Kira's Other Half

Glare and Encounter

“What's going on with you two?” Ryuk asks us, finally fed up with our silence. “You haven't stopped writing criminals' names in the Death Note for four days straight. So what are you trying to prove? I don't see the point in writing these names weeks in advance. I've never seen the Death Note used like this.”

“Consider it insurance.” Light says, putting down his pen. “Suppose the son of the Detective Superintendent of the NPA was hospitalized, if criminals stopped dying at the same time, it wouldn't be difficult to connect the two.”

“But what about Mirai? Couldn’t she write the names?” Ryuk asks, and they both turn to look at me.

I smirk, looking up from the pages I’d taken from the notebook. “You never know when I might throw Light-kun under the bus. Suppose you were hospitalized, I could easily not write the names, and therefore frame you, saving my own skin in the process.”

Ryuk laughs heartily, and Light glares at me. “Oh, real reassuring.”

I smile sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Light looks back at Ryuk. “Are you sure that we can use any date as long as it's before the end of a person's predetermined lifespan?”

Ryuk shrugs. “Well, I can't guarantee it, because we Shinigami don't normally work that way, but I suppose any time before the end of their lifespan should work.”

Light sighs, exasperated, and leans back in his chair to glare at the Shinigami. “I really can't count on you, can I?”

“You got that right.” Ryuk replies, without missing a beat.

A few minutes later, I speak up again. “Light-kun, did something happen in the last few days?” He turns to me, surprised. “You seem a lot tenser then you have been.”

He sighs, holding his head in his hands. “Yeah. A couple days ago, Raye Penber’s fiancée figured out that Kira was on the bus that got hijacked.” My eyes widen. “She also figured out that Kira can kill people in ways other than just heart attacks.”

I rub the bridge of my nose, suddenly worried. “You killed her, right?”

He crosses his arms, and leans back in his chair. “Of course. What do you take me for?”

“Did she tell anyone else?” I continue my questioning.

“No, I managed to get to her first.”

I sigh in relief, then collapse onto Light’s bed. “Good.” I say, covering my eyes with my arm. “We don’t need the police or L to know that just yet.”

Light shakes his head. “Yeah, but if she had managed to figure it out, then it’s likely that L will be able to, as well.”

“In that case, he’ll suspect you, as you were the one Penber was following.” I conclude, and continue. “In which case, we’ll have to destroy any evidence that might lead them to believe that you are Kira. The Death Note, in its hiding spot, however, could be left alone.”

“Agreed.” Light sighs, opening up the documents folders on his computer. “It’s a good thing we wrote the names down when we did. For all we know, they might put cameras in here.”

“I wouldn’t put it past L. I hear he’s relentless in solving cases.” Light types in some commands on his computer to delete all the downloaded files, as I get up and walk over to him.

Once all the files are deleted, Light turns his attention over to the Death Note. “Now, we just have to hide the clippings from the Death Note. Any ideas?”

“The lining of your wallet?” I suggest, and Light nods, before pulling out his wallet and a pair of scissors.

He carefully cuts the stitching, and Ryuk pipes up. “It seems you’re pretty skilled with your hands. I bet you’re pretty popular with the girls, aren’t you?”

Light and I scoff simultaneously. “Skill has nothing to do with it.” He says. “It’s your looks that count. I’m guessing you’re not that popular, are you?”

I burst out laughing. “He got you there!”

Ryuk glares at me while I calm down, before I check the time. “Well, I gotta get home. My parents are expecting me to actually study, and they don’t think I can do that properly with such an, and I quote,” I raise my hands in air quotes, “‘Such an attractive young man.’ I’ll see you tomorrow, Light-kun.”

“See you tomorrow, Mirai-chan.” Light waves as I leave.

Closing the door behind me, I take a deep breath, and open my eyes, only to see Sayu standing inches away from me, a smirk on her face. “So…” She smiles wider. “When’s the wedding?”

I blush, and my stupid stuttering kicks in. “S-shut up, Sayu-chan. You know I don’t think of Light-kun th-that way.”

I try to walk around her, but she steps in front of me, still grinning. “Can you name your first kid after me?”

I glare, not at all intimidating when my face is as red as a tomato. “W-we are n-not together like th-that, Sayu-chan.” I push her aside, and quickly walk away.

As I walk out the door, I hear her calling out after me. “Can I be a bridesmaid? Please?”

“No! It’s not gonna happen!” I yell back at her, closing the door behind me very quickly.

