Kira's Other Half

Friend and Wager

I look up from my thoughts to see Light release Misa from their embrace. She smiles up at him innocently. “So, you’ll just pretend? Alright, I guess it’s a good start. Well, now that we talked about that, could you show me your Shinigami? I really want to see him.”

Her request catches Light off guard, and I can see him debating whether or not to agree. “Yeah, sure.” He eventually says, standing up. “Could you please turn around?” He asks her back, in his innocent voice, reaching into his pocket and withdrawing his wallet.

“Alright.” She agrees, doing as he says.

Light takes the small paper out of his wallet’s lining, and touches it to her bare hand. He hides it again, before telling her, “Okay, you can turn back now.”

She does so, to be greeted by Ryuk leaning in close to her face. “Hey there, how’s it going?” He says, trying to scare her.

“Oh, look at that!” She exclaims, unfazed. “You’re a completely different type of Shinigami than Rem-chan, aren’t you? I already know your name, it’s Ryuk-kun, right? Nice to meet you!” She raises her hand in a wave, a gesture which Ryuk returns. ‘Rem-chan? Her Shinigami’s name is Rem, then. Are they that close for her to use honorifics, or is her Shinigami simply not infuriating?’ “Oh, and by the way, Light-kun darling, do you know how to Kill a Shinigami?” She continues.

This catches both my and Light’s attention, but for different reasons. “Did you just call me by my first name?” He asks her, and I mentally face-palm, as the actual motion might draw attention to me. ‘She wants to tell you how to kill a Shinigami, and that’s what you focus on?’ I rant at him in my mind. ‘Hold up, did she just call you darling?’

“Then do you mind if I call you ‘Knight’ instead? ‘Cause you’re like my knight in shining armor, you know.” She explains, as if it would justify her suggestion.

Light sighs, nearly exasperated. “Let’s just stick with Light.”

“Okay!” Misa giggles. “Rem-chan, would you mind explaining to Light-kun what you told me?” She looks at the empty space to the right of her with puppy-dog eyes, and Light and Ryuk’s gazes follow hers. ‘I swear, I would think they were crazy if I didn’t know what was going on.’

They listen for a few minutes, and I stand awkwardly in the closet, waiting for one of them to say something. Luckily for me, Light summarizes. “So, if a Shinigami has feelings for a human and kills someone else to extend that human’s lifespan beyond its natural end, the Shinigami will die?”

“That’s right!” Misa cheerfully confirms.

Ryuk laughs. “Good luck finding a Shinigami who’d volunteer to do that.”

“That’s true.” Light agrees, looking at Ryuk from the corner of his eye. “I can’t see you ever doing that. By the way,” he turns back to Misa, “where did you send all those tapes from, the ones that went to the TV stations?”

“Let’s see…” She raises a finger to her jaw in a typical thinking pose. “Osaka the first time, then Tokyo, this other one from Nagano, I took the bullet train every time so the police couldn’t pinpoint my location.”

Light leans forward. “Alright, one more thing, do you still have the videotapes and envelopes with your friend’s fingerprints on them?” She nods.

“Well, you’ll have to dispose of everything that was used to create those videotapes, understand? But before you do, I need you to send one last video, and make sure it’s from a place you haven’t used yet.” He goes into my thinking pose; it seems I’ve rubbed off on him more than I thought. “It should say, ‘I’ve decided to stop searching for Kira. And, I’d like to thank the police department for all of its advice. “‘However,’” He stands up, “‘I still plan to help Kira in his mission. And I hope that, in time, he will come to see me as an ally. I will start by punishing criminals that Kira has yet to judge.’” He walks over to Misa, who is still sitting in Light’s desk chair. “‘Also, I will share my power with those I judge are worthy, and I will encourage them to do the same. Together, we’ll make this world a better place.’”

“‘Share my power’?” Misa echoes, confused.

“We’ll just add that part to throw off their investigation.” Light explains to her, incredibly patient. “They suspect there are already two people who have this power, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that there are others, and if they believe the numbers are growing, they’ll start to panic. Can you do this?”

“No need to ask, tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” Misa agrees, immediately loyal. “I don’t care what it is; I’ll do anything for you.”

“There’s one more thing that’s very important.” Light adds. Misa leans forward in anticipation, ready for any order. “If you get arrested by the police, or if you’re ever brought in for questioning, you can never mention anything about us or the Death Note. As long as they don’t get a hold of the notebook, there’s no proof that you did anything. Can you promise to say nothing?” He looks from the wall back to Misa.

She lifts her right hand to her head, palm facing Light, in a promise salute. “I promise.” She puts her hand down. “So this must mean that we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend now, aren’t we?” She giggles.

