Kira's Other Half


My addition to the task force team was met with… mixed reactions.

Ryuzaki had emailed me a time and address the next day. I show up at the hotel at 5:30, talk to the women at the front desk for a minute, go to the floor Ryuzaki is staying on, and he meets me outside the room.

“Watari, Aizawa, Mogi, Matsuda, Ukita. Versatile, serious, silent, naïve, impulsive.” He says cryptically, before opening the door for me, and silently inviting me in. I nod, accepting both his challenge and his courtesy, and walk inside. I immediately take note of the four people in the room; three men are sitting on couches around a coffee table, looking over some documents, while another, older man sits at a laptop, typing rapidly. When Ryuzaki closes the door behind us, all four of them turn to face us.

“Gentlemen,” Ryuzaki says tonelessly, “this is Mirai-san. She’ll be helping us with the Kira investigation.”

There’s a moment of silence, before the man with the afro stands up, looking unamused. “Are you serious, Ryuzaki? Quit messing around! We can’t bring a civilian into this, no matter how much you like her!”

‘Hmm… What could Ryuzaki-san have meant with what he said outside? He listed five names, then five nouns…’

“My feelings toward Mirai-san have nothing to do with why I thought she should be on the team.” Ryuzaki explains calmly, but the man isn’t satisfied with it.

‘They haven’t introduced themselves yet, so I can safely assume that they’re not going to, therefore, they want me to guess their names…’

“Then why is she here?” The man with kempt hair asks, before the one with the afro gets to.

‘The names Ryuzaki-san said, I can assume that they are their names, however, he listed five, but there are only four of them here, so one of them is either a fake, or they aren’t here.’ By this point, I had unknowingly gone into my thinking pose.

“She is here because of her deductive skills. Simply by hearing my alias, she determined that it was so. She had to look at the pictures for all of two seconds in order to see the hidden messages. Even now…”

‘That was all the confirmation I needed, Ryuzaki-san. Even now, this is a test. But is this meant to be simple, or more complicated?’

“I think she could be a good addition to the team.” The one with messy hair and a naïve tone says. “I mean, if Ryuzaki trusts her, I think we should too.”

‘He could have reversed the nouns to mess with me, then again, he might have expected me to think that, and left them in the correct order, or messed them up, or they could be acronyms, or… or maybe I’m just overthinking it. Gut instinct? He left them in the correct order to try and trick me. Might as well go out on a limb here.’

“Ryuzaki, are you certain about her?” The older man asks, no longer typing. Ryuzaki nods, and the man stand up, walks over to us, and bows. “In that case, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mirai-san.”

I return the bow, and say, “Likewise, Watari-san.”

‘Total guess, but the first name and characteristic fit him well.’

The man with kempt hair exclaims, “You told her our names?!”

“Not exactly.” I answer for him. “You see, Ukita-san, Ryuzaki-san listed five names, then five characteristics. Based on your behaviours and my deductions, I have been able to match the names to each of you.” I turn to the other two remaining members in the room. “Matsuda-san.” I say, bowing to the one with messy hair. “Aizawa-san.” I bow to the man with the afro, and they both stare at me in shock.

“Well, she seems to know what she’s doing. But she’s still a civilian!” Aizawa protests.

“Aizawa-san, I am more capable than you perceive me to be.” I say, dropping my pose and cocking a hip. “Give me a riddle, any riddle, and I can solve it in less than half a minute.” ‘Well, that’s another risk I’m taking today. Just add that to the growing list.’

“Alright then. Try this, ‘Pronounced as one letter, and written with three, two letters there are, and two only in me: I’m double, I’m single, I’m black, blue, and gray, I’m read from both ends and the same either way.’” He smiles, thinking that he’s got me.

“Let’s see… The answer is eye.” I answer immediately.

He gapes at me momentarily, before saying, “Alright, you got that one. ‘Mike is a butcher. He’s about five-foot-eleven. What does he weigh?’”

“Meat.” I say quickly, shift in place to make myself more comfortable, and lean against the wall. ‘He seems determined. This might take a while.’

“‘A farmer has seventeen sheep, and all but nine die off. How many are left?’”