The next day, I go over to light’s house for study time, as tutoring is no longer necessary at this point, with an entire elaborate plan on how to avoid Sayu and any questions she might ask.

All my preparations were for naught, though, as when I get there, nobody answers the door. I let myself, in, all the while saying, “Hello? Anyone here? It’s me, Mirai.” I take off my shoes, and continue asking, “Anyone here? Light-kun? Sayu-chan? Mrs. Yagami?”

Still no response, so I go upstairs to Light’s room. I do our knock, before hearing, “Come in.”

I immediately tense, before forcing myself to relax, and walk in. “Hey, Light-kun!” I say, with a guise of cheerfulness. “Ready to get started?”

“I better be.” He says, grabbing his textbooks and arranging them on his desk. “The entrance exams are only a few days away.”

“Well then, shall we?” I say, arranging my textbooks around me.

An hour passes, we ask each other questions back and forth, and actually manage to get some studying done. All the while, Ryuk crawls around the room, occasionally saying, “I found another camera!”

“Hey, Light-kun!” Sayu calls. “Dinner’s ready! Mom says Mirai-chan can join us if she wants!”

Light looks over to me. I nod, and he calls out, “Alright! We’ll be down in a second!” We organize our books, before going downstairs to the main room.

After sitting down, I look over to Sayu, who’s watching a movie with rapt attention.

“I love you. Always.” The actor on screen proclaims, and the actress drops her umbrella.

Sayu squeals. “Oh, Hideki Ryuga! I swear, he’s perfect! How come no one in my class is like that?”

“Because, Sayu-chan,” I explain, “no guy your age is mature enough to act like that.”

“Sayu, just eat your dinner.” Mrs. Yagami pleads to her daughter, who stays where she is, parked right in front of the TV.

“I’ll eat later!” Sayu brushes it off.

A few minutes later, she says, “Huh? What’s this?” I look over to the TV, and see a message has appeared at the top of the screen. “ICPO? They’re saying that, ‘In response to the Kira murders, Interpol has decided to dispatch a force of 1500 investigators to Japan.’” Both Light and I tense ever so slightly at this. “‘The investigators were drawn from law enforcement agencies from its member nations.’ Fifteen-hundred investigators? Whoa.” Sayu says in awe.

“The ICPO sure is stupid.” Light says. Quite a bold move, considering the likelihood of there being cameras in the main room, too. We all look at Light, who continues to talk. “I mean, there’s no point in making this announcement. If they’re gonna send all these people here to investigate, shouldn’t they keep it a secret? Even the FBI agents that were secretly investigating were killed by Kira. Why would this be any different?”

“You’re right.” I say, “What reason would the ICPO have for doing this?”

“If you ask me,” Light continues, “this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shock Kira in the hopes that he’ll reveal himself, somehow. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kira sees right through this.”

We eat a couple minutes more, finishing, before Light stands up, saying, “Thanks for dinner, mom.”

I follow suit. “Yes, thank you for dinner, Mrs. Yagami.”

Instead of going upstairs, Light goes over to the cupboard, and grabs a bag of chips.

“Huh?” Sayu cries out in dismay. “You’re eating a bag of chips? You just had dinner! Your good looks are going to go down the drain if you keep that up!”

“It’s a late-night snack for studying.” He explains, now grabbing a cup of coffee, before finally heading upstairs to his room, with myself trailing him. He locks the door behind us, as we return to our normal spots, and resume our studying. I ignore Ryuk lying on Light’s bed, and sit away from him.

“I think that’s it, you two.” He says, exhaustion evident in his voice. “I found every camera they put in the house. I guess Shinigami get tired when they work hard. Now, let me explain where they all are. It’s a little bit complicated, so listen up. There’s nothing I hate more than explaining something twice.”

‘Does that mean you hated having to tell me the same things you told Light-kun when we first met?’ I think to myself.

“Alright, time to hit the books!” Light says, stretching his arms, and giving Ryuk a prompt to continue.

“There sure are a lot of cameras in this room. I counted sixty-four in total. I guess whoever put them here expected you to at least find some of them. What I wanna know is how am I gonna eat apples?” He freaks out. “Oh, yeah, I guess you two can’t talk in here. But we better discuss this outside, tomorrow.”

“I think I’m getting the hang of this, now.” I say, a hidden response to Ryuk’s concerns. ‘Guessing from the amount of cameras in here, L wants to make a decision, quickly. Any normal person would slip under this pressure. Not us, L. You’re going to have to try harder than this to get us to crack.”

