Kira's Other Half

Love and Confession

“Well then,” Ryuzaki says, continuing the conversation, “we need to ask Light Yagami-kun to assist us, however, we cannot tell him that we are considering the possibility of a second Kira.”

“Are you serious?” Matsuda asks, leaning forward. “But wouldn’t that make working together a bit difficult?”

“He’s right.” Aizawa agrees. “Why even bother asking him to work with us?”

“Well, I didn’t mean indefinitely.” Ryuzaki explains, before leaning forward to pick up one of the tapes. “And I’m curious to see what his impression of these tapes will be, prior to knowing ours. Light-kun’s deductive reasoning is really quite incredible. He may suspect that these tapes are the work of a second Kira, an imposter, or a copycat imitating the original.”

Matsuda leans forward to ask, “But the basis for the second Kira theory is that the victims from the recent killings are minor criminals who don’t fit the normal profile. Without hearing our explanation, how would Light-san know that?”

“Yes, but there’s more to it than that.” Ryuzaki says, letting his voice fluctuate in pitch. “The suspect that we’ve been pursuing up until now has needed both a name and a face to kill his victims, but there is something different happening here.”

I take over. “Recall that Ukita-san was killed the moment he arrived at the station, and this Kira demanded that Ryuzaki-san only appear on TV, but made no request for his name. That implies that this Kira only needs a person’s face to kill them.”

Ryuzaki picks up from there. “So, I’ll ask Light-kun to look over all of our information, as well as our video evidence. If he comes to the conclusion that there could be a second suspect, he’d be almost completely cleared of suspicion in this case.”

Mr. Yagami leans toward him, most likely in confusion. “But how will that prove anything?”

Ryuzaki pauses for a moment, before answering. “Logically, if he’s really Kira, he’ll want me dead, seeing as how I’m leading the investigation against him right now. And the way things are going, if I comply with this subject’s demands and appear on TV in three days, there’s a very good chance I will die. I can’t see Kira jeopardising such an easy opportunity to get rid of me.”

“Okay, but are you suggesting that if my son does not come up to the same conclusion, there’s an even greater chance that he is guilty?” Mr. Yagami asks.

“No.” Ryuzaki responds. “In that case, there will still only be a five percent chance, we’ll inform him that we are investigating the possibility of a copycat, and have him cooperate with us as planned.”

Mr. Yagami nods, before excusing himself and pulling out his phone. He dials in a number, and waits a moment before speaking. “Light, Ryuzaki-san has decided that he’d like you to help with the investigation. If you’re still interested, then you need to come here right away.” He listens for another moment before hanging up, and he turns to us. “He’s on his way.”

“Thank you.” Ryuzaki says, and Mr. Yagami sits back down. Around twenty minutes later, someone knocks on the door, and Light comes in.

Ryuzaki stands and walks over to greet him, shaking his hand. “Thank you, Light-kun.”

Light smiles politely, faking it the entire time. “Not at all. After all, I want to catch Kira as much as you do, Ryuga-kun.”

Ryuzaki looks at him in the eye. “I’ll have to ask that you call me Ryuzaki here.” Light raises an eyebrow, but nods and accepts it.

They turn to us, and we introduce our aliases.

“I’m Matsui!” Matsuda starts.

“I’m Aihara.” Aizawa adds.

“I’m Asahi.” Mr. Yagami continues.

“And I’m Kiyohime.” I complete, before I realize what I said. ‘Wait, what? No, I meant to say Midori, what the hell came over me? But, it just felt so natural to say that name… Where have I heard it before?’

Ryuzaki and Light both raise eyebrows at my choice of alias, but say nothing on the matter. “Yes, of course.” Light says to us, before turning to Ryuzaki. “Then perhaps I should call myself ‘Light Asahi’?”

“Yes, please do.” Ryuzaki agrees in response. “To keep things simple from this point on, I’ll call you Light.” Once Light nods, Ryuzaki begins his explanation. “Okay, let’s get down to work. You can start by looking over all the information we’ve collected. I’d also like you to examine these videos.” He walks over to the TV, and Light follows him. “They were sent to the TV station, but were never aired. For security reasons, you’re not permitted to take notes, and all materials must remain here.”