Light’s caught off guard again by her conclusion. “Well, sure, I guess…”

“Then I’d like to add one condition.” She says, holding up her right index finger. “You have to go on a date with me at least once a week.”

Light sighs in exasperation, and I restrain one of my own. “We can’t!” He says harshly, causing Misa to recoil.

“But, why?” She exclaims despairingly. ‘Honestly, this girl must have been spoiled rotten. I doubt I’d ever be able to understand her mind.’

“It looks like I’m going to have to spell this out for you.” He leans on his desk with one hand. “L already suspects that I’m Kira, do you see what I’m saying?”

She gasps in awe. “No way. L is amazing. I-I mean, everyone’s been saying that he’s gotten nowhere with the investigation, and that he’s a complete idiot and stuff, but he already knows that much?” ‘She really doesn’t get it, does she? I retract my previous statement about her being intelligent. She’s an idiot.’

“Anyways,” Light continues, ignoring her comments, “it’s all worked out for me, because, thanks to that, I’ve also been able to get close to L.”

“Huh? You and L are in contact with each other? Then that’s even more amazing! This is getting so exciting!” She squeals, very similarly to a fangirl.

Light continues to explain, still ignoring her comments. “Even though he suspects me, L thinks that he’s safe so long as I don’t know his real name. He came out and told me who he was, just to get to me. However, he’s only focusing on me because he has no other suspects, and he has no evidence. At this moment, I’m working with him on the case. Little by little, I’m winning his trust.”

“Great, so all you have to do is take me to where L is, and I can see his real name for you.” She concludes, but Light shoots down her idea.

“It’s not that simple.” He explains patiently, little seeming to actually get through to her. “Listen, it was difficult enough for me to get close to him. Besides, if all of a sudden, someone I just met gets too close, and at the same time the police detect changes in Kira or the second Kira’s behaviour, that person will be suspected of being the second Kira. And, of course, that will put me under greater suspicion. We can’t allow them to make that connection. That means we can’t appear to be too close to each other. Do you understand what I’m saying?” He concludes his little monologue.

“I think I understand…” She trails off. “So is that why we can’t go on dates? We can’t be seen in public because it’ll look too suspicious?” ‘Nooooo…’ I think sarcastically. ‘It’s cause Light-kun is scared that one of his other girlfriends will show up and ruin his reputation. You know, that actually sounds possible. Womanizer.’

“Look,” Light says, again exasperated, “we need to take the time now to come up with a plan, some way we can get you to see L without him knowing you exist.” She nods. “I can’t eliminate L without you. So I’ll call you and see you as often as this situation allows.”

“You will?” She asks dreamily, sounding love-struck, making me roll my eyes at her gullibility.

“But,” Light continues, “to make sure that our meetings don’t stand out, I’ll have to make sure that I’m seen with other girls, okay?”

“Huh? What do you mean? You’re seriously gonna date other girls?” She sounds jealous, not to mention angry.

Light looks away from Misa, and towards his bookshelf. “Well, yeah, more or less.” I rub the bridge of my nose, fighting back a headache. ‘Light-kun, it doesn’t matter who they are, or whatever circumstances are in effect, there is no girl in this universe who is alright with hearing that.’

Misa echoes my thoughts as a perfect example of them. “I don’t want you to!” She shrieks. Before standing, and saying in a chilling voice, “If I see you with another girl, I’ll kill her.” I retreat a minuscule distance, making a mental note to keep Light at arms’ length, before I feel a small, fiery anger in my chest. ‘Who does she think she is, claiming Light-kun for herself?’

Ryuk laughs. “Scary.” He quips.

Light closes his eyes. “Look, sweetie…”

“Ryuk echoes, “Sweetie?” the same time I think it.

Light grabs Misa by the shoulders. “This is not a game. Both of us are risking our lives to change the world, aren’t we?”

Misa looks away, blushing. “I know that, but, I love you more than the world, Light-kun.”

He stares at her for a second, before saying, “I think you’re confused. Maybe it feels that way to you, but you’re here because you admire Kira. You don’t even know me, we just met.”

“Don’t you believe in love at first sight?” She asks, sitting down and clasping her hands.

“No.” Light deadpans.

“Everything you said was true.” She says, now ignoring his comments. “I did want to meet Kira, out of gratitude and respect, not love. But from the moment I first saw you, I knew.” She fantasizes. I glance at Light, and his face is hard. Ryuk laughs again, taunting him.

“Well, you can show me your love by obeying me.” Light counters. “I thought you said it was okay if I used you. A minute ago, you swore you’d do anything I asked.”

