My Perfect Soulmate

By Blackbird

Romance / Drama

Let's Not Be Alone Tonight

Riker looked down at his soul mark, and bit his bottom lip. How was he going to explain this? He knew the soul marks were never wrong, but this...was just...crazy. There was a knock at the door. He looked up and saw Ellington.

"Oh, hey Ell." he said.

Ellington walked in, "Hey Rik, what are you doing?" He looked down at Riker's wrist, not seeing the name yet. "Found your soulmate yet?"

"Sort of..." Riker mumbled. He looked up at Ellington. "Ell, can I tell you a secret?"

Ellington nodded and sat down beside his friend. "Sure, you can trust me." He smiled reassuringly, "What is it?" Riker held out his wrist to Ell, hanging his head in shame.

Ellington looked down at it, and gaped, but then grinned wide, "Okay, that is crazy, but I kind of knew it would be him. It's nothing to be ashamed of." He paused. "How are you going to tell the others, though?"

"I don't know. I don't want them to think I'm a freak." Riker said quietly. "Have you found your soulmate Ell?" Ellington sighed. "They're not gonna think you're a freak, Riker. I mean, these marks are what they are." Then he looked down at his own wrist. "Yeah, I have." He held his wrist out, showing the name of the girl he really loved.

"Why haven't you told her yet?" Riker asked. "You've had your mark for two years!"

"I know." Ellington put his hand down. "I don't know if she got hers yet, and I was just thinking about how to tell her." He decided to change the subject. "But when are you gonna tell Ross?"

Ellington nodded. "I know, but when he gets his mark, are you going to wait till he tells you first or are you going to be the one to tell him?"

"I don't know." Riker admitted. "I'm just so scared. I mean what if he just rejects me?"

Ellington smiled at Riker, a sign he knew something. "Oh, trust me, he wouldn't reject you."

"You don't know that." Riker rolled his eyes.

"Actually, I do." Ellington told him. "Just trust me about it."

Rocky walked in the room, "Hey, guys."

Ellington looked up. "Oh hey, what's up?"

"Mom says it's time to come down for dinner...What were you guys talking about?"

"Nothing." Riker mumbled, and went to the bathroom.

Rocky turned to Ellington, "What's up with him?"

Ellington glanced at the bathroom door and then back at Rocky. "I don't know." He shrugged. "We were just talking about new songs, why?"

"He's just been really moody lately." Rocky said with a frown, "But he won't talk about it even with Rydel. Ross is really worried about him."

"He's just been really moody lately." Rocky said with a frown, "But he won't talk about it even with Rydel. Ross is really worried about him."

"I'm sure he will talk about it soon enough." Ellington said, then muttered, "Probably tomorrow or the day after."

Rocky gave Ellington a look. "Oh..kay. We better head downstairs. Mom's probably wondering what's taking so long."

Ellington nodded, "Sure." He passed by Rocky out of the room as if nothing happened.

Rocky followed Ell downstairs. "We're here mom. Riker's still upstairs. He'll be down in a minute though." As if on cue Riker appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"Thank-you, Rocky." Stormie said, everyone sat down.

"Hey, dad is it okay if Becca comes over after supper?" Riker asked.

Mark nodded. "Of course. What are you two planning to do?"

"We we're just going to hang out with everybody else. Maybe watch a movie." Riker said, with a shrug.

"Okay." Mark said.

"What's wrong Ross?" Rydel whispered, seeing the scowl on her brother's face.

"Nothing." Ross muttered, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

"Ross, I can tell somethings wrong." Rydel said, "We can talk about it tonight. You still want me to stay with you when you get your mark right?"

Ross sighed and nodded. "Yes Delly. And yeah we can talk about it tonight." Rydel nodded, and went back to eating. Rocky noticed the exchange, but didn't say anything. He was just hoping no one asked him about the blush on his cheeks now that Becca had been brought up. But of course, someone just had to notice it. And that someone was his youngest brother, Ryland. "Hey what are you blushing about?" He asked.