“‘A business man pushes his car to a hotel and tells its owner that he is bankrupt. Why?’”

“They’re playing monopoly.”

“‘Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?’” Before I can answer, he interrupts me. “The solution is not that they both weigh the same!”

I think for all of five seconds, and smirk. “Gold and feathers are weighed in different units. When converted to the same unit, feathers weigh more.”

“Alright, then how about-”

“Aizawa-san, that’s enough.” Ryuzaki says, cutting him off. “Mirai-san will be working on this case, no matter how much you complain.”

Aizawa sighs, defeated. “Fine.” He walks over to me, and whispers, “‘Napoleon and Josephine are found lying dead in a puddle of water. The only other noticeable thing about the room is that the window is open, and the curtains are flapping in the breeze. How did they die?’”

I smile, and whisper back, “They’re both fish. There was a storm that tipped their fishbowl over, and onto the floor.”

He smiles genuinely. “Welcome to the team, Mirai-san.”

I smile back, and make my way over to Matsuda and Ukita at the coffee table, where I pick up a file.

“Naomi Misora? Who’s she?” I ask, playing innocent.

“She was Raye Penber’s fiancée, and he was one of twelve FBI agents sent to Japan to help us in the investigation.” Matsuda explains to me. “The day after the FBI agents were killed, she vanished.”

“I-I see.” I say, well-faked sympathy on my expression.

“Regarding her disappearance, shouldn’t we open an investigation into this matter?” Ukita asks Ryuzaki as we all sit down around the coffee table.

“If we do, it should be coordinated separately from the Kira case. Also, we’ll have to use police sketches instead of photos.” Ryuzaki says, sitting as he usually does.

“We’re talking about someone who’s been missing for four months already. Chances are she’s probably dead.” Aizawa says, being the voice of reason.

“If you’re right about that, then I find it odd that we haven’t found her body yet. If we did, it may provide us with some much needed physical evidence.” Ryuzaki concludes, before Watari comes back in.

“Ryuzaki,” He says, a hint of desperation in his tone, “something seems to be happening, on Sakura TV.”

I narrow my eyes in confusion, grab the remote, and turn on the TV in the room, changing it to channel 48.

“-in other words, all of the reporters and staff here are Kira’s hostages.” Three reporters had appeared on screen, and the one in the middle was talking. “Aside from that, we have a professional obligation to share this message with you. I assure you, this is not a hoax, and that Sakura TV is not airing this tape for the purposes of sensationalism.” ‘Light-kun, did you plan this without me? Do you no longer trust me? What do you hope to achieve by this?’ I think, tensing.

“Kira’s hostages?” Aizawa voices, obviously just as confused as me.

“What is this?” Matsuda asks, a question that not even I can answer.

“Four days ago,” The reporter continues, “our program director here at Sakura TV received four tapes. After a thorough examination, there can be no doubt that they are from Kira himself.”

‘Light-kun… No, wait, this isn’t his style. There’s no way that he would try to draw attention to himself, there’s no need. That means it wasn’t him, so someone else is trying to pose as Kira. Ha! Nice try. It’s likely that L-san will come to this conclusion himself, so I shouldn’t voice my thoughts until he does.’

The image switches to a still image of a cassette tape. “The first tape we received contained a prediction, regarding the time of death of two suspected criminals who had recently been arrested.” The reporter continues. “And as predicted, at the exact time that Kira had specified, both men died suddenly of heart attacks yesterday.”

‘It certainly sounds like the Death Note… Could someone else have found one?’

The image changes to another cassette tape. “Kira has instructed us to air the second tape at exactly 5:59 PM, and we do intend to comply with his demands.” The image switched back to the three reporters. “This tape should offer proof of his powers by predicting yet another death. Beyond that, we understand that it contains a message to all the people of the world, from Kira.”

Aizawa, Matsuda, and Ukita all gasp, and Ukita suggests, “This-this has to be another fake, don’t you think?”

“I doubt it.” Matsuda says, sounding defeated. “I’m pretty sure even Sakura TV wouldn’t stoop that low.”

The reporter says one last line, “And now, the video.”