Light opens the chips, and offers the bag to me. “Want any, Mirai-chan?”

I wave off the offer. “No thanks. I’m still full from dinner.” I pointedly ignore Ryuk’s sobbing from the floor.

A few minutes later, I hear Ryuk cry, “Oh, the symptoms are starting!” I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, acting like it’s one of the questions in my textbook. ‘Symptoms? Like, withdrawal symptoms? From apples? Really?’

I suddenly smile, having figured out Light’s plan. “I think I’ve got this, now.”

He’s writing down names on a piece of the Death Note hidden in the chip bag. Most likely, there’s also a mini TV in the bag too, and Light’s watching the news on silent, writing down names that he should know nothing of. ‘I keep underestimating you, Light-kun.’

He stretches, before throwing away the chip bag. “Alright, just a little longer.”

We study for another thirty minutes, before I stretch, and glance at Light’s clock. “Oh man, it’s late.” I say, rubbing my eyes, before packing up my books. “I should be getting home.”

Light turns to me. “It was nice, having someone to study with. Do you want to do this again tomorrow?”

I smile at him. “Sure, that sounds good to me. I’ll see you tomorrow, then. Good night, Light-kun.”

“Good night, Mirai-chan.” Light says as I close the door behind me.

“Oh, so you’re gonna come back tomorrow?” Sayu smirks at me.

I rub the bridge of my nose momentarily. “Yes, Sayu-chan, I’m going to be back here tomorrow. For. Studying.” I tap her nose twice, once for each of my last two words.

She pushes my hand away, yet still smirks, unfazed. “Yeah, but will you be studying your textbooks, or each other?”

A blush rises, unbidden, to my face. “Sh-shut up.” I try to regain my composure, and try to rid myself of the stuttering that comes with my blushes. “Are you pushing to get us together? It sure seems that way. I know I’m fabulous,” I flip my hair over my shoulder dramatically, over-emphasising my meaning, while walking down the stairs at the same time, “but do you really want me as a sister-in-law that badly?” Without giving her a chance to respond, I continue. “I’m not interested. I’m too used to looking at myself in the mirror.” I give her a wink, and slip out the front door. Once outside, I take a deep breath, and walk home.

I spend the majority of the next day at Light’s house, and after another, “Come in,” we study silently together until just before sundown.

“Mirai-chan,” Light says, out of the blue, “why don’t we take a break, go to a park or something?”

“Why, Light-kun,” I say, standing up, and cocking a hip, “are you asking me out?”

He groans. “Not you, too. Did Sayu get to you already? I swear, every time I bring a girl home, even if she just needs to return something of mine, Sayu will assume that we’re dating.” He rubs his forehead. “Every. Single. Time.”

“Seriously?” I ask, surprised. Light nods. “Well, a break sounds pretty good right now. Sure, why not?”

I’m about to gather my books together, when Light says, “Don’t worry about it. We’ll come back for them later.” I nod, grab my jacket, and follow Light and Ryuk outside.

We walk in silence for a few minutes, before Light speaks up. “Ryuk, could you check to see if anyone’s following us?”

“Fine, fine.” The contorted Shinigami flies off, only to return a few moments later. “Nope! Nobody’s following you two.”

“Are you sure about that? Ryuk?” Light questions.

“Gah, I’m sure nobody’s following you, okay!” Ryuk, still contorted, hops along behind us. “Now, hurry up already, will ya? The symptoms are getting worse!” He complains exasperatedly.

“I really hope you’re not saying what you think I’d want to hear just to get some apples.” Light accuses.

“Woah! Hold it right there! I just flew out and checked a one-hundred meter radius around you two, and there was no one there, so for the last time, I’m sure, okay?!” He yells, still hopping along.

“Alright, but on the news they said that they were dispatching fifteen-hundred investigators to Japan.” Light calmly retorts.

“They’re bluffing! You said so yourself! If it were really happening, they wouldn’t announce their arrival, instead, they’d come and investigate secretly!” Ryuk rambles.

“I suppose you’re right.” Light continues. “But still…”

“Light-kun,” I warn, “stop teasing him, you’ll only make his complaining worse.”

“Fine, I’ll buy you some apples.” Light finally gives in.

“Nice.” Ryuk smirks.

I wait with Ryuk outside, ignoring his handstands, while Light goes inside the store to buy the fruit.

“Thank you, come again!” The storeowner says to Light as he leaves.

“Light, hurry up!” Ryuk complains.