"Nothing." Rocky mumbled, blushing even more. He glanced around to make sure no one was listening. "Becca's my soulmate, okay?" he whispered in Ryland's ear.

"SHE IS?" Ryland exclaimed, but then noticed how loud he sounded, and lowered his voice. "She is? Dude, that's great, you two are perfect together."

Rocky sunk lower in his seat as everyone stared at him. "Thanks. I think so, I'm thinking about talking to her tonight, if I can get her away from Riker and Rydel long enough." He said to Ryland once everyone had looked away.

Ryland snickered. "I'll keep them away for you." He whispered.

Rocky smiled, "Thanks, Ry."

Dinner passed soon enough and Ross decided that he wanted to actually tell Rydel about his feelings for his older brother. Rydel sat down on Ross' bed. "So, what's up little brother? You seemed really upset at dinner."

Ross sighed. "You know I'm going to get my mark soon, but I guess I'm not so excited for it cause it'll not be the person I actually love." He looked down at his hands. "Cause that person already has a soulmate."

"Oh, Ross." Rydel said, standing up and hugging her brother. "How do you know they already have a soulmate? Did they tell you?"

Ross shook his head. "He's always spending time with her, and doesn't spend time with me the way we used to. They're so happy with each other." He didn't notice he told his sister the person was a 'he'.

"So it's a he?" Rydel said. She started rubbing Ross back. "Do I know this he?"

Ross leaned a bit on his sister. "Yeah, it's a 'he'. And you know him. You've known him since you were born."

"Dad?" Rydel asked jokingly. She laughed at Ross' facially expression. "You mean Riker? Riker doesn't have his soulmate yet."

Ross furrowed. "What? But he's 20, he should have it by now." He sighed. "It doesn't matter anyway, he doesn't feel the same way."

"He does have his." Rydel said. "He just hasn't talked to them yet. Who do you think is his soulmate?"

"Becca." Ross scoffed. He heard the door opening downstairs and the sound of said girl and his oldest brother. "But I shouldn't be jealous. I mean, I love Riker, and whoever his soulmate is, I'll just be happy for them."

Rydel burst out laughing. "You think Riker and Becca...?"

Ross gave her a confused look. "Aren't they?" He asked. "I mean, they're so close. How is it not?" He shook his head. "Never mind, it doesn't matter. But thanks for being here for me Delly."

Rydel got her laughter under control, and her face turned serious. "Ross Becca's soulmate is Rocky. She hasn't told him yet, because she thinks you hate her. And I'll always be there for you."

Guilt built up inside of Ross for being so jealous. "I thought.. Wait she thinks I hate her? I don't hate her, I was just jealous. Can you please tell her about it? I don't want her and Rocky to not be able to be together because of me."

"Tell her yourself, Ross. I think it'll be much more convincing coming from you." Rydel said. She kissed Ross' forehead, "You can do it. Now we should probably go downstairs. It's still a while till midnight."

Ross sighed. "Alright." He stood up and followed his sister downstairs.

"Delly!" Becca squealed as they entered the living room.

"Hey, Bec." Rydel said hugging her. They broke.

"Hi, Ross." Becca said, smiling slightly.

"Hey, Becca." Ross said, returning the smile. "Um, can we talk?"

"Sure..." Becca said. "Here or...?"

"Maybe we should just stand over there." Ross motioned towards a good several meters away from everyone else. "It's not too much of a secret or anything."

"Alright." Becca said, smiling. They moved. "What's up Ross?"

"Well um, I know your soulmate is Rocky." Ross told her, getting straight to the point. "And if you want to tell him, then go ahead. Cause I know you think I hate you, but I don't."

"Really?" Becca said smiling. She had tears in the corners of her eyes. She pulled Ross into a tight hug. "Thank-you."

Ross was shocked at first, but returned the hug. "You're welcome I guess. Sorry that I made you think I hate you." He pulled away and smiled. "I think you and Rocky are perfect together. Now I think you two have something to talk about."

Becca smiled. "Your a good, soon to be brother in law Ross." she kissed his cheek, and went over to Rocky. "Can I talk to you?"