Light sits down, and agrees. “I understand.”

Ryuzaki picks up the remote, and turns on the TV, playing the tape inside. “We will begin now.”

I lean on the wall, watching Light watch the tapes. I see his jaw clench slightly, and his stare harden. ‘It seems he didn’t make the videos. As I assumed, though it does make me worry about who on earth would be so stupid as to do so.’

‘While we’re on the topic of stupidity, what the hell was I thinking earlier? Kiyohime? How could one confuse Midori for Kiyohime? It just slipped out, but it rolled off of my tongue so easily, not to mention its familiarity… Where have I heard it? Damn, this is going to bother me for a while.’

When I finally slip back into reality, I look up and realize that the tape just finished. “So, what do you make of this, Light-kun? Have you come to any conclusions?” Ryuzaki asks him, and I can see Light cursing him for asking.

Light stands from the chair. “It’s hard to say for sure, but there might be another person out there with Kira’s power.”

Mr. Yagami steps forward, unbelieving. “What? With Kira’s power? But what do you mean by that, Light?”

“At the very least, I’d say this tape was not created by the Kira that we’re familiar with.” Light clarifies, indicating the tapes with his hand. “It’s extremely out of character for him to use these kinds of victims in his killings. And, since we’ve established that he needs a name and face to kill, it makes you wonder how he was able to kill that detective and those two officers right outside the television station like that.”

Aizawa, Matsuda, and Mr. Yagami look between Light, Ryuzaki, and I with varying degrees of wonder, awe, and shock.

“I-it’s the same.” Aizawa stutters out.

“T-that’s almost exactly how Ryuzaki-san and M- I mean, Kiyohime-san said it.” Matsuda says, barely remembering my alias. Mr. Yagami looks at his son happily, most likely hoping for this to have cleared his name.

“I think you’re exactly right about that.” Ryuzaki says in mild awe. “We also believe that this is the work of a second Kira.”

Light looks at Ryuzaki in indignation. “So you knew about this all along Ryuga-sorry, Ryuzaki?” He crosses his arms. “Which mean that this was just another one of your tests?”

“It wasn’t my intention to test you.” Ryuzaki defends. “The truth is, Kiyohime-san and I required a second party to confirm our suspicions, to ensure that our conclusion was sound. If we were the only ones who believed in a second Kira, it wouldn’t be too convincing. But the fact that we all came to the same conclusion makes the theory that much more believable. As expected, you did not disappoint us. You’ve been a great help.” He angles his head down a few degrees, keeping his eyes on Light. “It’s decided then. First, we must focus on stopping this copycat. From what we’ve seen, he sympathises with the real Kira, but clearly lacks his sophistication. I think he might even be willing to obey the original.”

I pick up on his train of thought, and continue for him. “If that’s the case, we could lure him into a trap by sending our own message from the ‘real’ Kira.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” Light admits. “You two literally took the words right out of my mouth.”

“Oh, and Light-kun,” Ryuzaki adds. “I would like you to play the part of the ‘real’ Kira.”

Light’s eyes widen in surprise. “Huh? Me? As Kira?”

Ryuzaki begins to talk rather quickly. “Yes, you’re the only one I’d be able to think of who could pull something like this off. At any rate, we don’t have time to waste. Do you think you could script a message from Kira in time for it to be aired on this evening’s national news?”

Ryuk begins laughing from his vantage point behind Light, as Light himself glares at Ryuzaki.

About an hour later, Light gives a piece of paper he’d been working on to Ryuzaki. “Ryuzaki, does this look okay? I think I managed to make it believable.”

“I think you’ve done an excellent job with this.” Ryuzaki compliments, before lowering the page from his face. “However, if we don’t omit the part that says ‘you are free to kill L’, then I’m gonna end up dead.”

Light laughs good-heartedly. “Sorry, I guess I got carried away playing the part. I figured if I was him, I’d probably demand that you be killed. I was improvising, feel free to change it to whatever you like.”