We keep walking over to an empty corner of a nearby park, where I end up feeding Ryuk the apples until he calms down enough to eat them on his own. “You know, Light,” Ryuk says, “You really haven’t been all that nice to me. You have me looking all over for cameras, telling me that I can’t even eat apples in the house anymore, it’s not right.” He continues to complain as he straightens out, and cracks his neck.

“Make sure you eat the core, as well.” Light says, completely unfazed by Ryuk’s whining.

“You know, I might just write your name in my Death Note and kill you, just like that.” Ryuk threatens, and Light laughs. “I wouldn’t laugh, If I were you.” Ryuk continues.

“Right.” Light says as he walks away. “That reminds me, we still have one finishing touch left to add.” I nod, as I trail after them, back to the Yagami house.

Once inside Light’s room again, I gather up my books, while Ryuk asks Light, “So, you’re gonna keep quiet and pretend to study again, huh?”

Instead of doing just that, Light turns on the TV. “You’re watching TV?” Ryuk questions, again, without a response.

I finish packing my books, and join Light watching the news. A few minutes later, I say, “My parents are expecting me home early today. Same time tomorrow?”

“Yeah. See you tomorrow, Mirai-chan.” Light says, as I sneak out the door, finally avoiding a relationship confrontation with Sayu.

Four days later, I’m roused early from bed by my parents.

“Get up, Mirai, you don’t want to be late for the entrance exams!” My mom says, and I glance over at the clock.

“Mom, I have another half-hour before I need to be up. Couldn’t you have let me sleep?” I whine, trying to pull the covers over my head.

My father throws the blanket off of me, and I squeak at the sudden drop in temperature. “Get up now, young lady! You might as well spend these extra few minutes to cram more!”

“Father! Not you too!” I cry at the loss of my sleep. I try to stare my parents down, before sighing. “Fine. I’ll get up, just get out!” I practically throw them out, before going to get changed. I join my smiling parents downstairs for a quick breakfast, pouring over my notes in rapid form. The allocated half-hour later, I race outside to get to the subway station, where Light is waiting.

“Oh, morning, Mirai-chan.” Light says in greeting.

“Good morning, Light-kun, Ryuk.” I nod at each of them in turn, and before any other words could be exchanged, the subway train pulls up to the stop, and opens its doors for us. We get on, and sit side by side silently for the entire trip, with the exception of Ryuk.

“I’m relieved. We don’t have to deal with wiretaps in the house anymore.” Ryuk comments to us, but neither of us respond.

The subway pulls up to the stop nearest to To-Oh University, and about ten of the passengers, including Light and I, get off. We walk towards the University together, in companionable silence.

“You two there!” A man calls out to us from outside the University entrance. “The exam will be starting in ten minutes, so you better hurry up!”

We keep walking along at the same pace, quickly passing him, with Light saying, “It’s fine. We planned to get here three minutes before the test. I hate waiting. If anything, we’re here too early.”

“Well, well,” Ryuk comments, “aren’t you confident?”

We register at the entrance, and make our way into the hall where the exam is being taken, and sit at our specified seats. Ten minutes later, a bell rings, and the man at the front calls out, “And… begin!”

I quickly scan over the exam, beginning to fill in a few answers, when the man at the front begins to make his way towards me, stopping a couple of rows ahead of me, and saying, “Student number one-six-two! Sit properly in your chair!”

I glance up from my exam, to see a student with messy black hair, a white sweatshirt and baggy jeans sitting with his knees tucked up by his chest, feet on the chair. ‘No wonder why he was called out. But I wonder why he’s sitting like that in the first place…’ I shake the thoughts out of my head, and return to my exam, but I glance up again a few seconds later, to see Light looking back at the odd student, with him looking back at Light, and a feeling of foreboding fills me.

I focus in on my exam, and continue to answer all of the questions as correctly as I can. Once the professors call “Time!”, I stand in the line to hand in my answer sheet, confident in my answers.

After handing in my exam answers, I walk home with Light, contemplating all the while the strange student who had sat two rows ahead of me.

It’s that dreary world again. I’m in more of a jungle area, with large roots growing above ground, and dead vines hanging from everything.

I let myself wander aimlessly, until I come across three Shinigami playing a card game, and one standing outside of their group, talking to them.

“Ugh, it seems like a lot of Shinigami are observing the human world, lately.” The one standing remarks. “What’s with that, anyway?”

“Turns out that Ryuk is being kept by a human!” The one made of bones responds.