“Yeah, I did, but I never said you could date other girls! I mean, those are two totally different things!” She exclaims childishly.

Light leans in closer to her, threateningly. “I think you’re forgetting I have both notebooks. If you don’t obey me, I can easily kill you.”

A headache then chooses to pass through me, and I rub the bridge of my nose harder to try and stave it off. I hear a voice, echoic, quiet, and distant, saying, “I would never allow that, Light Yagami.” It began to fade, and I could barely make out mumbles of the voice. It fades entirely, and I open my eyes to see Light and Misa looking at the empty space near them.

“But if you use your Death Note to save her, wouldn’t that mean you’d die too?” Light asks the empty space, likely where Misa’s Shinigami is standing.

“That’s right! If you tried to save me, you’d die too!” Misa agrees.

They stare at the invisible-to-me Shinigami a few moments longer, before a knock on the door is heard. “Light!” Mrs. Yagami calls out.

“Yeah, what is it?” Light responds, only slightly apprehensive.

I hear the door open, and Mrs. Yagami saying, “It’s almost eleven thirty, you know. You really shouldn’t have a girl here this late.”

Light visibly relaxes. “Oh, of course. I guess we lost track of time.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Yagami.” Misa apologises. She stands, and Light walks her out of the room, turning off the light and closing the door behind him. I take this moment as my chance to silently leave the closet, stalk over to where Light left Misa’s Death Note on his desk, and lightly tap my fingers against it. I then sneak over to Light’s balcony, open the door silently, slip onto the balcony, jump off and land gracefully below, and listen to their conversation.

“I’m really sorry for coming over so late at night.” Misa apologises. “See you later, Light-kun.”

“Yeah.” He responds passively.

“Light, you should walk her to the station.” Mrs. Yagami suggests.

“Oh! No, I’m alright, thanks.” Misa responds, turning down the offer. “Well, goodnight!” I hear quick footsteps fading away, symbolizing that she’s left.

“Isn’t she cute?” Mrs. Yagami compliments.

“Yeah, I know! When she got here, I wasn’t so sure, but you’re right! She’s cute, mom! I like her!” Sayu continues, before she says, “Oniisan, for a while there, I thought you were dating Mirai-senpai, weren’t you?”

“What? No, of course not.” Light replies, a nervous and caught-off-guard tone used. “We’re just friends, Sayu-chan. I was tutoring her for the end of senior year, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Aww. I had already planned out most of the wedding, too…” Sayu pouts. Mrs. Yagami laughs, and Light begins to sputter incoherently. My entire face flushes red, and I quickly jump their fence, before running home and sneaking in. I collapse on my bed, thinking over all the information I received this evening, before I fall into a restless slumber, filled with blurry black, white, and gray images. I can’t make heads or tails of them, and they bother me for the rest of the night.

The next day, at class, I sit in the row behind Light, and consequentially, Kiyomi Takada.

“Light-kun, Light-kun.” She prods in a lowered voice, trying to get his attention. When he glances at her from the corner of his eye, she continues. “I thought you and I were seeing each other. That is, we’re more than just friends, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, we are.” He confirms, quieting his voice to match hers.

“Exactly, and that’s the reason I’m sitting next to you in class, wouldn’t you agree?”


“But you look like you don’t enjoy being with me. I mean, you haven’t even looked at me once.”

“That’s not true at all.” He says, looking at her. “I guess I was just thinking about how everyone’s going to be talking about us now. To think, that I’m actually going out with Miss Takada, the famous Miss Todai. I mean, you’re the most beautiful woman at this school.”

From beside me, Ryuk laughs. He leans down to my ear and whispers, “You sure you’re not bothered by this?”

“He’s a bloody womanizer.” I mumble, just loud enough for Ryuk to hear. “This is typical for him, and since we’re working together, I better get used to it.”

I focus in on their conversation again. “Besides, I hate being called Miss Todai, or whatever. It’s embarrassing.” Kiyomi complains.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Light is silent for a moment. “We should forget about all of that stuff, and just go at our own pace.”

A strong, sudden feeling of ‘I’m being watched,’ fills me, and I turn around some of the way to spy Mogi sitting near the door. His eyes aren’t on me, however, they’re on Light. I keep this information in mind, and vow to tell Light at earliest convenience. Unfortunately, for the rest of the day, Light isn’t alone, as Kiyomi tails him to all of his classes.

At headquarters, another hotel and several hours later, I’m sitting with Ryuzaki and Mr. Yagami when Light knocks.

“Oh, come in!” Ryuzaki says cheerfully, turning around to see Light. “Your timing couldn’t be better, actually. We just received another video message from the second Kira.”