“Hmm… Sounds good.” Ryuzaki agrees, before handing it over to Aizawa. “Aihara-san, the script is ready, so I’ll leave it to you.”

A recording session and four hours later, Sakura TV airs the tape.

“And now, a shocking announcement.” The news anchor says. “In response to the frightening Kira video aired on Sakura TV only a few days ago, an anonymous individual has contacted us, claiming to be the real Kira. In short, he has demanded of this network, as well as several others, that we air the message you are now about to see. I would also like to mention that the NPA has granted us permission to air this video. Is this the real Kira? No one knows for sure, but we can only hope that this video provides us with some much needed answers.”

The screen switches from his face to a, for some reason, gold and sparkly screen with KIRA in large, cursive print.

“I am Kira.” A distorted voice says, with the same voice filters Ryuzaki uses to become L. “The true Kira. The one who was broadcast on Sakura TV several days ago is a pretender, a fake. The purpose of this message is to communicate my will to this imposter. I have chosen to be lenient with him for the time being, only because I believe he wishes to cooperate with me in the creation of a new world. But I want to make it absolutely clear that the taking of innocent lives is against my will. If this person claiming to be me is truly sympathetic to my cause and wishes to be of some help, I ask two things of him. That he refrain from killing aimlessly, and that he agree to abide by my basic principles.”

I turn to Ryuzaki, and ask, “So, what now?”

He looks at me out of the corner of his eye. “Now, we wait.”

Several days later, Watari informs us of the response. “Ryuzaki, we have a reply from the second Kira.” This catches everyone’s attention, and we all turn to the computer Watari was speaking to us through. “I’ll be bringing over the envelope and tapes we received, but in the meantime, I’m streaming a copy of the video so you can view it on your end.”

We all gather around the laptop, before the screen switches from Watari’s signature W to the black KIRA signature adopted by the imposter. “Kira, thank you for your reply.” The distorted voice says. “Please do not worry, I will follow orders, and do as you say.”

“It worked.” I hear the others say incredulously. I glance over to Light, who developed a hardened look in his eye, and I can’t help but agree. ‘This idiot! Believing anyone who claims to be Kira to actually be him! He’ll be no help at all. Does he even know what we as Kira desire?’

“I really want to meet you.” The voice continues, before it pauses, and admits, “I don’t think you have the eyes.” I raise an eyebrow at this, before turning to Light and seeing him tense, pale, and worried. He looks back at me. ‘It seems he knows what this moron is talking about. I’ll have to ask him about that later.’ “But you don’t have to worry, I would never try to kill you, that’s a promise.”

“What’s this ‘having the eyes’ supposed to mean? Is it a code?” Aizawa asks, clearly as confused as I am, along with everyone else. I look at Ryuzaki, only to see him entirely tensed and shaking, almost hyperventilating.

“Please tell me how I can meet you without the police knowing.” The imposter continues. “You’ll think of something. When we meet, we can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other.” ‘What the hell?! Who does he think he is, revealing the existence of Shinigami on a public broadcast?!’ I’m slapped out of my thoughts by Ryuzaki’s panicked gasp.

“Shinigami?!” The others gasp out, but my eyes remain on Ryuzaki, who throws his hands in the air and begins to scream.

In doing so, he knocks his chair over and falls to the floor. I slide purposefully to the floor next to him, kneeling beside his head, as I ask, “Ryuzaki, are you alright? What’s wrong?”

He sits up slowly, still looking horrified at the laptop screen. “Shinigami…” He mutters. “Am I supposed to believe that? That Shinigami actually exist?” The tape, having finished, leaves the screen as a bunch of static.

“That’s impossible!” Matsuda exclaims.

“Obviously, they don’t exist.” Aizawa reassures.

“Oc course they don’t, Ryuzaki-san, get a hold of yourself!” I say trying to get him back to normal. ‘He might be the enemy, but it would be no fun at all if he became mentally unstable and made things easy.’

“That’s right, Ryuzaki.” Light agrees. “Listen to yourself, of course Shinigami don’t exist!”

Ryuzaki shakily turns to me and looks me dead in the eye. “You’re probably right, but I remember that Kira had those prisoners write something suggesting the existence of Shinigami.”

