleven investigators, heh, they all died of heart attacks after receiving the same file.”

I grin widely. “Perfect.” I cross my arms and legs, and ask, “So, what’s our next step then?”

Light looks over to me, grinning. “How about we finish that message for L?”

I laugh. “Sounds great.”

One detailed suicide note for a criminal later, I’m about to pack up, when Light’s father calls for him. “Light, would you mind coming down for a minute?”

He glances at me, I nod, and he calls back, “Sure, I’ll be right down!” He hides the Death Note, and makes his way downstairs.

I immediately pack up my books, along with a couple pieces of the Death Note paper that I tore out earlier, leave my book bag in Light’s room, and hide on the stairs, listening in on the Yagami family meeting.

“Um, so what's with the family meeting, Dad?” Sayu asks, in her innocent tone.

Mr. Yagami sighs. “I figured you're going to find out sooner or later. So I might as well tell you now. I don't want you to be alarmed. I'm sure you've heard of this Kira investigation. Well, I'm currently in charge of it.”

Sayu gasps excitedly. “What? Are you serious? That's totally awesome, Dad! You're the best cop ever!”

He sighs again. “That's not quite the point I'm trying to make.” Sayu makes a confused noise, and Mr. Yagami continues. “You see, the truth is, the FBI sent 12 of their agents to Japan to assist us in finding Kira, and all of them died yesterday.”

“Does that mean they were all killed by Kira?” Light asks.

“What?” Say exclaims in shock, fear lacing her tone.

“What I'm saying is, there's a chance that Kira will actually try to kill anyone who comes after him.” Mr. Yagami explains. “His crimes are ruthless and more frightening than anything we've seen. Many detectives have already quit.”

“Dad, you should quit, too. I don't want you to die. What if he gets you?” Sayu cries, a sudden 180 degree turn from her previous remarks.

“That's right. Your life is so much more important than some job.” Mrs. Yagami agrees.

Mr. Yagami sighs. Again. “I can't. I could never forgive myself if I walked away from this. I will not sit back and let evil triumph.”

“But Dad, you…” Sayu trail off.

“Please dear…” Mrs. Yagami pleads.

“I think it's honorable of you, Dad.” Light says, standing up. “I'm proud to be able to call you my father. And if anything should ever happen to you, I'm going to find Kira.” Light opens the door to the foyer, and I quickly steal back into Light’s room, but I still hear his next words. “And make sure he gets executed.”

Just as I’ve composed myself, sitting down on Light’s bed, does he come in, and I’m prepared with what I have to say. “So, Light-kun, are you saying that if I hurt your father, you’ll have me executed?” I stand up, walk over to him, and look him in the eye. “You know that I like your family. You know that your family likes me. So long as they don’t try to kill me, I have no reason to go after any of them.”

He scoffs. “So, you heard all of that?” I nod. “Don’t worry about it. It’s all part of the plan. I now have a reason to join the taskforce, should something happen to my father.”

I look away, and go to grab my book bag. “I see. Clever. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of that possibility.”

“You can’t always think of every variable, Mirai-chan.” He says, walking towards me.

“I know.” I confess, slumping against the wall. “But, in this game of life or death, a single mistake could kill us both. I don’t want a lapse in concentration when we’re pulling another stunt, like we did on the subway today. It would spell our demise.”

I cover my face with my hands, and Light lays a hand on my shoulder. “Hey. We’re two of the most brilliant geniuses in Japan. Working together, there’s no way that we can get caught.” He extends his hand to help me up.

I nod, and grab his hand to pull myself up. Once standing, Light grabs me in a comforting embrace. “It’s alright, Mirai-chan. We won’t get caught.” Quickly recovering from my initial shock at such an intimate gesture, I return the hug.

Only by a flash of light do we break apart, both of our heads snapping towards the now-open door, seeing a grinning Sayu, holding her phone, before she quickly runs away. Light runs after her, shouting, “Sayu, get back here!”

“Not a chance, lover-boy!” She calls back, her laughter echoing throughout the house.

I simply stare out the door in shock for a second more, before laughing. ‘It’s odd. That seems to have been a fear more up Light-kun’s alley, and our roles would’ve been switched. He’s probably every bit as worried about making a mistake as I am, but he comforted me anyway. And that embrace…’ I brush my arms in the exact spot where Light had held me. ‘Interesting…”

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