Light walks over to us. “Huh? Wow, that didn’t take long.”

“Yes. I believe it’s the last one. Well, take a look at this.” Ryuzaki then clicks on the TV, and the tape begins to play.

Misa’s KIRA signature appears on the screen, and she recites in a distorted voice, “I’ve decided to stop searching for Kira. And, I’d like to thank the police department for their advice. However, I still plan to help Kira in his mission. And I hope that, in time, he will come to see my as an ally. I will start by punishing criminals that Kira has yet to judge. Also, I will share my power with others who I feel are worthy, and I will encourage them to do the same. Together, we’ll make this world a better place.” The tape ends, and Ryuzaki turns off the TV.

He sets down the remote. “After watching this, I can only think that Kira and the second Kira have managed to make contact.”

“I agree. There’s no way that the second Kira would just give up on finding the real Kira after being so desperate.” I concur with him, and Light looks between us.

“What makes you two say that?” He asks, playing innocent.

“Oh come on, didn’t you sense it?” Ryuzaki replies. “I was sure you’d come to the same conclusion we did after watching this once through.” He reaches down to grab a doughnut, and takes a bite. “First, as Mirai-san said, consider how determined he was to meet Kira, so why the sudden change of heart? Now he wants to punish criminals Kira hasn’t? And all he wants out of it is for Kira to see him as an ally? It begs the question, why didn’t he do this to begin with? I’m guessing, it’s because he never thought that far ahead. He probably met Kira and was told which criminals he was allowed to judge. I suspect the purpose of this message is to hide the fact that they met.”

“I see…” Light trails off. “What I find really strange is that it’s so unlike Kira to be so careless.”

“That’s true.” Ryuzaki admits. “But are we to believe that Kira made a mistake this time? Or is this his way of telling us that they’ve made contact? It would be an effective means of provoking us. The idea of their union is very threatening. However, this is one less reason to suspect that Light-kun is Kira.”

“Ryuzaki-san, what do you mean by that?” Mr. Yagami demands.

“If Light-kun is Kira, I don’t think this is the message he would have had the second Kira send us, it doesn’t fit. He would have had the second Kira go through with his plan to have me appear on TV, then deny they ever made contact, making the second Kira shoulder the blame for my death. He’d make him say something like…” Ryuzaki eats another one of his doughnuts. “‘Although I agreed not to go through with this, I have come to realize it was not Kira’s true intention that I stop. I’m positive that the real Kira would want L to die. There’s no way he’d make me… stop.”

“Ryuzaki…” Light starts, tentatively.

“Yes Light-kun?” Ryuzaki responds immediately, sounding slightly cheery.

“I think you’re mistaken, I would never do that, if I were Kira.” Light tries to defend himself, adding the last four words almost as an afterthought.

“Why not?” Ryuzaki asks, a teasing note in his tone. ‘Is he feeling alright? Ryuzaki-san is never this playful. He’s too happy, I feel like something bad is about to happen.’

“Well, if you’re L and I’m Kira, then I’d already know your personality pretty well. L would never appear on TV, no matter what threat he was facing,” Light reasons back, “and he wouldn’t allow someone to die in his place. The L I know would find a way to escape the situation.”

Ryuzaki stays silent for a moment, before turning to Light and smiling. “So, you figured it out.”

Mr. Yagami turns to his son. “Look, Light, you’ve got to stop that. I don’t like hearing you say, ‘If I were Kira’, even hypothetically.” He scolds.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Dad.” Light apologizes, before turning back to Ryuzaki. “I just wanted to let Ryuzaki know what I thought of his plan. I posed that scenario because I want to help solve this case, it’s the only chance I have to clear my name. Besides, the only reason I feel comfortable saying things like that is because I’m not really Kira.”

Ryuzaki stops dropping sugar cubes into his tea to say, “That’s a good point.” He drops in another two sugar cubes, before proceeding to stir the liquid. “You’re not Kira. That is, it would be a problem if you were Kira, because…” He pauses, trailing off. He’s silent for a moment, before he confesses. “I feel like you’re one of the first friends I’ve ever had.”

“First… friends?” Light echoes, as if the very concept of not having dozens of friends for your entire life was foreign to him.

“Well, I would say you were my first friend, but I believe that position belongs to Mirai-chan.” Ryuzaki explains to Light, and his change of honorific concerning myself does not go unnoticed by me.

At his words, my eyes widen, my heart melts, and I die a little on the inside. ‘Oh… Hey, intuition? Yeah, you were right about that whole something-bad-is-about-to-happen thing. If I look at this from Kira’s mindset, his words would sound like some clever move on his part, but, he said them so sincerely. Are they, are they actually true? In a way, I understand him. Growing up without friends, eternally fearing that your friends will backstab you, yet trusting them not to.’