The image switches to a white screen, with the word “KIRA” in large, black letters. There are several seconds of pure and total silence, before a heavily distorted voice clears its throat, and says, “I am Kira. If this video is being aired on the eighteenth, at exactly 5:59 PM as I requested, then the time now is 5:59 forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine… Please change the channel to Taiyo TV. The news anchor Mr. Kazuhiko Hibima will die of a heart attack at exactly six o clock.” Everyone in the room gasps, including me.

“Change it!” Ryuzaki says, anxiety in his voice. I change it to channel 36, where the reporter sits collapsed in his chair, head leaning over the back limply.

We all gasp again, and Matsuda cries, “It can’t be!” People rush onto the screen to try and shake the reporter awake, quickly telling the cameraman to kill the cameras.

“How could he?” Ukita spits in disgust and hatred.

“Change the channel back.” Ryuzaki tells me, his voice tense and nervous. “And I need you to bring us another TV, Watari. No, make it two.” Watari goes to get them.

Back on Sakura TV, the Kira voice starts talking again. “This is punishment. I will present you with another victim, my next target is: NHN TV commentator Mr. Seiji Komaizumi, who's scheduled to appear in a live broadcast. He too has dared to defy Kira.”

“Kira would kill someone just because they defy him? This guy is disgusting.” I voice, hatred lacing my tone, letting the others take it as they will.

“Ryuzaki?” Matsuda asks tentatively.

“Change it to channel twenty-four!” He says, the anxiety becoming more evident as time passes. I do so, revealing three TV commentators, the one on the left having collapsed, with many people rushing around. “Please change it back.” Ryuzaki says calmly, as if he’s given up.

Now worried, I change it back. The distorted voice continues. “Now that you’ve seen proof of my powers, you should have no trouble believing that I am Kira.”

A realization seems to come over Ryuzaki, and he shouts, “Stop this broadcast! We can’t let him finish!”

My train of thought follows after Ryuzaki’s and comes to the same, if not a similar conclusion. ‘This fake Kira is using this broadcast to gain notoriety and more followers. Their message has been made clear: Follow me, or die. Well, you thought you could be part of Kira? I’ll have to catch you and prove you wrong, then.’

The others all grab their phones, dialing numbers. Matsuda calls, “Get Sakura TV on the line!”

“It’s no good!” Aizawa groans in annoyance. “I’m trying, but none of my contacts at the station have their phones on.”

“And nobody’s picking up at reception, either!” Matsuda adds.

Ukita groans, and runs for the door. “Damn it!”

Matsuda drops what he’s doing, and cries, “Ukita!”

Ukita reaches the door, and promises, “I’ll stop this broadcast myself if that’s what it takes!” before he opens the door, and runs out.

“People of the world, please listen to me.” My attention snaps back to the TV, and the distorted voice of the fake Kira. “The last thing I want to do is kill the innocent. I hate evil, and love justice. I’ve always thought of the police as allies, not as enemies.” I glance over to Ryuzaki, who is watching the screen with determination and hatred, all the while biting his thumb. “I intend to create a new world, a perfect world that is free from evil.” The voice continues in its monologue. “If you agree to join me in my mission, I know we can make it happen, and as long as no one tried to catch me, I promise that the innocent will not die.”

‘The whole world is your hostage, huh? You disgust me. We wanted to bring about a perfect world peacefully, but no, you had to come in and turn this into a hostage situation. When I get my hands on you, I’ll kill you with my own two hands if I have to!’ I silently rant to myself, unknowingly clenching my hands.

“Even if you don't agree with me, all I ask is that you not publicize your views in the media. If you can do that, you will be spared. All you have to do now is be patient; I'll create a better world that we can all enjoy. Say good-bye to the world as you know it; soon we'll have a new world brought by benevolence, and inhabited by kind-hearted, honest people. Try to imagine it. A world where the police and I would work together, creating a paradise of peace and harmony.”

I stop paying attention at this point, as the voice keeps repeating the same message. ‘You’re trying too hard to be like Kira, it’s obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that you aren’t. We, as Kira, would never be so foolish as to put ourselves out there like this.’