“So, based on that fact,” Mr. Yagami suggests, “perhaps we’re dealing with the same person, after all. It would definitely explain why we’re hearing the same words.”

We all turn to look at him, and Light counters his father’s suggestion. “I don’t think so, because, if this was the same person, it’s highly unlikely he would have responded to our video in the first place. And why would he agree to let L live after all of the trouble of getting him to appear on TV?” I see Ryuzaki visibly calm as Light continues. “The real Kira wants him dead, so it doesn’t make sense.”

“Well, maybe there’s some other connection between the real one and this fake guy.” Aizawa thinks out loud. “They could have already met, and decided to use the word ‘Shinigami’ as a way to confuse us.”

“No, I’d say that’s unlikely.” Ryuzaki reasons, and we all turn back to him as he picks up the chair he’d knocked over. “It’s as Light-kun says. If the two Kiras were connected, I don’t think the imposter would be so willing to give up on his plan to kill me.” He sits down in the chair in his usual slouch, and I go to stand next to Light. “All of this suggests to me that the copycat has his own agenda, and is acting independently of the first. I believe his actual motivation is to meet the original.”

“I think you’re right.” Light agrees after a moment of silence. “He’s acting out of an interest in Kira. The word Shinigami could very well be some reference to their killing power. Saying, ‘We can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other’ probably means that they’d confirm their identities to each other by somehow demonstrating their ability to kill.”

“Yes, that’s it.” Ryuzaki agrees, back to his old self. “Based on their messages, we can assume that the word ‘Shinigami’ must hold some other meaning that only the real Kira and the second Kira are aware of. Now, we just need to convince this copycat to tell us what that is.”

“So will you respond and force him to be more specific? We have to be careful of how we handle this. We can’t make it too obvious that we’re asking, otherwise, he’ll realize that we’re not Kira.”

“No, from now on, it’s best that we leave it up to the two Kiras.” Ryuzaki decides, confusing the others.

“What do you mean?” Aizawa voices the question they were thinking.

“I imagine that the second Kira is probably quite satisfied with the current situation, now that he’s received a televised response. He sent a message to get Kira’s attention, and as far as he knows, he now has it. Also, there’s that word he used,” Ryuzaki answers, avoiding saying ‘Shinigami’, “one that only the two of them would understand. We’ll arrange to have this reply broadcast today on Sakura six o clock news. Naturally, this will be of interest to Kira, and he’ll be following the exchange between the copycat and the one we’ve invented. Now, if I were Kira himself, my priority would be to prevent this imposter from coming into contact with the police. This is good for us, because it means that the real Kira may feel pressured to respond this time.”

“Okay, let’s say that he doesn’t respond.” Aizawa suggests. “Then what do we do?”

Ryuzaki begins to tap his fingers. “Yes, I’ve been thinking about what the second Kira would do if he gets no response. For one, he might reveal more information that he knows Kira once kept secret to pressure him into a meeting, of course, that would make Kira nervous.” He looks up from his knees and smiles. “It could be interesting. And what would be more interesting is if Kira sent a message of his own to prevent this from happening. Ideally, this could provide us with the physical evidence we’ll need to build a case against him. In the meantime, let’s gather all the information we can on this copycat.”

I nod, and sit down to get to work.

Several days later, as I’m walking home from the campus, I get a call from Watari. “Kiyohime-san, we have another response from the second Kira. It was sent to Sakura TV, but we managed to intercept it. It appears to be a video and a journal this time.”

I immediately change direction, and make my way to our new headquarters. “I’m on my way.” I tell him, before hanging up, and texting my parents to tell them that I’d be hanging out with a friend.

I walk into the hotel suite moments after Light, and I hear him ask, “So, he wanted the journal shown on TV?”

“Yes, this is it.” Mr. Yagami hands Light a page of journal paper, and I walk up beside him to read it over his shoulder. ‘2006? These are from last year, why would he send Sakura TV this? Wait, I can’t judge just yet, the idiot might have done some kind of code, if he’s intelligent enough to do so.’