"Um, sure." Rocky said, blushing.

Riker scooted over to Ross. "What's going on with those two?" he asked, softly in his ear.

Ross jumped at the sudden voice, then relaxed when he saw it was Riker. "Oh, hey, um, you don't know?" He asked awkwardly. "Well let's just say they found their soulmates." Curiousity got the best of him and he looked down at Riker's wrist.

"Aw, really? I always thought they'd be adorable together." Riker said, resting his chin on Ross' shoulder. "You excited to get your mark?"

Ross blushed from the contact, but he was good at hiding it. "I guess. I don't know if it's gonna be the person I love, but marks are never wrong." He looked up to meet his brother's eyes. "Right?"

"That's what they say." Riker said, with a shrug. "You'll grow to love the person on your mark though. If you don't already love them. I promise." He kissed Ross' cheek, and moved his head. "I'll be back." he said, and headed upstairs.

Rydel came over, "You okay Rossy?"

Ross blushed really hard this time, and he was glad Riker left upstairs. He turned towards his sister. "Riker just kissed my cheek. That is NOT just a brotherly gesture, is it?" He paused. "And also, when I looked at his wrist, there were no marks."

"He might have it covered." Rydel said with a shrug. "And no that's not really a brotherly gesture." she winked at Ross.

Ross rolled his eyes playfully and thought about what Riker had said. He looked down at his wrist and only now was he curious to find out who his soulmate was. But then he realized, "Delly, why would he cover it up?"

"Some people are just private that way." Rydel said, "Maybe he didn't want us to judge him?"

"Maybe." Ross said. "He should know we won't judge him though, I mean he's our brother." His eyes suddenly went to his sister's wrist. "Delly, who's your soulmate?"

"Um, Ellington." she said, blushing, "Why?"

"I knew it." Ross grinned. "I haven't seen you two being together as more than friends. Does he know? And if not, why?"

"No, I just haven't told him yet. I can't bring myself too." Rydel said, looking at Ellington wistfully.

"You're going to have to eventually." Ross told her, glancing at Ellington and back. "What are you afraid of?"

"I don't know." Rydel said. She looked over at Becca and Rocky who were cuddling on the love seat together. "You know what... nothing. Excuse me, Ross." She moved over to Ellington and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Are they getting together now too?" Riker asked appearing next to Ross again.

"Jeez!" Ross exclaimed, again surprised by his brother's sudden appearance. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Once he calmed down, he said, "I don't know, I hope so." He decided to try and see the mark on Riker's wrist, but failed miserably due to it being covered. "By the way, who's your um, soulmate? You haven't told any of us." He said, trying to play it cool. Keyword; Trying.

"Oh, um..." Riker scratched the back of his neck. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Alright." Ross shrugged. At least he was going to know tomorrow. When he will most likely get the mark himself. When there are chances that his soulmate isn't his brother. He refused to think of it further. "Wanna sneak up on Rydel and Ellington and listen to what they're saying?"

"Sure." Riker said, grinning. They moved closer.

"I'm glad I finally told you Ell." Rydel said, smiling and blushing.

Ellington smiled back. "You know you didn't have to be unsure. I mean, people always match their soulmates." He showed her his wrist and pulled her close. "Besides, we make a great couple."

Rydel cuddled into him. "We do don't we."

"They're so cute!" Riker whispered in Ross' ear.

"I know." Ross said. "Soulmate or not soulmate though, if Ell breaks her heart, I'll break his bone."

"I love you Dels." Ellington planted a kiss on her cheek. "I'm so glad I could finally say that."

"I'll be right there with you." Riker said, "Although I doubt he will, I mean, look at them." Rydel blushed a deep red.

"I love you to Ell." she said.

Ross shrugged. "Yeah I guess so. I mean, what's the worst that could happen between them?"

"Hey, let's go upstairs." Ellington offered, taking Rydel's hand in his. He thought maybe they could have a bit of privacy, but not in THAT way.

Ross looked up at Riker. "They're not gonna do anything upstairs right?"