I’m interrupted from my thoughts as Watari comes back in, holding another two TVs. I rush over to him, taking one, and he nods his thanks. We set them up silently, connecting them to the channels that Ryuzaki wants them set to.

I stand back and out of Ryuzaki’s way, and look around the room. Watari has gone back to typing, Ryuzaki is watching the screens intently, and Aizawa and Matsuda are fervently trying to get through to Sakura TV. I rejoin Ryuzaki, and watch the screens.

The middle screen, one of the ones that Watari had just brought in, catches my eye, as it is showing the doors to Sakura TV’s station. I see Ukita’s car drift in, quickly stopping before the doors. I see him jump out of the car, and run to the doors, then pound on them. Ukita then steps back, holding his gun, and points it at the doors. I fully expect him to shoot, but he freezes. I lean closer to the TV, and see that he’s tensed immensely. The gun falls from his hands, and he drops to his knees, before collapsing completely.

“We’re bringing this to you live, from in front of Sakura TV Studios.” I hear the announcer say. I gasp loudly, and cover my mouth with my hands. ‘How? How could he have killed Ukita-san without his name? I mean, it’s obvious that he’s using the Death Note, but does he not need a name? Does he only need a face? If that’s the case, then how would one go about writing down the name? No, the name is a requirement for the Death Note, is it possible they got the task force’s names already? Or if they don’t, did they…’ I trail off, even in my thoughts, still caught in the horror of knowing that someone I knew, a good person, is dead.

My gasp apparently catches Matsuda’s attention. “Aizawa, look!” I hear Aizawa gasp from behind me. We all freeze, looking in disbelief at the screen.

“As you can see, someone has collapsed just outside the door!” The announcer says. “Again, we’re coming to you live from the Sakura TV building!”

“Ukita…” Matsuda mutters, pain evident in his voice. “Damn it, Kira did this…” Aizawa turns, and starts to walk to the door.

“Aizawa-san!” Ryuzaki calls, trying to stop him. “Where are you going?”

“Where do you think?” He calls back. “I’ve gotta go there!”

“You can’t.” Ryuzaki demands, turning around in his chair. “Please, think about this rationally.” I finally let my hands drop to my lap, where they fold together tightly.

“What, you want me to just sit here and watch TV?!” Aizawa yells, the tension starting to get to him.

“If this truly is the work of Kira, you’ll just meet the same fate if you go there.” Ryuzaki pleads.

Aizawa turns around to face Ryuzaki. “You told us that Kira couldn’t kill without a name! So how could this happen?!”

Matsuda walks over to Ryuzaki. “The aliases and fake police IDs were worthless! What are gonna do, L? You don’t think Kira has all our names already, do you?”

“It’s a definite possibility.” Ryuzaki admits, after a short pause. “However, if that’s the case, you’d think it’d be easier to kill off the entire task force before making a move. Initially, I deduced that Kira needed both a name and a face to kill, but from what we’ve just seen…”

I continue for him. “It’s possible that Kira just needs a face to kill. Could he have needed both before? If that’s the case, then he could be learning, advancing his powers to the point where he no longer needs a name…” I trail off, and Ryuzaki nods to me. ‘I’ll ask Light-kun and Ryuk about this, maybe they’ll know something about it.’

He continues. “All I know for sure is that Kira is either in that TV station, or he’s somewhere close by; in a place where he can watch everyone who enters the building. Perhaps, he’s in-”

Aizawa interrupts him, yelling. “If Kira’s in the area, then isn’t that why we should get down there?!”

Ryuzaki responds hesitantly. “For all we know, he could have just placed surveillance cameras in the area. If we rush down there, unprepared, all of us could be killed-”

“Wasn’t it you who said we’d have to risk our lives to catch Kira?!” Aizawa interrupts him again, grabbing Ryuzaki by the shoulder and lifting him a few inches.

“I meant what I said, but, risking my life to catch Kira and doing something that I know will cost me my life are two entirely different things.” Ryuzaki reasons, fear and trepidation filling his tone.