“Please take a look at the entry he made on the thirtieth.” Ryuzaki says to us, and we both follow along.

‘“Confirmed our Shinigami at the Tokyo dome.” This might be literal, and mean that he wants to meet Kira on May thirtieth, or it could be more cryptic, and he might have done that to throw off the police from the real meetup. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was so stupid that he intends to meet Kira on the thirtieth, but I can’t underestimate anyone, not even this moronic wannabe.’

The entry for the twenty-second catches my eye. ‘“My friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama.” So, this moron isn’t as entirely stupid as I thought. That wouldn’t catch the attention of too many people. Hopefully I’m not reading too much into this. By notebooks, he likely means Death Notes, that’s something that can only be understood by Light-kun and I.’

Ryuzaki walks up next to us. “So, what do you think? Is it real?”

I know what Light is thinking, so I say it first. “If it’s real, this guy is an idiot.”

“Yeah, I agree.” Matsuda says to me. “I mean, it’s obvious that he wants to meets Kira at the home game.”

“Doesn’t he understand what would happen if we aired this message?” Mr. Yagami adds in. “It would create an immediate panic and the game would have to be cancelled.”

Ryuzaki goes back to his chair, and eats one of his chocolates. “To be honest, it’s so stupid, I’m not sure how to deal with this whole situation anymore. If we make the diary public, then we’ll be forced to make some televised announcement cancelling the game on the thirtieth. But if we don’t broadcast it, we can be sure the second Kira won’t do anything.”

We all walk over to the couches near Ryuzaki. “But won’t cancelling the game make him angry?” Matsuda asks. “There’s no telling what he’ll do.”

“Frankly, that’s not a big concern.” Ryuzaki explains. “From what we’ve witnessed, it’s safe to say that the second Kira admires the real one. He gave his word to the Kira we invented that he’d refrain from killing aimlessly. I’m inclined to believe that. I say we make it public, and we air an announcement cancelling the game. At the same time, we’ll announce that on May thirtieth we’re going to set up checkpoints on all roads leading to the Tokyo Dome. And finally, we’ll send a response from our invented Kira, something like, ‘I understand, and I agree to meet you there.’”

Mr. Yagami objects. “Ryuzaki-san! You don’t honestly expect him to go there if we set up checkpoints around the dome, do you?”

Ryuzaki takes a sip of his tea. “I don’t think Kira would even consider it, but it’s possible the other one might. It all depends on how stupid he really is.” He holds up the journal page. “However, assuming he’s not actually the idiot we think he is, there could be another message hidden in this diary, one that’s not so obvious. If there’s a message here, written in some code that only people who have this ‘Shinigami’ power can understand, there’d be no way for me to decipher it. Still, it would only make sense for us to look into all of the places that were mentioned in the journal. The twenty second, he’s meeting a friend in Aoyama, twenty fourth, meeting another friend in Shibuya… We have to be prepared for the possibility that all of our efforts will be fruitless. Let’s keep an eye out for people with notebooks in Aoyama, and people in clothing stores in Shibuya.” He finally lowers the paper. “All we can do is place more surveillance cameras in Aoyama and Shibuya, in the hopes that we might capture something. We should also arrange to have undercover officers in both locations on these dates.”

Matsuda pipes up happily. “I should probably go to Aoyama and Shibuya, since I’d blend in with the crowd there, y’know?”

“I’ll go too.” Light says, earning him a worried glance from his father.

“But, Light-” he starts, but Light interrupts him.

“I’ll be alright, don’t worry.” He reassures. “Aoyama and Shibuya are places I’d go anyway. Not to mention, out of all of us, I’d probably look the most natural hanging out with Matsui-san there, besides Kiyohime-chan. Besides, the second Kira will be there looking for Kira, not the police.”

Ryuzaki nods, before turning to me. “And what about you, Kiyohime-san?”

I shrug. “I suppose I’d blend in just as nicely as Light-kun. I might as well.”

Around an hour later, Light, Matsuda, and I are standing outside, ready to go home.

“We’ll talk more about our trips tomorrow.” Light says to Matsuda as the former gets into his car.