I hear a voice inside of me comment, ‘Until they do. And they often will.’

“I know what you mean.” Light says, sounding sincere. “The three of us have a lot in common.”

Ryuzaki takes another sip of his tea. “Thank you.” He says, voice full of emotion, before he actually turn to look at Light.

Light smiles, not quite as sincere as he was. “And, I have missed having you around at school. We should play tennis again soon.”

Ryuzaki shows a small smile, and nods. “Yes, we should.”

The rest of the evening is spent discussing the Kira case, though little is actually accomplished in the next hour before I leave.

Just before I step out the room door, I turn back to Ryuzaki, and ask, “Ryuzaki-kun, could I speak to you for a moment?” Then, as an afterthought, I add, “Privately?”

He seems momentarily shocked at my abrupt change of honorifics, before nodding. He gets up from his chair and walks over to me, waving the other task force members off to do their work. “What is it, Mirai-chan?”

I’m silent for a moment, a serene and thoughtful look on my face. “It’s about what you said earlier, about me being your first friend…” I trail off, and hesitate.

“Did I say something wrong?” He prods, trying to get me to spit out whatever I’m trying to say.

“I just wanted to tell you how much that means to me.” I confess, letting my heart talk for a minute, rather than my head. “I was never that socially apt, so I grew up without any actual friends. Huh, truth be told, you and Light-kun are the first friends I’ve had in years.”

He looks at me with a soft expression. “I suppose we’re alike in that aspect.”

I smile sincerely. “I suppose we are.” In the moment of comfortable silence that follows, my phone vibrates, and checking it shows me a worried text from my mother. “It seems I’m late getting home. Goodnight, Ryuzaki-kun.” I open the door again, and leave before I can hear his response.

Halfway home, a thought occurs to me. ‘Damn, I didn’t get to tell Light-kun about Mogi-san tailing him. I guess I’m gonna have to try sneaking into his room again so I don’t raise a fuss from Sayu-chan and Mrs. Yagami about being over so late.’ I quickly run home, and change into a black jumpsuit to avoid being seen, while keeping maximum mobility.

I hear my mother call up to me, “We’re going to bed now, don’t stay up too late, Mirai!”

“I won’t! Goodnight!” I call back, reassuring her. Not even five minutes later, I sneak outside, and make my way to Light’s house, hyper aware of Mogi’s presence outside.

I let myself feel anger towards Light for being so careless about letting Ryuzaki know that the two Kiras met, and towards Ryuzaki for figuring it out, and I high-jump over the Yagami’s fence in a single bound, landing on my feet on the other side. I scale the wall below Light’s room quickly, and just barely reveal my eyes above the balcony. Luckily for me, and stupidly of Light, he left his balcony door open a small crack, allowing me to hear their conversation, though not loud enough to carry much farther than his balcony.

“Rem-chan, I want Light-kun to love me, and I know we could be happy together.” I hear Misa plead, facing towards the white Shinigami standing in a corner of Light’s room. “It’s all I ever wanted.”

I turn my gaze to Light and Misa, and see Light standing behind and over Misa, his hands on her shoulders. When the Shinigami, I assume them to be Rem, says nothing, Light lowers his hands from Misa’s shoulders. “That’s a shame.” He mumbles, taking a step away from the blonde.

“Fine.” Rem mutters, causing Light to pause, and Misa to gasp happily. “As you wish, Light Yagami. But I do not like you. This will not kill me, even if it ends up lengthening your life. I will kill L for you.” Her words make me freeze, and my eyes widen. “It really makes no difference, he is just another human to me.”

Misa runs to Rem, shouting, “Hurray! Thank you Rem-chan, thank you so much! I knew I could count on you!”

‘Kill L? Ryuzaki-kun will… die? Just like that?’ I think, distressed. ‘That’s it? No chase? No dramatic flair? No lead up? It would be way too easy for the government to cover it up! The world would think that Kira failed! But Ryuzaki-kun…’ His face flashes through my mind, and I feel a stabbing emotional pain in my heart, along with a strong sense of denial, as if losing one of my two friends was inconceivable.

I shake my head to clear it of my thoughts, and tune in again to the conversation inside.

“So when should I kill him?” Rem asks, snapping Light back to reality from his thoughts. “If you take me to where he is, I can kill him immediately.”

“The sooner the better. Maybe tomorrow.” Light smirks dangerously, before shifting into my thinking pose. “I should think this over before we do anything. I need to think over tonight how we’re going to kill L, and I’ll give you my answer tomorrow.”