“What? What’s he thinking?” The standing one leans in. “Seriously…”

“He’s a disgrace to the pride of the Shinigami.” The one with the long white hair scoffs.

“No, I’m talking about the human who’s keeping Ryuk!” The standing one exclaims, making all three of the players turn towards him. “Who would want him as a pet? Aren’t pets supposed to be cute?” They all laugh, and I shake my head, before turning away.

“When you’re right, you’re right.” The one made of bones says, trailing off.

“So, what’s the story of this human, anyway? Is it a male or a female?” The standing one asks.

“Who knows?” The white-haired one shrugs off the question, trying to return to the game.

“In that case, I think I’d better go take a closer look.” The standing one turns, and walks away.

“Oh boy.” The white-haired one sighs, putting down another card.

Soon, the entire world begins to fade to black.

I shoot up in bed, scared from the other-worldly experience. I look over at my clock, to see that it’s only five seconds away from going off. ‘Talk about good timing.’ I think, and immediately hit the cancel button the second it goes off.

I stand up and stretch, grabbing the white blouse and pencil skirt I laid out last night for today’s Welcome Ceremony. I quickly change, grab something to eat, grab my dolled-up parents, and head out to To-Oh.

Once there, I separate from my parents, promising to meet up with them after the ceremonies, and go to find Light and Ryuk. They’re standing by the entrance, seeming totally casual. I stand beside Light wordlessly, and just look at the university building with him.

“You’re both college students now, it’s kind of exciting! I’m filled with joy!” Ryuk remarks sarcastically. I give him a sideways glance, before returning to my original pose.

We walk inside, once the moment is over, and make our way to the auditorium, taking our specified seats. I somehow manage to sit next to Light, but I force myself to ignore him. I try to focus in on the ceremonies, but my mind wanders.

It’s been three months since the entrance exams, but that one odd student hasn’t left the forefront of my mind. ‘Why on earth was he staring at Light-kun?’ I shake my head to clear away the thoughts, and finally focus in.

“Now for the freshmen address,” the man at the microphone announces, “freshmen representative, Light Yagami.”

“Yes.” Light says, standing up, and walks to the stage.

“Ooh, impressive.” Ryuk says, smiling.

“And freshmen representative, Hideki Ryuga.” The man continues, and the strange student from three months ago stands up.

“Oh, that would appear to be me.” He says, walking up to the stage behind Light.

I raise an eyebrow. ‘Hideki Ryuga? Like, the pop idol? But he looks nothing like him! If anything, it’s an alias… Oh god, it’s an alias! That means he has to hide his name, which means that he likely knows about Kira, which means he’s likely to be on the task force, which means that he’s likely following a suspect. That suspect could easily be either Light-kun or I, which means I have to calm down, and act natural.’

I take a deep breath, and force myself to pay attention to Light’s address.

“As all of us embark on this new chapter of our lives,” Light reads, “the moment we have long been waiting for has arrived. I’m honored to be giving the address to this year’s To Oh University entering class. This is a dream come true for many of us, who wish to excel in our academics. We have been given a great honor today; let’s make the most of it as we move forward into this new year.”

Everyone applauds. Light then bows, and hands the page over to ‘Hideki’.

“And now, for Hideki Ryuga.” The MC announces.

‘Hideki’ walks up to the mic, and reads, “As all of us embark on this new chapter of our lives, the moment we have long been waiting and preparing for has arrived. I’m honored to be giving the address to this year’s To Oh University entering class. I look forward to getting to know you all. I am freshman representative, Hideki Ryuga.”

Everyone applauds again, Light bows once more, while ‘Hideki’ just scratches his head. ‘He doesn’t even know what to do now. Who is this guy?’ ‘Hideki’ follows Light as they both walk off the stage. While they walk down the stairs, I notice that ‘Hideki’ is whispering something, and I pretend to turn my attention to the stage, keeping an ear open for anything they might say to each other.

“You’re planning to join the police agency when you graduate.” ‘Hideki’ seems to continue. “You’ve already got experience, seeing as you’ve helped on a number of cases in the past, now, you’re showing an interest in the Kira case.”

‘Just who is this guy? And how does he know more about Light-kun than his stalker girls?’

“I’m impressed by your abilities and your sense of justice. If you promise not to tell anyone about this, I have important information about the Kira investigation that I’d like to share with you.” He says to Light.

‘Could, could it be? No, it’s impossible! There’s no way!’ My thoughts run rampant.

Light closes his eyes. “I won’t tell anyone. What is it?”