“Oh yeah?!” Aizawa rages, before pausing. I look from him to Ryuzaki, and my eyes widen marginally. He’s shaking. L, the world’s greatest detective, is scared.

“Please control yourself.” He says, his voice shaking. “We’ve lost Ukita… And I understand you want to go there, but if something was to happen to you as well…”

I look down at my hands, with my eyebrows furrowed and a frown on my face, as I think over the severity of the situation. ‘This is bad. This guy is willing to kill anyone under Kira’s name, not even thinking about the retributions. Not to mention, he doesn’t even need a name in order to kill. Though, there’s no doubt that this guy has a Death Note. So, either he knows the task force’s names, or…’ My eyes widen again in realization. ‘He can see everyone’s names. Is that even possible? If he can, that means that I can’t let myself be seen by him. If I do, then he might recognize me from the task force and kill me, then Kira will lose their backup killer, and the police would never know. This is really, really bad…’

“I now await a response from the police.” The fake Kira says, and I turn to the screens again. “They must decide whether or not they’ll help me create a better world for all of us. Please announce your decision on the six o clock news in four days. I’ve prepared two videos, one to be aired if the answer is yes, and another if the answer is no.”

My attention is caught again by the middle screen, where a hospital ambulance plows through the front doors. “A vehicle has just driven through the front doors of the station!” The announcer explains for the blind.

Ryuzaki, Matsuda, Aizawa, and I all stare at the screen in mild shock. “Well, that’s one way to get into the building without being seen by Kira.” Ryuzaki comments, and I silence a snicker that threatens to rise.

“But, who would…?” Aizawa asks, dumbfounded.

I assume my thinking pose. ‘Well, they drove with passion, and little-to-no care, as if they had to get there quickly, the vehicle wasn’t theirs, nor were they responsible for it. And it was an ambulance…’

My eyes widen at my conclusion, and I state confidently, “Mr. Yagami.”

The others all look at me, and Ryuzaki asks, “Do you think so?”

“The driver was urgent to get inside as quickly as possible. Therefore, they are connected to the case in some way. Second, the vehicle they drove was an ambulance, meaning they came from a hospital. So yes, I believe my conclusion is sound.” I explain.

“I see.” He returns to looking at the screens, but Matsuda and Aizawa keep looking at me.

After a couple minutes, I break. “What?”

“You two even think the same way. It’s almost scary.” Matsuda admits, and I roll my eyes.

Turning my attention back to the TVs, the announcer for the middle screen says, “We’re still outside Sakura TV! As you can see, a police car has just arrived!”

“So, we’re not alone.” Matsuda concludes. “There are still other officers out there who are willing to stand up to Kira.”

“Aizawa-san.” Ryuzaki says, suddenly. “You know Deputy Director Kitamura’s cell phone number, right?”

“Uh, yeah.” He pulls out his phone, dials a number, and hands the phone to Ryuzaki.

A few seconds pass, before he says, “This is L. There’s something I need you to do for me. There may be officers who will see this broadcast and feel moved to take action in the name of justice. If you don’t take control of the situation quickly, there will be a disaster.”

Another few seconds pass, before my attention is caught by the screens again. “Another two police officers have collapsed on the sidewalk. I think we may be in danger, we’re moving away from the scene!”

Several minutes later, Watari’s phone rings, and he announces, “Director Superintendent Yagami.”

Ryuzaki lifts his hand to receive the phone. “Call him back immediately and give me the phone!”

Ryuzaki grabs the phone, and holds it to his ear in his odd way of holding it by the edges, as if trying to hold it at a distance. “Yes, it’s me.” He says after a moment. “Mr. Yagami. So, you’re the one driving the ambulance.” Aizawa and Matsuda look at me incredulously, as if they couldn’t believe that I had guessed it correctly. “But what about your condition, are you alright?... Please hold the line for a second.” He lowers Watari’s phone and raises Aizawa’s. “Deputy Director Kitamura. It was Chief Yagami who just drove into the building. Are your preparations complete?” He lowers Aizawa’s and raises Watari’s. “Yagami-san, listen carefully. In exactly five minutes, I want you to just come out the front entrance.” He hangs up both phones, and looks at me. I nod, a gesture which he returns.