“Very well.” Rem agrees immediately, without any hesitation.

“Also, no matter what, you can’t kill him until I give the order. No matter what, understood?” Light establishes, trying to get entire control.

“Alright, I’ll promise you that.” Rem agrees, again. “At least where L is concerned.”

Light turns from the Shinigami to her human. “Misa-chan, I need you to give me your cellphone number.”

She takes the order the wrong way, assuming it to be a romantic advance. “About time! What took you so long? Gimme yours too, okay?” She exclaims, far too happily.

“No Misa-chan, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He denies her as gently as possible, but she still pouts.

“Why not?!” She exclaims, a bratty and spoiled tone in her voice. “I’m your girlfriend, I should have your number!”

“I already told you, I’m under surveillance by the police. Keep in mind, it’s not difficult for them to bug even cell phones these days.” Light explains calmly, just barely keeping his composure.

“Oh…” Misa admitted sadly, before perking up again. “Okay then, what about this? I’ll just give you one of my phones!” She reaches into her purse, and pulls out a red flip phone, which she passes to Light. “I ended up with three, ‘cause I use them for different things!”

“Yeah, good idea.” Light agrees, taking the phone from her and smiling. “If we use yours, I think we’ll be safe.”

“That’s great!” She squeals happily. “I can hear your voice every day, and text you, too!”

“No. I’ll keep this one turned off.” Light says bluntly, putting the phone in his back pocket. “I’ll be the only one making the calls, and only when it’s completely necessary.”

Misa is taken back. “What? No way. Then when are you gonna call me?” She whines, sounding pathetic.

“Probably tomorrow.” Light reassures her. “That will most likely be the day that we execute L, but I’ll call you either way.”

Misa clasps her hands in joy, and starts doing a little dance. “What? Tomorrow? It doesn’t sound like a very romantic call, but I guess we can talk about us afterwards.”

“Well, I think you should probably go home now, Misa.” Light says, suddenly.

“Huh? But it’s only seven o’clock! The time for lovers is just beginning, you know! We could go for a romantic dinner, then a moonlit stroll in the park, then after that, the main event!” She rambles, squealing, not noticing Light walking over to her.

“Misa…” He says her name, tenderly. I see him grab Misa by the shoulders, pull her close, and push his lips onto hers.

I freeze, looking horrified at the intimate scene in front of me, and I let myself fall from his balcony. I hit the ground as gracefully as I could manage in my dazed state, and as what I saw sinks in, all sisterly bonds I had felt towards Misa vanish, to be replaced by the hate and contempt I felt for the second Kira, increased a hundredfold. ‘I hate you, Misa-san. I know not why, but I swear to all of the gods, I will destroy you.’

I don’t bother staying around to warn Light about Mogi tailing him, and storm back to my house, barely bothering to stay quiet. ‘Damn that Misa-san!’ I grumble as I get to my house. ‘Damn her to the deepest depths of hell!’

My thoughts go on. The moment I get home, I storm into the kitchen, where things get beaten, broken, slammed, and cursed at. Without checking, from past experience, I know that I’ve woken my parents, and the exact words being exchanged between them.

“Is Mirai alright?”

“Probably mad again.”

“Any guesses as to which outlet she’s using?”

“I think the sounds are coming from the kitchen.”

“Fine, I’ll go shopping for replacements tomorrow. Goodnight, honey.”


The next morning, I show up at headquarters much earlier than usual, dozens of boxes in tow. Carrying three in my arms, I leave the rest in the hall temporarily as I struggle to open the room door. Once that mission has been accomplished, I walk inside, ignoring the surprised reactions of the task force members, and promptly place the boxes that were in my arms on the coffee table in front of Ryuzaki, before turning to retrieve the other boxes.

“Mirai-chan, what are these?” I hear Ryuzaki ask me cautiously, with a slightly worried undertone.

I respond immediately as I turn around and walk out the door, and without thinking, “I believe the first one’s a Battenberg cake, the second’s a Pavlova, and the third’s a Chiffon cake.” At this point I walk in with another three boxes, and the task force members have gathered around the coffee table to see what I’ve brought in. “These three are strawberry, chocolate, and raspberry cheesecakes.” I set them down and bring in another three, before asking, “Could I have a little help, please?” Watari, Aizawa, Matsuda, and Mr. Yagami look at me for a second, before moving to bring in the other boxes.

I hear Aizawa call out to me, “Just how many boxes are there?!” Dismay and surprise in his tone.

“I think I counted about 48 boxes, but that was after I stopped at the orphanage. And the homeless shelter. And the local elementary school. Before that, I think it was… about a hundred? Maybe less?”