‘Hideki’ turns to Light. “I want to tell you, I’m L.”

My eyes widen a fraction of a margin. ‘What do you know? My thoughts were correct, as per usual.’

I glance over to Light for half a second, noting his ever-so-slight shaking, before he pauses. I turn my eyes back to the stage, still paying attention to the exchange happening beside me.

“If you are who you say you are, then you have nothing but my respect and admiration.” Light’s lie flows from him smoothly.

“Thank you.” L responds. “The reason I chose to reveal my identity to you is because I think you could be of some help to us in the Kira investigation.”

Ryuk laughs from behind us. “If this guy is really L like he says, then consider me impressed.”

‘Quite. I hadn’t expected him to reveal his identity. But he’s cornered us with this. If we write down the alias, we might accidentally kill the pop star, Hideki Ryuga, revealing us. And even if we actually kill him, if he’s a stand-in, then the real L-san will know in an instant that it’s us, or rather, Light-kun. I’d rather not lose my partner in this game just yet.’

The rest of the ceremony passes by, with no other exchange between them. Light glances over at me once, and I give him a slight nod to communicate that I had heard and understood everything that they had said.

I walk out of the building behind Light and Ryuk silently, keeping enough distance so as to not appear like I’m with them. Although, I am close enough to hear Ryuk remark, “I hadn’t expected the ceremony to be so interesting…”

Once we reach the road, I hear L call out, “Hey Light-kun.”

They turn to him, and I keep walking, albeit at a slower pace. I hear Ryuk say, “Oh? I think it’s your new friend.”

“Nice meeting you.” L says, slumped over, with his hands in his pockets.

“No, the pleasure was mine.” Light replies politely, and L walks over to a waiting limousine and butler, who opens the door for him, a sight that I stop to stare at.

“Well, I’m sure I’ll see you on campus.” L says to Light.

“Yeah, take care.” Light says as L gets in.

L and his butler drive off, leaving Light, Ryuk, and I to stare at the retreating vehicle for a moment.

We leave to get onto the subway together, get off together, and say our goodbyes.

Once I get home, I text my parents to inform them of where I am, get to my room, and have my mental breakdown.

“Damn it! He got us! We’re cornered!” I cry, sitting on my bed, with both of my hands over my face. “We can’t write his name! We can’t try to kill him! For all we know, this is just a trap! If we do kill him and he’s just a stand in, then we’d be singing to the real L-san that we’re Kira! Killing him would be the same as begging to be caught! It’s not like we could arrange for someone else to kill him. If we managed to find out his name, we could have him die in an accident or commit suicide, but if this is a trap, then he’s told everyone that if he dies Light-kun is Kira!” I rub the bridge of my nose. “I could have L-san killed, Light-kun caught and killed, and everyone believe that Kira is dead, then arise again like Light-kun’s killing from beyond the grave, but I can’t do this alone! There are circumstances that I might not see coming, and end up getting myself killed. No, I need Light-kun alive and working with me.”

I take several deep breaths, before continuing my rant to myself. “I had considered that L-san would reveal himself, but it was so absurd that I brushed it off! I should have come up with a plan in case this happened. Then again, he might just be a stand in, and be telling every suspect the same thing, but there’s nothing we can do about it! For L, this strategy is a solid defence, and it lets him both attack and defend, while confronting Kira directly.”

I hold my arms out at ninety degree angles, facing away from my body, palms up and fingers splayed, with my head tilted down. “You got us, L-san. That was a brilliant move. There’s no doubt that ‘Ryuga-san’ will keep trying to get close to Light-kun. He’ll keep trying to move in, playing the absent minded genius, trying to get us to slip up, and we’ll pretend like there’s nothing wrong.” I let my arms fall, and begin to laugh quietly to myself, satisfied with my plan, believing that Light had come to the same conclusion. “This is perfect. If anything, this is proof that they have nothing on us yet. So this is just one big game of cat and mouse. A match of wits between two parties, with one having a hidden player. On the surface, we’ll be three friendly classmates. I might as well try to get close to ‘Ryuga-san’ and gain the upper hand on him. But in reality, we’ll be investigating L-san, and he investigates Light-kun, hopefully never guessing that I might be involved as well. If it’s friendship you want, ‘Ryuga-san’, you’ll get it. Hopefully either Light-kun or I will earn your trust as well. Once we’ve gotten what we need, we’ll kill you, with our own hands if we must.”

I grin wildly. “Very interesting game you’ve set up, L-san. Very interesting indeed…”

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