Riker bit his bottom lip. "I guess we'll just have to trust her...wasn't she supposed to stay with you tonight though? Because I don't think that's happening now."

Ross frowned. "Damn you Ellington." He muttered. Then he had an idea. "Will you stay with me tonight?"

"Um, sure I guess." Riker said, shyly.

Ross grinned. "Yay. Come on to my room."

"Kay." Riker squeaked. They went upstairs. "So, what do you want to do?" Riker asked, sitting on Ross' bed. He was normally the bold one, but being so close to Ross, when the waiting would be over so soon was driving him crazy.

"Well right now I want to cuddle with my big brother." Ross gave Riker puppy dog eyes. "I want to do it with Rydel but she's busy." Then he realized he practically just asked the person he loved, who already had a soulmate, to cuddle him. But that could go as a brotherly thing, right? "I mean, if you want." He added.

"Sure. I love cuddles." Riker said. He scooted over so Ross could join him on the bed, and put his arms around him. "Your so warm." he mumbled.

Ross was surprised, but he asked for it, so he leaned onto him anyway. He felt comfort in his brother/lover's arms. Trying again, he looked at his wrist. Still nothing. He suddenly wondered, "Rik, what did it feel like when you got your mark?"

"It kind of tingled." Riker said, the bigger part is more the mix of emotions you get after you see the name on your wrist."

Ross nodded, "Okay, and what did you feel when you see the name on your wrist?"

"Um, well, at first I was shocked, and happy. I was a bit scared, because I have no idea how the other person will react. I'm nervous of what everyone else will think. But I was so happy. I literally cried I was so happy." Riker said, playing with Ross' hair. He always loved how soft it was.

"Oh." Ross didn't know how to feel. He still didn't know that he was Riker's soulmate, and his heart dropped as he thought it was someone else. But from the way it was described, Ross couldn't be more happy for him. It was then that he noticed how his brother was playing with his hair. He ignored it and leaned in closer. "Tell me about this person. Is it someone I know?"

"You know them really well." Riker said, smiling. "They are the most perfect person in my life. I can't think of a more perfect soulmate for me."

"I'm happy for you." Ross smiled. "But why are you not telling anyone? I mean, if this person's so perfect, why are you hiding it?"

"I don't want the family to judge me. And they don't have their mark yet." Riker said. "I wanted to wait till they had their's too."

"Rydel has hers with Ellington, Rocky has his too. Mom and dad obviously too. Ryland and I are the only ones who haven't." Ross turned on his side and faced his brother. How badly he wanted to lean on and kiss him already, but he knew he couldn't. "Please tell me who it is. I won't judge you, I promise."

"Not until tomorrow." Riker said, shaking his head. "Everything will make sense then. I promise." He kissed Ross' forehead.

Ross frowned. Guess he had to wait. "Okay." He said, turning back around and facing the ceiling. He brought his hand up and stared at his wrist. "Would you think it's weird if I love someone who already has a soulmate?" He asked. "I mean, what if I can't grow to love my soulmate because I love someone else?" Riker frowned, "Well, you'll probably still love your soulmate in someway. Just try and stay positive Rossy. Everything will work out." Riker couldn't get what Ross said out of his mind. Who was Ross in love with?

Rocky and Becca were sitting in the living room quietly talking.

"I'm so glad I finally talked to you." Becca said, resting her head on Rocky's shoulder.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Rocky asked.

"I didn't think Ross liked me too much." Becca said.

"He and Riker have both had a problem lately." Rocky said with a shrug.

"Well, I know what Riker's problem is. And I'm pretty sure about Ross', but it's not my place to tell you." Becca said.

Rocky pouted, "But we're soulmates."

Becca shook her head, "Not gonna happen, babe. Nice try though."

"Thanks, I thought so too." Rocky said. Becca rolled her eyes, and gave him a quick kiss.

"I love you, you crazy man."

"Love you too." Rocky said, placing a kiss in her hair.

"Ell, Do you know what's wrong with Riker?" Rydel asked.

Ellington didn't expect the question. "Um, I don't know. It's not like he told me anything." He grinned before leaning in to kiss Rydel again.