“Mirai-san, where did you get all of these?” Matsuda asks me with a childlike wonder.

I slump at this question, and look at the window. “I made them…” I mumble, hoping he doesn’t ask again, but they heard me.

“You made them?” Mr. Yagami asks me in disbelief. “All of them?!”

I cover my face with my hands, and that’s answer enough for them.

“Alright, but why did you make them?” Ryuzaki asks, genuinely confused. “Any why bring them here?”

“I made them as an outlet of my anger, and I brought them because I thought, if nothing else, Ryuzaki-kun would eat at least a few of them due to his obsession with sweets.” I turn to him. “You do want them, right? Otherwise, I might as well take them to the-”

“No, no, it’s fine, don’t bother. We’ll keep them.” Ryuzaki interrupts me quickly, and opens one of the boxes on the table in front of him. I raise an eyebrow as he stares in awe at the Esterházy torte, but I shrug, and go to help the others bring in more cakes.

Outside, Matsuda asks me, “Wait, did you say you made them as an ‘outlet of your anger?’”

I sigh, exasperated, and cry out, “I’m constructively aggressive!” He’s scared into silence from my outburst.

Thirty minutes later, all four dozen boxes have been brought in, and everyone is sitting with a Merveilleux each, while Ryuzaki is examining the evidence we got from the various tapes.

He hold up various bags, muttering words like, “Hair, crumbs, hair…” Before he says, out of the blue, “Mr. Yagami, if I die within the next few days, your son is Kira.” He holds up another evidence bag. “Hm, another hair…”

I pause in my eating to look at him in surprise, and memories of last night’s events run through my memory. ‘When should I kill him?’

‘Maybe tomorrow. The sooner the better.’

It shocks me like an epiphany. ‘I can’t let Rem kill Ryuzaki-kun, or else Light-kun will be found out!’

Mr. Yagami stands up, infuriated. “What did you say, Ryuzaki-san?!”

“Exactly! What are you talking about, anyway?” Aizawa adds, just as distressed as his superior.

“If anything happens to me, I’ve asked Watari-san to make himself available to you, so I’m counting on the team.” Ryuzaki continues, ignoring their protests.

Mr. Yagami walks up behind Ryuzaki’s chair. “Ryuzaki-san, you said he was almost cleared, and now this? Honestly, how much do you suspect my son?”

Ryuzaki keeps examining the evidence. “The truth is, I don’t know what to think anymore. I’ve never been in a situation like this. If Kira and the second Kira are working together right now, it isn’t looking good for me. Given that, I may not be thinking as clearly as I normally do, so I could be wrong.” He takes a long sip of tea. “Maybe I still consider him a suspect only because we don’t have anyone else. But still… if I do happen to be killed soon, please assume that your son is Kira.” I risk a glance at the other task force members, and see them all glowering at Ryuzaki.

‘No matter what, I can’t let Rem kill him!’

A few hours later, Ryuzaki and I decide to leave for the University, and Watari takes us both. Once we get there, We split up, Ryuzaki going to the courtyard of the university, and I go to my class. I just barely get to class on time, and find a spot before the Professor gets in. I can hardly focus, I’m too busy worried about the showdown between Ryuzaki and Light that is about to happen.

Throughout the rest of the day, worried thoughts about what happened between Light and Ryuzaki plague me. Although, at around five o’clock, I heard some classmates whispering about how the famous model, Misa Amane, had shown up to the University, talked to a couple people, signed some autographs, and took some photos with her fans before she left. ‘Well, at least we have L’s name, not sure what good it will do us now, considering we can’t kill him in the immediate future, or else Light will be caught and jailed, or worse.’

Once I get to headquarters, the task force tells me what happened.

“Misa Amane-sama? The famous model?” I ask them, pretending to be incredulous. “She’s the second Kira?”

“Well, she’s certainly a suspect.” Ryuzaki informs me. “Though the chance of her being the second Kira is about… 60%?”

“How’d you come to that conclusion?” I ask him in mock confusion, wanting to know what Misa did wrong.

“We found various hairs and fibers from the masking tape used to seal the tapes, and they matched what we found in Misa-san’s room.” He explains, sitting down in front of the microphone and monitor. “Watari, has she said anything yet?”

“No. She hasn’t said a word.” Watari responds over the speakers.

“Get me a visual of her, will you?” Ryuzaki requests confidently.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, and quickly.”

The entire taskforce gasps in disbelief. On the monitor is Misa, tied up, in a straitjacket, blindfolded, and whimpering.

“Ryuzaki-san, what’s the meaning of this?” Mr. Yagami asks, outraged.