Five minutes later, one of the TV news anchors announces, “There you have it. The police refuse to cooperate with Kira. Instead, they are preparing to fight. And, as much as I fear for my own life in saying so, this is right. And it must be done! Kira has become a threat to our very constitution, and as citizens, we must fight back! I am NHN’s golden news anchor, Kouki Tanakabara.”

Another few minutes later, the door opens and closes, catching the attention of the four of us. I turn to the door, and see Mr. Yagami being supported by Watari.

“Chief Yagami!” Matsuda exclaims, happy to see him.

“Welcome back, chief.” Aizawa adds, less enthusiastically.

“Ryuzaki, I apologise for taking matters into my own hands.” Mr. Yagami apologises. “I have to admit, I got a little bit carried away.” The three men walk toward him, and he holds out the bag that he carries. “Here, everything that Kira sent to the station is in here.”

“I can’t thank you enough.” Ryuzaki says gently, taking the bag from him.

Watari walks Mr. Yagami over to one of the nearest couches, as Mr. Yagami says, “I think I’d better rest for a minute.”

I walk over to him and ask, “Mr. Yagami, shouldn’t you have gone back to the hospital? You’re not fully recovered.” My voice full of concern, this time real.

He looks up at me in shock. “Miss Tsukino? Why are you here?”

I sit down across from him. “Ryuzaki-san found my deductive skills useful, and asked me to work on the Kira investigation with you.”

“Aizawa-san.” Ryuzaki calls out, and I turn my attention towards them, “can you please take this to the crime lab right away?” He hands the bag over to Aizawa.

He takes the bag in both hands. “I still have some friends down there, I’ll make sure they go over every inch of this.”

Ryuzaki nods. “That’s good, please do so. While you’re doing that, Mirai-san and I will watch these tapes to see if they can tell us anything.” He looks over to me, and I stand up.

“Sounds good to me.” I agree, before thinking to myself, ‘This will give me a chance to see whether or not this was from an imposter. Light-kun, I still doubt you’d do something like this, so I believe that I am safe in my reasoning.’ I quickly text my parents, telling them that I’m staying overnight with a friend, and pray that they buy it.

Ryuzaki and I then settle down in front of the TVs, and we put in the first tape.

The next morning, we finish going over the fourth tape for the last time, having pulled an all-nighter. I rub my eyes as the door opens, and the others come in.

“So, what do you make of these?” Mr. Yagami inquires, and I stifle a yawn.

Ryuzaki turns around in his chair. “They were definitely interesting.”

“You can say that again.” I add, cracking my knuckles, before continuing. “Had the police agreed to work with Kira, tape three should have been aired, tape four if the answer was no.”

Ryuzaki continues for me. “Tape three covers the terms of cooperation. Quite simply, he’s asking that we broadcast the names of more criminals. He seems particularly interested in those who have committed assault or otherwise taken advantage of the weak and defenseless. Of course, Kira would play the role of judge, nonetheless. Furthermore, as proof that the police are willing to cooperate, he wants police officials and L to appear on TV, to make a public announcement that we plan to cooperate with him. He needs us to reveal our faces, that way, he can kill us if the police do anything suspicious. In other words, he’d hold our lives as insurance.”

“I see.” Mr. Yagami says, “So what about the content of the fourth video, if we were to answer no?”

I answer. “It was worded differently, but the message was more or less the same. Air more criminals’ identities, broadcast our faces, et cetera.”

“Yagami-san, it should go without saying that the answer is no.” Ryuzaki declares. “Have someone take tape number four over to Sakura TV, and authorize them to broadcast it.” He lifts the remote, and ejects the tape.

A few hours later, they air the tape.

“I can only say, it’s a shame that your answer is no.” The tape recites. “It’s clear that the police wish to oppose me, this will not go unpunished. So, I’ll start by either taking the life of the Director General of the NPA, or the detective known as L who is currently leading the investigation against me. The Director General, or L. Who will pay the price for your refusal to cooperate in the creation of a peaceful world? You have four days to decide.”