“Sounds good, Light-san. See you tomorrow. Careful getting home.” He gets into the taxi, and it drives away.

Almost immediately, Matsuda’s phone rings. “The second I’m out the door, my phone starts ringing…” He mutters, before answering it. “Yes?”

I hear Ryuzaki’s voice coming from the speaker. “When you three are working together, I want you and Mirai-san to keep a close eye on Light-san the entire time. And please, keep this between just the three of us.” Matsuda looks over to me, and I nod to show that I had heard and understood.

“Sure, yeah, we understand.” Matsuda clarifies, before hanging up. He turns to me. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

I bow respectfully. “Good night, Matsui-san.” He walks inside, and I begin to walk home. I walk quickly and surefootedly, remembering what happened last time I was walking home, and not hoping for a repeat of that incident. ‘It’s possible that it was just dumb luck. If that’s the case though, my luck could run out at any time.’

Once home, I avoid my parents watching TV in the living room, and make my way upstairs to my bedroom. I turn on my laptop, and search for possible meeting places. Not ten minutes into my search, I stumble across a club called Note Blue, where a big event is happening on the twenty second. ‘Huh, it’s code. Blue and Mountain, this is pretty elaborate. I would think them slightly more intelligent than I had given them credit for, but he’s still an idiot for mentioning Shinigami on a public broadcast. Anyways, this Note Blue place is definitely worth checking out while we’re there.’

On the twenty second, I meet up with Light and Matsuda in Aoyama, though Light decided to bring along a few friends. ‘Odd that you’d bring along seven people, Light-kun. Unless you’re trying to disguise yourself, and the best way to do that is in a group… Brilliant Light-kun, you thought farther than I did.’

“Uh, hey, Light-kun, so, what’s going on here?” Matsuda asks awkwardly, before Light turns to the group of people he brought along.

“Oh, these are some of my friends from school.” Light explains, gesturing towards them.

They all giggle nervously, and Matsuda bows. “Nice to meet you.”

“This is my cousin, Taro-san.” Light says, gesturing to Matsuda. “It’s his first time ever in Tokyo, and he wants to see Aoyama and Roppongi, so I figured the least we could do is show him a good time. I’m counting on you guys.” They all bow again. “Oh yeah, he also told me he’s looking for a girlfriend, so, does anyone want to volunteer?”

They all laugh outright at that, as Matsuda stutters, embarrassed. “Hey, I never said that!”

Light then gestures to me. “I’m betting at least some of you know Mirai-chan from school, but just in case you don’t, she was probably one of the few rivals I had for the top spot in the class.”

“Too bad you beat me to it. I won’t lose next time!” I over-exaggerate, and they all laugh. A couple of the girls, Ayane and Risa, link arms with me, and our group of ten begins to wander around the park.

‘Clever, Light-kun. When we’re walking around in a group like this, even if someone somehow saw Ryuk, there’s no way they’d be able to tell who he’s following.’

We wander around the park all day, and both Light and I keep an eye on the doors of the Note Blue club, but I see nothing suspicious.

Three days later, we regroup at headquarters to discuss what we’ve found. Which is… absolutely nothing.

“So, we were there both days, In Aoyama on the twenty second, and Shibuya on the twenty fourth,” Aizawa reports, “and we observed nothing of significance on either occasion. That leaves us with only the dome on the thirtieth.”

Suddenly, the laptop beeps on to reveal Watari’s signature ‘W’. “Ryuzaki, apparently, Sakura TV has just received another message from the second Kira. It was postmarked on the twenty third.”

The screen switches to the imposter’s signature. “I’m happy to say that I have found Kira. To all the people at the TV station and the police department, I’d like to thank you very much.” Light and I exchange glances, both of us surprised at this revelation. ‘So, if he didn’t actually come into contact with either of us, how did he find Kira? Is it another fake?’

“This is a disaster if he found him!” Aizawa voices.

“Yeah, it most likely means that the two Kiras are now cooperating with each other.” Mr. Yagami agrees.