“I’ve apprehended her on suspicion of being Kira, I’m afraid this is necessary.” Ryuzaki explains, a slightly regretful tone used.

“Chances are, Amane-san is guilty. There seems to be enough evidence to convict her, but, all the same.” Mr. Yagami agrees, understanding.

“Yes, there can be no mistake.” Ryuzaki nods. “Now, we need a confession out of her. We need to know how she kills, whether she knows Kira, and if so, who he really is.” He leans closer to the microphone. “Watari, take the necessary precautions, but beyond that, you’re free to do whatever has to be done, okay? Just make her speak.”

“Very well.” Watari responds, complacent.

“Mr. Yagami,” Ryuzaki adds, “Light-kun has become our prime suspect, and I’m probably going to bring him in for interrogation as well. Please be prepared for that.”

Mr. Yagami glares at him, something I can’t blame him for.’ If it were my kid that was going to be interrogated, I’d be pretty mad too.’

I look again to the monitor, and see Rem glaring at Watari, who is off screen.

It takes a few days for Misa to break, but Watari informs us when she does.

“Ryuzaki, Amane-san is talking.”

Ryuzaki looks up hopefully, sprints over to the couch, and practically dive bombs onto it, while the rest of us look up blearily.

“Quickly, get me a visual and audio!” Ryuzaki shouts the order at Watari.

The rest of us plod over, but Aizawa saying, “Finally, after three days of this, huh?”

On the screen, Misa whimpers pathetically. “Oh, I can’t take it anymore. Kill me.”

No matter how strong my hate for her is, I still feel surprised at her request. “Kill me. Please, just kill me.” She continues to whimper. ‘Damn. She’s definitely following Light-kun’s orders, though. I didn’t think they would break her to the point of wishing for death. Or… could she be asking for Rem to kill her so she won’t break Light-kun’s orders?’

“I don’t know, maybe this was all too much for a young girl to take.” Aizawa suggests, unsure in our previous actions.

“He’s right.” Matsuda agrees. “We’ve pushed her too far.”

Ryuzaki pushes a button on the microphone. “Misa Amane-san. Can you hear me?”

“I hear you.” She responds. “Please, just kill me now.”

“Does this mean you admit to being the second Kira? Is this the reason you wish to die?”

“No, I don’t know anything about the second Kira. Oh, I really can’t take this anymore, I’d rather be dead. Now hurry up and kill me! If you wanted to, you could kill me right now, couldn’t you?!”

I glance from Misa to Rem. “Misa, do you mean…?”

“Yes. Kill me.”

“Do you really mean that Misa?”

“Yes, I do. Oh, I can’t take it anymore, kill me.”

“If I do this, then Light Yagami dies, too. This is all his fault.”

“You can’t. No, you can’t, please, just kill me.” I watch the exchange between them.

“Fine!” She screams. “If you won’t kill me…!” The rest of the threat unspoken.

“Watari! Stop her!” Ryuzaki yells. “Don’t let her bite her tongue!”

Watari runs up behind her, and shoves a gag into her mouth, tying the strip of fabric behind her head to keep it in place.

“Is it possible this behaviour could be attributed to Kira controlling her actions before death?” Ryuzaki suggests.

I look at the screen a while longer, and watch Misa struggle against her bonds, when I hear Rem say to her, “Misa, there is a way to end your suffering without telling them about Light.”

She stops struggling, and Rem continues. “You must forfeit ownership of the Death Note.” She starts again. “Misa, when this is done, you’ll forget everything about Shinigami and the Death Note. The human being who you love is Light Yagami. I promise those feelings will remain.” She stops, and relaxes. “So Misa, forfeit ownership of the Death Note, and leave everything to Light Yagami.” She nods, and a tear falls down her face. Rem reaches out to wipe it away, and moves a lock of Misa’s hair up and out of her face.

Ryuzaki, who’s sitting beside me, gasps, and I do as well, adding in a “Did you see that?” to keep up appearances. Slowly, Rem disappears from the screen.

Misa relaxes farther, as if she’s fallen asleep, before tensing, and looking around wildly, as if she doesn’t know where she is.

My eyes widen, surprised. ‘She did it. She really forgot everything about the Death Note.’

‘Likely, Rem will have gone to light-kun to tell him about the situation. Not to mention, he hasn’t approached me to tell me about Misa-san or any developments that have happened as of late that I should have no knowledge of. Does he no longer trust me? Or does he trust me to the point that he believes that I will figure everything out without him telling me?’

‘Either way, Misa-san’s imprisonment means trouble for Light-kun, as I don’t believe Rem likes him very much. Either way, this entire game has gotten a lot more complicated. Interesting…’

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