"Rocky said you two were up here together when he came up to get you guys for dinner. You had to be talking about something." Rydel said, not giving up so easily.

"Yeah, we were." Ellington admitted. "But it was nothing. We were just talking about a few songs, you know, just chilling." He shrugged, not so convincing.

"Okay." Rydel said. She didn't really believe him, but she'd let it go for now. She gave Ellington a kiss on the cheek. "I'm tired."

Ellington breathed in relief when she didn't ask anymore. "Okay, then let's go to sleep." He smiled. "I know you were supposed to stay with Ross tonight, but I love to steal you away." He pecked her lips.

"Oh crap, Ross!" Rydel said, sitting up in bed. "I'm gonna run check on him." She crept quietly down, and pecked her head in Ross' room. A smile spread across her face, and she crept back to her room. "We're okay. Riker's in there." And she cuddled up with Ell to go to sleep.

"Almost, midnight." Riker said, looking at the clock next to Ross bed.

Ross stared at the clock and back at Riker. "Just a little more time and I'll know who my soulmate is?" He asked, subconsciously moving closer to his brother.

"Mhm." Riker said, kissing the top of Ross' head without even thinking about it. "Just three minutes left."

"I'm afraid because I don't want to be disappointed." Ross said, burying his face in Riker's chest. "I love someone who will probably never be my soulmate because it seems so wrong."

"How is it wrong, Rossy?" Riker asked rubbing Ross back. Seeing his little brother like this was breaking his heart, even if it was over someone else.

"Because that person already has a soulmate." Ross told him. "That person will never love me back. And even if that person does, we can't be together because I'll have my mark in," he looked at the time, "less than two minutes."

"You never know, maybe they'll be your soulmate." Riker said, sadly. Ross was killing him right now. "I'm sure your soulmate will be perfect, Rossy. One minute."

Ross looked up and saw the sadness. "I don't get it. I thought you said you're happy about your soulmate. Why are you so sad?" In this one minute before knowing who his soulmate is, he'll try to show his love for the person he...well, loved.

"You'll see." Riker said, smiling sadly, "Happy Birthday Rossy."

Ross looked at the time and indeed, it was his birthday. But he wasn't ready to look at his wrist yet. "Thanks Rikey." He looked at his brother's wrist. "Can I see yours first? Please? I just really need to know. It's driving me crazy."

Riker sighed, "Yeah." He rubbed the spot on his wrist till all the make-up came off.

Ross stared at the wrist and had to rub his eyes several times to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "No way." He whispered, in disbelief and in happiness. "That means..." He looked at his own wrist, then back up to his soulmate. "Oh Rikey," tears were threatening to fall, "I love you."

Riker's jaw dropped in shock, " mean you were talking about me this whole time?"

"Yes, I was." Ross grinned widely. Then he remembered what Riker said about his soulmate. "And, you meant, you were happy I'm your soulmate?" He let his tears fall. "Those kisses on the cheek, forehead, playing with my hair, you were showing something and I didn't realize it." He paused. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too." Riker said, hugging Ross tightly. "I love you farther than the moon."

Ross hugged him back. "But I love you farther than the moon and back." He hesitated, before pecking his brothe- Soulmate, on the lips. He took his wrist and showed his own too. Then he frowned and asked, "How are we going to tell the others?"

"I don't know." Riker said, burying his face in Ross' hair. "We can figure it out tomorrow. Although, we could probably just announce it to mom and dad along with everyone else. You know, Delly, and Ell, and Becca, and Rocky. What do you think?"

"Sounds okay." Ross shrugged. "Let's just concentrate on us." He giggled. "You really love my hair, don't you?"

"Yeah. It's so soft, and it smells nice." Riker said, nuzzling into Ross hair. He moved so he was looking straight into Ross' eyes. "Ross, can I...can I kiss you?"

Ross blushed red and nodded, licking his lips. "You don't have to ask."

Riker pressed his lips gently against Ross'. "I love you." he said, resting his forehead against Ross'.

"I love you too." Ross buried his face in his soulmate's neck.

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