Ryuzaki adds some sugar to his tea and mixes it. “At this point, I don’t believe we should jump to any conclusions. The second Kira is only saying that he found him, nothing more. He may not have made contact yet. Now that it’s come to this, we have no choice but to communicate as the police directly to the second Kira.”

“You want to send a message?” Matsuda asks, confused.

“Yes.” Ryuzaki responds, simply. “The police need to reach out to the copycat and offer him a deal. We need to negotiate with him to see if we can get Kira’s real name.”

Ryuk laughs in the background. “That’s the last thing you wanted to hear, right you two?” Both Light and I ignore him.

Later that night, while I’m at home, the news anchor reads the police’s message to the second Kira. “If Kira doesn’t yet know your name, it may not be too late for you, provided you are willing to cooperate. Whatever you do, you must not approach Kira out of curiosity, make no mistake, Kira will kill you if you contact him. You’ll be used, and disposed of. Consider your own life for a moment, yours, like every other, has an intrinsic value. Now is your chance to right past wrongs by sharing what you know about Kira. Only you can help us bring his reign of terror to an end.”

Suddenly, a thought occurs to me. ‘Say, I never did ask Light about the eyes that the phony spoke of in one of his videos. Might as well ask him now.’

I sneak out of my house, and run to Light’s. ‘I can’t call or email him, those could be traced. No, I have to ask him in person.’

I would have knocked on his door, but I see an odd goth girl standing in front of it. ‘I can’t be seen… Hmm…’ Some demon possesses me, and I end up climbing up the outer wall to Light’s balcony. I raise myself high enough to see into his room just as he leaves. Not seeing any harm in doing so, I open the outer door to his room, and sneak inside. Though, I leave the door open to hear what Light and this girl have to say to each other.

She starts. “Um, pleased to meet you. I’m Misa Amane.” There’s a wrinkling of fabric, like she’s bowing deeply. “I thought you might get worried if you saw that message on TV, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I brought,” she pauses, as if reaching into her bag for something, “this notebook.”

My eyes widen, and I stifle a gasp. ‘Notebook? Like, a Death Note? Does that mean that this girl is the second Kira?’

I hear the door open again, and Light say, “Please, come in.”

“Are you sure it’s okay? Thanks.” The door shuts, and I shut Light’s balcony door, slipping inside. I hear a few mumbles from outside, not quite understanding what it is they’re discussing, before I hear footsteps on the stairs. I panic, knowing that they’re on their way to Light’s bedroom. I quickly, yet carefully, hide in Light’s closet, leaving it open enough to see into the room.

They walk in, and Light rotates his desk chair to face the bed. “Have a seat.”

“Oh, thank you.” Misa says, and she sits down on the chair, while Light sits on the edge of his bed, facing her.

They stare at each other for a moment, before Light asks bluntly, “How did you find me?”

She gasps. “I knew it! You never made the Shinigami eye deal!” Light gapes at her. “When you have the Shinigami eyes like I do, you can see most people’s name and lifespan, just by looking at them. However, you can’t see the lifespan of any person who possesses a Death Note.” I look at her through the door incredulously. ‘Well, she gave me a better answer than Light-kun would have. So, Shinigami eyes, huh? That’s what they are…’

Light gapes, before turning to glare at Ryuk. “No kidding!” Ryuk nervously blurts out. “I have to admit, even I wasn’t aware of that little detail.”

He turns back to Misa. “Well, now you’ve managed to find me.” He then glares at her. “But you were careless, what if you were caught by the police? Then they’d know everything about Kira.”

“But it’s alright. Because the police didn’t catch me,” she objects calmly, “and if I do as you say from now on, they’ll never be able to, so we’re safe. After all, don’t you need someone to see L’s name? I you want, I could be your eyes. So…” She looks down at her lap sheepishly.

“Yeah? So, what?” Light prompts her.

She looks up, and blurts out, “Would you please make me your girlfriend?”

I don’t even see Light’s reaction to her statement; I’m so shocked, though Light voices my exact thoughts. “Girlfriend?” He echoes.

She nods in confirmation, saying, “Yes.”