After the message is aired, I decide to head home and get some much-needed sleep. I’m about to call a cab, but Ryuzaki grabs my phone from me first. “That won’t be necessary.” He explains. “Watari will drive you home.”

I nod my thanks, and leave with Watari. The ride home is silent until the end, when Watari asks me, “You don’t seem surprised that I know where you live.”

I shrug. “You seem to work for Ryuzaki-san, and he seems to know everything. I figured that he merely passed the information along to you.”

He nods, and I get out of the car, and walk inside, not bothering to wave as he drives away. I avoid my parents, and crash on my bed.

The next day, I go back to the same hotel, and join the others. Watari brings in tea and cake for our meeting, and we discuss the entirety of the case, to see if there’s anything we might have missed.

Another couple hours later, Mr. Yagami comes back, having gone to see what the other countries had decided on. “Ryuzaki, I’m afraid it’s as you thought. Several of our member countries have weighed in, and it appears that they are in favour of having the real L appear on TV.”

Ryuzaki calmly takes another sip of his tea. “I think that’s the most appropriate choice, given the options. Well, we still have three days before it happens. Maybe we can find some counter-measure. After all this, it would really annoy me,” He takes a bite of cake, and continues talking, “if I’m killed by the first person to jump on the Kira bandwagon.” The others seem astonished by this fact.

“Ryuzaki, what do you mean by that?” Mr. Yagami asks, a hint of desperation in his tone.

“It means that there is a very strong possibility that this Kira is a fake.” I answer. “Or, at the very least, not the original Kira, but they still have his powers. Like a second Kira.”

“A second Kira?” Mr. Yagami echoes in dismay.

“I-I don’t understand.” Aizawa asks. “Why do you think there’s a copycat? How did you two come to that conclusion?”

“We looked at the victims he used for his predictions in tape number one.” Ryuzaki explains. “Their purpose was to prove to Sakura TV’s staff that he is Kira. Both their names were only reported in tabloids and daytime talk shows, so they weren’t exactly hardened criminals.” He leans forward and starts playing with the strawberry on his plate. “The real Kira has no need to prove himself using such insignificant criminals, but from the perspective of the second Kira,” He finally spears said strawberry and eats it, then continues to talk with his mouth full, “he wanted to make absolutely certain that he didn’t predict the death of a criminal who could be killed by the real Kira first.”

Mr. Yagami asks, “Ryuzaki, if you had to put a number on it, what’s the probability of a second Kira?”

He adds a sugar cube to his tea. “This time, I’d say it’s more than seventy percent.” The other three men gasp at this. “And I really don’t like the way he operates. It’s not like Kira.”

“Not like him?” Matsuda asks.

“Kira has traditionally avoided killing innocents in the past,” I explain, and their attention turns to me, “with the exception of those who were trying to catch him. This Kira has no qualms about killing innocents, or people with very minor criminal records.”

“Anyway,” Ryuzaki continues, “if we can capture one Kira, I think it will provide us with a lot of insight into how we can find the other one.” He turns to Mr. Yagami. “Yagami-san, I’d like your permission to ask your son to cooperate with us on this investigation.”

Aizawa and Matsuda look at each other in confusion, and Mr. Yagami straightens. “If you want my son to join the task force, does this mean that you no longer suspect him?”

“Well, I can’t say that he’s been completely cleared, but his deductive abilities would be invaluable to us right now.” Ryuzaki explains.

Mr. Yagami looks down, obviously disappointed, before looking up again. “If my son wants to cooperate with you, I have no reason to prevent it.”

“I appreciate that.” Ryuzaki thanks, “However, please don’t tell him that we think this latest Kira might be a fake. I don’t want him to know that yet. We want to make it appear to him that we’re still chasing the same Kira.”

“Is this another test for his deductive skills, like when you gave me the names?” I ask, innocently enough.

“In a way, yes.” He admits, but I catch his undertone.

‘This is your way of trying to get him to mess up and confess, isn’t it? Nice try, but Light-kun is too smart to fall for that.’

I lean back in my chair, and think. ‘Still, what Matsuda said a couple days ago, about Ryuzaki-san and I thinking the same way… When I think about it, it actually rings true. Intriguing…’

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