Ryuk snickers as Light leans forward on his knees. “Impossible. The day that you and I were at Aoyama there were three times the number of surveillance cameras around. Anyone who would’ve been in Aoyama on the twenty second would have been caught on camera, and that includes me. If you and I were seen together, it wouldn’t look very good. In fact, even being here together is a problem. I wish you’d understand that.”

She reaches into her bag to take out two pictures. “But, look, these are pictures of how I looked when I went to Aoyama that day.”

Light takes them and studies them, with Ryuk looking over his shoulder. “Well, I’m sure no one would recognize her from this.” Ryuk comments, a smirk in his voice.

“What about your fingerprints?” Light interrogates. “All those tapes you sent to the TV station, they all had the same fingerprints on them.”

“Yeah, but those aren’t my fingerprints!” She defends herself. “It’s not like I do these things without thinking about them first!” ‘Oh, really? And I’m sure you revealing the eyes was well thought through. Geez, this girl is a total ditz!’ “Up until recently, I lived in the Kansai region, and I had this friend who was into the occult. I suggested that we distribute this fake poltergeist I had made to a bunch of different TV shows, sort of as a prank, and she agreed to help me with it. I had her take care of all of the dubbing, so my fingerprints wouldn’t be on the tapes. Then I took them from her, added the Kira graphic, and recorded the message with a voice effect.”

Light interrogates further. “And this friend you made the tapes with? Where is she now?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Misa snaps at him. “If you want me to kill her, just say so and I’ll kill her!” The resulting silent moment is tense, before Misa calms down enough to speak again. “If you really still can’t trust me, then here.” She holds out her Death Note to Light. “I’ll even let you hold onto my Death Note. But you’d just be holding it, so I’d still be the rightful owner of it, which means I get to keep my Shinigami eyes. Isn’t that right, Rem?” She looks up at the empty space above her. ‘Wow, is that how crazy we’d look to other people if we talked to Ryuk in public? Man. Anyways, likely, the space above her is where her Shinigami is currently standing. I really hope to dearest god it doesn’t notice me. I’ll have to discuss with Light-kun what we’ll do about her after she leaves.’

Light takes her Death Note, and she continues. “Now there’s no way I could possibly kill you. And if I become a burden to you, you can just kill me, okay?”

Light stare at her for a half moment, before accusing, “But, you might’ve removed several pages from your Death Note, you could be hiding them somewhere for all I know.”

She stands up, and cries, “Why are you so suspicious of me?! In already told you, I don’t care, even if all you do is use me! Believe me…” ‘She sounds so pathetic, like Light-kun is the center of her universe, even if she just met him today!’

Light is silent for a moment, before asking skeptically, “How can you say that?”

She falls to her knees of the ground. “Exactly one year ago, my parents were killed in a robbery. I was home with them at the time, it happened right in front of me. I wanted that man to pay for what he did, but the trial dragged on forever, opinions started surfacing that he was being falsely accused.” My eyes widen at her story, and I begin to feel a kind of bond with her. ’My older sister was killed in a robbery years ago, and the man who did it got away with it, too. Our stories are so similar.’ “Then it happened. Kira punished him for what he did to my parents, and that’s why Kira means everything, Kira means everything to me. All I, all I wanted was a chance to meet you one day! So I could thank you for what you did.” She confesses, finishing with tears in her eyes. I smile sweetly, genuinely. ‘This is what I wanted. I wanted Kira to help people, help them by destroying the ones who would hurt them. This is what I had dreamed Kira to be.’

Suddenly, Light stands from his bed. He walks the few steps to Misa, kneels down in front of her, and takes her in an embrace. “I understand.” He says. “I can’t be your boyfriend, but I can act like it. The lengths you went to meet me, to help me, those eyes of yours, that you sacrificed half your life to get, will become my weapon.”

She smiles. “Thank you so much. I’ll try my hardest to make you love me, I promise.” She returns his embrace.

I begin to feel slightly sad, like I’d just lost something. Then I look closer, and see Light shaking slightly, as if he’s laughing. ‘It’s like he plans to use her… He does, the womanizer… But if he’s a womanizer, then why hasn’t he gotten rid of me yet? Interesting…’

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